White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


by Val Koinen
January 13, 2009


We White Americans are rapidly being dispossessed in this, the country our ancestors founded, pioneered, and built. More than dispossessed -- we are being “genocided” out of existence. Our literal survival as a human (sub)species is in peril.

And the situation is even worse for White men. They, during the course of that dispossession, and thanks primarily to the media-controlling Jews and other aspects of organized Jewry, are being culturally emasculated -- rendered irrelevant socially, politically, and even biologically (as appropriate mates for their White women).

Oh, sure, young White men still chase the girls, and thanks to some extent to the girls’ lax morals, also due in large part to Jewish media efforts; there is plenty of sex. But instead of getting married and fathering and supporting White babies in a wholesome family environment; all too many young White men spend most of their free hours (when not pursuing and having casual sex) doing “weed” and other drugs, wearing backward baseball caps and baggy pants, listening to “rap,” worshipping Negro sports figures, and being loud and obnoxious sports “fans” (in the true spirit of the word’s derivation from “fanatic”) while sitting in a “sports bar” or on the living room couch, swilling their beers. And that is no way for men to propagate a civilization or to hold that civilization and its underlying culture together.

Make no mistake -- our situation is deadly serious -- we are in dire straits, and things are getting worse by the day. Much worse, in a rapid and accelerating manner. It’s a “clear and present danger” if there ever was one.

White people are just barely reproducing themselves in America and worldwide (in some places the White birth rate isn’t even doing that well). Along with those low birth rates, our White women are increasingly mating with blacks and mestizos. Selfishly motivated birth control and abortions are all too common in White America these days, oftentimes so our women, having succumbed to Jewish-inspired “feminism,” can pursue careers in competition with their men rather than devoting and dedicating themselves to motherhood and homemaking. Quasi-legal non-White immigration is filling our cities and farming areas with members of the darker races; and illegal immigration by mestizos (alien invasion, actually), mostly from Mexico but also from the Caribbean, has brought tens of millions of those non-Whites into our country in recent years. In less than 40 years, White people will become just another minority in America.

“How can that be?,” you ask. “How could those things have happened?” Well, let me tell you, it’s not by accident, or mere happenstance. And it’s not a natural development or progression of some kind. It’s by design. It’s conscious, calculated, deliberate, and premeditated, and is being done with malicious intent.

The big questions are -- “How is it possible that so many of our people either don’t know about this situation (or for some reason can’t see it)?” Or, worse, “how can so many of them see and understand it to some extent but just not care?”

The answer? As already mentioned above, we have been for so long, and so vigorously and relentlessly, propagandized and brainwashed by the “organized Jews” (mostly the Jewish-controlled media but also Jew-influenced schools and government).

Of course, the problems we face aren’t limited to the reproductive, race-mixing, and non-White immigration issues. There is also a good deal of largely Jew-inspired, destructive, and anti-White activity in such areas as: racial preferences for non-Whites; denigration of White history and culture when teaching our children (accompanied by false enhancement of non-White contributions to society); the “negrification” of popular culture, especially with regard to the exaggerated presence of Negroes on television and in movies, and the Negroid so-called “music” promoted and sold to our children; restrictions on expressions of racial pride and self-promoting associations and activities that apply only to Whites; punishment for so-called “hate speech that is, again, essentially targeted exclusively on White people (“thought-crime” punishment); and on and on to the point of absurdity. All these things are contributing significantly to the weakening, and eventual demise, of our people.

Check it out for yourself. Do your own research. You will see, if you are of even average intelligence and intellectually honest and not hopelessly consumed with bogus “white guilt” or self-hatred, that it is true “in spades,” as they say. Consider it a challenge.

I’m confident -- you will soon realize that I am not just being an alarmist (at least not without good cause), and that I am telling you the truth. Then, if it matters at all to you, and for the sake of your children and grandchildren, join your racially aware and Jew-wise White kinsmen in the effort to take our country back! Do something! Something legal; something smart. Even if just a little something. At the very least, comport yourself as a responsible member of the greatest race of people that ever existed on this planet. And then take the time to learn the truth and then “talk the truth” whenever a good opportunity presents itself. But do something -- because if you and a good many others of our people don’t, we as a “people” are doomed!


Lone Wolf said...

Excellent, well-written article. Keep up the good work!

Araquem Albuquerque de deus said...

black culture have already taken over South America and Central America. North America is under way. Stop immigration and expel non whites while it is time. I think the Americas are almost lost. Concentrate in Europe, where it will be possible to continue the pure white race destination.

Anonymous said...

This is happening everywhere in the world not just in America