White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, January 18, 2009


You know, we Whites really should be thrilled to death now that there is going to be more (much more) Negro influence in American life, and on American culture. Why, just one quick look at the following pictures will make you realize how expressive and vibrant their behavior can be:

(click on image to enlarge)

Oh, yes, as you can see, they’re just like us White folks (only better, according to most newspaper and TV characterizations) …

As anyone can see, we’re all the same under the skin …

Race is just a social construct, after all. We’re so very fortunate to be able to embrace diversity -- after all, diversity (which leads to race mixing) is our strength -- it is our salvation from being condemned to a too-White society (never mind that it was the White race -- our people -- that built civilization on this planet and developed all the scientific, technical, agricultural, and medical marvels; never mind that Negroes never so much as invented the wheel or a written language; that they were never able to establish (or even sustain) a civilization; never even built a multi-level house or other structure).

I know!

Let’s elect a half-Negro as our President!

Then let’s glorify him -- and ignore the fact that his abilities, meager as they are, come from his White half and his White upbringing.

And let’s encourage our daughters to copulate with black men (let’s ignore the brutality they so often visit upon their women, and their disproportionately high crime rates and level of AIDS infection).

Let’s try to be at least a little bit more like the wonderful people depicted in these pictures (and let’s ignore the typical Negro's genetic deficiencies -- mainly his comparatively low IQ and his propensity for wild, animalistic, and criminal behavior).

Let’s all work (and hope) for a more Negroid America! Let’s work for the diminishment and eventual extinction of our people!

And why should we do that? Because the Jews, with their media control and influence over our government; and the deranged, liberal, politically-correct race-traitor Whites; tell us to, that’s why!

Oh, glory day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


by Val Koinen
January 15, 2009

Hey there, progressive, rose colored glasses wearing, multiculturist diversity advocate; sufferer from White guilt, self-hatred, and self-flagellation… I thought you might enjoy a tour of the America of the not-very-distant future that you are all aflutter about. Here is a snapshot of that rapidly approaching America. It’s pretty bleak, I know, but in my estimation it is the world your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will likely inherit. And by the way, I think it is also a classic case of “you’d better be careful what you wish for, because you (in this case your progeny) are likely to get it.”

I am absolutely convinced that this is the dismal future that will befall America if a good number of us White people do not wake up, join the struggle, and change the course of our country’s destiny. The picture I am about to paint isn’t very pretty, but it doesn’t have to be that way you know. My fervent hope is that many or at least some of you, after reading this, might better understand why I and many others of your neighbors like me consider themselves to be racially aware, Jew-wise, and “White Nationalists.” And that you might then begin to seriously reconsider your egalitarian, universal-altruistic, race-mixing and anti-White positions.

Try to keep in mind -- unless something happens or is done to change the course of current trends, we Whites will comprise less than 50 percent of this country’s population by about the year 2040. And after that we will be a rapidly shrinking minority. Understand this -- even though you think it is wrong for we White people (your people, your “folk”) to be racialist and Jew-wise (you like to call us haters, bigots, Nazis, and anti-semites), almost every member of every other racial group in America is a dyed-in-the-wool anti-White racist. (Many won’t admit it, of course, but it is true nevertheless. And yes, the Jews are a race of sorts, not just members of a different religion.)

I need to ask you, in all sincerity -- “do you really believe all that nonsense about the bliss of multiculturalism and diversity?” The “kumbaya,” “can’t we all just get along” mantras? Well, if your answer is “yes” that’s too bad, because it “ain’t gonna happen.” To the contrary -- there will be more, not less, racial strife as the dark curtain falls on the American dream. Between “us” and “them,” yes, but also between “them” and “them.” You need to understand that our descendents will not fare well in that darkening society you seem to long for.

If a great many more White Americans don’t start listening to, joining, and supporting their racially aware kinsmen and start working to fix our perilous situation; in a few short years we Whites will be staring into the abyss -- nearing the end of our headlong rush to oblivion.

And lastly by way of this introduction to my predictions about the new America, I would ask that you try to understand that my writings, this one included, are not at all about hatred toward any other racial group (though I may hate what is happening and what various groups are trying to do to my people). It is natural that species and subspecies (races, in the case of humans) compete for living space; it’s just that my group has gotten soft-headed and has been led astray -- we need to do better in that competition. My writings are merely my meager contributions to what I consider the “good fight” -- the fight for a decent future for our people -- our progeny -- in this war of racial survival. As one racially aware White man once put it, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” (the “14 words” of David Lane).

And now, my predictions of the future in a White-minority America:

(1) As stated above, our descendents will live in a darker, and steadily darkening America. There will likely be more and more race mixing (miscegenation). More of our great grandchildren will be mulattos and mestizos. The White ones that remain will be a distinct minority in relation to the total numbers of non-Whites. And that will not bode well for them in a one-man-one-vote democratic system where many if not most of the non-Whites will bear a grudge against “Whitey” and will seek to extract some form of revenge or retribution from him, or at the very least will make him pay far more than his fair share of social costs.

(2) As a result, remaining Whites -- which for some time will continue to be the most productive group in American society -- will be forced to pay higher and higher taxes (Federal, State, and local) in order to foot the bill for social costs necessitated by the non-White majority.

(3) Our people will probably continue to fail to procreate sufficiently to protect themselves via “strength in numbers.” Consequently, their situation will worsen steadily. There will still be plenty of casual extramarital sex, of course, but Jewish media pressure (brainwashing) will no doubt continue to weaken White family values and therefore put a damper on familial procreation.

(4) There will be more and more crime in our communities as our society darkens -- all types of crime, and especially violent crimes against persons (more often than not White persons). The country’s cities will have to deal with escalating gang related crime involving Negroes and mestizos. And more and more civil unrest, and more -- not less -- race rioting and the resulting civic destruction. More American cities will begin to look and feel (as in “how it feels to be assaulted, raped, or murdered”) like our existing urban wastelands -- Detroit, East St. Louis, Camden, Oakland, Washington D.C., New Orleans, parts of Miami and Los Angeles, etc. (if not like some of the savage African cities).

(5) There will be ever more drug dealing and use, and more prostitution, more pornography, more sexual assault, more pedophilia.

(6) There will be more -- much more -- black-on-White and mestizo-on-White violent crime -- assault, rape, torture, and murder. Whites will be increasingly preyed upon by criminal elements of the colored populations (which means a fairly high percentage of them), who will be feeling more and more “empowered.” More and more frequently, our White sons will be beaten senseless at school by blacks and mestizos, and our daughters will be raped and killed in the ever-darkening “hoods.” And at the same time, adequate police protection for America’s White citizens will become a rare event if not a thing of the past (thanks to the racial makeup and Israeli training [indoctrination] of police forces).

(7) Our progeny can expect to suffer an ever increasing loss of personal liberty (freedom) in their daily lives. There will be more and more government/police surveillance and control (more of a “Big Brother” society) involving government “monitoring” of activities, associations, comings and goings, speech (especially dissent of any kind), etc. Cameras and computers will monitor their every movement and gesture when out in public and in many buildings. The Internet will soon become taxed and heavily patrolled/censored/controlled by government.

(8) Future White Americans can look forward to more and more specifically anti-White legislation at all levels of government; involving race-based rules, regulations, enhanced criminal penalties, higher taxes including punitive taxes, restrictions on activities and associations, special fees, etc.; all targeted primarily on White people. There will be more, and more severe, enforcement of trumped-up “hate speech” and “thought crime” charges, targeted on Whites.

(9) The country will see dramatically increasing “negrification” of popular culture (if that is possible) -- clothing (fashions), dancing styles, language, absolute Negro domination of spectator sports, etc. Ever more Negro and mestizo actors in TV shows and movies, almost always cast in ludicrous positions of authority or superiority over Whites, and as people of superior intelligence, humanity, and ethics. More non-Whites will appear in print advertising -- usually black males paired with White females, and mixed-race couples. More Negroid, savage, so-called “music.” And increasingly more “Latino” music, TV shows, and Spanish-language radio and TV broadcasts.

(10) At the same time, future Americans will be subjected to more and more filthy Jew-inspired “culture” replete with gratuitous nudity and sex, grab-ass humor, interracial pairings and sex play, scatological jokes, dirty language, etc.; all more and more aimed at prime-time TV and movie audiences so our children can enjoy more of that kind of thing.

(11) Along with all that, future Americans will experience a rapidly diminishing traditional White-European culture, which will be taught far less frequently to our kids in the schools while “colored” so-called culture will be stressed. Forget Greek and Roman sculpture, classical music of the Germanic nations, great art and literature and architecture. Americans will increasingly be offered the drumbeat, rap, gang-slang and perverted English, abstract art, and freestyle Ebonics mumblings in lieu of beautiful and legitimate poetry -- in short, the loud, less refined, more primitive cultural world of non-White societies .

(12) Less and less true White history (the history of Western Civilization) will be taught to our kids in public schools, where emphasis will be increasingly placed on how evil and exploitative Whites have been, thereby instilling even more “White guilt,” and on inflated, enhanced, and generally falsified accomplishments of the colored races. Our kids won’t learn much about the amazing accomplishments of their ancestors that so greatly benefited all of humankind, or the stories of White heroes and heroines; rather, they will be taught about historical figures of the darker races, especially Negroes -- oftentimes, as in the case of the infamous Michael (aka “Dr. Martin Luther”) King, whitewashed/enhanced/falsified versions of the reality of their stories. (Youngsters will, however, be taught over and over again about how evil Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and the German people were, and they will continue to be taught [indoctrinated with] the exaggerated and largely falsified Jewish “holocaust” extortion-fantasy).

(13) Schools and the quality of education will continue to deteriorate as they struggle to keep up with the hordes of Negroes and mestizos -- as they try to educate those comparatively uneducable students and deal with their criminal proclivities and physical destructiveness. One result --- White children will be even more “dumbed down” to the lowest common denominator of the colored kids than they are now.

(14) With regard to racial identity, consciousness, and pride -- White children will increasingly be brainwashed (“mind controlled”) via the teaching of racial lies, the denigration of White people, the glossing over of negative facts concerning non-Whites, and the constant enhancement and “promotion” of supposed positive attributes of the colored races.

(15) There will likely be far more draconian, forced, racial integration (mixing) of the races throughout society, possibly even extending to such things as forced embedding of black orphans into White families (homes), forced multi-racial meeting attendance of all kinds, forced interracial dating and room-mating for teenagers and young adults, forced White acceptance of contracted colored workers in many situations, forced patronage by Whites of black and mestizo small businesses, etc.

(16) Mainstream news sources (TV, newspapers, magazines, websites) will increasingly become Jew-sympathetic, pro-Israel, and Negro- and Latino-sympathetic in character. Americans will become even more subjected to a virtually complete blackout of race-specific information relating to Negro and mestizo crime, especially when Whites are the victims of violent crime. Bad as it is now, there will be even more anti-White bias, cover-up, omissions, partial truths, etc.

(17) Future Americans can expect more incompetence (and anti-White belligerence) from service personnel (employees) of all kinds, for example in the food service and hospitality industries and in government offices (from colored civil servants).

(18) On a somewhat higher level, Americans can expect ever more criminal, corrupt, sleazy, weird and goofy, dishonest, and immoral behavior, and incompetence, on the part of political office holders (who will increasingly be Negroes, mestizos, and muslims) (think: disgusting Clintonesque behavior; G.W. Bush idiocy and Jew-servility; and the many recent cases of graft and corruption on the part of Negro big-city mayors and congressmen).

(19) Our Federal politicos -- Presidents and congresspeople -- will increasingly do the bidding of (carry water for) Israel, organized Jewry, and the Jewish international bankers (if it is possible that situation can get any worse than it is now).

(20) Americans of the future will suffer constant (and increasing, if that is possible) fraud, theft, and corruption in big-business and high-finance dealings; more often than not conceived, orchestrated, and perpetrated by Jews. And now that the precedence has been well established, that will routinely require that the productive American middle class (meaning primarily White workers and taxpayers) will repeatedly be required to hand their meager wealth over to the perpetrators via government “loans,” bail-outs, etc.

(21) Up until the final financial collapse, the government will continue to run up massive indebtedness (deficits), in part to pay for bail-outs and socialization schemes, and in part to pay for the colored welfare state. It will try to deal with that by printing more and more U.S. dollars, causing inflation (hyperinflation?) possibly reminiscent of the Jew-dominated Weimar Germany of the 1920s and of Zimbabwe printing a $50. billion banknote just this past month (January, 2009) (which note would at the time just about pay for two loaves of bread). Such inflationary events will likely become commonplace if not chronic. (I don’t have the economic, high-finance, or “international banking” background that would enable me to even venture a guess as to what will come of our (?)multi-trillion-dollar national indebtedness owed to China and other countries that are heavily invested in the U.S. dollar and U.S. Treasury bills, but I’m sure the long-term repercussions are going to be severe.)

(22) White Americans can expect more and more anti-White discrimination resulting in unfair job competition, along with lower wages; as a result of vastly increased colored job preferences and programs such as “affirmative action.” It will become routine (in fact, increasingly mandated by law) that Negroes, mestizos, and the like will be given preference in hiring and promotions, especially in the government sector; and also in college admissions. At the same time, even more jobs will be lost to “outsourcing” to third-world countries, and more Whites will lose their jobs to third-worlders brought into the country to work for lower wages.

(23) Whites (the American government funded primarily by White taxpayers) will likely be forced to pay massive amounts, over many years, as “reparations” for the enslavement of blacks hundreds of years ago; even though most Whites never had ancestors that owned slaves, even though most of the affected blacks were in fact enslaved in the first place by their fellow Negro tribesmen in their African homelands, and even though most American blacks have prospered far beyond anything dreamed of by blacks in Africa.

(24) Governments at all levels will just not be able to keep up with things because of all the other financial burdens resulting from corruption and mismanagement bail-outs, squandered public funds due to graft and corruption and incompetence (and out-and-out theft), welfare and other “entitlements” spent primarily on the ever increasing non-White majority, etc. As a consequence, White Americans of the coming generations can expect to live in a country where things are dirty and smelly and where things don’t work. Our country’s infrastructure will deteriorate severely, as a chronic condition -- roads; schools and other public buildings; bridges; dams; sidewalks; water, sewage, and gas systems; docks; airports; etc.

(25) American society will probably be burdened with the costs and inconveniences of not just dual-, but multiple-language requirements, and also with the many operational and safety problems that will cause -- in schools, governance, public buildings and offices, on forms, on packaging, etc.

(26) Untold additional thousands of our sons will no doubt die or be mutilated in ever more wars fought for Israel; for the Jews.

(27) There will continue to be wealthy Jews and Whites (most of them living in their gated communities), but the great White middle class will eventually disappear. The “good times” (late 1940’s through 2008) are behind us. Most of our progeny will lead lives of comparative struggle, want, few luxuries, chronic shortages of essentials (including food, water, and energy); and with relatively impoverished retirements.

(28) More and more working White Americans will have to get by without adequate healthcare as doctors, hospitals, and insurers become even more overwhelmed by non-Whites and the costs of their treatment. Good medical care will simply not be affordable for most Americans. In spite of advances in medical science and technology, what medical care is available to all but the upper, ruling classes will be ever more subject to dishygienic conditions, infections, and procedural incompetence. And on top of that, outbreaks of third-world diseases, and epidemics caused by unclean crop and food handling, will become ever more common (and costly).

(29) And of course, there will be other -- many other -- terrible changes that I haven’t even mentioned; for example the liklihood of some form of one-world government controls, American taxpayers being required to pay for development and sustenance of third-world (read non-White) countries, etc.

In short -- with a drastically diminished White population, Americans should expect to live in a country that has descended from greatness -- a country that will become much like present-day Egypt or Portugal (if not like India, Brazil, or even Haiti). Except that it will be worse -- much worse -- for White people in America because here we have more of a “hate Whitey” mentality among so many of the darker peoples, and an intense desire on their part to take territory back from the White people (as in the case of the MEChA/La Raza/Aztlan mestizos) and to make the White man pay retribution for perceived past injustices (blacks demanding slavery reparations and recompense for perceived past [supposed] civil rights and discrimination sufferings).

That, my anti-White, anti-racialist, gullible sympathizer and supporter of the “whiney Jew,” “color-blind” friends; is the reality of the world you are dreaming of. What a legacy to bequeath to your progeny!

Postscript 1: Regarding a timeline -- a lot of things could (and probably will) happen at any time, here in this country and around the world, that could accelerate, delay, or even stop some of these developments “in their tracks” overnight. But -- barring some such decisive event or events, I would expect we could see all of these things, and more, come to pass in a generation or two (say about the next 30 to 60 years). In fact, many of them will probably develop over the next five to ten years. And keep in mind that just about all of the conditions described are already reality to some significant degree or another, and all will surely get worse over time. That’s why my predictions are no “big deal” -- no great accomplishment. Things may not end up just as I have described them, but I would venture to guess that this is pretty much what America will be like for our White descendents by the time the great grandchildren of people growing up today become adults.

Postscript 2: One last thing… Reading this essay, you might get the impression that I think all the horrific things I see headed our way are due solely and entirely to the racial (genetic) degradation of White America and to the manipulations of the Jews. Well, most of them are, at least to some substantial extent. But not all of these problems can be ascribed to those factors alone. Many of our problems are self-inflicted. They result from our very own greed, immaturity, softness, spoiledness, liberal foolishness (“wrong-think“), moral and ethical failings, baseness, character weaknesses, and just plain stupidity. Sure, the Jews take advantage of those weaknesses and failings, and use them to tear us down, but it is to our discredit that we let those traits ruin our society, and ruin our lives. We will never turn things around until we ourselves successfully complete a good deal of radical self improvement!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


by Val Koinen
January 13, 2009


We White Americans are rapidly being dispossessed in this, the country our ancestors founded, pioneered, and built. More than dispossessed -- we are being “genocided” out of existence. Our literal survival as a human (sub)species is in peril.

And the situation is even worse for White men. They, during the course of that dispossession, and thanks primarily to the media-controlling Jews and other aspects of organized Jewry, are being culturally emasculated -- rendered irrelevant socially, politically, and even biologically (as appropriate mates for their White women).

Oh, sure, young White men still chase the girls, and thanks to some extent to the girls’ lax morals, also due in large part to Jewish media efforts; there is plenty of sex. But instead of getting married and fathering and supporting White babies in a wholesome family environment; all too many young White men spend most of their free hours (when not pursuing and having casual sex) doing “weed” and other drugs, wearing backward baseball caps and baggy pants, listening to “rap,” worshipping Negro sports figures, and being loud and obnoxious sports “fans” (in the true spirit of the word’s derivation from “fanatic”) while sitting in a “sports bar” or on the living room couch, swilling their beers. And that is no way for men to propagate a civilization or to hold that civilization and its underlying culture together.

Make no mistake -- our situation is deadly serious -- we are in dire straits, and things are getting worse by the day. Much worse, in a rapid and accelerating manner. It’s a “clear and present danger” if there ever was one.

White people are just barely reproducing themselves in America and worldwide (in some places the White birth rate isn’t even doing that well). Along with those low birth rates, our White women are increasingly mating with blacks and mestizos. Selfishly motivated birth control and abortions are all too common in White America these days, oftentimes so our women, having succumbed to Jewish-inspired “feminism,” can pursue careers in competition with their men rather than devoting and dedicating themselves to motherhood and homemaking. Quasi-legal non-White immigration is filling our cities and farming areas with members of the darker races; and illegal immigration by mestizos (alien invasion, actually), mostly from Mexico but also from the Caribbean, has brought tens of millions of those non-Whites into our country in recent years. In less than 40 years, White people will become just another minority in America.

“How can that be?,” you ask. “How could those things have happened?” Well, let me tell you, it’s not by accident, or mere happenstance. And it’s not a natural development or progression of some kind. It’s by design. It’s conscious, calculated, deliberate, and premeditated, and is being done with malicious intent.

The big questions are -- “How is it possible that so many of our people either don’t know about this situation (or for some reason can’t see it)?” Or, worse, “how can so many of them see and understand it to some extent but just not care?”

The answer? As already mentioned above, we have been for so long, and so vigorously and relentlessly, propagandized and brainwashed by the “organized Jews” (mostly the Jewish-controlled media but also Jew-influenced schools and government).

Of course, the problems we face aren’t limited to the reproductive, race-mixing, and non-White immigration issues. There is also a good deal of largely Jew-inspired, destructive, and anti-White activity in such areas as: racial preferences for non-Whites; denigration of White history and culture when teaching our children (accompanied by false enhancement of non-White contributions to society); the “negrification” of popular culture, especially with regard to the exaggerated presence of Negroes on television and in movies, and the Negroid so-called “music” promoted and sold to our children; restrictions on expressions of racial pride and self-promoting associations and activities that apply only to Whites; punishment for so-called “hate speech that is, again, essentially targeted exclusively on White people (“thought-crime” punishment); and on and on to the point of absurdity. All these things are contributing significantly to the weakening, and eventual demise, of our people.

Check it out for yourself. Do your own research. You will see, if you are of even average intelligence and intellectually honest and not hopelessly consumed with bogus “white guilt” or self-hatred, that it is true “in spades,” as they say. Consider it a challenge.

I’m confident -- you will soon realize that I am not just being an alarmist (at least not without good cause), and that I am telling you the truth. Then, if it matters at all to you, and for the sake of your children and grandchildren, join your racially aware and Jew-wise White kinsmen in the effort to take our country back! Do something! Something legal; something smart. Even if just a little something. At the very least, comport yourself as a responsible member of the greatest race of people that ever existed on this planet. And then take the time to learn the truth and then “talk the truth” whenever a good opportunity presents itself. But do something -- because if you and a good many others of our people don’t, we as a “people” are doomed!

Monday, January 12, 2009


by Val Koinen
January 12, 2009

Surely, my White American kinsmen, you have noticed the burgeoning presence of Negroes on TV and in the print media just since we elected the “magic Negro” last November.

I suppose it’s not really all that surprising, but it is damned disconcerting and a little amazing even to me, an old White racialist who thinks of himself as being aware of and realistic about the developing racial situation in America. Amazing with regard to how quickly and to the overwhelming extent it has been brought upon us, in just a few short weeks. Negroes are everywhere, in our faces whenever we turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper or open a magazine or check a mainstream news site on the Internet. In programs and commercials; in stories and ads. And almost always presented in the most positive, admirable, even superior manner when compared with White characterizations.

This totally unnatural and disgusting development is surely a huge tribute to the remarkably successful but nefarious efforts of the media-controlling Jews -- a result of their diligent efforts to destroy White America. The near culmination of all their scheming and plotting, and all their hard work for the past couple hundred years, to achieve the removal of White Americans of European descent as a coherent and significant social and political force in this, the country we founded and built.

I have read of the “America that was” prior to and at the time I was born in the late 1930’s, and I remember what it was like when I was a boy (almost entirely people like me and my family, sharing a common culture) (at least in most parts of the country except the South and in some of the larger cities). Then I experienced the slow but steady racial changes through the late 60’s, and even more through the 90’s -- stirrings of “diversity worship” and growing multiculturalism; more and more Negroes touted as being a wholesome and welcomed presence in our White communities, where they gradually “took over” large portions of many of our greatest cities.

And then, I couldn’t help but notice the rapidly accelerating media promotion of the “positive Negro presence” on TV and in all the other media and in entertainment and sports venues, from about 2000 through 2008.

All this time there was never any increase in the reporting of, or even any real attention being paid to, or recognition or acknowledgement of, the vastly disproportionate black crime rates; the “secret, dirty war” of black-on-white crime; Negroes sucking up welfare dollars; Negroes’ costly and destructive presence in our cities, schools, etc.

And now -- in the few short weeks just since the November 2008 election of America‘s favorite mulatto, the media Jews have literally “put the pedal to the metal” -- shifted into high gear (actually, overdrive) virtually overnight. There has been a veritable avalanche of Negroes let loose on our still majority-White America by the media -- virtually all in a positive if not “glorified” context. Oftentimes as many or more Negroes as Whites (and remember, Negroes still comprise only about 13% of our population -- you might ask yourself, “why is that?”).

The message? Obviously, to get us, and especially our impressionable children, to not only accept and welcome this overwhelming Negro presence, but to get us to admire, venerate, and even worship them. And mix with them, via ever more social integration and miscegenation. And all that in spite of the truth of the matter -- the reality -- the Negroes’ genetic (physical and intellectual) differences from our people; their propensity for criminal behavior (and oftentimes unacceptable cultural and civic behavior); their welfare dependency and constant need for racial preferences; and on and on ad absurdum.

What a farce. What a tragedy for our once-great Western Civilization and for the future of White Americans. What a betrayal of our ancestors and all their struggles; what a disservice to our people’s future genetic development. What a horrible future for our grandchildren. Thanks, Jews.

Friday, January 9, 2009


(click on image to enlarge) More people need to demand that government, schools, civic groups, and the media begin to talk about the real problems (and the obvious ones)!