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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
May 19, 2015

These are the kinds of articles that should be read by every White man and woman in America.

Most of us racially enlightened White people know this is going on, but sadly, most of our 'average American' citizens do not.

First up, an insightful essay by an Hispanic student about the way we Whites are just 'giving it all away.'  If only more of our own people could have this kind of understanding of this terrible immigration problem.

Then, we have this article about the involvement of our own government in facilitating this 'genocide-by-immigration' situation we are faced with.

And lastly, we have this story about the racial demise, via our insane immigration practices, of another of our American cities in a different part of the country.

Do you know what I think?  I think that if we really dug into the background facts behind each of these articles we might even turn up some involvement on the part of Jews in positions of power in government, politics, and the media. Most likely a lot of Jewish involvement.  But of course that is rarely if ever mentioned, even in articles such as these which do expose the insanity of what is going on in America these days in the area of immigration.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
May 18, 2015

I am an old man, and not in the best of health.

Some days I get seriously depressed when I read my morning newspaper and check the news online. At other times I am saddened, and get discouraged, by the things said to me by friends, acquaintances, and family members.  By their lack of understanding -- their steadfast and even vehement unwillingness to understand -- the forces that are shaping the demise of America, of the White race, and of Western Civilization.

But I will not be deterred.  I will never forsake the truth.  I will never stop working for the redemption of my fellow White people; and of the America that was, and the America that was meant to be.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 27, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts has crossed the line, for me at least.  He has gone too far this time.  I have removed him from my blogroll on the right sidebar.

See my preceding post immediately below.  Roberts has now shown his hand, and has made it clear he is a disinformation agent, a shill, for the Jews.  And most likely a self-hating White man, to boot.

Check out the latest post on his blog (here).  He makes some good points, as usual.  And as usual, I agree with him -- in this case with his contention that it is very foolish for the United States to feel it is so 'exceptional' that it can tell everyone else what to think and do, and that its perceived exceptionalism is a valid basis for shoving democracy down everyone's throat, bombing country after country, and coercing other nations to go along with that psychotic behavior.

But it is one thing to say that a phony sense of exceptionalism in the area of foreign policy is no legitimate basis for our insane behavior in recent years, and it is an altogether different thing to belittle White people by suggesting that we are only exceptional in comprising such 'diminutive numbers' on the world stage.  Has he forgotten, or just simply chosen to overlook, all the accomplishments of the White race?  No, he has not.  He knows full well that it is the White people of the world who have essentially built modern civilization.  Our exceptionalism in that sense is not diminished by the reproductive proclivities of the Chinese, Asians, Africans, South Americans, rabbits, mosquitos, or ticks.

Then, he goes on to place the nefarious warmongering role of the Jewish-dominated mainstream media squarely on the shoulders of the White people of America -- he blames the 'White People's Media' for falsely accusing and condemning Russia and Iran.  And he then goes on to denigrate the 'White Media' three more times for inaccurate and dangerous portrayals of the situation in Ukraine.

That's just outrageous.  Roberts knows better -- he is being disingenuous; deliberately deceptive in my opinion.  He is covering for the Jews.

And that is no small matter, because it is the complicit and culpable Jews -- through their ownership and control of the major mainstream media and their control over Congress -- who are doing everything they possibly can to demonize Russia and Iran and instigate hostilities, all of which could very well ignite World War III.

So, it is just inexcusable and intolerable for Roberts to mislead his readers by blaming the 'White People's Media' for this lethally despicable behavior; and in keeping with the thoughts expressed in my preceding essay, I have no choice but to call him on that by removing the link to his website from my blogroll.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 23, 2015

If you haven't already, please check out the previous post and the comment and question posed by Katana.

Good question.  Why don't writers like Jared Taylor and Fred Reed 'name the Jew'?  I don't know the answer(s).  About the best I could say would be '...well, we will just have to ask them.'  But wait a minute -- we have already done that, and their answers are what seem to bother Katana (and me, and a lot of other White Nationalists).  We have all noticed that when we do get some discussion of this issue from them, something just doesn't seem right.  At best, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, they seem to be giving us just part of the answer, and there does always seem to be some disingenuousness wafting through the air.

I agree that this apparent deceit, even possible subterfuge, is a little bothersome and worrisome.

I do think the answer is complicated, and most likely a combination of one or more of the following:

1) They are disinformation agents working for organized Jewry -- deliberately doing the work of the Jewish deceivers, in some cases by covering up the nefarious work of the Jews, or leading White readers away from the Jewish involvement in all the past and present anti-White goings-on.

2)  They realize that we Whites ourselves are largely to blame for our problems (subservience to the colored underclasses, cultural destruction, racial suicide and genocide, etc.) as a result of our naivety, greed, lust for political power, ignorance and/or stupidity, laziness/carelessness/callousness toward our fellow White people, or just general altruistic soft-headedness.  And understandably, in their minds, that awareness tends to absolve the Jews of much of the guilt they obviously deserve (so they refuse to give the proper credit, or weight, to the Jews' efforts).

3) Their having Jewish friends or associates that come across as being good, productive people; their having had positive experiences with Jews; their knowing of the good work of Jews that has benefited mankind.  Understandably, that clouds their judgement.

4) They have just been overwhelmed mentally, since they were little children, by pro-Jewish propaganda and lies of Jewish innocence, victimhood, and suffering (such as the holocaust-hoax nonsense); and they cannot escape that mentality that has been pounded into their heads by schools (teachers), churches, parents, etc.  All of which has driven them to form the wrong conclusions and opinions as regards this issue, in spite of the fact they are racially aware and generally savvy people socially and politically.

5) They simply don't recognize the concept of 'organized Jewry,' or understand the 'complicit and culpable Jew' concept:  Jewish financial power; influence over and even control of the press and entertainment media; control of finance and banking; disproportionate influence as regards elections/politics/government/foreign policy and in particular Neocon/Zionist warmongering; excessive influence in public education and higher academia; and intensely tribal networking and in-group cooperative skills.  They just don't 'get' the way nearly all Jews, if not personally and actively involved in nefarious anti-White activities, contribute to and financially support those activities with their money, labors, and networking skills.

6) That denial of Jewish guilt allows them to maintain a socially acceptable degree of respectability (as Jews define it and as people like Taylor and Reed seem to perceive it); and by doing that they avoid being lumped in with the anti-Semitic outcasts of contemporary society and becoming associated with the hard-core neo-Nazis and the like.  All of which is very important when it comes to their popularity and success as writers and in other endeavors.  Thus, their soft stances on Jewish culpability and their denials of Jewish anti-White lethality are most likely just strategic in nature.

I personally don't think reason No. 1 is the only, or even the main motivation for either Taylor or Reed when it comes to the Jewish question -- but I could be wrong about that -- it is certainly a possibility.  Their thinking might be tempered to some extent by suggested reasons No. 2-5, but it is hard for me to believe intelligent and sophisticated men such as Taylor and Reed genuinely and sincerely are overly influenced by those factors.  I would suggest that reason No. 6 is a major reason they have taken their questionable positions on this issue.

In any case, I have chosen to post links to some of their work from time to time, sometimes annotating my 'spintros' with a brief comment pointing out their 'errors of omission' as I see it (even though it might seem that these kinds of writers do run some defensive plays for the Jews on occasion).  And as the reader will note, I have even included Taylor's American Renaissance on my blogroll.

We need to keep in mind too that there are other good writers that for whatever reason avoid pointing to the elephant in the room -- people such as Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts come to mind.

Another consideration when deciding whether or not to use the work of certain writers, websites, and organizations in the effort to wake up more of our people -- we must remember that a reluctance to 'name the Jew' (or a deliberate, calculated intention not to do that) is not the only problematic trait we need to be aware of and keep our eye on.

A case in point -- we have some race mixers that write and publish some very good White Nationalist-oriented material -- writers such as Fred Reed (who would seem to have two strikes against him from the 'purist' standpoint -- yes, he is married to an 'Hispanic' lady, and lives in old Mexico) and John Derbyshire with his Chinese wife.

In Reed's case, it might even get worse -- his thinking and writing might possibly be even further compromised.  I have read (but have not attempted to verify) that his Latina wife has some Jewish heritage.  Some of his writing has, in my opinion, been a little disingenuous in extolling the supposed positive qualities of Mexicans and other Latin Americans, and failed to make an adequate distinction between the general character and abilities of the mestizo majority and the more European, less mongrelized upper classes of predominately Spanish and Portuguese extraction.  I can't help but wonder if he really thinks that the racially alien mestizo invaders from south of the border do not pose a potentially devastating threat to the future of our traditionally White society, culture, and nation?  While I really enjoy and appreciate most of his work, and have linked to some of his essays in the past, that may be why I have been reluctant to link to his 'Fred on Everything' blog in my blogroll.

Going even beyond that -- we do have some (guardedly) 'good Jews' (in my opinion, and if such a thing is possible) (or at least tolerable Jews who do some good work) -- men who produce some very enlightening and educational writings and who resist the agenda of organized Jewry -- men such as Benjamin Freedman (of years gone by), Brother Nathanael Kapner, Gilad Atzmon, Mordechai Vanunu, Norman Finkelstein, Henry Makow, and David Cole.  I have no problem linking to some of their posts from time to time, and have even included Kapner's and Makow's websites in my blogroll.

We even have some good writers who are at least borderline White Nationalists but are also reputed to be homosexuals.  I generally try not to spend too much time thinking or worrying about that, although I find the thought repugnant and kind of shudder-worthy.

The bottom line for me:  So long as these people provide good information that is generally enlightening for White people, both the hitherto unaware and the racially conscious and Jew-wise, and is helpful to the White Nationalist cause; and as long as I do not see any effort on their part to deliberately mislead or deceive their readers; I have no problem contributing in my small way to the propagation of their work when it is amenable to our cause -- helpful in waking up and informing our people.  That said, I do think we need to be constantly aware of their 'problems,' as it were, and we should not hesitate to point them out in introductory remarks when appropriate (we should always be sure that our readers are fully aware of the situation and any 'red flags' that might be fluttering in the breeze).

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 12, 2015

Here we have a compelling piece by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance:  White Survival: Beyond Left and Right

Yes, yes, I know that Taylor is open to legitimate criticism for not naming the Jew -- for ignoring the elephant in the room.

Still, I think this kind of article is excellent 'gateway' material for getting many of our uninformed and misinformed people to start thinking; to start questioning.  In any case, anyone that would choose to pursue this topic by clicking on the above link, on my blog, will most likely have an idea of what I was referring to in the paragraph immediately above.

And for those who are puzzled about that, and would like to delve further into the matter of naming vs. not naming the Jew, this extensive compilation on the Katana blog will tell you all you need to know.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 7, 2015

Here is another well written, to-the-point article by Benjamin Garland:  Common Core and the Myth of Equality

All of us who care about the future of the White race should take a few minutes and send this link on to friends and family.  This is precisely the kind of information, with its calm presentation, wealth of information, and links to other articles, that needs to be propagated among our people.  Well done, Mr. Garland, and thanks to The Daily Stormer for publishing it!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 6, 2015

The whole world knows that Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister and de facto U.S. 'Chief of State,' would have much preferred that the U.S. start bombing Iran instead of negotiating a nuclear/sanctions deal as happened a few days ago.  He made that perfectly clear by telling our Congress what he wanted them to do and giving them their marching orders when he addressed that treasonous body in early March.  One report is available here; another, even more sycophantic version is given in this one.

Republicans in Congress seem to be chomping at the bit, eager to do Netanyahu's bidding when it comes to Iran.  One interesting article is available here.  There has been some resistance, though, primarily from the Democrats.  Even one Jewish comrade has raised some objections, as reported in this article.

Meanwhile, 'Supreme Leader' Netanyahu is keeping up the pressure.  And Obama is beginning the battle to keep his negotiated deal alive.

Now, as I see it, things are bad enough when someone like Netanyahu, the leader of a warmongering bandit state such as Israel, is given such open access to our government and media in order to influence our foreign policy, legislative actions, and public opinion.  Of course, we've long known the two main reasons for that Jewish/Israeli influence:  the Israel Lobby and Jewish control of the press.

But it gets worse.  There is a third major reason we've known about for a long time -- the power of Jewish money.  It is now being reported openly, for example here, and here, that much of that congressional support for Israeli warmongering has been a direct result of Jewish political contributions -- in essence, pro-Israel bribery of our Senators and Representatives.  And that is just plain disgusting.  And it should be illegal.  At the very least, the congress-critters who succumb to this kind of blatant political blackmail should be told by their constituents -- loudly and clearly -- that they can expect to be voted out of office at the first opportunity.