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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


by Val Koinen
Orig. published April 8, 2004

"Every day, in every way, evil anti-Aryanism is the price we pay."

It's always there. Sometimes out in the open -- blatantly aggressive and grievously oppressive; utterly disgusting and ugly. At other times it is deceptively hidden from our view; yet it is always running in the background of our daily lives. We can never completely escape it. It is the evil which we (and especially the media) all too often dare not name. Yet sometimes, we are driven to cry out in pain and anguish at its horrible, hurtful cruelty.

It is that most dreadful of racially motivated hate crimes -- the insidious scourge of anti-Aryanism.

This terrible social abomination comes in many forms, and has many nefarious side effects. We see anti-Aryanism at work in our misguided immigration policies which have opened the floodgates to millions of quasi-legal and illegal racial aliens. It has led our society to a near terminal state of anti-White-civilization and anti-Western-culture. It rears its ugly head in the form of horribly disproportionate, racially motivated hate crimes perpetrated by Blacks and other non-Whites on the White citizens of our country -- the unspoken "dirty war" against White America -- the brutalizing of our children in their schools; the raping of our wives and daughters; the gang-beatings of our sons; the beatings and killings of our husbands, brothers, and fathers; and the arson, dereliction, and other destruction and ruination visited upon our once beautiful cities.

Anti-Aryan discrimination is also seen in the legalized theft of the fruits of White Americans' labor by way of grossly excessive and disproportionate taxation (involuntary servitude, or slavery). It has resulted in anti-White racial discrimination such as race-based preferences in hiring and in public education, and in so-called "affirmative action" policies. It has led to discrimination against Whites in most professional sports. (If Blacks are better than Whites at basketball, for instance, and are therefore over-represented in that game, why is there not an affirmative action program to put more Whites in that very lucrative sport? After all, we Whites are much better at higher education [or any education for that matter] than are the relatively uneducable Blacks, yet we have affirmative action programs and racial preferences in place to give positions in our universities to less qualified Blacks in that area.) We also see rampant discrimination against Whites (anti-Aryanism) in casting for television shows and commercials, and in movie roles, where people of color are grossly over-represented in comparison to their actual numbers and stature in our society.

Anti-Aryanism has even infected our public schools, where our children are taught false (White-debasing) history and are taught to feel shame for the deeds of their ancestors (and at the same time to glorify the colored races). And it is exemplified by the way the celebration of such things as Kwanzaa and Cinco de Mayo are promoted in our schools and local newspapers, while Columbus Day is relentlessly denigrated and even Christmas is often marginalized. And in the way the Black communist, plagiarist, and Jew-tool rabble-rouser Michael King (AKA "Martin Luther King") has his own national holiday named after him (after his "stage name") while our nation's great founders and true heroes have been relegated to sharing a "Presidents' Day," and/or are not even recognized by any special day at all. It shows in the way local newspapers all over the country constantly and disproportionately publicize and promote non-White people and their minimal achievements in the community, even in predominately White communities.

Was it not extreme, rabid anti-Aryanism that in large measure contributed to the Jewish-Bolshevik role in the genocide of millions of Ukraine and other Russian Gentiles back in the 1930's? Have not the Jewish-instigated and dominated programs of Freudian psychotherapy, the Frankfurt School of sociology, Boasian anthropology, and radical feminism been, in essence, anti-Aryan programs? Was not the Jewish-instigated immigration legislation of 1965 anti-Aryan in its intent? Has not the Jewish "Holocaust Industry" been one huge (and hugely successful) anti-Aryan extortion racket designed to steal billions of dollars from the majority White populations of Germany, Switzerland, America, and other countries?

Make no mistake -- anti-Aryanism is not just a home-grown problem of anti-White-Americanism. It manifests itself also in such globally evil things as anti-Germanism; anti-Eurocentrism; and world-wide anti-White genocide via the promotion of non-White immigration, race mixing, and lowering of the White birthrate through culture distortion.

If anti-Aryanism is so prevalent and dangerous, as I say it is, where then are all the anti-Aryanites? Who are the schemers, plotters, and conspirators; the haters; the bigots? And their fellow-travelers, the White race-traitors and those who have all too often simply been well-intentioned but sadly misinformed (brainwashed)? Well, it seems as though just about everybody gets into the act these days, and it is not just our obvious adversaries -- the oftentimes more rabid anti-Aryanites -- Organized Jewry, Blacks, Hispanics, and mixed-race people; so many of whom seem so eager to press their anti-Aryan agenda at every opportunity. Sometimes anti-Aryanites are people you would never suspect, even people close to you. Anti-Aryanitic behavior is not limited to people of any particular race, religion, or political persuasion. Your preacher, your local newspaper correspondent or editor, a teacher at your child's school, a greedy local businessman, or even your own mother could well be guilty of anti-Aryanism to some degree.

Oh, yes, when you confront them they'll say, "We're not anti-Aryan, or racially biased, or anything like that -- we are simply looking out for our own interests and/or the best interests of our fellow man, which we have every right to do." But oftentimes that is just not true.

If it were, why then do the Jews persist in such things as: pushing for non-White immigration; using their media control to present an anti-White, slanted picture of things; working to reform (degrade) our popular culture to be more like that of the Blacks; their "neo-conservative" agitation for American wars of aggression to protect Israeli interests and to create Jewish hegemony in the Middle-East, paid for mostly by the lives, wealth, and insecurity of American Aryans; producing and promoting so much filth in their disproportionately owned and controlled entertainment media -- just as examples?

And why do the Blacks willingly and voraciously suck up so much welfare money supplied mostly by productive Whites while demanding "reparations" for long-past slavery of their marginally civilized ancestors; push for racial preferences overwhelmingly at Whites' expense (and much to our detriment); persist in committing so many heinous, race-based crimes against us; behave so criminally in so many other ways that they have filled our prisons to the bursting point; insist on overrunning our once-White public schools so as to lower the quality of education and literally destroy the learning environment if not the physical infrastructure itself; and on and on ad nauseam?

And why then do Mexicans and other Hispanics come into our country illegally to take our jobs and cost us White taxpayers so much money for their special educational needs and social welfare, propagate their despicable and deadly gang culture in so many of our larger cities, get so deeply and criminally involved in the illicit drug trade, commit so many other crimes and fill up our prisons, and work toward their "reconquista" of large parts of our southwest; for example?

Well, as they say, "turnabout is fair play."

It might be helpful at this point to consider the smear-label "anti-Semite" which is so often used by the Jews to malign Whites (usually just for saying something the Jews don't like or agree with).

Our complaining about rampant anti-Aryanism in America would, after all, be very much like the Jews' whining about anti-Semitism; except that in our case, here in contemporary America, the problems are generally more real and serious. Complaining about anti-Aryanism and exhorting our people to do something about it is simply borrowing a page from their book, as they say. Or perhaps, taking some direction from the constant complaining and demanding of the Blacks and other colored minorities. We just need to "get the hang of it," that's all.

I have watched this blatant anti-Aryan discrimination go on for far too long. For now, I simply want to see some parity. I want to see fair (and legal) treatment for my people -- for the White people of America. I have had enough of this one-sided racism being perpetrated against my people. It's our turn now. It's our turn again. (In fact, this time we need to make certain that we never again relinquish control of our own country.)

In order to achieve that parity under the law, and to eventually reacquire our dominant position, we Whites need to start pursuing our agenda -- aggressively demanding our justice. We need to expose rabid anti-Aryanism wherever and whenever it shows its ugly face. We need to expose it for what it is, at every opportunity -- in our willingness to report hate crimes directed against us and to press charges; in face-to-face conversations with our friends, families, and co-workers; in letters to editors of local newspapers and national magazines alike; in phone calls and letters to television networks and by more discriminate viewing of their productions and boycotting their advertisers; in better, more discriminating choices of movie attendance; and maybe even by pursuing legal remedies -- criminal civil-rights charges and discrimination lawsuits aimed at utterly destroying this evil that has plagued our people for so long by working to weaken us, cripple us, and kill us off.

We need to create and then build a full-fledged anti-anti-Aryanism movement here in America, and we need to do it now. We need to get our politicians to pass effective anti-discrimination laws targeted on anti-Aryanists, and we need to publicize those who refuse to do that. And then, when warranted, we need to vote them out of office. We need to make sure our schools are not teaching anti-Aryan hate and bigotry to our children.

Let's start now, in earnest. Let's drag this social evil into the light of day and expose it for what it is, for all to see. Then, let's do away with all the ways in which the Jews and the colored masses have been discriminating against Whites, taking advantage of all our altruism and magnanimity, and doing us and our culture great harm in the process. Let's stamp out anti-Aryanism!

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