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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


by Val Koinen
Revised--orig. published December 28, 2003

When we White Americans retake control of our Federal Government, maybe one of the first things we should do is pass legislation that makes Anti-Gentilism and Anti-White-Racism high crimes -- acts of treason against the State. After all, that would not be a whole lot different from all the existing "hate crime" and "thought crime" laws the Jews have got Western governments to enact in recent years and which in reality are enforced almost exclusively against heterosexual Whites.

We need to clarify a couple things at the outset, before getting into the list. The Jews' favorite smear-label "anti-Semite" is actually a misnomer. One can certainly be a real, full-fledged anti-Semite (anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, etc. and anti-Jew). By and large those other Middle-Easterners are a whole lot more "Semitic" than many of the Jews. But what I am referring to in this article would be more accurately characterized as "anti-Jew," in the sense of being opposed to certain aspects of organized Jewry, international Jewry, Jewish religious superiority, Zionism, Jewish racial supremacy and anti-White-racism, Jewish anti-Gentilism, and regular everyday Jewish support of those things.

There is a second definition problem as well -- namely, just what does it take to qualify as an anti-Semite in the way the term is commonly used? As somebody recently said, it used to mean someone who doesn't like Jews, whereas nowadays it just means someone the Jews don't like. It has also come to mean someone who says something -- anything, even when true -- that the Jews don't like. And it oftentimes means someone who simply dares to mention the word "Jew" or bring up Jewish involvement or issues in a discussion of just about anything.

Now that we have that cleared up, and using the Jews' terminology, here are what I believe to be the top ten reasons for being an "anti-Semite":

Reason Number 10 -- Culture Distortion and Degradation: By way of the theorizing, writings, teachings, and other efforts of Jewish social/psychological academicians; those oftentimes hateful, "supremacist" Jews have deliberately calculated and labored mightily for a hundred years now to distort and destroy our White racial culture and heritage. I'm referring here to the very foundations of our Gentile civilization, along with our sense of racial identity and pride, our racial solidarity, our family values, and our social traditions and structures. Assisted by their disproportionate control and willing cooperation of the press and other mass media, our government, and the education system; and coupled with their unrelenting, deliberate, and calculated efforts; these biased and bigoted racist Jews have succeeded in brainwashing a great many of our people into becoming deracinated, self-hating, self-destructive sheep that see nothing wrong with the absolute obliteration of their own culture and their own people. Then, going beyond those broader sociological attacks, and also through their disproportionate control of and influence over the news media (especially TV and newspapers) and entertainment venues (especially TV, movies, and the recording industries), the Jews have worked tirelessly to subvert and destroy our contemporary popular culture, especially among our young people. They have succeeded in driving our modern White culture into the gutter by normalizing, promoting, and popularizing such things as filthy language; sophomoric and obsessive sexual preoccupation and innuendo; outright pornography; promiscuity; drug use; homosexuality as a perfectly normal and acceptable alternative lifestyle; premature child sexuality; negroid dress, speech, and so-called music; teenage rebellion against parental standards and control; and much more.

Reason Number 9 -- Other Societal Disruptions: Similarly, the Jews have largely succeeded in their efforts to promote radical feminism and female careerism (as opposed to motherhood and homemaking), casual extramarital sex with reliance on birth control and abortion, male-bashing, instant gratification and materialism, and social liberalism ("wimpism") among other things. In that way they have made huge strides toward destroying such things as healthy relationships between our men and women and between parents and their children; our traditional marital institutions and paternalistic family structure; and our ability as a people to structure, govern, and regulate our society in a just and rational way. And much to the Jews' approval, some of those efforts have also resulted in the lowering of our White birthrate.

Reason Number 8 -- Racial Degeneration: In a deliberate effort to destroy our White racial majority, solidarity, and chances of biological group survival in America, the Jews have worked ceaselessly, especially over the past 70 years or so, to essentially "negrify" American society. They have schemed and toiled to promote multi-racialism, race mixing, and miscegenation in our once racially conscious White society through such means as backing, organizing, and running the so-called "civil-rights movement;" pushing and (artificially) enhancing the Negro presence in movies and on TV; promoting negroid slang, music, and styles among our young people; promoting and normalizing the most intimate integration in all aspects of society; pushing for affirmative action and other Black racial preferences; brainwashing our little children in the public schools; and denying us the basic human rights of freedom of association and non-association. The educational, social, and monetary costs to White Americans have been staggering.

Reason Number 7 -- Uncontrolled Immigration: Largely as a result of White-race-hating Jews' orchestrated efforts, and particularly their control of the press and their disproportionate influence in government, they succeeded in passing legislation in 1965 that opened the floodgates of "legal" non-White immigration. And they have continued to promote the further destruction of the White majority in America, with all the social welfare, educational, and criminal costs that entails, by pushing for open borders and social/community acceptance of aliens. That has resulted in our drowning in a resurgent flood of both legal and illegal Cuban, Mexican, and other "Hispanic" immigrants. That situation has already shown real and serious signs of literally destroying the America envisioned by our founders.

Reason Number 6 -- Responsibility for Communism: Despicably radical and subversive-revolutionary Jews both spawned and financed the Bolshevik Revolution that led to the communization of Russia and to the 80 years of international communism centered in the former U.S.S.R. That communist movement still threatens the world, primarily due to the existence of the communist Chinese and North Korean governments. Along the way, that Jew-inspired and Jew-created communism resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of our White kinsmen in Europe; and in nearly a century of worldwide conflict, international tensions, civilian citizen trauma, wars, and all the attendant drain of the wealth of the Eurocentric nations including America.

Reason Number 5 -- Responsibility for Wars and Attacks on the U.S.: It was in large measure Jewish and Zionist intrigue, calculations, and social and political machinations which got us into the two World Wars and both of the Iraq wars, in order to serve their interests (but most definitely not American interests). That has cost us the lives of hundreds of thousands of our young White countrymen along with the lives of millions of our White cousins in Europe, not to mention all the other carnage, disrupted lives, property destruction, and untold billions of dollars of war and defense expenditures. The Jews have also spied on us relentlessly, sold our military secrets to adversary nations, conducted covert military operations designed to harm American interests, and directly attacked us militarily (for example their deadly attack on the U.S.S. Liberty back in 1967). And those kinds of efforts continue to cost us dearly, in the sense of the Jews' likely involvement in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and in that our one-sided backing of Israel was unquestionably the primary reason we were targeted on 9/11.

Reason Number 4 -- The "Holocaust" Racket: The criminally deceptive Jews have so relentlessly and effectively promoted their Holocaust myth ("Holocaust Industry;" the "Holohoax") that they have even got us to construct monuments to their lies at our expense (museums and interpretive centers). They have knowingly distorted history in order to brainwash our children in the schools and in their textbooks; have horribly demeaned and maligned White Gentiles, White Europeans, people of White European descent, and particularly Germans and people of Germanic descent; and have literally extorted billions of dollars from several European countries and America. It was also their Holocaust exaggerations, lies, and promotions that provided much of the foundational basis for, contributed mightily to, and created many of the props for holding up the Jews' "sh--ty little country" Israel; which sucks up more than $3 billion U.S. taxpayers' dollars each and every year for foreign aid, military aid, forgiven loans and lost interest, etc. (totaling some $140 billion or more of American taxpayers' money from 1948 to the present).

Reason Number 3 -- Control of Our U.S. Government: Largely through their control of the press and their skillful manipulation of their "Holocaust" and "anti-Semite" ploys, the Jews, who make up less than three percent of all Americans, have managed to effectively take control of many aspects of our Federal government's lawmaking, policy-making, court system, and executive functions. That has given them inordinate power to influence and direct such things as military decisions and actions, economic strategies (including taxing and spending), immigration and (colored) racial preference policies, hiring, and regulations restricting the rights of White citizens.

Reason Number 2 -- Religious and Racial Supremacism: The Jews' religious writings, teachings, and beliefs hold that they are some kind of "chosen" people destined to dominate and rule over we "goyim" (Whites, Gentiles), who they consider to be nothing more than unclean and inferior animals, or cattle. They teach themselves that it is all right for them to cheat us, kill us, take our property, and much, much more. Now to my way of thinking, one doesn't even need to distrust or despise the Jews for any of the other reasons outlined above, even though they are all true. Just this one issue of their "chosen people" nonsense -- this utterly ignorant and arrogant belief based as it is on absolutely false, stupid, hateful, belligerent, vicious, and lethal premises -- is enough for me. I find it just flat-out outrageous, on an intensely personal basis. Until the day the Jews absolutely repudiate and renounce those beliefs, and publicly apologize to the Gentile world for ever having held them, that in itself will be sufficient reason for me to be an anti-Semite, or more accurately, an anti-Jew!

But the Number 1 Reason for Being an Anti-Semite is: Fomenting Anti-White Genocide. The fact is that these race-hating, genocidal Jews -- these masters of deception and parasitic host-destruction -- are now well along in their deliberate, calculated, premeditated conspiracy to utterly destroy our White racial genotype; to wipe our gene pool off the face of the earth. (I am primarily referring to the Jews' efforts along these lines here in America, because that has been the focus of their greatest efforts over the past hundred years. But they have been and are working toward the same nefarious ends in essentially all the Eurocentric nations of the world.) Their strategies have included advocating and promoting such things as integration with the colored races, race mixing and miscegenation, and massive non-white immigration. Ancillary and indirect methods have included efforts aimed at the psychological deracination of Whites (including the demeaning of and destruction of White racial pride), distortion and outright lying about history and social/political issues in public school instruction and textbooks, advocating unwarranted universal altruism and false (and dishonest) egalitarianism, and the several other tactics mentioned previously. Some of their weapons of choice in those efforts have been their grossly disproportionate control of and influence over the press, other media, entertainment, government, academia, the legal system, and the education system. As a direct consequence of the Jews' purposeful, deliberate efforts to disrupt the natural course of human evolution in those ways, the greatest, most highly evolved life form (subspecies) ever developed on this earth over the half-billion years since the first appearance of life on the planet is now at risk of being utterly destroyed -- of disappearing forever from the face of the earth. In fact, largely as a result of those efforts on the part of culpable Jews, I should think that we Whites in America are already or are very close to becoming an "endangered (sub)species" as defined by existing laws and regulations. This is an unspeakable and unprecedented crime, at least to the extent it has so far been conceptualized and attempted, or implemented. If allowed to be carried to its substantial conclusion it would without question be the worst case of racial genocide and the most horrendous crime against humanity ever committed in the world's history. And many if not most of the world's Jews have long worked at perpetrating that crime, or at the very least have aided and abetted it. And they still are doing it, because they think "it's good for Jews." They are guilty as charged in my opinion; their guilt should be obvious to anyone who studies these matters; and I am confident that their guilt, in both a collective and supportive sense and also in the sense of knowing involvement on the part of numerous Jewish organizations and individuals down through the years, will become increasingly obvious to more and more people.

To sum up: Our people have labored, struggled, and sacrificed day after day and year after year down through the centuries to build and defend our societies and our great civilizations. We have not been the only truly great people the world has produced, but we have always been preeminent and in the forefront. We have created beauty and technological wonders, advanced food production and healthcare for the everlasting benefit of all mankind, and kept the wheels of civilization turning. The subversive Jews -- hateful creatures that so many of them still are -- were all that time working just as diligently (if not more so) -- socially, politically, militarily, intellectually, and economically -- to tear those wheels off our chariot to the stars. To destroy everything we built, everything we hold dear, and literally and physically to destroy us as a people!

When someone can prove to me that my assertions are factually mistaken and unwarranted -- that I am substantially wrong about these things (and many more that I could mention) -- then I'll stop being what the Jews refer to in their whiney, derogatory, and smear-tactic way as an "anti-Semite." But until then, I hope to continue doing everything I possibly can to fight for the survival and re-ascendancy of my White racial heritage and my White kinsmen!

A lot of White people in all the Western nations need to ask themselves: "How could any rational person not be 'anti' his self-proclaimed adversary in what is essentially a death struggle?" And, "Why would the government of any free country even think of making it illegal for its citizens to take and advocate such an 'anti' position in those circumstances?"

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gkbucks said...

I have two definitions of an "Anti-Semite". First, "a person who points out the facts about jews and jewish behavior". Secondly, "Anti-Semitism" = "White Self-Defense"!

Let me give you an example. Yesterday, my local newspaper had many store ads for "Black Friday" sales. In most of the ads for white kids and adults, there was always a white female depicted with a black male! The white female (including kids) always were smiling! An example on TV is the Weather Channel. You see blonde white female anchors with black male anchors. I wonder how far they had to go to find these black male meteorologists!

Guess who owns most of the advertising agencies?