White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, November 14, 2008


by Val Koinen
November 14, 2008

My grown children know I am, by my definitions, “racially aware” and “Jew-wise.” But they don’t like to talk with me about these things, and they certainly won’t let me teach the grandchildren about them. They tend to be “politically correct,” and basically, they think I am out of line. They’ve pretty much bought into the contemporary “diversity is our strength,” “beauty of multiculturalism,” “we’re all the same under the skin,” and “the poor, poor, persecuted Jews” mantras. They’ve pretty much been deracinated, and they don’t (or won’t) understand the Jewish connections. And that’s saddening. It hurts.

On the rare occasions when we do discuss these matters (usually prompted by some news event, or blatantly anti-White portrayals on TV), three issues almost always seem to come up:

(1) Why does it matter so much to you, anyway?
(2) So how do you figure it is so different for White people? What makes our situation so unique that you think our people should be racist and anti-Semitic?
(3) Even so, what can be done about it? (Or, as they put it, “there’s nothing we can do about it now.”) And, “what would you suggest we do, without terrible persecution, bloodshed, and all that?”

Well, the answers are not really all that complicated. All a person has to do is take the time to listen or to read, and then use his brains and his cognitive and reasoning powers to think about it.


In a nutshell, if we Whites (people of European descent) don’t do something, something drastic, and very soon, our people -- our genotype -- will disappear from the face of the earth. Yes, it’s that serious. We will be extinct, like the dodo bird. Like a candle flame going out. And ours is likely the only race that will happen to, by the way.

As a result of such things as non-White immigration into the formerly White nations of the world, birth control, low birth rates in general, and miscegenation, we will simply cease to exist.

That matters to me, and it should to you. The concepts that “race doesn’t matter,” “race is a social construct,” “we’re all the same under the skin,” etc., are, from the standpoints of factual truth, natural law, evolutionary reality, and scientifically proven significance in many ways (DNA, physical attributes, intelligence, behavioral characteristics), just so much social/political propaganda. They are nonsense. The truth is, race is everything, and that central concept should be at the core of any natural, normal, and healthy worldview.

Here’s another thought. Just look at America as it is today. We have already lost a good part of our “living space” to Negroes and mestizos. And we have already lost the greater portion of our popular culture, mostly to negrified and jewified TV, movies, music, advertising, etc. That’s a fact, and I think it matters.

Being racially aware, and caring about your race, are not evil, or signs of hatred, or bigotry. Those things are natural. Good, normal, wholesome, smart, positive, and -- from the standpoint of racial survival -- absolutely essential. We White people have the right to exist, to continue to exist, and to continue to evolve. That’s what people, like all species and subspecies of life forms, do in the natural world. And because we Whites are in fact the most highly developed species ever to exist, for us it is not only right, it is a noble duty!

To think and act otherwise is racial suicide, and I think that does matter. To be a race-mixer, or even to espouse the virtues of race mixing, just shows that you have been conned -- you’ve been “had.” Maybe that you’re not very bright (or at least not aware of reality). That you are the dupe, the mark. More than that -- it’s artificial and unnatural.

Just explain to me, if you can -- where is the justice, normality, natural goodness, or rationality, in a White person mating with a Negro, for example? And thereby forsaking -- turning their backs on -- hundreds of thousands of years of genetic development?

Very few if any other life species in the history of the planet have ever willingly sought, contributed to, and striven so diligently for their own genocide. If for no other reason, that is why it matters.


Because the way we are being coerced to view these matters these days, and to act upon them in our daily lives, is a losing proposition.

Because ours is essentially the only racial group that not only refuses to work to enhance its own prospects, but actively participates in, and even financially supports, the ascendancy of other races over its own people.

I would point to the fact that the mestizos from south of the border, and the Negroes, are by and large very racially aware, and are always pushing for advantages for their racial groups. And so are the Jews, who in fact are much more of a cohesive ethnic group than merely of a different religion.

Our people, to the contrary, all too often work for the benefit of the other, so-called “minority” groups (universal, or outgroup altruism), almost never for their own legitimate self-interests as a racial group and even when doing so runs counter to “what‘s good for Whites.” To put it bluntly, species and sub-species, including the different races of mankind, always have and always will compete for living space (and cultural domination, in the case of humans). And right now, we are losing that competition. No -- worse than that -- we aren’t even competing, any more.

Why is that? Well, because over the past hundred years or so, whites have been “deracinated.” Their racial awareness has been taken from them (to say nothing of their racial pride). Because of laws, regulations, other “official” actions and positions, and social stigmatization that have discouraged, if not outlawed White solidarity of any kind. Because of the effects of such things as political correctness, feminism, wimpism, liberalism, egalitarianism, universal altruism as mentioned above, and self hatred. And because by contemporary definitions and practice Whites, and only Whites, are smeared and stigmatized with negative labels such as racist, bigot, redneck, hater, anti-semite, etc. if they so much as try to say or do virtually anything about the contemporary situation -- anything in support of their self-interests as a racial group.

Is that “just the way it is”? Is it a “natural” development? No, it is not. And therein lies the rub -- it is in large part a result of the deliberate, conscious, long-term and ongoing efforts of organized Jewry. A result of their scheming and plotting. It is their strategy; their mission. And, as you can easily see by just looking around you, it is working!

Our culture is coming apart at the seams -- being destroyed -- right in front of our eyes, virtually by the hour. We are being eradicated -- genocided out of existence, as it were.


I get these kinds of arguments all the time: “So, even if you are right, what should/could we do about it? What would we even want to do about it? It’s probably too late, anyway. You can’t force people (either White or non-White or Jews) to be other than what they are; to think or act differently. It’s gone so far in the direction of multi-racialism, multi-culturism, and integration that there’s no longer anything we can do about it. The best solution is to just let it happen (race mixing and the deterioration of our gene pool and culture). After awhile we’ll be like Brazil, or Portugal, or Egypt -- all intermixed, all the ‘same.’ And then there won’t be any racial conflicts and strife. Anyway, you can’t be ‘hard’ on people -- you can’t be ‘tough’ about this -- that wouldn’t be fair.”

No, no, no! You haven’t been paying attention! Accepting those lines of (so-called) reasoning would be much worse than anything we would have to do to correct the situation (and especially, much worse for our people) than resisting, fighting, and retaking control -- stopping the downslide and thereby averting our demise. It would mean the loss of our genetic stock for all time -- letting the flame go out. Why in the world should we desire or accept that as the solution?

There wouldn’t have to be any undue social severity if we were to start turning things around. Things have changed dramatically in one direction (the wrong one for White Americans) over the past few decades; they can be changed back again. And I would remind you, there already is, and over the coming years will be much, much more, suffering and loss of blood by our people on the way down if we continue to follow the path we are on.

We will very soon cease being even a simple majority of the racial stock of this country, and things are not all that different in the other major White countries of the world -- in Canada, Europe, and Australia. So there is very little time left to wake our people up and get them to do something about this dire situation. And there are a lot of things we can do (must do) -- workable and humane, albeit decisive things that might not be too popular among the minority populations.

For starters, all we need to do is get things back to the way they were just 40 or 50 years ago. And once that is accomplished, and when our numbers are increased just a little relative to those of the darker races, then we can really begin to take back our country (and the other White countries of the world). A difficult task? Yes. Impossible? No, definitely no!

I can’t get into all the aspects of solving our racial problem in America in this essay -- there are just too many things to consider, and it is a many-faceted problem. But I can list some of them, some of the most important. These are the kinds of things that should be planks of any political party oriented toward working for our people, and worthy of our support. If we could just work together -- even, say, just 10% or so of our people as committed, dedicated activists -- we could change things around legally and in fairly benign ways.

And who is to say it isn’t our right to do that? It is still our country, after all, and we have every right to work for our best interests. For too many years now we have been changing in ways that favor minorities at the expense of, and to the detriment of, the White majority.

We could start to get things back on the right track by making the following critical changes, among others (all these things are reasonable, and do-able):

o Do whatever it takes to put an end to Jewish control of media, and their undue influence (control) over our government, public education, and financial institutions.
o Stop all illegal immigration and deport all illegal aliens.
o Stop all “legal” immigration of non-Whites, and perhaps even revoke the citizenship of some who were unjustly granted it in the first place.
o Outlaw miscegenation nationwide (as it was in many of the states not all that long ago).
o Offer tax incentives as a means of increasing the White birthrate. At the same time, we can work toward limiting the reproductive proclivities of the habitual welfare and criminal classes, which would tend to reduce the relatively high birthrates of non-Whites.
o Insist on the maximum degree of racial separation possible; end government enforced integration of schools and housing.
o Guarantee freedom of non-association.
o Stop all the government-mandated and even government-encouraged anti-White racism; repeal anti-White laws.
o End all “minority” racial preferences such as “affirmative action” and “no child left behind” and the like.
o Insist on teaching our children nothing but the truth and genuine knowledge in our public schools. Stop all the pro-minority, anti-White propagandizing.
o Stop teaching our kids that race mixing and homosexuality are legitimate “alternate lifestyles.”
o Start teaching our children White racial pride (remember -- it’s not a bad thing; it’s a good and natural thing).
o Insist on ending the premature “cultural sexualization” of our children (primarily by the Jew- and Negro-dominated entertainment and other media, and by toy merchandisers.
o Stop all government mandated and/or supported propagandizing about the so-called “Holocaust,” insist on teaching the truth about events of the Second World War.
o Insist on removing truly filthy language, porn and soft porn, and excessive gratuitous sex from the popular entertainment media (especially TV, motion pictures, and the music industry).
o Stop all forms of anti-White racial stigmatization and discrimination.
o Stop pandering to other-group nonsense such as Martin Luther King Day, Kwanzaa, the Holohoax and Anne Frank memorials, renaming our public streets and schools for Blacks, “Black History Month,” etc.
o Stop caving in to demands of minorities in general.

If we Whites were to re-take control of our destiny and make (and enforce) these changes, those non-Whites affected might not like it very much. But to my way of thinking, that would be a whole lot better than the things being done to our people right now, and far better than letting our situation get even worse (much worse).

If we could just do these things, we could once again insure that our justly occupied White nations -- our portions of this world -- are truly our places to live, work, and raise our families; and will once again be, and will remain, homelands for people of our genetic makeup, our culture, and our Western Civilization.

With your help, we can do these things. We can accomplish our just and deserved goals. All we need is some unity (some rejuvenated common racial spirit), and the will!


Lone Wolf said...

Excellent essay. Your passion really comes through in your work. I have a blog of my own dedicated to the preservation of our race.

Like you said, the fight we are engaged in is most noble and honorable. And it most certainly will not be in vain, either. We WILL be victorious in the end.

You pretty much said it all in this essay, but I look forward to reading more from your blog.

Lone Wolf

oldsoldier said...

Very well said, Ive had the same experience in my home, theres a let it slide attitude and I look at the arrogant power that is destroying us and it must and will be resisted to the utmost.

Ken Kraus said...