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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, November 7, 2008


by Val Koinen
November 7, 2008

My dear fellow White Americans:

I believe the following pretty well reflects the way many of you have been thinking, acting, and voting. That being the case, I should think you would be proud to sign and publicly display this testament to your racial beliefs.


1.) I think it is a good thing that Negroes and Mestizos are allowed and encouraged to dispossess White, European-Americans in this, the country our ancestors fought and worked to create and build. To demean and “savage” our White European society and culture; to reduce and degrade our society; to supplant our culture with theirs. To physically commandeer our living areas (neighborhoods, cities) and consume a huge share of the wealth and resources we work so hard to acquire, thereby taking them from our families.

2.) I’m happy that Negroes and Mestizos have essentially ruined so many of our school systems -- consuming so many of our resources that could have been used to better educate our own children and reducing the quality of education provided to our kids down to those non-White’s much lower level (not to mention all the intimidation, harassment, assaults, and even rape and murder they have visited upon our children along the way).

3.) I think it is just wonderful that Negroes and Mestizos and other racial minorities are given jobs and college admissions that are thereby rendered unavailable to better qualified Whites -- through all our wonderful multicultural, “diversity-is-our-strength,” affirmative action, and racial quota programs and practices.

4.) I’m totally in favor of the mainstream media practice of hiding the brutal truth about the vastly disproportionate Black-on-White and Mestizo-on-White crime rates all over America (including the rape of our wives and daughters); not to mention the almost exclusively Black (and Mestizo)-on-White epidemic of prison rapes in this country.

5.) Even though it is an established fact that Negroes (and to a somewhat lesser extent Mestizos) are, by their genetically determined nature (DNA), grossly different from we Whites in appearance and physical attributes; much less intelligent on average; have a much greater propensity for criminal behavior; are much more likely to be sexually promiscuous, have AIDS, and/or display violent behavior; I still think race-mixing is a beautiful thing and I look forward to my daughter forsaking the DNA developed and passed down by her ancestors through countless generations, bedding down with a Negro, and having a non-White baby. (Or at the very least, if she should be so “racist” as to mate with a White man, hopefully they will adopt a couple Negro babies from Africa -- I just don’t see any big deal about having children [or grandchildren] that look like you and are liable to have the same greater intelligence and more civilized behavioral traits as you.)

6.) I think it is just fine-and-dandy that large parts of our southern-tier states (and other areas for that matter) are being overrun by Mestizos and that they openly say we Whites should leave those areas if we don’t like it (or they will kill us).

7.) I’m perfectly comfortable with the thought that so many of our politicians are working so hard to bring even more “legal” and illegal Mestizo aliens into our country so that we Whites may be even more surely, quickly, and completely dispossessed from our own lands.

8.) Like ex-President Bill Clinton, I am delighted with the thought that White Americans of European descent are now a racial minority in many parts of the country and in the younger age groups; and in fact, largely as a result of higher, welfare-induced non-White birth rates and both legal and illegal immigration, the fact that Whites will be a minority nationwide in just another 40 years or so (or less?) (so the non-Whites will then be able to more easily vote to take even more of our tax dollars for their support). I am grateful for having the opportunity to work to support all these non-Whites, as opposed to working for the benefit of my own wife, children, and posterity.

9.) I think it is perfectly understandable and alright that Jews, Negroes, and Mestizos are expected and even encouraged to exhibit pride-of-race, to oftentimes prefer to be among their own kind, to band together to further their racial interests, and to openly express those kinds of thoughts and feelings; but that White people who do those things are considered evil racists, bigots, anti-semites, and “haters.” And that our White children are taught that’s the way it should be. And that we enact “hate-crime” (“thought-crime”?) laws to punish Whites (almost exclusively) for exhibiting and expressing those very same kinds of racial consciousness.

10.) As a White man, I would much prefer to just sit here in front of the TV with my wife and kids, and let us all be assaulted, robbed, raped, tortured, and maybe even murdered than do anything to resist or fight back (including even allow better men than me to tell our people and our children the truth). I think that is much to be preferred over doing anything “drastic” to defend my family and to prevent these things from happening to me, my family, and my people.

11.) I enthusiastically believe and agree with all the things our schools teach my children to the effect that White men have always been the most exploitative, cruel, and evil people on earth; and I gladly repudiate the civilizing history and cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and technological accomplishments of my people -- White people. I know in my heart that black people, whether in darkest Africa or in their hovels in Haiti, live much happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives of accomplishment than we, the creators of Western Civilization, could ever hope to achieve.

12.) Actually, I do not think my race, my “tribe” -- White people -- should be allowed to survive any longer on this earth (we being such ignorant, terrible human beings and all). I would much prefer that we be “genocided” out of existence (as is being done to us right now), and I am a fervent advocate of the racial suicide so many of our people are practicing. (I care deeply about the survival of whales, the spotted owl, and the snail darter, but I just really don’t give a damn about White people.)

13.) I think it is just swell that our government lies to us in order to involve America in Middle-Eastern wars on behalf of Israel. In fact, I really have no problem with our leaders allowing, conspiring with regard to, or even orchestrating or participating in “false flag” operations such as the “9-11” attacks in order to help precipitate such wars (in the fine tradition of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, etc.).

14.) I think it is perfectly alright that an alien people -- the Jews -- should be our masters (we being their slaves, or cattle, as described in their Talmud). I think it’s great that they are allowed to pursue their efforts to destroy us as a people; to destroy our culture; to destroy Western Civilization itself. I’m happy to see them succeed in those efforts to make us all into the “tan everyman” worker and consumer on their global “plantation.” I love the thought that they continue to use our sons to fight and die in wars to benefit them and their interests (as opposed to our genuinely American interests). I think it is just wonderful that the Jews, through their media control, continue to encourage our beautiful white daughters to copulate with Negroes, and our sons to dress and talk like Negroes and to listen to their “music” and otherwise emulate them, and to “worship” them as sports heroes.

15.) I think “truth” is a nuisance; I don’t want to be told, to know, the truth (about racial differences; Negroes; the Mestizo invasion; Jews; wars; the “Holohoax;” what’s happening to our race, our country, and Western Civilization). I don’t want to be guided by, to live by, the truth. I would prefer to just accept without inquiry or critical thinking, and to thereby be trained to accept and live, the lies that are fed to me and my fellow White Americans by the “powers that be” (government, media, schools, Jews).

16.) What the heck -- as long as there is a ball game on the tube (or Oprah, in the case of women) and beer in the fridge (sales at the mall), what do I care about these things anyway?

Please print your name, sign, make copies, and distribute to friends and family!

Print Name Signature

Footnote: Or, just on the off-chance that the above items do not accurately reflect your way of thinking, and that taking this oath would make you a little uncomfortable, you could:

Check out such news-truth, racially aware, “Jew-wise,” and/or “white-interest” websites as:

American Renaissance: http://www.amren.com/
“Birdman” Bryant: http://www.thebirdman.org/
Council of Concerned Citizens: http://www.cofcc.org/
Institute for Historical Review: http://www.ihr.org/
David Irving: http://www.fpp.co.uk/
Dr. Kevin MacDonald: http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/
The National Alliance: http://www.natvan.com/
New Nation News: http://www.newnation.org/
Vanguard News Network: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/,
Western Voices World News (European Americans United):

(Not all of these sites agree on all racial and Jew-related matters, or even with all the points I have tried to make in this essay. A couple may be a little too indelicate or outspoken for some people. On the other hand, some are genuinely scholarly in tone and content. But they all address critical aspects of these issues that are so important to people of the White race in this country and the world over.)

Read (for starters -- there are many more good sources of true history and racial reality):

David Duke: “My Awakening” and “Jewish Supremacism”
Samuel Francis (ed.): “Race and the American Prospect”
Dr. Robert Griffin: “The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds” and “One Sheaf, One Vine”
David Irving: “Hitler’s War” (and others, for WW II history)
Dr. Kevin MacDonald: “Culture of Critique” (and two others in this trilogy masterwork); “Cultural Insurrections”
Wilmot Robertson: “The Dispossessed Majority”
Edgar Steele: “Defensive Racism”

Take every appropriate opportunity to talk to your White family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the real racial situation in America today (and the tragic plight currently befalling our White community and culture; the lethal “hell” that is rapidly descending upon us).

Complain to your local school boards and state education departments about factually or historically inaccurate, or anti-White textbook content and classroom teachings.

Prepare some good, logical and accurate (truthful) “talking points” and then start calling in to radio talk shows and mailing letters-to-the editor of your local newspaper.

Vote smart. Vote only for White candidates that display at least some minimal understanding of issues that are of importance to White people, and who take positions that are “good for Whites” (admittedly, you won’t find many people like that running for public office) (and what’s wrong with that, by the way? -- the non-Whites do it all the time -- just look at the percentages of Negroes that voted for Obama!). “Vote White” on all racially pertinent issues on the ballot. Even more important -- work for the campaigns of good people, or run for office yourself.

If you have the means, try to provide some financial support to the people and organizations that are working for White interests and survival.

Print out a few copies of this article (and others you can print off the Internet) and pass them around to your White family members and acquaintances.

In all your writings, contacts, and conversations on behalf of the White “cause,” always be civil, logical, and reasonably polite; and be sure to “stay legal.”

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