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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 16, 2014

It's time to wake up, White people.  It's time to pull your heads out of your nether regions and pay attention to the genocidal anti-White forces arrayed against our people, our society, and our Western Civilization.

Here we have a story about the publicly funded Amtrak rail passenger system discriminating against White Americans, and especially heterosexual men, in their hiring practices.

And here is one describing how a state-funded public university in Bellingham, Washington, in an overwhelmingly White part of the country (the region, the state, and the community) thinks it is a shame that their student body is too White; and how they pledge to strive to make it more 'diverse' (to bring more non-Whites into the system).

If these two current news items don't wake you up to what is being done to our people in this country (our country, the country we founded and the country in which we are still the overwhelming majority), then I don't know what will.  If they don't raise your ire just a tad, I can't imagine what it would take to do that.  You might want to read the words at the top of this blog page.

Think about it.  And then start to do something about it.  It's time to be heard.  Tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives, and provide them with a link to this blog entry.  Email or write to Amtrak and Western Washington University to express your displeasure.  Maybe even contact your congressmen.  Or, depending on your location, send well-written letters to appropriate newspapers.  Be polite but firm when expressing your displeasure at the anti-White, politically-correct way in which these things are being done, and when explaining that these kinds of policies are discriminatory and most likely illegal.


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 16, 2014

Reference the preceding post having to do with national nuttiness and the demise of White America.

It truly saddens me to learn that Sweden is now more of a national basketcase than the U.S.  It's really disheartening.  You can read about the sorry state of affairs in that rapidly deteriorating, ostensibly 'Nordic' country, once the homeland of the Vikings, here, here, and here.

The Swedes, and especially Swedish men, must be infected with a highly transmissible disease; a self-destructive 'superbug.'  Or maybe it's an even more powerful genetic racial disorder than White people have here in America -- maybe it's some kind of a weird stupidity/cowardice/suicide gene.

In any case, compared to them (and even though we know it's not really the case), we White Americans come across as paragons of racial consciousness, strength, and solidarity.  Even though I stand behind my assessment of America being a 'demented giant,' when I read about the Swedes it is glaringly obvious that the only way we outdo them in the racial insanity department is in being a larger and more powerful suicidally crazy country than they are.

And of course, it doesn't stop with the U.S. and Sweden.  Things are just about as bad in other White countries, for example England, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.  In fact this pervasive and racially debilitating sickness or genetic disorder, whatever it is, has also infected Australia, Canada, Ireland, and other White countries as well.  Seems to be kind of like the 'Black Death' (bubonic plague) of the fourteenth century, only worse.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 14, 2014

When examined from the perspective of a rational White American, it is becoming ever more clear that this once-great country of ours has literally gone 'off the tracks.'  Maybe even gone stark-raving mad.  Insane.  Nuts.  Bonkers.  Looney-bin crazy.  How else can one explain the depth of depravity to which our nation has sunk over the past 150 years, and especially over the most recent 50 or so?

It's hard to believe that such a strong, achieving, moral and decent, and respected superpower could fall so far so fast.  But the bitter truth is unmistakable – we have.

Not that we were ever perfect – far from it.  No nation, or even community, has ever been perfect.  Not a one, made up of any of the racial varieties (subspecies) of humanity, anywhere on the planet.  None ever has been; none ever will be.  But make no mistake – we Americans, early on, approached that ideal about as closely as any major society has ever approached it.

Yet the painful truth is that we White Americans – as a people and as a nation – have betrayed our heritage and failed our progeny.  We have truly allowed things to just about completely 'go to hell.'

A full accounting of all the evidence of our racial/social/political lunacy and our resulting downfall would require a very thick book.  But here, in this abbreviated essay format, are some of the more glaring examples of the ways in which I think we have proven ourselves to be off our collective rockers.

America very quickly fell off the somewhat idyllic platform of republican liberty and self-determination envisioned and then put into practice by its founders back in the eighteenth century.  One only has to look at the bogus behavior behind some of our early wars.  And it didn't take long for the American people to let their politicians steer them into all kinds of miscreant and ill-advised social and economic transgressions.  Surely, as things turned out, accepting and prolonging the institution of slavery didn't help matters.  However, I would suggest that our national mental condition really started to deteriorate back in the 1860's with the outbreak of the War Between the States.

Then came the formation of the Jew-inspired and perpetrated so-called 'Federal Reserve' banking system back in 1913, following plans drawn up at a secret meeting of financiers at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910.  Yes, there were some sound reasons for establishing some federal control of the banking system (for at least the third time).  But President Wilson's letting the money-changers maneuver our country into a system essentially controlled by Jewish bankers closely connected to the Rothschilds and other 'International Jews' was almost as irrational as his later letting the Jews push him into getting the country into the First World War.

Which brings us, of course, to our insane involvement in that horrible conflict; and in particular, our being pulled into that war by the nefarious Jewish 'Balfour Declaration' plot to bring us in on the side of Great Britain, fighting a war on the European continent that was none of our business.  And no, Jewish involvement was not limited to the Zionist's Balfour Declaration and bringing America into the war.  They were involved in many other facets as well, from their historical animosity toward the White, gentile European monarchies to their desire to destroy Germany to the ignition of actual hostilities to their despicable pre-war and wartime propagandizing against the Germans to financing to intrigues surrounding the Jewish communist overthrow of the Russian Czar, and more.  And all that being followed up by the completely unwarranted and maliciously imposed, crushing terms of the Jew-driven Treaty of Versailles, which essentially guaranteed a resumption of hostilities.

Next, coming on the heels of the Jew-dominated Russian Revolution which crazily enough from the standpoint of the White gentile majority in America was supported and substantially financed by American Jewry, and following the creation of their Soviet Union and soon thereafter their Comintern assault on Western Civilization; the American people and their elected representatives were delusional enough to allow President Franklin Roosevelt and his Jewish string-pullers to get away with maneuvering us into WW II in which, in an inexplicable display of irrationality, we fought on the wrong side (allied with the heavily Jewish, murderous, Soviet communists against our cousins the Germans who were trying their best to redress the wrongs of the Versailles Treaty and to stop the spread of Soviet communism).

In the years since, we have continued to allow our berserker politicians to get us into a number of other unnecessary and unjustified wars that have killed and maimed so many thousands of our young men and squandered trillions of dollars (most recently the completely illicit and depraved 'War on Terror,' including the Afghan and Iraq wars of aggression fought on behalf of Israel in the role of their ever-faithful attack-dog).  In fact, it would seem that we have allowed the Jews and Israel, their 'Jewish State,' to push us into a foreign policy of perpetual war (or at the very least perpetual warmongering) in the Middle East; and most recently, in Ukraine (some of which behavior on our part, such as our policies and activities pertaining to Iran and Ukraine, has the potential of igniting World War III).  (In fact, it would seem that our Jew-controlled government is doing everything it can to start up a new world-war class conflict with Russia and China.)  In no way can that kind of behavior be considered rational, or sane.

One might ask, 'how could it possibly be that a nation such as ours – supposedly one ruled democratically by a benevolent, fair-minded, and judicious people -- could have allowed itself to make so many serious and costly, seemingly mentally imbalanced and out-of-control mistakes in the area of foreign affairs?'  One answer might be that we have habitually been willing to (and stupid enough to) accept and act upon the lies fed to us by our federal government.

But enough of our sad history of insane war-making for the Jews.  Let's look at some of the myriad other ways in which White America has demonstrated its dementia in more recent times.

Following the Second World War, and especially since the 1960's, most of our people have stupidly (and quite irrationally) believed and accepted one of the 'greatest stories ever told' – the outrageous Jewish 'holocaust hoax.'  We have done that because of the massive Jewish propaganda and promotion they have been able to foist upon us through their control of media, government, and public education.  And in spite of overwhelming evidence that it is almost entirely a contrived and invented, malicious lie.  And in the face of the fact that there is essentially zero evidence of any of the main contentions of the Jew-promoted version of events:  an official Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews (primarily by gassing); evidence of such an order from Hitler; any physical evidence of the supposed crime (confirmatory autopsy of even one single victim of cyanide gassing, construction plans for or physical remains of a functioning 'gas chamber' used to kill people, bodies or incinerated remains of anywhere near the required numbers of buried and/or cremated victims).  On the other hand, we do know that the Nuremberg show-trials were conducted for the most part by the vengeful victors – many of them Soviets and Jews acting as prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges, and executioners.  And that some of the most damning confessions were obtained by torture; that supposed eyewitness testimony was flawed in many ways; and that many if not most of the books (memoirs) written by supposed survivors over the ensuing years were full of wild imaginings and outright lies.  It all begs the question:  is there any limit to how 'out-of-it' people can be when it comes to their acceptance of and respect for lies that fly in the face of true history?  The Jews behind this gigantic fraud and blackmail scam were/are truly deranged.  And our collective acceptance of their grotesque, off-the-wall, slanderous concoctions and accusations seems so foolish as to border on mental incompetence on our own part.

And on top of all that, we have let the Jews brainwash our schoolchildren with the fraudulent 'Diary of Anne Frank,' and we have let them erect 'holocaust museums' – essentially temples of the bogus religion of holocaustianity filled with all manner of deliberate deception – and we have let them do that at our expense.  That is absurd, and a good many of us Whites must be certifiably unbalanced to put up with that nonsense.

We have let a blatantly hostile group of 'others' – the complicit and culpable Jews – almost completely take over and control our media – the press, television, motion pictures, advertising, and the music and entertainment industries.  And by allowing that to happen, we have given them carte blanche to mold public opinion and pervert our culture.  That's just madness.  It's psychotic and psychopathic, and it's suicidal.

We have let that same group of rabidly anti-White-society and anti-Western-Civilization and (for what it's worth) anti-Christian adversaries commandeer our electoral process and, via their disproportionate control of the press, campaign financing, and lobbying, essentially control altogether too many aspects of our government itself.  Now, considering that we Whites are the founding racial group and still the majority, that is just haywire – indicative of a collectively unsound mind.

More specifically, as evidence of our burgeoning national psychosis, we White Americans let our federal government do three things in particular back in the middle of the twentieth century that have led to our demise and pending destruction.  First, in 1954 there was the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision mandating integrated schools.  Then there was the so-called Civil Rights Act of 1964 which loosed the Negroes on our society.  And finally, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that eventually opened the floodgates to an overwhelming onslaught of non-White immigration.  Those three events have proven to be the seeds of White dispossession and genocide in America – proximate causes of our virtually 'giving it all away' to the colored underclass, our genetic degradation,  and of our losing our status as the racial majority in just a few more short years.

In addition to allowing the Jews to exert disproportionate influence and control over our government, we have allowed the Negro and mestizo underclass to dominate our seriously misguided if not totally irrational one-man-one-vote democratic election process.  Refusing to address and fix that situation is socially irresponsible and irrational; it's self-destructive.

We Whites have even become so unhinged that we facilitated the election of the anti-White, communistically inclined, possibly homosexual, self-admitted past drug user, done-nothing and likely non-citizen fraud with a deliberately concealed background – the mulatto Barack Obama – as our President.  Twice. Utterly and unbelievably wacko; batty; rattle-brained behavior, if you ask me!

In fact, we have now allowed ourselves to become so hopelessly deracinated (with no legitimate basis or reason); made to think so little of ourselves; filled so full of self doubt, self loathing, self hatred, and White guilt; that we have become convinced we can't even govern ourselves.  We thought we needed a half-Negro like Obama to effect 'change' and fix things.  Could we have possibly been any more uninformed and unbalanced?

At the same time, during both the Obama election cycles, we let the Republicans – the opposition party, ostensibly our party – field and in some cases elect delusional, religion-crazed Israel worshippers and war-for-Israel warmongers such as John McCain, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and numerous other mentally disturbed zealots; and non-Whites such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Raul Labrador, Bobby Jindal, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Allen West, and the like.  It's as though we Whites have begun to feel that we need to elect either psychopathic, philosemitic crazies or Negroes and mestizos to govern us.  Just off-the-wall, hare-brained loco!

In other words – for the past two election cycles now, while in the midst of the anti-White Democratic/Obama reign of insanity – we American Whites have allowed the only real, effective opposition party (that should stand in opposition to the racially suicidal Democrat party) to field slates of Jew-driven nutcases and racial weaklings, trucklers, and traitors and those who would like to complete the genocide of their own people via accelerating negrification and unlimited 'stizo immigration (both quasi-legal and illegal) for presidential primaries and in general elections.  That's truly off-center and 'out of it.'

Thanks to Jewish influence (re: the Frankfurt school and Boasian anthropology) all too many of our people have bought into the 'we're all the same under the skin' and the 'race is just a social construct' fallacies.  That line of thinking defies the senses, the obvious differences in behavior and performance of societies comprised of the different races, history, the clear and obvious reality of racial differences, and rational acceptance of the truth.  Knowing the truth but refusing to act in accordance with that truth is surely one definition of insanity (assuming, of course, it is not simply a matter of cowardice or malicious motivation).

We have, in fact, embraced our deracination, self-loathing, and Negro glorification and worship to such a degree that we have let our entertainment, our culture, and even our governance become almost completely dominated by Jews and non-Whites.  As just one example, in addition to the above points, witness our young men's hero-worship of Negro athletes.  And that's sick; that's just incomprehensibly irrational.

In our prevalent national uninformed and idiotic state of mind, and even with the benefit of an abundance of readily available evidence and truth-telling, the majority of the White American public just gobbled up the ridiculous, half-baked, 'official' 9-11 (2001) Twin Towers and Pentagon propaganda and cover-up stories.  That's just addlepated, over-the-top gullibility.  And what's worse; as a consequence, we have made no effort to go after the real perpetrators of those horrendous deeds – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Jewish (and some gentile) Neocons, Silverstein, Israeli companies, Netanyahu and his Mossad operatives – to arrest, try, convict, and then execute or punish in some other appropriate way those who are duly convicted. That, in my opinion, is unbelievably irresponsible and irrational, it's absolutely unbalanced, and it's treasonous.

We Whites have lost so much control over our governance and our daily lives that we have allowed the Jewish-instigated integration of our public education, and the Jewish-enforced perversion of teachers, curricula, and textbooks, to teach our children lies and propaganda (i.e., B.S.) about racial reality, history, the holohoax, etc.  And by so doing we have allowed our children's educations to be distorted, compromised, and substantially destroyed.  A sane and honorable people would not do that.

We have allowed our popular culture to be degraded and perverted by such things as rampant negrification, gratuitous sex, sick Jewish definitions of humor and art, and on and on ad nauseam.  That's despicable, and it is insane by any decent definition of cultural integrity.

We have succumbed to the absurd and deliberately destructive social concepts of ultra-liberalism and politically correct thought control, race-mixing via so-called 'civil rights' legislation, brainwashing of our people with the (non-existant) supposed benefits ('beauties') of diversity and multiculturalism, unlimited immigration of non-White third-worlders, etc.  In fact, we have essentially 'rolled over' and accepted politically-correct limitations to the freedoms of expression, association and non-association, thought, and actions that we once enjoyed.  That's madness.

We have turned our backs on many of our greatest large cities and have allowed them, or at least major parts of them, to become bankrupt cesspits; to be utterly destroyed by Negroes and mestizos.  And to be made into dangerous no-go zones for White people.  It's self-destructive and just plain unhealthy for a society to do that; it's unreal and unrealistic.

We have allowed our society to become unduly influenced – seemingly overwhelmed at times – by perverted and deviant behavior on the part of radical feminists, queers, and of late, even pedophiles.  We have let the schools, government, and media embrace, normalize, and even essentially promote the perverse and deviant behavior of homosexuality to our children as just another acceptable 'choice,' an 'alternative lifestyle.'  In fact, in recent years we have let ourselves, our moral standards, and our legal system become traumatized by concerns for the sensitivities and so-called 'rights' of the queers.  How much more kooky and imbalanced could a society be than that?

We have not only abdicated our strong and healthy, time-honored patriarchal White society, and allowed it to be perverted by the Jew-inspired radical feminists; all too many of us now let our children dominate their own upbringing, and their entire families in the process.  Succumbing to the Jew-dominated culture of our times, we have allowed our minor children to become excessively empowered by the depraved entertainment industry, their electronic communication devices, and their virtually unlimited and uncontrolled social media.  We have let them become prematurely sexualized (especially our little girls), negrified, drugged out of their heads, disrespectful of parental authority and guidance (never mind control), and we have allowed them to virtually 'take over' by telling us – the adults and parents – how they are going to spend our money, dress, talk, and behave (thanks, Jews).  That's not 'normal;' it's not healthy.

In the process of making all the above irrational and culture- and nation-destroying mistakes, we have allowed ourselves to become so completely hamstrung, strangled, beat-down, and emasculated by politically-correct thinking, perverted societal 'norms,' and government interference with and control of and domination over our lives; that in effect we have been just about totally debilitated as a people when it comes to control of our own destiny.

Oh, well, I guess that's enough for one sitting.  I'm sure I have forgotten any number of important examples I could have used to bolster my case, because there are many, many more.  But I do think the evidence I have outlined above should suffice to establish my thesis – that as a nation and as a people with common interests, White America is no longer functioning in a sane and rational way.  We are not playing with a full deck, as they say.  We don't have both our oars in the water.  We, as a nation, have become seriously mentally ill.

One of the fundamental laws of nature, when considering living species (and subspecies), is that the survival and proliferation of any given organism requires that both individuals and groups constantly compete for geographic space and resources.  Our problem is that we have stopped competing.

Also, we have been overcome with 'wrong-think.'  One of the distinguishing characteristics of humans is their ability to think and to reason.  Unfortunately, that has allowed us to think wrongly, especially when influenced to do so by clever adversaries and liars such as the Jews, and then to act on those false ideas and that faulty reasoning.  We have let our Jewish adversaries and our own soft-headed kindness and altruism, rose-colored-glasses liberals, the greedy, uncaring businessmen, the egotistical and power-mad politicians, and the race traitors among us fill our heads with fallacious social doctrine and lies in place of real science and truth and the kind of thinking that would, in general, benefit our people.

In that sense, and in our acceptance of those false doctrines and our self-destructive behavior based on those false premises, it would seem that we Whites – the greatest, most achieving and evolved subspecies of humankind ever to grace the planet – are fast approaching the status of a 'failed (sub)species.'  It may already be too late.  But if not – we damned well had better wake up and start fighting for our rightful place in this world and in history.  For too long, we have 'wimped out' while we have enjoyed our affluence.  Now, we need not only to wake up, we need to grab hold and take charge of our destiny.  We need to live under a system based on objective reality.  We need to be tough, even ruthless, when warranted.  We need to start doing anything and everything that is 'good for White people.'  There is time, but the time is now.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


...or, perhaps more accurately, I would suggest that our contemporary 'American way' might be characterized as 'running amok.'

Here we have more good, timely thinking and writing by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  Is the US or the World Coming to an End?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 8, 2014

My wife receives these politically charged emails from her old biddy-buddies all the time.  I'm often amazed at how 'aware' so many of these old gals are when it comes to social, political, and even racial matters.  But as often as not, even when they righteously and eloquently rant about how awful things are in today's America, they fall flat on their faces when it comes to the role played by Israel and the Jews.  They just don't get it.

Check out the last paragraph of this screed taking Coca Cola to task for promoting un-American multiculturalism.  As so often happens, this otherwise astute observer and writer falls into a pit of philosemitic, Israel-sycophantic drivel.

A Letter to Coca Cola

This Woman is REALLY fired up!

She wrote:

I watched some of the commercials that were played during the Super Bowl. I always enjoy the ones from Anheuser Busch. They showed the "Welcome Home" celebration in Winter Park , Florida , for returning soldiers. And who doesn't love those Clydesdales? I didn't like the one from Coca Cola. All those young women singing "America The Beautiful" dressed in ethnic garb and singing in a foreign language really pissed me off. Americans sing in English to honor America ; not Farsi or Urdu.

I left a comment for Coke on YouTube under the video of that commercial. I got a reply from them today, which you can read below, and then you can read my answer to them. Maybe this time they’ll understand.
Thank you for your email and your loyalty to Coca-Cola over the years.

We greatly value your business and appreciate hearing from you.

"It’s Beautiful" was created to celebrate Coke moments among all Americans who together enjoy ice cold, refreshing Coke. For centuries America has opened its arms to people of many countries who have helped to build this great nation. "It’s Beautiful" provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families, all found in the United States . All those featured in the ad are Americans and " America The Beautiful" was sung by bilingual American young women.

We believe "It’s Beautiful" is a great example of the magic that makes our country so special, and a powerful message that spreads optimism, promotes inclusion and celebrates humanity – values that are core to Coca-Cola.

You can find out more about our ad by going to Journey. I really appreciate your feedback and hope this will keep you as a valued customer of ours. We appreciate your interest in our Company.

Timothy Industry and Consumer Affairs The Coca-Cola Company.

Please use the record number below should you have additional questions.
Her Reply:

Where do you live, Timothy? Since you’re with Coca Cola, it is likely Buckhead or one of Atlanta’s other exclusive, executive, country club neighborhoods. I lived in one for over two decades, in Hudson , Ohio ... I know what they’re like. My youngest son lives in one near Atlanta , too, as he is a successful broker with E-Trade, in Alpharetta. Those neighborhoods are not what most of this country is like, however. Maybe you haven’t traveled much, or lived in many different states as I have.

America’s not so beautiful anymore, and it is full of immigrants that have no intention of assimilating into our society or becoming truly American. They brought their own culture, keep their own culture, and never learn anything about ours, except to use it to their advantage. They don’t even like Americans. They make no effort to learn our language. Ever been to Detroit ? I’ll bet you never tried to enter the closed Muslim festival that takes place near Ann Arbor , because you’d probably be assaulted before you got a block away. We Americans are not so proud of that kind of behavior, and they aren't there to celebrate being American.

How about Collinsville, Ohio? That’s a part of Cleveland , and the Collinsville police once yelled at me to "get the hell out of this black neighborhood, lady, or we will be calling the meat wagon!" because I had gotten lost there. Police there were barricaded behind locked doors, and one could not see a police officer, but were required, in the lobby of the station, to pick up a phone to talk to one. A white woman in that black neighborhood was in great danger, they explained.

The slums of Cleveland , Detroit , Los Angeles , and especially Chicago , or any other major city are littered with filth and disease and the hatred of blacks toward whites. It’s the same in the L.A. barrio, my friend, and they aren't singing Kumbaya, either. A recent mayor of L. A. declared he intended to take California back as Mexican territory. Do you consider that a Kumbaya moment? An "America , The Beautiful" kind of moment? They call themselves "Reconquista", and they are there to do just that. They murder and steal from Americans who live near the Mexican border in Arizona , but our government says Arizonans can’t protect themselves from the marauders.

Is the America where you find massive amounts of illegal drugs and thick lines of cocaine on glass -top coffee tables to be considered beautiful? That’s what illegal aliens brought to our once beautiful America . Is that meth lab in the house down the street beautiful? Is the heroin epidemic now seizing the weak in America your idea of "America, The Beautiful"? Singing it to us in foreign languages is repugnant to us, and it makes us resentful. Being sung by a young woman who is forced by her family to wear the clothing demanded by the oppression of her religion is also repulsive.

Do you have children? Are they allowed to wear a symbol of our country on their clothing? America’s schools don’t allow American flags anywhere anymore. Where are your children going to learn of a "beautiful" America ? It won’t be at their school. They are being taught how wonderful Islam is, and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo when their brother may be shot at by an Afghan terrorist or an alien illegally crossing our border to bring harm to our country in the form of theft, drugs, prostitution, or terrorism. Watch the news; you’ll see how often there’s a squabble over such things, and how angry it is making real Americans. You know, those folks that say the Pledge of Allegiance and mean it. Probably like your mom and dad. Those that came here to flee oppression and build an America they were also willing to die to defend.

Not the ones who want to "fundamentally change America ".

How about Watts, or South Central Los Angeles? ... Boston , or New York , or Patterson , New Jersey ? Do you ever have a desire to participate in or watch the Boston marathon again? You think the Tsarnaov brothers are a part of beautiful America ?

Beautiful? No, it isn't. Not anymore. Huge numbers of Muslims that threaten the white residents of Wylie , Texas by moving into a new neighborhood and holding closed, secret meetings in the park, intimidating white children, and frightening the elderly don’t make this a beautiful America .

Illegal people from all over the world enter America through wide open borders and suffer no consequences. Lovely people like MS 13 and other gangs, and terrorists from the Middle East .. Mexican, Central and South Americans serve as donkeys, as beasts of burden, bringing thousands of tons of illegal drugs into America , and you want to celebrate their heritage? Why? And you want me to celebrate their heritage with you? Have you all lost your collective minds?

More than a thousand people were brought into the New York City area as prostitutes to serve the football fans that came to see the Super Bowl. Many of them were children. The FBI has been busy rounding them up. Some are only 13 years old. Is that your America , of which you sing in a foreign voice? Human trafficking in this country is rampant; do you suppose a kid was given an ice-cold Coke to enjoy after some sweaty, grunting Denver or Seattle fan finished his sex act with her?

I hope it makes you shudder and puke. Those kids were mostly brought into our country from a foreign land. Is that what you want them to know of America , and sing it in their language? What about the adult women who were victimized in that group of more than a thousand? Know this - they do not come willingly. They do not perform those acts willingly. And they sure as hell don’t do it to be in the land of Coca Cola ... They hate us because we allow it to happen. I hate to tell you what they would do to you with a bottle of Coke, and that I know of because I am an R. N. who witnessed such things in an emergency room. That’s not " America , The Beautiful".

Well, Timothy, change for the better under liberals is just not going to happen, and the backlash I’m giving you is only a polite synopsis of the feelings millions of us have about those immigrants who speak different languages and come from cultures that we do not embrace, nor do we want our children or grandchildren exposed to them or their culture except from afar. We do not want our grandchildren celebrating Cinco de Mayo and being told that they cannot display the American flag on their own home or a T-shirt. It makes us angry, and where we once practiced tolerance and helped those who wish to assimilate, we now shun and cower in fright, or watch violent clashes between cultures on the nightly news. And we arm ourselves against the invasion.

If Coca Cola is going to be politically correct and sing Kumbaya while hoping that we who are outside that closed executive neighborhood of yours enjoy a cold refreshing Coke and smile at your distinctly anti-American silly song, you’re badly mistaken. You’re going to watch your sales plummet. You’re going to watch others show real patriotism, like Anheuser Busch, and applaud the way they show appreciation to our soldiers who are killing the relatives of those Muslims in Detroit and Patterson who would spit on you, or worse, if you went to their neighborhoods. And I’ll be at those Independence Day parades, applauding our troops and those who know the real America the way it is supposed to be and was before liberals took over and convoluted and ignored our laws, spat on our Constitution, and ruined our America .

I’m through supporting companies that support our enemies. Bye-bye, Coke. It used to be America’s drink. Now your company is America's poison.

Barbara Gilbert Wife of a retired American military officer Mother of 2 American military veterans Grandmother of 3, or maybe 4 future military veterans, because they will be taught to serve a real America , for Americans. All our grandchildren will be taught who the real friends of America really are, as we enjoy an ice cold cola from Grandma’s pretty red SodaStream machine from Israel .. (At least they’ll know who their real friends are.)

(End of forwarded article)

'Real friends'?  Doesn't the writer know that Israel insists on being recognized as a 'Jewish State' and is in fact an 'apartheid' state, and that the Israeli Jews insist on Jewish racial purity in their 'shitty little country;' while at the same time they and their Jewish activists in America incessantly promote diversity, multiculturalism, and race mixing in our country?  That American Jews were the 'movers and shakers' of legislation that resulted in millions of non-White third-worlders swarming into America, and the loosing of Negroes on White society with their 'civil rights' activism, both starting in earnest back in the 1960's?  Or that even today it is American Jews, many of them dual Israeli citizens, who are at the present time pushing for amnesty for illegal alien 'immigrants'?  Doesn't she know that it is the Jews, virtually all of whom are intensely loyal to her revered Israel, who work tirelessly for such things as radical feminism, acceptance and even promotion of homosexuality, the degradation of White culture, the dispossession and even the genocide of Whites?  That Jews with overwhelming loyalty to Israel essentially control our government, the press, television, movies, and other entertainment media?  That those same Jews are the inventors and promoters of the 'holocaust' scam?  That they are primarily responsible for teaching our children the lies of racial sameness and equality in the public schools?

She probably doesn't even realize that it was the Zionist Jews that were responsible for promoting and ultimately establishing the illegitimate State of Israel.  And that got the U.S. into the two world wars in the first half of the twentieth century.  And that were behind the Russian Revolution and Soviet communism which, together with the wars and other events such as the Ukrainian holodomor and the Soviet gulag system, killed as many as 60 million (or more) White people shortly after the turn of that century. That it was almost certainly the Israeli Mossad that was behind the 9/11 attacks.  And that it is her precious Israel, working with her American mostly Jewish 'neocons,' Jew lobbyists, and Jew-controlled press and disproportionate Jewish influence over our elections and government, that got America involved in the perennial wars in the Middle East.

And all of that while sucking up hundreds of billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money in the form of unwarranted 'foreign aid.'

No, Barbara, the Israelis are not our friends -- they and other Jews are the destroyers of America, of Western Civilization, and of the White race. As they say, 'with friends like these, who needs enemies?'

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 2, 2014

Lots of interesting articles on the web this morning.  And it's a good day for reading where I live -- kind of cold and rainy.  But even when the sun is shining, these are the kinds of articles that are well worth reading, familiarizing yourself with so as to bolster your 'talking points,' and passing along to others.

First up, a good summary of our perennial Negro problem here.

And then there is this one, explaining the role of the Jews in bringing about the deterioration of White American society.

Here, we see the way we Whites have been pushed down to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to law enforcement in America these days.

Of course there are many other ways in which we are constantly told we must strive to help the non-White underclass and do whatever we can to help them (even when at our expense and even when it has been proven over and over again that it doesn't do any good), as illustrated by this article.

Moving on, let's take a look at this one about the way the Jewish bankers, working with criminal government entities, do everything they can to support the dying U.S. dollar by manipulating gold prices.

Here's one that is even more depressing in its overall assessment than most of the others, and that covers a couple points that I either don't fully understand or might not agree with entirely, but nevertheless does a very good job of describing many of the forces behind our problems in America today.

Now, moving on to Israeli warmongering and our forever wanting to wage war for the Jews, this article does a good job of debunking the claim that Iran is about to become a nuclear threat to Israel and the world.

Closely related to the above topic (attacking Iran on behalf of Israel, for their not working to develop nuclear weapons); here is more on the disgusting efforts of wealthy Jews to buy the services of Jew- and Israel-serving future U.S. presidents.

And finally, one more on the disgusting Jew Sheldon Adelson and other wealthy Jews and their efforts to buy the U.S. government, and the even more disgusting Republican hopefuls that line up to grovel at their feet.

After spending a good part of the morning reading the above articles, I can't help but be reminded once again of the old Chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times.'  Still, we have to thank the writers and website presenters for providing all this news and data.  Let's do what we can to help propagate this important information and awareness by passing links on to friends and family.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
March 25, 2014

You don't have to be a pregnant female to experience 'morning sickness.'  The term can have other meaning and relevance, you know.  Hell, I'm a 75-year-old 'grumpy old man,' and I get morning sickness all the time.

Morning sickness can refer to any intelligent and decent person of either sex and any age being 'sickened' by the disgusting and nauseating behavior of people and the nature of events encountered when browsing the morning news, such as the items linked below.  And it can also describe the mental sickness -- the insanity -- implicit in so many of the news stories we read virtually each and every morning.  And the term might also refer simply to how 'sick and tired' a person can get of being bombarded with all this 180-degree ass-backwards garbage every morning.

So here I am, once again, coffee in hand and browsing the morning news on my computer, and up pops this piece about our very own Vice President Joe Biden's recent speech glorifying homosexual perversity, equating that disgustingly deviant behavior to wholesomeness and righteousness and family values and assuring us that homosexual rights are foremost among our government's foreign policy concerns.  Watch the video; read his words.  Yes indeed, it's enough to make you sick.

(Note the homocentric foreign policy comments start at about 15:10 into the video.  You might also want to read the text of Biden's remarks provided in a link on the hrc blog page [here].)

And then the other half of this morning's 'double whammy' -- we get this article explaining, once again, how the Jews rule America and how they are working so hard to exert their control over us and our society even more.  You can read more here, and here, and here.  So here we have this obscenely wealthy Jew Zionist extremist and warmonger, supporter of Israel's Likud Party and a good buddy of 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu, openly working to buy the services of another American president. Now, to me, stories like these about Jewish power and control of our government are not only beyond outrageous and tremendously upsetting, to the point they should generate strong feelings of resentment, anger, and hatred in every true American; they really are enough to turn the stomach.  They are just about as 'sick' as it gets.