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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, July 15, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 15, 2019

President Donald Trump has rightfully been tearing into the behavior of some of our deranged and racially alien Democrat Congresswomen.  Below are a few of the posts he has put up on Twitter over the past few hours.

The only problem -- it's hard to tell when reading these Tweets just which country he thinks he represents.  Note that while his purpose would seem to be to discuss the dangerously anti-American utterances and behavior of these radical Democrats, he often as not thinks of and mentions Israel first.  Kind of weird, wouldn't you say?  Some President we have here.

From earliest (yesterday afternoon) to most recent:
  • So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion.  Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, "RACIST."  Their disgusting language.....
  • When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.  So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions!
  • If Democrats want to unite around the foul language & racist hatred spewed from the mouths and actions of these very unpopular & unrepresentative Congresswomen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  I can tell you that they have made Israel feel abandoned by the U.S.
  • "We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country, they're calling the guards along our Border (the Border Patrol Agents) Concentration Camp Guards, they accuse people who support Israel as doing it for the Benjamin's,.... [apparently quoting comments of Sen. Lindsey Graham; see below]
  • ....they are Anti-Semitic, they are Anti-America, we don't need to know anything about them personally, talk about their policies.  I think they are American citizens who are duly elected that we are running on an agenda that is disgusting, that the American people will reject......
  • ....What does it mean for America to have free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants, no criminalization of coming into our Country - See how that works for controlling Immigration!  They talk about Israel like they're a bunch of thugs, not victims of the entire region.  They wanted...
And then here is Senator Lindsey Graham, who has lately become an unlikely supporter of Trump, once again backing him up.  But look -- when on "Fox and Friends" expressing his concerns about these un-American communist congresscritters he too starts harping about Israel, and he too mentions them first:

"Well, we all know that (New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country," Graham said during an appearance on "Fox and Friends."  "They're calling the guards along our border, the border patrol agents, 'concentration camp guards.'  They accuse people who support Israel of doing it for the Benjamins.  They're anti-Semitic.  They're anti-America.'"  (See full article here.)

So what exactly do we have here?  Both our President and the Senator from South Carolina, when discussing the out-of-control and anti-American behavior of these communist 'aliens,' seem for some reason compelled to start out by talking about, or at least seem to stress, Israel and Israeli interests and feelings.

It's as though it all is intended to make all of us dutiful and patriotic Americans start chanting, as Trump and Graham seem wont to do, 'Israel First!  Israel First!'  Damn, it does get tiresome.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 11, 2019
‘Truth is mighty, and it shall prevail.’

‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’

‘For you [Jews] are the children of your father the devil …he has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he lies, it is consistent with his character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.’

Now here is an idea – what if we decided to live our lives and order our affairs on the basis of truth, honor, and objective reality?  And what if we resolved to teach those values to our children, both in our homes and in our schools?

No, these are not new ideas, or concepts.  And I’m certainly not the first to call attention to them even in these modern times.  Still, it is a very heady thought, when you stop to think about it.

In fact, I would suggest that it is, or at least should be, one of the great general principals of successful human life on the planet.  And for that reason it is a truly profound concept; namely, for humankind to strive to seek, investigate, know, revere, tell, follow, honor, faithfully adhere to, and act on the basis of the truth, whenever possible.  Those are indeed the keys to saving, maintaining, and furthering the good fortunes and future of the White race, and quite possibly the survival of civilization on Earth.

We Whites, as the deservedly dominant majority in America and other White nations, need to renew our commitment to a much more truthful existence, and govern ourselves and enact and enforce our laws by adhering to those principles.  We need to hold the news media accountable, and ensure that they report the truth as opposed to all the biased, anti-White opinion, brainwashing, propaganda, and outright lies that are constantly fed to us these days.  We need to demand that our public schools and universities teach our children the truth.  We need to make sure movies, TV shows, and advertising depict true history and an accurate portrayal of our White society and its core values and norms.  And we need to perpetuate and constantly improve upon our Eurocentric social and cultural heritage based on the knowable facts of biology and history.

What it boils down to – if we Whites hope to survive, we must resolve to act on that dedication to the truth as a fundamental foundation for the racial strength and pride which are our birthright.

The list of areas wherein we must research, come to know,  understand, remember, believe in, and act intelligently based upon truth and reality is endless; but some of the most prominent areas where we must do a much better job of pronouncing and insisting on adherence to the truth, just by way of example, are:

  • Details of the substantially Jewish Bolshevik Russian Revolution of the early 20th century; communist atrocities and failures.
  • Real reasons and responsibility for, instigation of, and U.S. involvement in the horribly fratricidal wars of the twentieth century (World Wars I and II).
  • Details of WW II – the truth about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany; atrocities on the part of the Allies as well as the Axis powers.
  • All manner of other historical details, for example the despicable lies about Thomas Jefferson’s supposed miscegenation with a slave woman, the Kennedy assassination, etc.
  • The Jewish so-called ‘Holocaust’ hoax and extortion racket.
  • For that matter, all aspects of the ‘Jewish Problem’ over the past many hundreds of years (and especially during the twentieth century and up until the present day) – Jewish domination and even control of government, finance, media, and education; the Jews as despoilers and destructors of Western Civilization and diligent plotters and perpetrators of the genocide of the White race; Jews working to weaken our traditional White family values; Jewish promotion and enabling of such things as ultraliberalism, radical feminism, political correctness, socialism (Marxism, communism), immigration (invasion) by non-Whites (and the resulting crime, welfare, and degenerative race mixing); and much more.
  • The World Trade Center and other attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • The George W. Bush administration’s getting us into the second Iraq War, as instigated by neoconservative, Zionist Jews and their White lackeys.
  • The Jews’ constantly fomenting never-ending wars for Israel in the Middle East.
  • Racial science and reality – real and substantial differences between racial groups, the lie of ‘diversity’ being a societal strength, realities of White racial stature and accomplishments (and yes, even ‘superiority’ in many areas).
  • The real facts surrounding the smooth-talking fraud Michael (a.k.a. ‘Martin Luther’) King (beyond his being a Jew-scripted rabble-rouser for the 12 percent Negro underclass) – including, the many compelling reasons statues, streets, and schools should never be dedicated to anti-White, Jew- and communist-controlled plagiarists and whoremongers such as he.
  • The relentless and ever-intensifying, largely Jew-instigated attempts to destroy our White heritage in America – tearing down our statues, renaming streets, rededicating holidays, working to remove our historical figures (White men) from currency, replacing White characters with Negroes in our traditional literature, plays, and movies, and on and on ad nauseam.
  • The realities of natural sexual differences and healthy sexual relations and activities as opposed to deviant sexual behavior (and again, Jewish involvement in the mischaracterization and promotion of all manner of unnatural, deviant, and perverse sexual behavior, even among our children) .
  • Degradation and debasement of our popular culture – vastly disproportionate negrification of music, television shows and commercials, movies, and print advertisements; worship of non-White sports figures and ‘celebrities;’ etc. (and once more – the prominence of Jews in those defilements).
  • (Notwithstanding the occasional wisdom contained in the Bible) the primitive and superstitious aspects of religion, creationism, and devotion to teachings of the priestly class (‘adult fairy tales’ such as walking on water, virgin birth, resurrection, and Jews being ‘chosen’ people).
  • The contemporary ‘end-game’ operations of the genocidal war being waged against White people:  delegitimizing and dispossessing White people at every opportunity, teaching our young self-doubt and self-hatred, enslaving Whites economically in order to support people of color, forcing Whites to suffer by granting special privileges to coloreds; promoting communism, or at the very least cultural Marxism; working to effectuate the ‘great replacement’ of Whites in their own countries.

People are mentally imperfect creatures.  Our gift of language and and our ability to reason set us apart from the lesser animals, but they all too often result in ‘wrong-think,’ which can cause us to act on the basis of ignorance and lies.  And we are especially vulnerable to that faulty thinking when constantly bombarded with lies and malicious, anti-White propaganda of all kinds.  One example is our tendency to embrace (misplaced) universal, pathological altruism – extending excessive and unwarranted sympathy, kindness, and charity to other races and so-called ‘protected classes’ of misfits and malcontents.  Many other kinds self-debasing and destructive behavior also come to mind, such as drug use, succumbing to Negroid culture, primitive (savage) bodily defacement via piercings and tattoos, excessive eating and drinking to the point of causing obesity (even among young people), acceptance of all the gratuitous sex foisted upon us and our children in all kinds of media, sexual promiscuity, and other misconceived and less-than-admirable behavior.

It is those (and other) defects that could be corrected or at least improved upon by an adherence to some form of socially if not legally mandated truthful and honorable behavior.  It would seem that the general population therefore does need to be ‘controlled’ in some fashion, but by some manner of ‘what’s good for Whites’ authority rather than the Jew-controlled media and government that rule over us now.

Just think about it -- if we were to order our society on the basis of truth, honor, and objective reality, and teach our children the truth about the racially and culturally competitive world in which they live, we just might be able to:

  • Put a stop to the control and enslavement of our people by organized Jewry (the ‘complicit and culpable’ Jews), and prevent our being overwhelmed by their non-White minions and by those who practice and promote all manner of socially deviant behavior.
  • Prevent the suicide/genocide of the White race.
  • Preserve our culture and genetic existence for future generations.
  • Prevent future unnecessary wars.
  • Prevent many mistakes and iniquities in social relationships and dealings, and in business and government.
  • Enable us to interact with other people with intelligence, fairness, and justifiable firmness when called for.

It is so simple.  Let our people have the truth…we can handle it (at least I would hope that we can).  But in order to do that we have to do something to stifle the many ever-malevolent Jewish influences over our lives!

And still, even then, the question remains – can we live genuinely truthful and honorable lives?  I’m afraid there are plenty of reasons to doubt that we Whites in America and Europe and elsewhere are capable of that.  Much as I hate to think and say it, we have been so weak in the face of the Jewish genocide assault and invasions by their colored minions both culturally and in terms of body count and our social/political dispossession that we are starting to look like a failed subspecies.  Let us hope it’s not so.  Time is running out.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival (Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
June 23, 2019

Want more diversity in your life?  More variety?  More multiculturalism/multiracialism in your society?  More contrast?  More 'vibrancy?'  Well as far as I am concerned  -- speaking as a bedraggled old White man -- 'No thank you!'  I think we Whites have quite enough variety in our lives, thank you.  And especially quite enough of the lethal, even genocidal variety.

No, of course, diversity isn't all bad.  In fact, some diversity definitely contributes to the quality of our lives.  But there is 'diversity' and then there is 'diversity.'  I'll leave it to you to decide which of the following you would prefer.  (Here's the part where a little healthy and judicious discrimination comes in, or at least, should come in.)

Nothing like a sunny summer beach:

But sometimes we must endure a winter storm:


A precious, cuddly pleasure to have in your life:

Not so much:


Neighborhood activities for happy times:

Not so nice to have around anywhere near you and yours, or anywhere in your environment:


The essence of natural beauty:

Gross ugliness of its own kind:


Refinement, grace, and beauty via the performing arts:

Performance artistry of another kind for another kind of people:


Major construction in a civilized society:

Commonplace type of destructive behavior in a less civilized segment of that society:


Magnificent architecture now:

Magnificent architecture then (more than 2,000 years ago):

Somewhat less than magnificent architecture of another kind now (yes, it's the best they can do):


Peacefulness, tranquility, serenity --  life-qualities we would all like to enjoy when we have the chance:

But that quality of life is hard to come by when the jew-instigated wars descend upon us:


An adorable and entertaining creature in the forest or in your back yard:


Not the most attractive and welcoming living thing you are likely to encounter in nature:

...and these ain't so hot, either:


Work, sweat, and aching backs:

A day lined up at the welfare office:


A pleasant street scene in a White neighborhood of an American town:

Not-so-far-from-typical street scene in the 'colored' district:


Science and advancement in modern civilization:

A bathing experience in a somewhat less advanced society and culture:


Proud strength and courage in the animal kingdom:

Creatures of a different disposition:


The beautiful way we are born and exist:

One can only wonder if this version is mental illness, jewed 'culture-shift,' or ??:


Refreshing renewal of  precious humanity:

A different kind of image; a different creature -- the sleazy and disgusting side of humanity:


Statesmen at their finest -- the founding fathers of America:

Another kind of American 'ruling group':


It's nice when we can enjoy the good things in life.  And we can handle, we can even appreciate the naturally frightening and dangerous elements of this world we live in.  But at the very least, we White Americans and Europeans and all our other kinfolk should absolutely stop encouraging and tolerating the ascendance and proliferation of the negative situations and conditions foisted upon us, especially in our own societies and nations, while we enjoy the magnificence of those things we love and cherish.  To do anything else is suicide; to let our enemies force the ugly and evil tyrant- and jew-caused things on us, and to do those things to us, is tantamount to aiding and abetting the genocide of our own people.

It does make a person wonder, doesn't it?  Quite the 'puzzlement,' isn't it?

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
June 15, 2019

Val here, standing by...

(For days now, I've been expecting a call from the 'orange-man'.  I could tell he was confused and might need some advice.  I could tell that just by reading some mainstream news sites these past few days, describing how Trump and his trusted advisers, without offering any definitive evidence, have blamed Iran for the explosive devices that have recently damaged a couple tankers in the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz.  And how by doing all that warmongering, quite possibly based on Israeli false-flag operations, they have moved us ever closer to initiating open hostilities against Iran.  Yes, the President surely is in dire need of better advisement than he has been getting from all the Israel-firsters who seem to have his ear.)

But now I'm really getting worried.  Nothing, so far.

And then all of a sudden:  RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!  And I pick up.

VK:  Val's Hotline -- how can I help you?

DT (or, if you prefer, BE -- the Betrayer Extraordinaire):  Yeah, hey there, buddy.  Say, I was wondering ... I just had one short question ... do you think there's anything I can do; any way I can stop this thing from blowing up and ruining my campaign promise of getting us out of wars in the Middle East as opposed to starting up a new one?  A big-time serious one?  And maybe even setting off the run-up to World War III?

VK:  Yeah, actually Donald, I do.  It's really pretty simple.

First:  Call off your dogs of war in the area.  Right now.  Tonight.

Second: Generally and figuratively speaking -- just pull your nose out of Bibi's behind (and do the same as regards all the other Israelis/Jews/Zionists/Neocons around you).

Third:  Grow a pair, and start telling your Israeli, Jew, and Shabbos Goy warmonger masters and handlers NO! (for a change).

Fourth, and finally:  Fire Kushner, Bolton, and Pompeo immediately!

If you do all those things, that might just do the trick.  But you have to act now -- time is of the essence!

No need to thank me.  Just do it!  Talk to you next time.

Monday, June 10, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
June 10, 2019

Amazingly, and unlike the normal and expected result of an aircraft crashing into a tall building in New York City as was the case with two of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001 (or being pelted by minor debris as was the case for a third building, No. 7); this stalwart skyscraper did not collapse in its own footprint!

Officials are keeping a close eye on the situation, but so far it appears that this building is going to defy the odds and is going to withstand this devastating impact.  Sad that one life was lost, but so wonderful that many other lives were miraculously spared!

 See story here:  Building refuses to collapse!

At least this time we will also be spared all the crazy conspiracy theories about dancing and high-fiving forewarned Israeli observers, Mossad involvement, controlled demolition, traces of thermite explosives, etc.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
May 27, 2019
(An open letter to President Trump)

Dear Mr. President:

Re: Mixed signals but increasing potential for future hostilities with Iran (here).

I want you to know…

If you keep on escalating this Israel-driven anti-Iran nonsense  – and if it looks to be heading toward an unnecessary war of aggression instigated by you acting as the attack dog for your Jewish masters and manipulators – then I want you to know that I will no longer be able to support you and will do my part to help vote you out of office.

If that should happen – if you and your Neocon warmongers Bolton and Pompeo, who you empowered, should persist in steering us toward a disastrous war with Iran for no better reason than Israeli lies, propaganda, and connivance – I will not vote for you in 2020 no matter what disgusting, traitorous Democrat you end up running against; and I will do my best to convince as many other real Americans as I possibly can to join me in that corrective effort.  (I would have said who you ‘inexplicably empowered,’ but sadly, that shameless action on your part is easily explained and totally understandable considering the degree to which you seem to be controlled by Israeli and American Jews.) (A mere token pledge to be sure, considering the miniscule effect I could possibly have, but nevertheless reflective of what, you are presumably smart enough to realize, will be forthcoming from millions of your other prior supporters.)

I’m sure that when you think about it you have at least a faint, distant awareness of the truth and logic implicit in the position I (and countless others) have taken in this matter.  Why do you suppose that is?  Could it be your guilty conscience?  Because you know full well that you are betraying your base and your country, and deserve a serious comeuppance, and fully deserve to be deterred in these completely unwarranted and wrongheaded endeavors which could very well turn out to be the spark that ignites World War III?

Anyway, I hope you receive this message, and that it comes across loud and clear and sinks into your Jew-perverted thought process.  And that you act accordingly, and start doing what is in America’s best interest, not what is in the supposed best interest of Israel and the ever-malevolent, warmongering Jews!

You’re welcome, Mr. President

Friday, May 24, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
May 24, 2019

Oh, my!

We never knew you 'had it in you,' you little devil, you!  (Well, actually and on second thought, maybe we did?)

Check it out:  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/buttigieg-echoes-far-left-idea-of-renaming-things-named-after-thomas-jefferson-says-its-the-right-thing-to-do

So you think erasing Thomas Jefferson from places of honor in our national consciousness is the 'right thing to do'?

And at the same time you say with a straight face (is that possible in your case?) that you want to be President of this (still) White, (relatively) straight nation?

And yet you keep coming up with these bizarre ways to alienate your largest potential political base (or at least your largest potential constituency) -- to alienate them by betraying your very own:
  • racial kin -- your 'people'
  • historical legitimacy
  • genetics
  • parentage
  • manhood
  • heritage
  • progeny's future (uh, yeah ...o.k.)
  • culture
  • Western Civilization
Attaboy.  That's the way to stick it to your own kind.  (I'm talkin' mainly White men here, but our women and our children, too.)

Well, don't worry.  We still love you, guy.  You certainly have every right to aspire to be the man of the hour; to be the current preeminent father figure of this great country.  The leader all our children, and especially our boys and young men, can look up to and emulate.


Talk about brazen, perverted arrogance!  Talk about hitting us White men below the belt, so to speak!  Talk about a sneaky way to become the first (male) President who has a husband for a wife, or a first lady, or a first partner, or a first whatever (on every occasion trying so hard to come across as a rational 'regular guy')!

The truth (which I shouldn't have to tell you, the great exemplar of anti-manhood and deviancy):

You suck!

But hey, wait a minute -- you already knew that, didn't you?  Well, anyway, you don't have to grin like that.  You don't have to thank me!