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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, November 22, 2008


by Val Koinen
November 21, 2008

Here is the “conventional wisdom” -- the politically correct mantra drummed into our heads every hour of every day by the media, government, and churches. And the story-line we allow our schools to pump into the brains of our children:

  • Race doesn’t exist; it’s just a social construct.
  • We’re all the same under the skin.
  • There is just one race -- the human race.
  • There is no place for racial hatred.
  • Diversity is our strength.
  • The beauty of multiculturalism…
  • Why can’t we all just get along?
  • Oh, really? Are these positions really based on factual truth, science, history, and rational observation? Or are they largely just platitudes, wishful thinking, or “flights of fancy?” Or even out-and-out deliberate deceptions and anti-White propaganda?

    Shouldn’t we consider the bases of such statements and positions? Wouldn’t that be the rational, sensible thing to do, considering how important these concepts are in contemporary American society, public education, and governance? Is that asking too much?

    Let’s see now -- are the above concepts really supported by the true facts about Negroes and their role in nations and societies? Let’s consider just some of the facts about how Negroes are different from Whites:

    Physical attributes:

    • Yes, there is the matter of their darker, melanin-rich skin color.
    • Wooly (“frizzy”) hair.
    • Thick lips.
    • Thick, broad nose.
    • Different skull shapes.
    • Different dentation.
    • Numerous other aspects of their physiology.
    • Uniquely odoriferous sweat glands.
    • Susceptibility to sickle-cell anemia.
    Mental attributes:
    • Smaller brain size, more primitive brain development.
    • Substantially lower IQs on average.
    • They’re derived of a people that never invented the wheel.
    • And they never invented/developed a written language.
    • Compared with Whites, many of them have proven to be uneducable, or at best minimally educable in our public schools. They require racial preferences (“affirmative action”) and most of them still can’t hold their own (very costly to us in terms of taxpayer money and resource requirements, and this hurts our schoolchildren).
    Behavioral, social, political:
    • More instinctual (including “savage”), uninhibited, and violence-prone behavior; propensity for demanding instant gratification; “wilding.”
    • Much higher rates of criminality compared with Whites (by some accounts about 10:1).
    • Hugely disproportionate black-on-white criminality compared to the reverse -- especially serious crimes such as rape, battery, torture, and murder of our people (by some accounts about 50:1 up to 100:1 or more).
    • Including -- the essentially one-sided horror of black-on-white prison rapes.
    • Disproportionately high rates of AIDS infection (as well as other STDs).
    • In Africa, some Negroes are still known to practice cannibalism, slavery, and female genital mutilation.
    • Nearly 150 years after being freed from slavery in this country, and after many generations of being substantially supported with taxpayer money, they still suck up welfare at a much greater rate than Whites.
    • They disproportionately suck up other taxpayer-funded costs of social services; for example medical, education, unemployment, incarceration, etc. costs.
    • As a group, American Negroes are “takers” as opposed to builders and givers.
    • Comparatively, a systemic and chronic inability to live their lives without government assistance and preferences.
    • The American “living areas” they have essentially taken over (neighborhoods, cities) are crime-ridden, always in a state of deterioration, costly to taxpayers, and dangerous (many even off-limits) to our people.
    • Disproportionate propensity for drug use, drug dealing, and prostitution.
    • Other undesirable social traits such as low-investment parenting, promiscuousness and illegitimate births, broken families, absentee fathers, unsupported children, etc.
    • While we Whites condemn racism on the part of our people, they continually demonstrate blatant racism and notoriously poor citizenship -- black jurors acquitting black defendants because they are black; blacks block-voting for black candidates because they are black.
    • Their primitive, chanting, rhythmic, often grossly superstitious religious practices; including their beliefs in magic, voodoo, and the like.
    • Their savage, illiterate, and disgusting “rap” and “hip-hop” so-called music.
    • The ridiculous manner of dress favored by many young males.
    • Comparative sexual promiscuity.
    • Many just haven’t been able to adapt to our White, European (Western) culture, values, and ways.
    • With the help of the predominately Jewish entertainment industry magnates, they have grossly “negrified” our Eurocentric culture (they have “poisoned” our popular culture, especially among young people).
    • Again with the help of the Jews, they have distorted our
      Eurocentric culture with their disproportionately numerous, exaggerated, and inflated presence on television (programs and commercials), in movies, and in print advertising.
    • Negroes have never created/built a true civilization.
    • They have never even been able to sustain a truly viable civilization (witness their savage/animalistic political performance in many African countries up to the present time).
    • Some black societies have remained stuck in a backward, essentially stone-age existence even to the present day.
    • They have no cultural or traditional connection whatsoever to our White founders and the founding principles of America, or to our republican form of government.
    Summarizing and generalizing from the above, I think it is safe to say that to believe in the things listed at the top of this essay is not only irrational, it is tantamount to insanity (defined as extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable).

    Sure, there are smart and talented Negroes. There are some really decent folk among them. Actually, it saddens me to say, Negroes that are more “normal” and “better” than a lot of White people. There are some great Negro athletes, and some superb singers. But they are still, by all factual and rational definition, on average and as a group, a different subspecies. And it is unnatural, unhealthy, perverse, and deadly in any number of ways for Whites to intermix and especially interbreed with them; to share our society, culture, civilization, or genes with them. Ask yourself -- are those the kinds of things you really want your children to do, or your progeny be burdened with?

    Consider also -- throughout history, in whatever culture or geographic area, Negroes have almost always been “destroyers” in the sense that they have been impediments to societies and even civilizations, dragging them down.

    The bottom line is -- they just aren’t “us.” By and large, they don’t look like us, act like us, or perform like us Whites. And it’s not bigoted, or hateful to say that -- it’s just true. And, it’s significant. And it matters to me and a good many other White people (and it should matter to all of us).

    Yes, after a couple generations of interbreeding, I know that the issue of mixed parents can become much more Caucasian in appearance and other qualities. But still -- to the extent those offspring of Negroes are “improved” (by White standards), the White bloodlines involved are degraded to a similar degree. I just don’t see how that can be considered to be a positive development from our standpoint. Why should we White Americans see it as an inevitable and desirable outcome for our country to become “Brazil North,” or “Portugal West?”

    Another thing to consider -- in the broader societal sense, the sense of we Americans as a “nation” of people; we and the Negroes have very little common cultural history and heritage. Our history and culture are White and European, and encompass the great civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, other Europeans, and the founding and early history of our once-White America. And that history includes our art, music, literature, architecture, exploration, discovery, conquest, pioneering and settlement; the development of mines, farms, timberlands, fisheries, and cities; and the discovery and development of mechanical, naval, aviation, electronic, medical, chemical, and technological wonders. Things like computers, and space exploration. Theirs is primitive tribal Africa, their enslavement in America, and Ebonics. There is just no way the two can be reconciled, when teaching our White children about the greatness of their civilization and their ancestors, without shortchanging them -- seriously compromising their deserved knowledge and pride in their history.

    All race-mixing with Negroes can possibly do is retard if not utterly destroy our culture and our Western Civilization, and degrade our genotype. Those end results are sure to come, but only after many years of robbing us of our resources; dumbing down our children in the public schools; degrading the White gene pool; and causing our people to suffer untold horrors in the “secret,” “dirty” war of black-on-White criminality.

    We need to ask ourselves, before it is too late: Are these the kinds of people we want our progeny to interbreed with (thereby producing offspring that don’t even look like us)? Is that what we want to see happen to our White gene pool? Should we adjust our societal and cultural norms and traditions, and sacrifice our genetic racial development (our natural evolution), to accommodate the more primitive constitution and ways, and lesser capabilities, of the Negro? I would submit that the only natural and rational answer is an emphatic “no!” But in order to prevent those things from happening, we simply must begin to resist contemporary social brainwashing, pressure, and trends, because it seems to me that the only alternative is to just give up -- to give everything away; including our heritage, our future, and our very existence.


    gkbucks said...

    I am a "grandfather" and I have the same problem with my family. I was giving my sister so of my pro-white material that I printed from the Internet. My mother told me that she did not like it! She is 58 years old! The jewish brainwashing has been working for years! I stop in to a local college/any age bar/restaurant in my small town on occasion. I ALWAYS see at least one (usually more) white females with black males as dates! I have noticed that many of these white females are good looking! I call them "Snow Whores"! I saw a black guy hitting on a black woman in there one night and I told the white woman sitting next to me that it sure was unusual to see a black man hitting on a black woman! I suspect that things are much more far gone than you. I believe that it is too late to implement your strategies for the white race to regain control of our countries (habitats)

    Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

    This is a truly inspired and thought provoking essay, at least for me it is.

    I was so taken by it I actually printed it and took it to work for folks to read. By the end of the day it was just a collection of brown coffee cup circles.

    I asked if anyone had read it and the responses I got were:

    Wos that shit about then?.
    Cudunt understandit.
    Wos all them big words mean.
    Not intrestid in that shit.
    Your a raysist nazi or summat.

    How can you help such people?. Sometimes I think we actually deserve the extinction waiting for us around the corner.

    Many thanks.

    Diamed said...

    A thorough and unvanquishable list of why blacks and whites can never coexist.

    It is largely the same for all the other races on earth.

    Unfortunately, as the commenter above illustrated, we are a very, very small minority.

    Fortunately, if everyone convinces just one other person that race matters sometime in their life, and then those people all convinced just one other person that race mattered during their life, the laws of mathematics require that eventually the whole world would believe as we do. It isn't intuitive but we don't have to be god-kings of persuasiveness. We just need to convince one other person in our life and we will win. Just keep plugging, and keep the faith. We must win, our survival is at stake, there are no higher stakes than this.

    Ken Padgett said...

    I dare you to post this on your blog. I'm sure you won't because you obviously can't handle opinions that differ from your own.

    Your crackpot theories notwithstanding, racism is an cancer on society. The races are different in numerous ways, but claims that any particular race is superior or inferior to the others is a value judgment that is not based on any scientific fact. Any attempts to present value judgments as if they were scientific fact is simply playing upon the ignorance and prejudices of others.

    Anonymous said...

    I just disagree on one point--it's not a Jewish conspiracy. More like puppets who happen to be Jewish. Or chosen because they're Jewish...so as to frame the Jews.

    Now...that having been said...I completely agree that race is more than skin color. Blacks shouldn't be blaming whitey--they should lay the blame on their ancestor Ham who saw his father Noah's nakedness.

    Unknown said...


    Val Koinen said...

    Raed: I don't view the 'comments' feature of this blog as a forum, and normally wouldn't be inclined to respond to a question. But I will this time, as answering your question provides me with the opportunity to enlighten you and others. Because you have asked a general question rather than questioning my data source for any specific item in the piece, a good generalized answer might be "the real world." But I will try to answer your question with a little more specificity.

    Where do I get my facts? Well, they are derived from: 70 years of observations and life experiences (several years of which spent in majority-Negro neighborhoods and substantially-Negro schools). My physical senses--sight, hearing, smell. My average or better mental capacities, cognizance, and reasoning abilities. Formal education through M.S. degree. Residential and work experiences in cities and towns with large Negro populations. Books, incl. academic works, pertaining to particular subjects and issues--science, history, biology, anthropology, philosophy, etc. Other pertinent reading and research (reports, essays). Government data bases, incl. crime statistics. News media of all kinds (newspapers, magazines, TV; from mainstream through alternate. Various Internet data sources (some more reliable than others). Travels to every state in the union and most of our larger cities (incl. Detroit, E. St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Wash. D.C., etc.); and to every continent except Antarctica (incl. to Africa and the Caribbean where, f.y.i., there are lots of Negroes). Conversations with all kinds of people. Exposure over the years to contemporary so-called 'entertainment' and 'popular culture' of all kinds. An uncompromising dedication to sorting out the truth, recognizing reality, and using my common sense.

    And, generalizing from the informative facts given in the essay, what has all that observation and data-gathering taught me about Negroes? That there are just no valid and rational reasons we people of European descent--we, the people of Western Civilization--should think it is a good thing for us to mix, or integrate our society, culture, governance, or genes with those of the Negro (no matter what the Jews, politically- correct liberals, and anti-White-racialists tell you.

    Jstone said...

    HI -

    Fantastic post and totally true about Negros. Even a 1000 years of Diversity Training & AA etc.. will NOT improve them.

    I do wonder why the debate is "ALWAYS" about Black & White, an increasing and possible GREATER threat is the MESTIZO (Brown) Invasion coming across the border - If you check their statistic / IQ & crime / education etc... It is more or less the same as the Negro - Any takers / feedback on Metizos... Overall the Mestizos coming across the border have very minimal European genes in them! So their not even Part-White!

    Many Thanks


    grendal said...

    good article,ive felt this way for a long time now and try to counteract the brain washing my kids go thru at school every day,keep up the good writeing ,im a fan of yours now!

    The Miracle Book said...

    Hey people,
    I want you to know that God loves you as much as he loves every person on this planet - no matter the colour.
    As a white South African, I want to warn you of the dangers of separatist thinking - believe me, it doesn't work.
    As an individual who has put in some real effort to understand other races and cultures, trust me, it's worth the effort. I challenge you to try make some time to understand and befriend just one person who has a different culture and race than your own.

    Yes, we are all different, but no less valuable. My business would not be what it is today if it were not for the diversity that different cultures and races have brought to it. My personal life, values, and culture, would not be near as rich as it is now, were it not for the influence of my non-white friends.

    If you want a scientific opinion, I dare you to read Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond.
    It is a critical analysis of the combining factors of centuries of influences over different races. Did you know that Africans didn't invent the wheel because, simply, the wheel would be useless in our desert sands, thick bushveld, and impassable mountainous areas (Europe is a lot flatter - so the wheel makes sense there)? Did you know that Africans largely don't have ancient written record because of the more nomadic nature of its ancient peoples? It's simply the geography - and don't tell me an African is less intelligent because of it. Africa has a richness of intelligence that we'll never quite understand as Westerners.

    I believe one needs to consider someone's educational resources before judging their intelligence -
    I am now a web designer, and I had years of artistic training as a child, and a computer to experiment with. And yet my black friend who was denied a decent education by the apartheid government, denied access to art materials or computers, is excelling far beyond me with just a few years training.

    I urge you to reconsider your position. I know it may be backed by years of pain and anger. I urge you to lay it aside and reconsider. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

    Val Koinen said...

    Don't you even care about the way your White S. African kinsmen are being butchered by the blacks since the end of White rule? You say separatism doesn't work. Well, how are things really going for Whites in S.A. these days? How's that working out for your people?

    Oh, and by the way -- Africa is a large, relatively low-elevation and flat continent for the most part -- an eroded ancient cratonic platform with relatively flat plateau uplands (hardly more mountainous than Europe on average). Sure, there are sand piles, jungles (which you didn't mention), and some brushy areas (big deal); but still, there are huge areas perfectly amenable to wheeled transportation. A pretty weak excuse for the natives never having thought of the wheel, if you ask me.

    And as to your comments about African intelligence -- do I have this right? -- you're telling people that we poor, mentally challenged Whites who have built beautiful and complex civilizations for thousands of years; created beautiful sculpture, music, and other artworks; who have invented countless technological wonders (including airplanes and computers); who conquered the seas, the farthest reaches of continental wildernesses, and space; who have conquered so many human diseases; who have made it possible to feed the world; and on and on ad infinitum -- will never "quite understand" the "richness of intelligence" of African primitives who can't feed or govern themselves and who (at least some of them) still jump around and chant to the jungle drumbeat, practice slavery and cannibalism, rape babies and young girl virgins because they think doing that will fend off AIDS, and drink cow urine?

    Sorry -- anecdotes of one or two intelligent, capable, and sociable black acquaintances just don't "cut it," my friend.

    Anonymous said...

    The things you people type.

    I agree with you 100% but the reason black and white should never coexist is because whites are well basically evil. Every race whites ever came in contact with they screwed over. Manifest destiny my ass.

    Luckily god can forever sins because I'm not. I don't think I ever will even after I'm eighteen.

    As for your thoughts about blacks and intelligence look at Egypt and look at me I'm a black female genius. Ignorance and stupidity comes in all shapes and forms.

    Fuck off and die.

    gerrie said...


    You can complain all you want and insult black people until you drop but when it's all said and done, white people is responsible. They are responsible for two reasons:
    1. White people have a innate problem with people who don't look like them.

    2. White people have a problem with people who don' think and act like them, share the same views or beliefs.

    This world have always existed with various people of color.

    These people have existed peacefully, conducting trade and overall mutual respect of their respective customs.

    But unfortunately for black people especially, they had to be visited upon by whites in the false pretense of "john the baptist" and "brotherhood" who later captured the black man, then enslaved them in America. They were lynched and hanged with no remorse. White people have always been control freaks. Would America be the way it is today had white people stayed their asses in their own country and left us and the rest of the world alone.

    Another fucked up problem that white people collectively have is a defiance and disrespect for God.

    For the black slave, they had no other choice but to look to God to be free one day and return to their homeland. There was no other way to get out of slavery.
    Getting back to God, we blacks have an understanding that God is a just god who is in control of the whole world. He is a God of judgement and vengeance. It is HE who revealed to the officers and made a way for the criminals to finally get caught in their own time, and in time, he is going to show the world, America in particular that HE is God. HE hasn't forgotten the deaths of the slaves and those who championed for civil rights such as Dr. Martin Luther King. From Nat Turner to Malcolm X, white people have orchestrated and conspired assassinations of our leaders to liberate the black poeple from Africa, to the Caribbean, to the Americas. GOD still remembers the crime that white people have committed not only to blacks all over the world, but against nature too!

    I'm sure your people are proud of the whole in the ozone layer and global warming among other things.

    White people will have to answer to God for all of the above mentioned. But you all are mostly atheists anyway and don't believe in God which is probably why these crimes were committed, in other words "Karma is a Bitch"! What goes around comes around...even if it takes centuries for it to run its course. In the end had u mind your own business and left us in our homeland this world would be what it is today, think about that!

    Unknown said...

    A reply to 'bornbadbrat'.
    For starters, an interesting note on the hero ideals of the black american: the gangster, the pimp, the rapist, the criminal, the violater, the law breaker. Never a sign of the sage, saint, hero, virtuous or the godly. The "Born bad brat". Get it? Good. Exceptions for the great black Christians out there, blessed be your souls.

    Next: whites are evil? You are a fool if you believe that. Perhaps you should give up all your white culture, food, technology, education etc etc etc if it is so bad and tainted. So what's your reasoning, beyond bigoted hate and black racism? Science? Theology? Reason? I think not.

    Have whites screwed over people they came into contact with? This is a concept you obvious cannot understand, the rights of heroic peoples and civilisational destiny, in which eggs must be broken. I bet you don't have trouble with this when it comes to your own 'omelettes'. Yes, we're not perfect. Show me a black tribe that doesn't slaughter it's opponents and then I'll show you a million white people who give, give, give, love, love, love and serve, serve, serve. Your ingratitude is a stink in God's nostrils. We have given and been given far more than we have taken. If you hate it so much, please, grow some balls, and go back to Africa.

    You think God forgives sins...but you don't. Which means you think you are better than God, and don't really care about God. Pity you didn't read the Bible, what it actually says about the races, exclusion, forgiveness, and true culture and values for that matter. The God of the Bible wouldn't recognise your alleigance, if that's what it's supposed to be.

    Your spelling and grammar are about all I would expect from a twit. And while we're on an excursus about schooling, any school education worth it's salt will show you that Egyptians were Aryan, not black. Their ruling classes were not black, yellow, red, but white. Their culture and inner race were anything but black, no offence meant.

    As for fuck off and die, you little ingrate, that is the only destiny that will take the slaves of Eden. Your rebellion against honesty and truth will find you, don't worry about that. A fool and a small mind and heart resort to filthy language and hate.

    Show me some MIND and then maybe you'll get somewhere. Other than that, the sickness of culture distortion and its degeneration will find you too.
    It comes, as you say, in all shapes and sizes, usually the ones you know best.

    The truth is that being white is not the be all and end all. Any white can be wrong, a fool, a tool, a racist (if this word has any meaning at all). It is not merely in your genetics that makes a difference, for none of us are perfect. However, with upward mobility of the right culture, attitudes and values, you become worthy to go up a step in cosmic evolution. And this is what whites, in general, were doing, until the decline of the West.

    Can you understand this? Then stand with truth and the Gods, with true God, rather than skin colour alone. And then you will be 'white' where it counts, inside. Few whites are perfect physically. But that is not the point. Seek the light. True 'whites' are not limited by their genetics or the worst wrongs and cultural attitudes that you might be aware of. And true 'whites' were rarely concerned with the body exclusively.

    Good luck.

    Spiralsun Stevie said...

    Excellent, simplified article!!! It does not mention ho wraces are on certain PATHS with certain DESTINIES however. The white race is on an upward path of self-eugenics and self-selection using objective truth. The other races are not. they are dead-ends. They destroy any movement by forces within -- that move them off the path of truth. That's why oriental and African people both never had science. There is so much more at stake than these relatively selfish but excellent points. We are talking save the world, even religious stuff here. Battle of good and evil...

    US Border Guard said...

    We should take back all the wheels from Africa. Clearly, they do not need our evil White technology. -JT Ready

    sst001 said...

    Google: Stuff Black People Dont' Like

    Racial integration is a sham and blacks are a tool to bring down the white empire of USA and Europe. Which they have done IMO. Don't look at or argue with the negros, they are only an unwitting tool used by...who? Who runs the media? Who controls hollywood? Who controls the banks? Who controls you, white man living in the US or Europe? Take the blue pill, and forget you read this and do no research, take the red pill - and you will see the world with new eyes.


    “Whereveryou find the Negro everything is going down around him, and wherever youfind the White man you see everything around him improving.” –RobertE. Lee, to Col. Thomas H. Carter, May, l965

    I direct your eyes to Iceland. This is what happens when you put white men on an island and leave them alone == Iceland, the only all-White nation in the world, has the world’s highest literacy rate. 100%.

    It is an island of cooled volcanic magma, located Just south of the Arctic Circle. It has no coal, no fuel,no timber, no mineral wealth or natural resources, and no navigable rivers. 75% of the interior is uninhabitable and only about 1% of the land is arable.

    It is the youngest nation in Europe and one of the most isolated countries in the world. Nonetheless, Iceland is #2 in the world in life expectancy and has one of the world’s highest standards of living, in terms of percapita income. It has tremendous medical facilities and a thriving publishing business. Upon graduation from high school, each Icelandic student has learned five languages.

    Then there is Africa, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, London riots, etc -- nuff said?

    Unknown said...

    Your examples of black people are taken off by stereotype and to be completely honest, you should be ashamed of yourself. Especially since Caucasians are the reason for most of the crimes in the USA. I'm not racist but you are a true definition of the N word. Which mean you are very stupid and ignorant. I'll pray for your pathetic soul.

    A mixed Girl with a Caucasian boyfriend

    Gonendunit said...

    Your statement that whites are responsible for the majority of crimes committed in the U.S. is completely wrong. According to the National Crime Statistics, while blacks make up around 12% of the population, they are responsible for over 65% of all violent crimes.

    Anonymous said...

    What about whites mixing with other races. Your claim is biased therefore poppycock.

    Anonymous said...

    Sigh where to begin...
    The first written language was invented by the kingdom of Nubia/Kush [black] later made into heiroglyphics by Egyptians and shared with the Greeks. Your welcome. Timbuktu contained the first universities and was home to a plethora of libraries [again african]. These were destroyed during the crusades along with the first civilzations in west Africa, where the Negro was snatched from. Not just the buff ones used to generate wealth from labor insurance premiums and atrocious entertainment/gambling for the corporations we see today but the architects that inspired the world including our nation's capital DC. Dr. Ivan van sertima has published several works with facts suggesting western Africans made trade with the natives well before Europe. During slavery countless inventions sprung from seemingly nowhere due to slave labor coming up with ways to make a day of getting beaten/tortured and working for nothing shorter. However they were property and couldn't submit a patent. You do the math since your Caucasian brain is supposedly more developed. Your welcome for your industrial age. Search Thomas Latimeir next time you want to make a phone call and thank a negro lol. You stole all of our cultural innovations as well music a prime example. Integration is a sham Tulsa OK 1921 was a self sufficient black community looted and burned so we never needed your government we just needed freedom and equality. We technically are still your slaves [mentally since our knowledge was beaten and lynched] though the royal families reimplemented serfdom [financial if you understand the mechanics of money] so a large chunk of whites are too so you're pretty much a nigger like it or not. As far mixing if I take a can of black paint and add a few cups of white it will still be black however if I try the same on white paint no matter how much white paint I add after the black it will never be white again. Despite this being common knowledge we still make up only 18% of the population vs the white 77%. Guess your race isn't as sexually appealing as the stereotype indicates. This is where I'll leave off because I have found the root of your inferiority complex. You are the only race on the planet that can be bred out of existence. Thus you spend trillions on sexual aides and artificial reproduction practices/research. Without the natives you would have died. Without the negro you would have no culture no labor no future and you have the audacity to call us inferior. We created you and despite being the most ungrateful and historically evil children of humanity we still love you but hit a corner and pull up a chair you earned a time out. How does it feel to be outsmated by a subspecies?

    Anonymous said...

    If you can have trickle down economics you must attribute the crime that results. White collar crime trickles down to blue. As far as your stats whites triple crime rates in every category except for gun related homicide and armed robbery. This however is convictions which despite again being triple in arrest whites are half likely to be convicted. The system is bias thus the stats are bias.

    Anonymous said...

    I bet you haven't met a black person nor a south American you just need a break from your kiddie porn and sister...meth smoking bud light guzzling marbol light sucking animal f*ckn NASCAR watching product of incest

    Val Koinen said...

    Regarding the preceding three comments by Anonymous: Damn!...how utterly humiliating...to be put in my place by such a progressively more devastating 'triple whammy' of scholarly, articulate, and gentlemanly comments such as these. Thank you for the enlightenment and for setting things straight, Anonymous! V.K.