White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, December 14, 2009


by Val Koinen
December 14, 2009

Explain to me if you can -- what’s the big deal about being an “anti-Semite” (assuming that term is taken to mean “anti-Jew”)? Why must rational people be so burdened with the fear of being labeled as such and the fear of repercussions? Why all the stigma and condemnation (even criminalization in several European countries)?

Hell, I’m anti-anything that threatens the physical, economic, or societal well-being of, or does real damage to; myself, my wife and children and grandchildren, my extended family, my people, my country. I am, among other things:

anti-disease (and especially, anti-epidemics; anti-plague)
anti-crime (and especially, anti- serious crime such as assault, rape, murder, thievery of my hard-earned assets, etc.)
anti- mad dogs that attack and sometimes kill people, especially little children
anti- aggressive and imperialistic warmongering
anti-pornography and pedophilia
anti-cultural perversion and debasement
anti-illegal alien invaders
anti-negrification of White culture and White society.

So tell me, please -- given Jewish reality -- the known history of all their anti-Gentile (anti-White) deeds and other destructive cultural/social/political activities, their warmongering for Jewish interests as opposed to the legitimate national interests of their White host countries, etc. -- how in the world can an informed and rational White person not be anti-Semitic?

What’s that you say? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, then -- don’t you think it’s about time you looked into the truth about Jews and their long history of plotting and working to destroy White culture, White societies, and Western (White) civilization? And the truth about their efforts to dispossess Whites of all their hard-earned, deserved, and historical wealth and political power in America and other White countries, even White homelands? And what of their ongoing efforts to “genocide” White people out of existence by promoting such things as non-white immigration; diversity, multiculturalism, and race-mixing; radical feminism; and acceptance of homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle?”

If only from the standpoints of self preservation, the wellbeing of your progeny, and the survival of your people, don’t you think it behooves you to learn about all the terrible things the Jews have done to our people; to learn what a lethally dangerous, vile, despicable tribe the Jews really are (at least the “complicit and culpable” Jews and their financial and organizational supporters, which in the aggregate would undoubtedly include most of them)?

Don’t you think any decent, honest, intelligent, and rational person should want to know what they are saying before they condemn me and other racially aware and Jew-wise White people for being anti-Semitic?

If you do nothing else, take a few minutes to look at the videos in this recent Incogman post:

For more information, you might want to check out some of the references given in my 2008 essay “A 21st Century Testament for White Americans”: http://koinenscorner.blogspot.com/2008/11/21st-century-testament-for-white.html

Friday, November 20, 2009


by Val Koinen
November 20, 2009

Many people, myself included, have commented on genetic and developmental differences among the human races, and particularly between Whites and Negroes. Differences that affect mental abilities, behavior, performance, and historical achievement. Some go so far as to say the whole concept of “race” is nothing more than a social construct, and that “we are all the same under the skin.” They would be the woefully uninformed and ignorant among us; the deluded rose-colored-glasses liberals and politically-correct dupes; and those who use such outlandish positions to further their social/political agenda (“organized Jewry,” for example).

A recent public television broadcast struck me as being pertinent to that debate and very revealing of the contrast in development between the two races (Whites and Negroes) (a NOVA program entitled “Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity” that aired on November 10).

The portion of interest had to do with the Homo erectus “Turkana Boy” that lived about 1.6 million years ago and that is believed to be an ancestor of modern human beings. The theory developed was that those early humans, after having developed the bipedal ability to walk erect on two legs, for some reason lost much if not most of their body hair. That made it possible for them to sweat, enabling them to run long distances in the heat. That helped them avoid predators; but it also let them develop a new hunting strategy -- alternately chasing and tracking their faster-running prey without giving those early “game animals” (such as deer and antelope) time to rest sufficiently to regain their breath and strength. With their superior ability to keep cool while running long distances over extended time periods, those early men could just run their prey to exhaustion. That was necessary because they had not yet developed long-distance projectile weapons such as spears or bows and arrows. The method is called “persistence hunting.” Great telecast; first lesson learned.

Now, here’s the second lesson. In order to bolster the validity of the theory by pointing out that “persistence hunting” is a real-world, actual and workable hunting method, the NOVA scientists demonstrated how some African bushmen still use that method today. They actually showed video of modern-day African Negroes using that method to chase down a kudu, running after it and tracking it for four hours or more in the heat. In the end, the kudu just stood still, thoroughly exhausted, as the hunter came up to within a few feet of it and speared it. (Presumably, in the distant past, the early humans would do the same thing, getting close enough to their prey to clobber it with a rock or club.)

Granted, that video demonstration establishes that persistence hunting can be a viable hunting strategy for humans. And by doing that, it lends credence to the theories tying together loss of body hair, sweating and body cooling, and distance running/jogging as a developmental and survival advantage for our early ancestors. But if you look at it from the other direction, it just as clearly shows how little some contemporary African Negroes have developed over the past 1.6 million years.

Oh, sure, “we’re all the same under the skin.” We White people of European extraction and our forebears who built beautiful and complex civilizations over thousands of years; created beautiful sculpture, music, and other artworks; who have invented countless technological wonders (including airplanes and computers); who conquered the seas, the farthest reaches of continental wildernesses, and space; who have conquered so many human diseases; who have made it possible to feed the world; and on and on ad infinitum. They tell us we’re the “same” as the African primitives (Negroes) who can’t feed or govern themselves; who (at least some of them) still jump around and chant to the jungle drumbeat, practice slavery and cannibalism, rape babies and young girl virgins because they think doing that will fend off AIDS, and who like to drink cow urine. And who still, after more than a million and a half years have passed by, during which time the White people of the world were doing all those wondrous things, hunt kudu the same way Turkana Boy did -- by running them to exhaustion!

Not exactly the kind of people I want to see swimming around in my gene pool!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


by Val Koinen
November 7, 2009

No question about it -- we White people in today’s America have truly become a pathetic bunch of losers.

Not to mention -- a people guilty of depraved indifference; embarassingly gullible; ignorant and misinformed if not downright stupid. In many cases intellectually lazy and perverse; greedy; dishonorable; lacking in respect and caring for the truth; culturally depraved; and even cowardly. And worst of all -- racially suicidal (including such things as being traitors to our racial heritage and our progeny; willing to sell our racial integrity for any kind of economic or political gain or power; devoid of healthy and natural racial identity and instincts; and in fact guilty of ignoring, violating, and abandoning the natural biological/ genetic/evolutionary imperative of every other normal, healthy organism on the planet).

We have let ourselves (and our people) be lied to -- brainwashed -- by the Jews, our own government, the media, teachers, churches, and parents. We have allowed our destroyers to teach our children monstrous and deadly lies about race, history, and the importance to our people of our unique genotype and culture (Western Civilization). We are unwilling to stand up and fight for our own critical interests -- for the things every intelligent and rational White American should know are good for our people, our culture, our society, our progeny, our future, and our very survival.

We have “let ourselves go” culturally, morally, socially, and politically. We have allowed our politicians (once called “statesmen”) to sell their souls (and our collective fate) to the Jews and the religions of “holocaustianity” and political correctness.

We have allowed ourselves to be trained, like dogs, by the Jew-controlled media. After all the cost, agony, and blood of a hundred years of resistance, we have now essentially succumbed to liberal/Marxist dogma -- to economic and political socialism if not outright communism. And many deluded White people say that’s a good thing, because it reflects the “change we can believe in” sloganeering of the “magic mulatto,” the much worshipped presidential pretender Obama.

We have chosen to ignore and to deny the fact that organized Jewry, using their control of media and government, and their tools the Negroes, mestizos, homosexuals, “liberated” radical feminists, etc.; are waging a deadly war of genocide against us as a people.

The results? Our reward for all of that lack of fighting for our interests and for all that self-destructive behavior on our part? Well, among other things:

- A steadily darkening America where we Whites are fated to become a very harshly treated and impoverished minority in just a few short years.
- Our substantial and ever-worsening dispossession from social stature and political power.
- Degradation, including negrification, of our White, European American culture.
- Degradation of our schools; of the public education system itself.
- Degradation and even destruction of our neighborhoods and cities; large areas simply becoming "off limits" for Whites; loss of entire geographic regions to non-Whites.
- Despoliation of our genetic heritage (genetic destruction via abortion, birth control, and miscegenation -- the mating of our women with non-Whites and the resulting mongrelization of their offspring [our progeny]).
- Financial bankrupting of the country, largely a result of welfare-statism and Jew-instigated financial shenanigans; and the bequeathing to our children and grandchildren of hugely burdensome public debt.
- The blatant and terribly unfair monetary and social costs of all the anti-White discrimination resulting from "affirmative action" and other non-White racial preference programs and policies.
- Perpetual war for the Jews, and all the costs in human lives and tax dollars.

What’s that you say? You want specifics? Well, here’s the thing -- a good many racially aware and Jew-wise people have been writing about these issues for many years, now. All you have ever had to do is open your minds and look into the following truths concerning race, what is happening to America, the “Jewish problem,” and the terrible situation we Whites are in (and the even worse fate that is certain to befall us if we do not wake up and do something about it). “The truth is out there,” as they say.

Well, here then are just a few of the main fundamentals that White Americans have been trained to ignore or dismiss as being hateful, bigoted, or otherwise politically incorrect. Read them. Then, have the intelligence, guts, and integrity to research and study these issues rather than simply dismiss them, or refuse to honestly and fairly consider them. They’ll no doubt strike you as being outrageous at first, because that is the way you’ve been programmed to think all your life, by the Jews. But if you’ll look into them and give them fair, thoughtful consideration, I’m confident many of you will come to realize that they are true, and that they represent the reality of the world you live in.


No, we are not “all the same under the skin” (see my earlier essay “Negroes, Race Mixing, and Truth vs. Propaganda”) (November, 2008). Negroes are not “equal” to Whites in most ways that really matter. Negroes are a different and in several very important ways a demonstrably deficient subspecies of humanity. They are different from us Whites in many ways, starting with but going well beyond physical characteristics including appearance. And regardless of whether you approve of the terminology or not, they are in fact, in general and on average, “inferior” to Whites in several key respects (especially mental, developmental, behavioral). Does that mean that any particular Negro is inferior to any particular White person in terms of intellectual capabilities, criminal propensity, character, or “worth?” No, of course not. But it does mean that chances are, statistically, any given Negro will be likely to have lower intelligence and be more difficult to educate (even up to lowered standards); be more likely to commit a violent crime (especially interracial crime) or to transmit AIDS, for example; and for a host of reasons require a far more costly social-welfare investment by taxpayers.

For those reasons, all the efforts to bring them into our society, our culture, and our lives as our “equals” are doomed to failure. Furthermore, such efforts are wrong, stupid, and bad (damaging) from the standpoint of “what’s good for White people.” And that includes such things as integration (especially of schools, in housing, in the workplace, etc.), efforts to promote and enforce “diversity” and multi-culturalism, and race mixing (miscegenation). And allowing them to share and influence our culture and governance; allowing them to take over so many of our neighborhoods and cities; letting them vote and hold public office (witness the blatantly racist, anti-White ninety percent Negro vote for Obama); affirmative action and other racial preferences that allow them to take our jobs and displace White students in our universities; allowing them to continue to commit so many horrendous crimes against our people (and especially against our children and our women); and letting them degrade if not utterly destroy our public education system in many locales.

They are just not “us.” Their social and cultural history, their capabilities, and their potential are radically different (and grossly inferior by our standards -- the standards of Western Civilization). All one has to do to begin affirming that statement is look at the black-on-White crime rate statistics, check out racial IQ differences, and look at their lifestyles and social/political performance in Negro-dominated societies such as those in African countries, Haiti, and Detroit.

Mexicans and Other Mestizos

Much the same situation as the Negroes -- lower IQs, alien (and in some ways inferior) culture, criminal propensities, etc. But of particular importance in the case of these alien non-Whites is their demonstrated lack of interest in sustaining, and/or their inability to sustain, a culture anything like that of White people of European descent. Witness their gang activities; their taking over and criminalizing neighborhoods and entire cities; their “machismo” mistreatment of their women (at least by our standards); and their involvement in illegal drug-related criminality. And don’t forget their taking our jobs and undercutting wages; and in spite of that the chronic and perpetual poverty of so many communities where they predominate; the customary corruption wherever they do hold community powers; their literally destroying our public schools in many areas; and their Spanish-speaking cultural disruption. And all the resultant social costs of health care, education, welfare, unemployment compensation, prison incarceration, etc.

But probably most significant in the case of the mestizos is the horrendous level of their illegal and quasi-legal immigration into (invasion of) our country -- their sheer numbers -- along with their openly advocating the violent “reconquista” of vast portions of our country. That process is ongoing; it is already essentially an accomplished fact in many parts of our Southwest where Whites have already been dispossessed socially, culturally, and politically.

Jews (Organized Jewry, Zionist Jews, International and Financial Jews, Jewish “Neoconservatives,” etc. -- the “complicit” and “culpable” Jews)

Herein lies the main, underlying problem faced by White Americans. It is so ubiquitous and insidious that it is hard to know where to begin.

The truth is -- and if you care and have any hope of your people surviving on this planet you simply must learn this and accept it -- these “culpable Jews” are working tirelessly to dispossess -- to virtually kill off (“genocide”) the White people of America. They have been working at this for at least a couple hundred years. That effort is on-going right now. It is escalating and it is succeeding. Worse, we Whites are allowing it to happen. Worse still, we (all too many of our people) are aiding and abetting it -- some simply by serving as the Jews’ “useful idiots,” others by selling out and actively working to support and to further the Jews’ agenda.

Even before the United States became an independent nation, the Jews were key players in the early American slave trade. They were therefore substantially responsible for that early social development in America (that huge mistake, that blunder which has contributed so much to the destruction of our society).

The Jews were the primary underlying “cause” of European communism that resulted in so much turmoil and human misery, such terrible wars, and the death of tens of millions of our people since the Russian Revolution early in the 20th century.

It was the Jews who were primarily responsible for changing our immigration laws back in the 1960’s, leading to our being literally overrun by the darker races of comparatively savage and inferior cultures.

The Zionist, “International” Jews connived with England, via the “Balfour Declaration,” to get us (the United States) into the first World War. Then, it was again the Jews who, via all their efforts to communize Europe; their smothering of the German state culturally, socially, financially, and politically following World War I; and their vilification (demonizing) of the German people (including openly declaring war on them); that were the proximate underlying cause of World War II and the ensuing “Cold War” with the USSR. It is the Jews (Israel and American Jew supporters) who have used the United States to fight wars for their interests in the Middle East ever since the 9/11/01 attacks (which some people, by the way, rather convincingly argue were orchestrated by Israel’s Mossad and other Jewish collaborators). (Maybe Mel Gibson knew what he was talking about after all?)

It was the Jews who literally created the so-called “Holocaust” fiction and blackmail scheme out of thin air following WW II, making it into a virtual religion that has enabled them to steal billions of dollars from Germany, other European countries, and the U.S. Yes, that same “holocaust hoax” characterized by the “Diary of Anne Frank” fraud and all the other bogus stories of Jewish WW II experiences (including some of Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel’s rantings and ravings), and that spawned the never-ending brainwashing of our children via holocaust indoctrination, museums, educational (propaganda) programs, movies and T.V. shows, and the like.

It is the Jews that have worked so hard to degrade and destroy the European American culture of our country via their liberalism and political correctness; their “loosing” the Negroes and mestizos on us; their promotion of diversity and multi-culturalism and cultural negrification; and their bogus influence on academia in the areas of so-called cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology. They have even been responsible for instigating conflict between our men and women and between parents and children via radical feminism and such sick cultural influences as premature sexualization of our little girls, fomenting negrification and social/cultural rebelliousness in our sons, and the promotion and sales to our children of animalistic and antisocial rap and hip-hop so-called “music” (mostly performed by Negroes). It is primarily influential Jews in the entertainment industry and other media that have pushed for acceptance of promiscuousness, homosexuality, and race-mixing and that have fostered the pervasive usage of gratuitous sex, “soft porn,” scatological humor, and other degradations of our popular culture in their entertainment productions.

It is the Jews who have virtually taken over our social discourse, political activity, and actual governance by their vastly disproportionate control of the media (T.V., movies, book publishing, the press); their lobbying and control of political contributions; and their tribal nepotism and other in-group networking and favoritism in hiring, promoting, and otherwise enhancing the careers of fellow Jews.

It is the Jews who have, probably more than any other group, relentlessly spied on the more secret and sensitive parts of our military and national security establishments.

It has been predominately Jews who have done so much to destroy our country financially, starting with the creation of the so-called Federal Reserve back in 1913, and especially in more recent years from the Boesky and Milken escapades (crimes) of the 1980’s to Bernie Madoff and many others just this past year. (And those are just some of the Jews who got caught -- you would be totally justified in thinking of it as the long-term, ongoing, and recently intensifying Jewish rape of the American wage-earners, taxpayers, investors, and the larger American economy itself.)


Well, there you have it. And keep in mind -- I’ve been talking about American problems. I haven’t even mentioned the problem of the ongoing Muslim invasion of several European countries (Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England for example); and the influx of the ever-destructive Negro and Negroids into Britain (primarily from the Caribbean) and into France and Italy (primarily from North Africa).

Now, can you understand why I started this essay the way I did -- with multiple and severely critical admonishments for the way we Whites have been reacting to (and failing to react to) the racial and Jew-instigated disasters that are descending upon us?

The main thing you have to keep in mind, dear reader, is that the events, situations, and conditions I have described above are true -- if not in every detail, at least basically and substantially true. Recognizing these things and acting appropriately to resist, to defend ourselves, our culture, and our progeny against these terrible forces are natural, good, and healthy reactions. In fact, they are necessary reactions if we hope to survive. After all, we, like any group of people, have a basic human right to our living spaces, our culture, our prosperity, our future -- to our very existence as a people.

Yet, amazingly, it is I and others like me -- racially conscious, Jew-wise, and sincerely caring White American citizens and patriots (generally referred to by the Jewed media and government as racists, haters, bigots, and Nazis or just mean old anti-Semites) -- who are ostracized, vilified, deprived of social status and jobs, and otherwise punished for and prevented from even pointing these critically important matters out to our friends, family, and co-workers.

Which leads me once again to the questions -- what in the hell is the matter with you people? How can it be possible that such a once- strong and successful race of people has become so wrong-headed and weak that they will just sit back and allow themselves and their very own children to be screwed over and to be literally destroyed by their competitors and enemies?

Know this, people -- if you don’t wake up and change your ways of thinking; if you don’t rekindle your racial awareness and pride; and if you don’t resist the destructive machinations of organized Jewry and their “foot soldiers,” the non-White “invasive subspecies” that are so rapidly proliferating in the White homeland nations -- we Whites, the greatest people the world has ever known, will not just be dispossessed and overrun by the darker races. We will be utterly destroyed -- murdered -- genocided out of existence. In just a few more generations our race (our people, our genotype, our progeny, our species) will essentially disappear from the face of the Earth. Is that what you really want to happen?

Friday, September 18, 2009


by Val Koinen
September 18, 2009

Over the past 50 years or so, our (American White people’s) societal situation has gone from bad to very bad to much, much worse.

We, the founders and architects and primary builders of this once-great nation, are now essentially a conquered people in our own land -- limping along and beaten down, if not yet crushed -- mentally, culturally, economically, socially, politically, and in far too many actual cases physically.

How so? Well, for starters, our diverse and beautiful European culture has been all but destroyed -- jewed, negrified, and mexicanized. The foundations of contemporary popular culture -- television, movies, and the print media -- have long since become thoroughly controlled by Jews; and consequently, thoroughly committed to promoting the noble Negro at the expense of Whites, and of truth. And of course that artificially distorted picture, that steady diet of utter nonsense, is constantly being fed to our impressionable children, teenagers, and young adults.

Our resources -- the fruits of our labors -- have been robbed by ever-worsening, racially based (anti-White) wealth redistribution programs, various government giveaways including welfare-statism favoring non-Whites, and by the ubiquitous Jew-instigated and -dominated financial scams.

Costs of health care have skyrocketed and numerous hospitals bankrupted and forced to close largely due to freeloading of blacks and the influx of both quasi-legal and illegal mestizo aliens.

We continue to allow ourselves to be “suckered” into fighting wars for Israel and the Jews and their interests, as opposed to our own -- costing the lives and physical fitness of many thousands of our young men and billions if not trillions of dollars.

Our jobs -- so desperately needed by young White families -- have disproportionately gone to “affirmative action” and other racial-preference hiring of Negroes and mestizos. And of course I’m referring here to just those jobs remaining after the wholesale outsourcing of jobs to third-world countries and giving jobs to imported wage-cutting usurpers from the undeveloped nations.

Our women and children are beaten and raped by non-White savages on a daily basis; and by our weak, non-racially-motivated responses, we allow that pathetic state of affairs to continue month after month, year after year.

Meanwhile, it is a virtual fact that only we Whites are prosecuted for committing “hate crimes” in this country, while the fact is that it is predominantly Negroes and mestizos that commit such crimes, against us Whites.

And it gets even worse -- it is also essentially true that only we Whites are considered (and accused of being) “racists,” whereas the truth is that we generally can’t even be racist enough to defend ourselves against the onslaught of race-based, anti-White crime and while we complacently just accept that constant and illicit condemnation.

Many of our public schools (and along with them our children’s educations) have been utterly ruined by our catering to the influx of barely educable non-Whites -- ruined academically and financially to be sure, but also ruined from the standpoints of the physical atrocities visited upon our children, and the despoliation if not destruction of the buildings, furnishings, equipment, and supplies.

We have abandoned large portions of many of our once-great cities to the ravages of their Negro and mestizo inhabitants. And that has resulted in numerous urban areas that are so dangerous that they are now “no-go” zones for White people.

The above is just a “smattering” of the countless ways in which White people have become overwhelmed, displaced, and dominated by non-Whites in America in recent years. And ways in which we have come to be thoroughly subjugated to the nefarious schemes and plans of organized Jewry.

And there are even more subtle yet extremely telling clues pointing to how bad things have gotten. Just as an example, the news magazine ‘Newsweek’ this past week had the audacity to publish a blatantly and disgustingly anti-White article on racism in infants and children that contained the lament “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being “proud to be white” (while making it clear that it is just wonderful for black children to be taught racial pride).

Need another example of the pathetic contemporary state of European-American affairs? The recently published ninth edition of the secondary-school textbook “A History of Western Society Since 1300” for Advanced Placement has as its cover illustration a portrait by a 17th century Spanish painter of his mulatto servant! Just think about it. A textbook to be used almost exclusively by our kids -- children of the greatest civilizing people in the history of the world -- with a picture on its front cover of a half-black nobody!

It seems that only we Whites are such self-hating, guilt-ridden, deracinated fools these days. Even Negroes, relatively stupid as they are on average, know we are the superior race (*) -- hence their constant quest to mix and mate with us in order to gain the advantages of White genes. (* In most ways to be sure; by most rational standards of human performance and behavior, aside perhaps from sports and some entertainment areas.) In at least one way, however -- and unfortunately for us in a most important way -- we Whites are gullible, weak, and hopelessly deficient: in basic survival instincts and skills. In that critical area it seems even our common sense has succumbed to liberalism, political correctness, feminism, wimpism, wrong-think, idiotic and self-destructive egalitarianism and universal altruism, and all the “diversity is our strength” and “beauty of multiculturalism” nonsense (all of those things carefully crafted and cleverly used by complicit Jews to weaken, dispossess, and destroy White people as a viable racial group).

We have even lost the will to defend ourselves, our families, and our heritage -- even our ability to identify ourselves as a unique and valuable people with unique and legitimate interests, rights, and needs of our own.

And of course, lying beneath all our racial, cultural, and societal problems like some vermin under a rock, is the fact that we allow ourselves to be ruled by Jews via their vastly disproportionate control of media, entertainment, politics and governance, academia, and finance. Even worse than that -- we cower, apologize, live in fear, and allow ourselves and our precious children to be taught lies, to be “brainwashed” into accepting that Jewish agenda of racial destruction (that Jew-perpetrated genocide of the White race). Meekly, we have resigned ourselves to live those lies under the thumb of organized Jewry, our conqueror.

So, where does that leave us and our America?

Well, bad as things are now, desperate as projections and predictions are for the dwindling White majority in America, I just can’t accept that we have become so stupid, complacent, and/or weak that we will not resist at some point (when things get bad enough).

That being the case, it seems to me that Whites will sooner or later start working together to rescue themselves and turn things around via one (or both?) of two approaches. We will wake up and start doing the things we have to do in order to turn things around in well-thought-out, measured, fair, and equitable ways -- legally and politically, starting with a renewal of intelligent and correct ways of thinking and voting that are independent of Jewish propaganda and influence. Or (and?), we will start demonstrating that we still have the strength, the will, and the guts to reclaim our destiny by utilizing harsher but likely more effective methods -- methods proven effective in the past -- methods that could once again, figuratively speaking, involve the use of hoods, rope, torches, and pitchforks (or in actuality, more modern and sophisticated methods and weaponry).

In the latter case, I truly fear for the non-White usurpers and marauders that have been trying so hard for so many years to take advantage of our people’s collective “Mr. Nice Guy” persona. But in that event I especially fear for the complicit Jews who have worked so long and hard to destroy us.

A prediction: If it comes to that kind of resistance -- that kind of a belated fight for survival and redemption -- I’m afraid they will, once again (and ironically for the very same reasons as have prevailed throughout history), suffer mightily.

Sunday, July 5, 2009



by Val Koinen
July 5, 2009

Oh sure, at the very first, after the November election and back in January, you might have been excused for thinking of it as just a drizzle of ominous news items; kind of like the leading edge of a creeping fog of bad news foretelling the further weakening of White racial interests in America. Mere hints of the further dispossession of our people, and of the further emasculation of White males in particular, as residual effects of the despicably treasonous Bush era and new transgressions coming from the “mulatto messiah” Barack Hussein Obama and his crew.

But it shouldn’t have taken long for even the most gullible among us to begin seeing the unmistakable signs of the approaching downpour -- the veritable flood of dire news -- the impending tsunami that is now overtaking us White people in America.

Have you noticed? Have they got your attention? Do you feel it, White man? Like a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? If not, then I just have to ask -- at what point will you stop thinking of these ongoing and accelerating events as normal “change,” and start seeing the situation for what it really is -- an overwhelming, overpowering onslaught of anti-White appointments, laws, executive actions, judicial decisions, Negro empowerment and promotion, Jewish financial shenanigans, and the alarmingly prevalent inadequate punishment of Jewish and non-White crime?

Soon, I fear, we Whites will be experiencing much more than a metaphorical “slap in the face.” Even now, it is beginning to feel more like a “knock upside the head.” And very soon, most likely, a “ sledgehammer 'twixt the eyes.”

Can you say “falling curtain?” How about “end game?”

It has now been just six months since our “halfrican” POTUS Obama; the anti-White racist, affirmative-action lawyer of minimal experience and accomplishment, the Marxist “community organizer” with virtually no real-world experience doing anything in the managerial/business world, the (partial) one-term senator of similar minimal accomplishment, the very likely legally unqualified non-U.S. citizen of Kenyan birth, the possibly bi-sexual, self-acknowledged past drug user; took the reins of power alongside his Democratically controlled Congress. And just look at the onslaught of anti-
American, anti-White, and pro-non-White events that have already transpired (just those I have noticed from a casual reading of newspapers and Internet news sites, and watching television news, over these past few months):

He virtually filled his Cabinet with socialists, women, non-Whites, and Jews.

Obama and his Cabinet have likely appointed an unprecedented number of Jews and other minorities to key administrative positions (40 percent or more?).

He appointed a notoriously politically biased and therefore unqualified Negro, Eric Holder, as Attorney General (the first in our nation’s history).

He selected an American/Israeli dual-citizen, dual-interest (capitalistic investment-banker wheeler-dealer and distribute-the-wealth socialist) Jewish political hack as his Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanuel) (or rather, I suppose, the Jews selected Mr. Emanuel).

After many years (of inexplicable prosecutorial delay) (wonder why?), the Jewish spy Ben-Ami Kadish, who operated contemporaneously with another infamous Jew spy (Jonathan Pollard) back in the 1980s, finally pleaded guilty to spying for Israel but is not given any jail time whatsoever (just a $50,000. fine). (It pays to have connections, doesn‘t it?)

Larry Franklin, the gentile government worker convicted in the AIPAC espionage case, has had his 12-year prison sentence sharply reduced and will no doubt soon “walk” with just 10-months of “community confinement” and probation. (Well at least it’s nice to see a White man benefit from our thoroughly Jewed system once in awhile.)

Meanwhile, the two AIPAC Jews involved with Franklin in the same espionage case (Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman) were never even prosecuted, even though their complicity if not their guilt seemed all but certain to most honest and rational observers who followed the case (go figure).

Since taking office Obama and his Democratic Congress have proceeded with a program of bankrupting America via his manymulti-billion-dollar bail-out schemes. And it’s not just the ill-advised magnitude of the bail-outs themselves; it must be noted that these vast amounts of taxpayers’ money have gone substantially, if I may put it gently, to “ease the pain” (enhance the lives) of numerous thieving, oftentimes Jewish, bankers and financial manipulators.

“Helicopter Ben” Bernanke, the Jew Chairman of the thieving, criminal, so-called Federal Reserve Bank, goes into overdrive; contributing to the impending bankruptcy of America and in fact most likely instigating the soon-to-manifest-itself hyperinflation, by printing money non-stop.

Congress votes to include ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), the New Orleans headquartered criminal, anti-White American, liberal/Marxist, community action/organizer and notorious voter-fraud group in its bail-out “stimulus” largess; potentially to the tune of more than $140 million (some say as much as $8 billion) in grants (they have already received about $53 million). Now, we’re talking real American taxpayer money being thrown at an organization accused of criminal activities and holding communistic ideologies! (It is said by some that Obama has the dubious distinction of both working for and employing ACORN.)

Obama and his co-conspirators have engineered and instigated partial government take-overs of mortgage and financial firms, banks, brokerages, and automobile manufacturers -- a virtual socialization of substantial portions of major segments of American big business.

Obama appointed the first Negro, Charles Bolden, to be the new Administrator of NASA. Bolden is experienced, apparently qualified, and might well have been a good enough choice for the job. Still, there can be little doubt, considering all the superbly qualified Whites available for the job, that Obama’s primary consideration was to elevate yet another Negro to national prominence.

Obama has pledged to give $73 million to the crooked despots in Zimbabwe; the failed, bankrupt, savage, renegade, rabidly anti-White Negro-run mess of a country in Africa (the once proud and prosperous White-ruled Rhodesia).

No doubt in an ill-advised effort to compete with the Democrats’ electing our first halfrican president, the Republicans have elected an anti-White-establishment Negro (Michael Steele) as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

In April, Steve Bierfeldt, Treasurer of the Ron Paul affiliated Campaign for Liberty, was apparently illegally detained and harassed for simply carrying a substantial amount of cash and campaign material through a St. Louis airport security checkpoint (no laws were violated). The ACLU has since filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Bierfeldt.

In late May, the Department of Justice (under A.G. Eric Holder -- see above) abruptly and inexplicably dismissed charges of voter intimidation filed earlier against three “Black Panther” members, in spite of the strong and clear evidence, including eyewitness testimony, which had resulted in the charges being brought in the first place. (Or, maybe not so “inexplicably” -- could be the charges were dropped because the Negro defendants refused to show up for scheduled hearings? Sounds good to me.)

Also about the end of May, the news broke that the Obama administration had approached the Cuban government to reopen negotiations on immigration of Cubans to the U.S. Discussions along those lines had been halted by Bush back in 2004. Cuba accepted the overture, responding “favorably” to the proposal. (It seems Mr. Obama will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to bring more non-Whites into our country.)

Guideline memoranda and training materials of the Missouri State Police and the U.S. Department of Defense have come to light in the past couple months that make a connection between, respectively, Ron Paul supporters and “militia;” and (First Amendment protected) public protest activity and “low level terrorism.” (The Missouri guidelines have since been rescinded.) Scary stuff, but just additional indications of the thinking of our government agencies relative to political dissent in America these days.

Obama recognizes, issues a proclamation, promotes, and makes a big public spectacle of “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month” (June); at which he promises to get rid of laws, regulations, and procedures we had earlier put in place to protect our society from the depravations and special-favor rabble-rousing of the queers.

Obama nominates a woman of Puerto Rican descent, Sonia Sotomayor, to the Supreme Court -- she being a La Raza associate, a vociferous “Hispanic” advocate and activist, an anti-White racist, an affirmative-action lawyer and judge, and a self-acknowledged lousy writer.

Negro Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman, after promising to investigate purported wrongdoing on the part of ACORN (the
criminal, socialist, and anti-White community political organizing group), on June 24 says “the powers that be decided against it.” (Wonder who those “powers” might be?)

More TNB (Typical Negro Behavior) -- Conyers’ wife, Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, recently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of accepting a bribe, which charge carried a penalty of up to five years in prison. But (surprise, surprise!), it has been reported that she is expected to ask the judge to impose a sentence involving no prison time (a mere “slap on the wrist”).

On or about June 26, five of the so-called “Jena-Six” Negro thugs who brutally beat and kicked a White boy in a Jena, Louisiana schoolyard incident and were initially charged with attempted murder, were allowed to plead to misdemeanor simple battery and got just the usual “slap on the wrist” of seven weeks probation and a $500. fine. The probable reason for that change: the establishment’s trembling fear caused by the Negroes’ staging large protest demonstrations organized by the likes of the notorious liar, race-baiter, and hoaxer Al Sharpton.

An article on June 27 given extensive play in the national jewmedia discloses that Paul Thornell, a Citigroup lobbyist and former aide to Al Gore and Tom Daschle, says that Capitol Hill is “too White” (needs more diversity; needs more blacks and other minorities in congressional staff positions, especially in the upper echelons).

As of July 1 the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress continue to push for (and the House passes) an energy (“climate”) bill that plays into the hands of the fraudulent “global warming” crowd and will severely punish American businesses, impose unrealistic standards, vastly grow the bureaucracy, and cost individual American middle-class taxpayers thousands of dollars over the next few years.

As of July 1 the Obama administration and Democratic Congress continue to push for so-called healthcare legislation that, among other things, has as one of its primary goals enabling illegal immigrants to get free nationalized, universal health care. In fact, that legislation is being actively promoted by the anti-White racist La Raza organization which is cautioning its proponents to be careful of the language they use because they acknowledge that the mainstream American electorate (Whites) would not stand for the effects of this legislation if they knew about it.

Day-in and day-out the jewmedia continue to hammer us with their vastly overrepresented and ever increasing presence of Negroes, mulattos, mestizos, and Jews whenever we turn on the TV, go to a movie, or look at a print ad. Just think of the message this sends to our impressionable children -- that there is no such thing as a White society, or White friendships or other associations or accomplishments; that Whites almost never do things without being accompanied by (usually directed, corrected, or supervised by) blacks and other people of color. (You don’t suppose that is the intended message, do you? You don’t suppose the Jews that control those media venues have anything to do with it, do you?)

Toward the end of June and into July, the Jew-controlled MSM (mainstream media) (jewnews, or jewmedia) have played up the Michael Jackson death story unmercifully, without letup, in a blatant attempt to “glorify” that Negro weirdo (as if we didn’t have anything better to be thinking about than the no-doubt drug-related death of that freakish performer, that white-boy [or -girl?] wannabe, that pervert). And then, on June 26 and at the behest of the Congressional Black Caucus, the House of Representatives of the United States of America observed a moment of silence to mourn the passing of this pathetic little queer pedophile! (Oh, by the way -- he was a savvy and talented entertainer at one time, and there are indications that he was Jew-wise.)

No, not all of these things are directly attributable to the Obama administration. And they aren’t all devastating to our people for strictly racial reasons. But in my opinion they are all part and parcel of the rapidly deteriorating situation for all patriotic American citizens and taxpayers, and especially Whites, that is increasingly evident since he took office. They are seriously disturbing issues now, and they portend an even worse future.

And yes, I’m sure I have omitted many other relevant examples of issues and events that have come to light over the past six months and which will contribute to the disastrous fate rapidly descending upon White America. Feel free to add to your own list!

In thinking back over the time since the November, 2008 election, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “how the hell could we have possibly elected this guy?” Well, tragic as it is turning out to be for us Whites, it is certainly understandable. Try to remember, if you will -- McCain the candidate was pretty much a Bush clone, or worse, with regard to his warmongering for the Jews. And Americans had (finally) wised up to Bush’s lying, phony reasons for initiating his wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Also, McCain was even worse than Bush on the issue of amnesty for the tens of millions of known illegal-alien mestizos that have poured across our southern border these past few years.

Some people refused to vote for either the totally unqualified Obama or the philosemitic race-traitor McCain, so they voted for third-party candidates that had no chance of winning. Some just didn’t vote for President (not being willing to vote for the “evil of two lessers” as the “lesser of two evils”). But many people, quite understandably, took the position that it wasn’t smart to just “throw your vote away” by voting for a loser or abstaining. And even many Republicans just couldn’t stand voting for McCain. Hence, the election of our first (part) Negro, Barack Hussein Obama.

But people weren’t paying attention way back during the primary campaigns that preceded the election. Clearly, very few people seemed to realize the heights of insanity and the depths of depravity to which our (White Americans’) dispossession had already brought us -- our utter failure to recognize and do something about the effects of Jewish brainwashing of America’s White population; the dire consequences of the Jewish orchestrated Negro “takeover” and opening our borders to the mestizo flood; the results of our failing to face up to the truth and to teach the truth to our children; our utter failure as a people to do something to protect our interests and to prevent our continued dispossession.

As a result we, the descendants of the White, European founders and of all those who explored, conquered, and built this nation, are now essentially and increasingly ruled by Jews, Negroes and other assorted non-Whites, radical feminists, and Marxists (communists or at the very least socialists).

We have already allowed ourselves to be literally kicked out of large segments of most of our largest cities. Now we are seeing our social, political, and governmental institutions, and our culture, destroyed by the Jew-contrived Negro empowerment, the mestizo flood, and Jewish “ways” and Jew-instigated edicts (our impending “jewtopia“).

We have watched our public education system be brought down from just about the best in the world to one of the most mediocre (if not one of the worst), primarily due to the ever-growing presence of non-Whites. Our children are routinely “dumbed down” by teachers, course content, and textbooks. We can’t teach our kids about the glorious and heroic history of their ancestors, but we pump their heads full of politically-correct nonsense about all the great, wonderful Negroes.

As natural organisms, I should think our behavior is unprecedented -- not only don’t we defend our interests and ourselves, we collaborate in (and often pay for) our own racial genocide (thus, actually and in part, our own racial suicide).

Day after day we just sit here like the “fool hen” and “take” whatever is thrown at us -- quietly accepting, with little or no recognition or defensive response whatever -- all the deadly doses of anti-White, politically correct double standards, media brainwashing, school-system treason, and government action. Like the proverbial frog in the gradually heated pot. And what’s worse, and as stated above -- we’ve come to (sunk to) the point where we can’t even teach our own children, at home let alone in our schools, the truth about all these critically important matters.

In fact, we Whites have become so fearful of the other, minority races, the all-powerful Jews, and the politically-correct constraints on free speech and spreading the truth that, as just one example, many Republicans in Congress are afraid even to criticize Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor’s anti-White racism as we head into her confirmation hearings lest the “Hispanic” voters will abandon the G.O.P. (Just pathetic -- it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.)

I think it is important that we keep this accounting of recent events and glimpse of the future in perspective -- that we remember that all these things are happening while White people still comprise a strong majority -- something like 65 percent or more -- of Americans. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

In any case, now that we have taken notice of all the things being done to destroy the America we once knew and cherished, we can better imagine what things will be like in about 40 years when we White Americans of European extraction will most likely comprise less than fifty percent of the population (keeping in mind that right now, school-aged children are nearly 50 percent non-White).

Do you really think these kinds of anti-White, colored preference, feminist, homosexually privileged, “politically correct,” and culturally depraved occurrences, and Jewish instigated governmental tramplings of our constitutional rights, are likely to diminish?


Unless we can somehow manage to take control of the situation, take our country back, and turn these worsening situations around, we Whites (and especially our progeny) are in for a very rough ride enroute to our oblivion.

Friday, June 26, 2009


by Val Koinen
June 26, 2009

We White peoples of the world had a chance at healthy, natural evolution and advancement of our culture and our societies ("Western Civilization"), but we "blew it." We are, at the beginning of the 21st century, being dispossessed in our homelands, culturally, socially, and politically -- overwhelmed by the darker masses and their alien and oftentimes more primitive and savage cultures. Worse than that, we are quietly but steadily committing racial suicide and being "genocided" out of existence.

How could that be? What went wrong?

Well, here, in my view and mainly with reference to America but with some applicability to other White nations such as those in Europe (including Russia), Canada, and Australia/New Zealand, are 13 of the most damaging things that went awry:

(1) We let Gentile-hating, anti-White Jews (Zionists, neoconservatives, International Jews, organized Jewry -- the "complicit Jews") live in our society and let them hold positions of influence. We allowed them to ply all their nefarious and destructive "trades" -- their academic, governmental, financial, and media influences, manipulations, and control; cultural destruction, warmongering, historical distortions, etc. We let them work from within our very own society to destroy us -- witness, for example, their successful efforts to "loose" the Negroes on White American society; their working in so many ways to degrade our popular culture; their role in the ruination of our economy (ever since the formation of their "Federal Reserve Bank" back in 1913 and right up to their involvement in the recent and ongoing economic collapse); their successful efforts to flood our country with non-White immigrants both legal and illegal; and their indoctrination of our people (and especially our children) with lies about the Second World War, the so-called "Holocaust," and the Germanic peoples.

(2) We let Negroes -- essentially an alien, culturally incompatible race (subspecies)-- participate far too much in our White society by way of such things as: so-called "civil rights" and desegregation in general; integrated education and housing; voting and holding public office; race-based preferences such as "affirmative action" and disproportionate government employment; excessive financial support via welfare and food stamps; race-mixing and miscegenation; and degradation (pollution) of our culture (and especially, their "negrifying" our children's culture).

(3) Allowing massive, predominately Jew-instigated non-White immigration; and especially, quasi-legal and illegal immigration of mestizos (mostly from Mexico) and so-called "birthright citizenship" of their offspring born in this country. And then, as with the Negroes, letting them burden our society with the costs of education, welfare, healthcare, crime control, and filling up our prisons.

(4) Loss of White racial awareness, identity, and pride (racial "consciousness") (while sanctioning and even promoting those things in non-White racial groups). Letting our people become almost completely "deracinated," and letting them forget that not only does race matter, but that our White race is everything. And most importantly, at some point we stopped teaching the truth about these crucial racial matters to our children.

(5) Increasingly through the past hundred years or so, we White men have allowed ourselves to succumb more and more to such negative traits as gullibility (to the point of stupidity), duplicity and untruthfulness, immaturity and irresponsibility, greed, corruption, being dishonorable, and lacking in ethics and morality. All too often we have mistreated our women and failed to do right by our families. And we have repeatedly let ourselves be duped by the Jews into fighting internecine and fratricidal wars; and more recently, mid-Eastern wars fought primarily for Jewish/Israeli interests. (This points up a very important issue -- if we have any hopes of salvaging our situation, one of the first steps will have to be to "clean up our own act.")

(6) We abandoned the paternally-ordered society; letting women, who tend to be softer and weaker, more nurturing and charitable to the undeserving, and unrealistically "rose-colored-glasses" optimistic in their social and political outlook than men; participate excessively in our governance. We let what was once a "man's world" become thoroughly feminized, which has led in turn to misguided and deadly liberalism and "political correctness;" role conflicts between men and women (husbands and wives, fathers and mothers); and our society's more readily succumbing to Jewish social and political influences.

(7) Allowing intellectual missteps to gain favor (popularity), and to be taught to our people and to grow in our people's minds, leading to errant (even deviant) behavior and destructive (even deadly) policy formulation -- such things as: liberalism, political correctness, Jewish radical feminism, "wimpism," universal altruism, egalitarianism, Jewish social anthropology, Jewish Freudian psychology, etc.

(8) Accepting and even welcoming social degeneracy and deviances under the guise of "personal freedom and lifestyle choice" -- such things as homosexuality, pornography, rampant immorality and promiscuity, and other socially unhealthy behaviors.

(9) On "humanitarian" grounds and since the early-mid 20th century, we have been guilty of a persistent and stubborn unwillingness to improve the genetic, mental, and physical characteristics of society via a scientifically designed and directed program of humane and benevolent eugenics.

(10) An inexcusable willingness to ignore and/or circumvent the truth, and even to routinely and deliberately employ out-and-out lies; in personal relationships, educating our young, business dealings, the news media, entertainment venues, and government.

(11) Letting so many harmful elements (people) in our society have virtually unrestricted and uncontrolled access to our most potent media venues; and worse, allowing our acknowledged enemies to teach our children the wrong things such as: anti-White (and especially anti-White male) propaganda ("White guilt"), historical and political and other non-truths (lies), racial weakness, radical feminism, negrified culture, etc.

(12) Letting religious, "priestly-class" con-artists influence our people's thinking in irrational and delusional ways leading to such things as: marching for Negro "equality" and "civil rights," bowing down before Jews as the "chosen people," fighting Jewish wars in the mid-East in keeping with biblical "adult fairy-tales" of the Rapture and Armageddon, and importing Somalians and other African Negroes into White communities by the thousands.

(13) In recent decades, we have inculcated an immature, "spoiled-brat" culture of entitlement; putting too much emphasis on play vs. work and luxury and ease vs. toil and rigorousness; glorification of sports "heroes" and entertainment celebrities ("stars"); becoming "fans" (i.e. fanatics) of spectator sports, oftentimes obscene or otherwise degenerate entertainers, and TV shows; and excessive, immature, unaffordable, and self-indulgent consumerism.

Am I suggesting that if we had done things differently (without making these missteps) our White society would be perfect, and without problems and conflicts? No, of course not. But we would probably be far better off than we are now, and we would likely not be on the verge of bankruptcy and being genocided out of existence as a people as is now the case.

So then, you might be wondering -- what’s my point? Just sniveling over things not being quite the way I would like them to be, or crying over spilt milk? Even if you are thinking some or all of these things just might be true, isn’t it too late to do anything about it? Well no, it’s not, actually -- we Whites will still comprise a strong majority in America for a few more short years.

The first things each of us need to do is learn all we can about these matters and strive to think and live our lives as proud and honorable (and unapologetic) members of our White race. Then, all that remains is to convince a few more dedicated White kinsmen that fighting for what is good for our people is a smart, natural, righteous, and critically necessary thing. We just need to:

- Awaken them -- make them aware of the dire situation we are in; of the truth.
- Convince them that it matters -- that the way things are now and the way things are headed are just plain wrong, and that it is a good thing for us to want to protect our interests, for the sake of our race and our progeny.
- Talk to our friends, families, and neighbors; write letters-to-the-editor; work to put forward and elect racially conscious candidates for public office at all levels; and always vote for candidates and issues that are good for White people. More than that -- we need to organize, and we need to counter the Jew-controlled "mainstream media" with unrelenting, massive, and continuous "broadcasting" of our knowledge and positions via literature distributions, mailings, the Internet, radio call-in commentary, testimony at school-board meetings, etc., etc.
- In short, do whatever we can, at every opportunity, to begin correcting these problems (and others) so far as we can, in any small way we can.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have had several readers inquire recently re: my 'profile' (not posted on the blog) -- some background information. This response (edited) to a comment ("Where are you getting your facts?") regarding my November 2008 essay "Negroes, Race Mixing, and Truth vs. Propaganda" should suffice:

Raed: I don't view the 'comments' feature of this blog as a forum, and normally wouldn't be inclined to respond to a question. But I will this time, as answering your question provides me with the opportunity to enlighten you and others. Because you have asked a general question rather than questioning my data source for any specific item in the piece, a good generalized answer might be "the real world." But I will try to answer your question with a little more specificity. Where do I get my facts?

Well, they are derived from: 55 adult years of observations and life experiences (several years of which spent in majority-Negro neighborhoods and substantially-Negro schools). My physical senses--sight, hearing, smell. My average or better mental capacities, cognizance, and reasoning abilities. Formal education through M.S. degree. Residential and work experiences in cities and towns with large Negro populations. Books, incl. academic works, pertaining to particular subjects and issues--science, history, biology, anthropology, philosophy, etc. Other pertinent reading and research (reports, essays). Government data bases, incl. crime statistics. News media of all kinds (newspapers, magazines, TV; from mainstream through alternate). Various Internet data sources (some more reliable than others). Travels to every state in the union and most of our larger cities (incl. Detroit, E. St. Louis, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, El Paso, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Wash. D.C., etc.); and to every continent except Antarctica (incl. to Africa and the Caribbean where, f.y.i., there are lots of Negroes). Conversations with all kinds of people. Exposure over the years to contemporary so-called 'entertainment' and 'popular culture' of all kinds. An uncompromising dedication to sorting out the truth, recognizing reality, and using my common sense.

And, generalizing from the informative facts given in the essay, what has all that observation and data-gathering taught me about Negroes? That there are just no valid and rational reasons we people of European descent--we, the people of Western Civilization--should think it is a good thing for us to mix, or integrate our society, culture, governance, or genes with those of the Negro (no matter what the Jews, politically- correct liberals, and anti-White-racialists tell you).
March 23, 2009 10:57 AM

Friday, May 22, 2009


by Val Koinen
May 22, 2009

Even after being awakened to the peril we White people of European descent are facing in today’s America (and in other White nations worldwide for that matter), many of our people seem to have some difficulty explaining and/or defending their enlightened racialist positions to others -- especially to their friends, family, and co-workers. They have a hard time countering accusations that they are simply (and unjustifiably) being haters, bigots, and anti-semites.

Essentially, the problems center around declaring one’s self as:

- being a racialist (having 'racist' views and opinions).
- being a ‘White Nationalist.’
- rejecting and resisting all the 'diversity,' multiculturalism, and 'pluralistic society' nonsense being foisted upon us these days (including, such false mantras as "diversity is our strength," "celebrating diversity," etc.).
- rejecting and resisting racial integration, and especially race-mixing and miscegenation.
- rejecting and resisting non-White immigration (both quasi-legal and illegal); and our people's cultural, social, political, and genetic dispossession and forthcoming eradication.
- advocating freedom of association (and non-association).

What we Whites need to keep uppermost in our minds at all times is the fact that all these ‘politically correct’ anti-White ideas, movements, positions, and laws to which we are forced to object, and which we rightfully reject to the extent we can; are unnatural, harmful to our people both individually and as a group, and are artificially being imposed upon us -- as hostile political acts; essentially acts of anti-White social warfare and attempted genocide.

So, in view of the above, when you are asked what basis, or ‘right’ you have to take the politically incorrect positions you do, you can at least start to enlighten the questioner by pointing to the following five true and verifiable, basic and fundamental, underlying reasons for your racialist views:

(1) Diversity is our demise. Virtually all the social, political, educational, and forced-by-law efforts at integration and race-mixing in America are culturally and genetically destructive to White people, and are diametrically opposed to our natural and legitimate racial interests and our racial evolution -- the right to be us; our natural right for our genotype to survive and prosper. In fact, such actions are essentially a deadly poison being administered to us as a people.

(2) Discrimination gives beauty and ‘specialness’ to life. Racial ‘discrimination,’ far from being an evil, wrong-headed characteristic of White people, is in fact (and to the contrary) a number of other natural, positive, and healthful things. Discrimination is simply making a distinction; being discerning and judicious. It is a sign of intelligence, mental keenness and advancement, sophistication, learning from experience and history, enlightenment, and good taste. It is (or should be) nothing less than a fundamental right which includes the freedom of association and non-association. You can remind your antagonist that intelligent people quite properly ‘discriminate’ with regard to all kinds of things -- the style of clothes they wear, the food they prefer to eat, the types of wine they prefer with certain foods, the music they listen to, the friends they choose (and that they would prefer to help choose for their children), the breed of dog they own, places they would rather go on a vacation, the make and model of car they buy, and on and on ad infinitum. And discriminating in favor of some things just naturally requires that we discriminate against others. The question should not be "why would you want to discriminate against non-Whites in your socializing and living arrangements, and in mating (of yourself and your children)?" but rather; "how could you conceivably not be ‘discriminating’ in those important matters?"

(3) It’s a matter of self-defense. We White people have (or should have) every natural and legal right to do virtually anything and everything to ensure and protect the safety and security of ourselves and our families -- including our economic and physical wellbeing and our survival. And the fact of the matter is that race-mixing (resulting in large part from so much ‘diversity‘) in America leads to significantly --nay, substantially -- higher rates of serious crime committed against us by non-Whites. And to such things as civic disorder, pestilence, and disease. And to our impoverishment, and to the impaired education of our own children by way of their being ‘dumbed down’ and lied to by their teachers and in their textbooks, and also as a result of such things as non-White racial preferences, ‘affirmative action,’ and a disproportionate amount of our money being spent in a largely futile effort to educate non-White children.

(4) Of suffering and slavery. No, it is not ‘O.K.’ to hurt our people so as to help non-Whites. What the advocates of integration and race-mixing are saying, in effect, is that we Whites just have to ‘take’ (accept and pay for) so much of this politically-correct nonsense -- crime directed against us, dumbing-down of our kids in schools, teaching our kids lies, outbreaks of third-world diseases, social costs paid mostly by us to benefit non-Whites and therefore robbing us of resources that could be spent on our families and our children, dispossession (genocide) of our people, etc. -- so the non-Whites can have a "better chance" and can "feel better about themselves." They say we should be slaves to a system that panders to the blacks and mestizos. But that is patently absurd; it is just plain ridiculous. It is communistic, and it is unconstitutional.

(5) It’s the Jews, stupid! And underlying all of this is the fact that all this integration, race-mixing, mandated ‘non-discrimination,’ diversity, multiculturalism, cultural destruction, and social/political dispossession nonsense did not just happen by accident, or develop naturally. I am convinced it has been and is part and parcel of an on-going, deliberate, calculated, premeditated, well orchestrated program concocted and carried out over many years by organized Jewry. Maybe not actively and knowingly pursued by all Jews, but involving many if not most Jews; i.e., "complicit" Jews. And that it is conspirational, and criminal in the darkest sense of the word. It is tantamount, in my view, to a genocidal war directed against White Americans of European descent and ethnicity.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


by Val Koinen
May 2, 2009

Well, the results are in. And they could hardly be more clear. And they aren’t pretty. The brave new world of multiculturalism, racial integration and race-mixing, philosemitism, and political correctness has failed. Failed utterly; failed absolutely; at least in all but its most trivial aspects.

Of course, we White Nationalists knew all along that it wasn’t really just a social experiment -- that it was much more than that. That it was actually a form of racial, social, and cultural warfare directed at White Americans by the Jews and their minions (blacks, mestizos, greedy businessmen, unscrupulous politicians, liberals, socialists, and the like). The purpose of which has been to put us “goyim” (cattle, to the Jews) in our place -- subservience to the “chosen” (or rather, to the “self chosen”). To finally and completely dispossess us Whites in our own country; to destroy us as a people.

But for the sake of this discussion, let’s try to forget that. Let’s look at it as though it was just a well-intentioned social experiment.

Just open up your eyes and your minds, and look at the results over the past 60 years or so…

There’s no beautiful, shining, “city on the hill;” and ever fewer beautiful, peaceful neighborhoods. Instead, what we got was the run-down, junk- and garbage-filled “hoods” and the “no-go” areas of Detroit, East St. Louis, and Los Angeles; and hundreds of other filthy and lawless slums all over the country. The gangs, shootings and other crimes, drugs, needles, and prostitution. The deteriorating houses, buildings, infrastructure, and property values.

There’s no beautiful, ever-advancing culture. What we got instead was filth, degeneracy, inane silliness, celebrity worship, animalistic Negro “rap,” pornography, Jewish scatological humor, and premature sexualization of our children. And ebonics.

There are no (or damned few) schools full of bright, well educated, ever-enlightened children and college students. What we see now are more and more dumbed-down White kids, in-school and on-schoolyard crimes against our children, multi-lingual costs and problems, rising costs and sinking test scores, and White students discriminated against by “affirmative action” and other racial preferences targeted on blacks and mestizos.

There are fewer and fewer happy, healthy families in America. They have largely been replaced by rampant infidelity, divorce, queer “marriages,” illegitimate children and fatherless families, rebellious and out-of-control kids with little respect for their parents and their elders, a “negrified” generation of White children, drug use and AIDS, promiscuity, pedophilia, feminism, abortions, and low White birthrates (at least within families).

We have yet to see the peaceful, cooperative, blissful, “diverse” society we were promised. But we have seen race riots, and the never-ending “secret, dirty war” of black-on-White and mestizo-on-White crime, including the rampant torture, rape, beatings, and killing of our children by “people of color.”

There has been no economic utopia. In its place we are just now experiencing the “fullness” of the developing (substantially Jewish instigated) economic disaster that has befallen our society -- inflation, recession, depression, unemployment, theft of billions of investment dollars and billions more of tax dollars used to bail out the culprits. Financial ruin, lost retirement savings, lost homes, lost inheritances. Saddling our future White generations -- our children, grandchildren, and beyond -- who will always be the most productive segment of American society -- with unbearable debt.

No longer do we have a wise, just, and steadfast government. Instead, we have been given a Jew-run country (via their grossly disproportionate control of media, lobbying, and financial influence on elections and our elected representatives). A government that openly and constantly discriminates against White people of European extraction and their interests, takes our money to benefit non-Whites (socialistic redistribution of wealth), and that has taken our freedom of association (and non-association) and is even now working to take from us our freedom of speech, and yes, of thought.

So, what do you think should be done about this sorry state of affairs? Should we force even more race-mixing and (non-White) race-based preferences on our people? Give illegal aliens a “path to citizenship”? Support the Jew media moguls in their efforts to glorify members of the darker races in our popular culture (news, entertainment, and sports venues) and teach our children that is the way things are supposed to be? Spend even more of our hard-earned money on welfare and free health care for non-Whites; and on futile attempts to educate them to White standards? Continue to waste additional billions of dollars and tens of thousands of our young people’s lives on wars fought for Israel and the Jews?

Or should we finally, before it is too late (if it isn’t already); take a fresh, hard look at the situation and the problems, and start working on some solutions that will work? Solutions that are true to our White, European heritage; that are true to our ancestors and all their achievements and sacrifices, to our own people, and to our progeny?

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I personally think the latter approach would be the way to go!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


by Val Koinen
April 21, 2009

Some questions (just a few of many that could be asked) directed at White Americans -- my kinsmen of European descent: Just tell me, "since when" ...

Since when is it a naturally good thing for our people to forget their own racial identity (or, more accurately, to allow one's self and one's children to be brainwashed into denying that identity) -- especially considering that Whites are the only racial group who are told to do that?

Since when is it normal for any living organism to work toward and collaborate in, or even to allow, its own demise (to aid and abet its own genocide as orchestrated by a hostile group of "others")?

Since when is it a good and wise thing for a people to ignore, or even help promote, their own dispossession from their cities and nations -- their homelands?

Since when should a great people such as we White Americans of European descent allow a hostile minority group such as the Jews* to work to impose massive legal and illegal immigration of non-Whites on our country; and to push for integration and race-mixing with people of color who are mentally, physically and culturally so different; especially when in their "homeland" (their Jewish state of Israel) they practice strict ethnic separation and harsh control over (and discrimination against) non-Jews (their unique brand of "apartheid")?

Since when is it wrong to teach one's offspring about the glorious history, discoveries, and many accomplishments of one's own people, and how they are the people who built Western Civilization -- and since when is it right, instead, to "glorify" the (oftentimes exaggerated and even falsified) history and supposed accomplishments of other racial groups?

Since when is it a smart and proper thing to teach one's daughter that it is alright for her to copulate with a Negro or mestizo and thereby produce progeny that are not "like" her and her family (don't have the same appearance, genetic make-up, intelligence, and behavioral dispositions); thus debasing and effectively terminating hundreds of thousands of years of her own people's racial development and progression (evolution)?

Since when is it a smart thing to ignore, or refuse to learn, the truth about the hugely disproportionate and horrific criminality of non-Whites -- and especially their serious and even lethal crimes perpetrated upon Whites?

Since when does an intelligent and rational being listen to, and accept, obvious and demonstrable untruths (lies) about such things as racial equality and the supposed benefits of racial diversity in our once-White neighborhoods (our White societies and nations the world over)?

Since when is it "racist," hateful, and bigoted to be concerned about the welfare of one's own people, and to talk about and work for the benefit of one's own kind? Since when is it acceptable that such negative labels are for all intents and purposes only applied to White people who care about their own group, but almost never to blacks or mestizos who frequently express shockingly hateful anti-White invectives?

Since when is it acceptable for an intensely self-centered, self-promoting, and hostile "outgroup" such as the Jews, comprising as they do just two or three percent of our population, to dominate if not control our news and entertainment media (not to mention their excessive lobbying and financial influence on our governmental policies and affairs)?

Since when is it good for a culturally advanced majority group of people to allow minorities within its society to pollute its own (and especially its children's) popular culture with decadence, filth, animalistic garbage, and blatant disrespect for its own elders, culture, and intellectual capabilities?

Since when does a rational society allow minorities to alter (damage) its own culture and genetic integrity to such a degree that it denies itself the natural right to evolve in its own natural directions?

Since when is it smart and proper for a national majority group such as we Whites in America to allow a tiny minority (such as the Jews) to cause their young men to be sent to fight wars that serve that minority's alien interests as opposed to their own? And to serve the interests of a foreign nation -- Israel -- as opposed to its own national interests?

Since when does a rational people allow a tiny, self-serving and hostile outgroup minority such as the Jews to teach outright lies to its citizens, and once again especially to its children, about something as important as true World War II history (including the so-called "holocaust" lie used to beat down and blackmail all peoples of European descent)?

Since when does a rational majority people allow a hostile minority such as the Jews, or a foreign nation such as Israel, to repeatedly commit serious, national-security-damaging espionage against it, military attacks on its forces, and other criminal acts of "terrorism" against its people and facilities without exacting severe retribution (or in some cases without even mounting an appropriate defense)?

Since when should a group of people, such as we Whites of European descent -- by all standards the best, most successful people the Earth has ever known -- people who have given the world so much by way of cultural and governmental advancements; and scientific, technological, and medical wonders -- allow their own children to be taught to be ashamed of their past, their ancestors, their racial uniqueness, and in essence, who they are?

These are the kinds of thoughts which compel me to proffer this plea to my fellow White American kinfolk -- start saying "no," and "no more," to the politically-correct drivel of race-mixing and racial diversity, our cultural and numerical dispossession in our own nations, and subservience to Jewish self-interests as opposed to our own. Start teaching your children, as our people once did, to be proud of their past, their own people, and of "who they are."

* (Organized Jewry, Zionist and "neocon" Jews, "International Jews," Jewish criminals of the financial world, religious Jewish supremacists, Jewish media magnates and political lobbyists, and all their contributors and supporters; which altogether would probably comprise something like 90% or more of all ethnic and religious Jews.)

Friday, March 27, 2009


by Val Koinen
March 27, 2009

No, this isn’t a confession. I had nothing to do with any of them, other than being alive when they happened.

It’s just that it occurred to me the other day that a surprisingly large number of horrific “crimes against humanity,” and in particular against the people of the mostly White world of “Western Civilization,” have been carried out just during the course of my own lifetime. These are not the typical murders, kidnappings, and celebrity misdeeds of the usual “crimes of the century” article. I’m talking about potentially nation-wrecking, civilization-destroying, world-changing actions and events. Hellacious crimes, most of them visited upon White people of European descent and their ordered societies. Political, military, economic, sociopathic crimes. Crimes of governmental action; crimes of anti-White racial destruction if not intended genocide.

As an American, my list has a distinctly American emphasis, or bias, I’m sure. A European would most likely come up with a somewhat different list. Still, many of these terrible wrongdoings have been of world-wide significance in the event.

This history of nation-affecting if not world-class evildoing didn’t just start when yours truly came on the scene, of course. Countless horrendous crimes directed at least partly against our people have occurred since the onset of our branch of humankind, many of them in the decades just prior to my worldly experience. Examples are the creation of the “Federal Reserve” centralized banking system (actually non-Federal, no-reserve, non-bank as Edgar Steele has pointed out); early 20th century atrocities of Bolshevism, the Russian Revolution, and Stalinism; and World War I (including the Lusitania deception used to get us into that war). But the thing that strikes me is how many deadly serious, socially devastating, mostly anti-White crimes of this nature have been carried out against our people in just one man’s lifetime. When viewed that way, it is a wonder that our civilization has withstood all those events as well as it has -- that, even though we are battered, beat down, and disoriented, we are still on our feet at all.

One important thing I hope you take from this list is a realization that most of these terrible experiences were substantially, or at least significantly, instigated, promoted, and/or perpetrated by Jews. In too many cases and with a degree of involvement to be mere coincidence, I think. Because it behooves us to learn from disastrous history lest we be doomed to repeat it, I think it is entirely appropriate that we recognize that fact and analyze why that is so.

The events -- the “crimes of my lifetime”:

- Centuries old but ongoing Jewish war on the world’s White people of European descent; their steadfast, orchestrated efforts to destroy White societies. Encompasses all the anti-White efforts of Big Jew power and influence in America via the media (press, television, and entertainment media); government; and education system (public elementary schools through the universities). Also includes the Jewish lobbying, selective campaign financing, and media influence so critical to their control of our government.

- The despicable Pearl Harbor deception Roosevelt used to get us into WW II.

- U.S. involvement in WW II; fighting for what was essentially a Jewish-Bolshevik-Soviet victory in Europe (our fighting on the wrong side; “slaughtering the wrong pig” as Churchill put it) (not that I agree that National Socialist Germany was a “pig,” certainly not so much of a pig as that porcine, war-mongering drunk Winston Churchill himself).

- The massive carpet-bombing of German cities and civilian populations in WW II (Dresden being the prime example).

- Post WW II brutal, rapine, and genocidal Soviet and Allied treatment of German POWs and civilian population.

- The bogus Nuremberg kangaroo court “war crimes” trials following WW II.

- The “Holocaust” hoax (as an extortion racket, and to garner special treatment for Jews and Israel) (including the Anne Frank diary fraud used to brainwash our people; especially our children).

- Creation in 1948 of illegitimate State of Israel, based on WW I era Balfour Declaration; and the brutal, illicit dispossession of the Palestinians (ongoing to this day).

- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spy case of 1951 -- their handing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets.

- President John F. Kennedy assassination (possibly carried out by Israeli Mossad in retaliation for his opposition to their Dimona nuclear weapons developments).

- Gulf of Tonkin deception leading to the Vietnam War. [This one considered by some to be debatable.]

- U.S. immigration legislation and practices since the 1920’s but especially since 1965; the fiasco of flooding the country with non-White immigrants while restricting the immigration of intelligent, law abiding, productive White people.

- The whole sordid story of coercion and force in the Government’s handling of the Negro problem especially since about 1960 -- “civil rights” movement and legislation; “loosing” the Blacks on White society; colored preferences such as affirmative action, racial quotas, set-asides, and massive welfare giveaways; Negrification of White American society and culture; forced integration of schools and housing; perpetration of the equality/diversity/multicult scam.

- Government, media, and education system’s concerted and ongoing propaganda efforts to deracinate the White people of America (and particularly our children).

- Michael King (a.k.a. “Martin Luther King”) “great man hoax” used to brainwash our kids; naming a national holiday and countless city streets after that traitorous thug (plagiarist, communist, whoremonger, rabble-rouser, and more).

- Obscene levels of “foreign aid” moneys and military hardware sent to Israel year after year since 1949 (a significant and unaffordable cost to American wage earners and taxpayers and a major cause of mid-East conflicts).

- Israel’s 1967 unprovoked aerial and torpedo-boat attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 U.S. servicemen, wounded about 170 others, and severely damaged that non-combat intelligence-gathering vessel which was on a peaceful mission in international waters (plus, Lyndon Johnson’s treasonous betrayal of our own Navy by calling back rescue forces and the ensuing cover-up of this act of war committed by Israel against the United States).

- Jonathan Pollard spy case of 1985 (this Navy analyst handing huge amounts of sensitive and classified information over to Israel, seriously endangering or at least compromising our world-wide clandestine security operations and agents).

- “White Slavery” -- horrible, brutal sex trafficking of White women all over the world.

- The secret, dirty war of vastly disproportional Black-on-White crime in America, and particularly, serious violent-crime felonies such as rape, battery, torture, and murder; and including the nearly one-sided Black- and Mestizo-on-White assault, rape, and murder in our racially integrated prisons. Also involves the deliberately distorted, one-sided reportage of these crimes in the media and the major media’s refusal to even report many of these savage colored-on-white crimes.

- Destruction of solid, benevolent, advanced White governments in Rhodesia and South Africa.

- White governments succumbing to the Muslim invasion of Europe since WW II (ongoing and increasing problem in recent years).

- Government’s allowing (aiding and abetting) the Mestizo (largely Mexican) invasion of the U.S. via quasi-legal and illegal immigration (resulting in huge monetary and social problems and costs, and massive dispossession of Whites in several parts of the country).

- Media’s assault on Eurocentric culture in America (garbage Negroid so-called “music;” excessive colored presence on TV, in movies, and in print ads; premature sexualization of children; flourishing pornography and “soft porn”; etc.).

- “9/11” “terrorist” attacks -- most likely to some extent a “false flag” operation perpetrated or at least facilitated to some extent by Israel’s Mossad, possibly even in coordination or complicity with elements of our own government?

- Germany’s (and other White nations’) “thought-crime” persecution of “holocaust deniers” (researchers, questioners, “holohoax” truth-tellers) -- fining and imprisoning people for merely questioning the “official” line and in most cases expressing verifiable truths (ongoing).

- Unwarranted and cowardly NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 (essentially the work of the U.S. under President “Filthy Bill” Clinton).

- Various church groups financing and actively working to import hundreds of ignorant, uncivilized black Africans into numerous White communities all over the country in recent years.

- Iraq “war of aggression” of Bush, Cheney, and their many primarily Jewish “neocons” based on the “weapons of mass destruction” lie.

- Obama promotion into the Presidency -- the myths presented to the American people by the press (the mainstream media) vs. the reality of his being an inexperienced, unqualified, past drug-user, half-black anti-White racist and a Marxist/socialist of uncertain parentage and nationality. [This one is problematic, I realize, because it’s hard to blame anyone for voting Democratic in the recent Presidential election in view of the Republican’s (Bush’s) abominable, criminal Presidency and McCain’s “Bush-alike” war-mongering positions and strong support for illegal alien amnesty.]

- 2007-2009 economic collapse and all its nefarious components -- bursting of the government instigated sub-prime mortgage bubble, ripoffs by greedy bankers and other financial institutions, brokers, and businesses (often with government complicity) (think AIG, Bernie Madoff, and other [generally Jewish] swindlers) and all the rest (ongoing).

Well there you have it. You’ll no doubt be able to think of a few “crimes against White humanity” I left out, but I’m sure I included most of the “biggies.”

Just think about it. All these and more, over the course of just 70 years. Most of these events clearly have worked to the detriment of White Americans (and in many cases, other White people around the world as well), and most were clearly the result of Jewish planning, instigation, promotion, support, actions, or at least some significant involvement of one kind or another. Jewish involvement -- to serve their interests but to our detriment -- is the ubiquitous, common thread that runs through this entire gruesome history of events.

What is needed now, my fellow White Americans, is a massive reawakening of our people and a coming together in a well conceived, competently led, legal effort of rectification and redemption. We need to start thinking and behaving more like the Founding Fathers and the Minutemen, the brave defenders of the Alamo, and the pioneer farmer who would race from plowing his field, rifle in hand, to protect his family from deadly attacks by savages. We need to start now, and we should each, every one of us, pledge our support if not our efforts, resources, and willingness to bear the hardships and dangers involved.

Monday, February 16, 2009


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Yes, our marvelous scientific and technological advances still provide the best standard of living ever enjoyed by mankind. But the race of people primarily responsible for that -- our White race -- is now more than ever in real peril of being extinguished if we do not wake up and reclaim our rightful position on the world stage. The candle can burn brightly forever if we can just keep the atmosphere of our nations from being polluted by racial mixing; poisoned by darkness.