White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


by Val Koinen
April 21, 2009

Some questions (just a few of many that could be asked) directed at White Americans -- my kinsmen of European descent: Just tell me, "since when" ...

Since when is it a naturally good thing for our people to forget their own racial identity (or, more accurately, to allow one's self and one's children to be brainwashed into denying that identity) -- especially considering that Whites are the only racial group who are told to do that?

Since when is it normal for any living organism to work toward and collaborate in, or even to allow, its own demise (to aid and abet its own genocide as orchestrated by a hostile group of "others")?

Since when is it a good and wise thing for a people to ignore, or even help promote, their own dispossession from their cities and nations -- their homelands?

Since when should a great people such as we White Americans of European descent allow a hostile minority group such as the Jews* to work to impose massive legal and illegal immigration of non-Whites on our country; and to push for integration and race-mixing with people of color who are mentally, physically and culturally so different; especially when in their "homeland" (their Jewish state of Israel) they practice strict ethnic separation and harsh control over (and discrimination against) non-Jews (their unique brand of "apartheid")?

Since when is it wrong to teach one's offspring about the glorious history, discoveries, and many accomplishments of one's own people, and how they are the people who built Western Civilization -- and since when is it right, instead, to "glorify" the (oftentimes exaggerated and even falsified) history and supposed accomplishments of other racial groups?

Since when is it a smart and proper thing to teach one's daughter that it is alright for her to copulate with a Negro or mestizo and thereby produce progeny that are not "like" her and her family (don't have the same appearance, genetic make-up, intelligence, and behavioral dispositions); thus debasing and effectively terminating hundreds of thousands of years of her own people's racial development and progression (evolution)?

Since when is it a smart thing to ignore, or refuse to learn, the truth about the hugely disproportionate and horrific criminality of non-Whites -- and especially their serious and even lethal crimes perpetrated upon Whites?

Since when does an intelligent and rational being listen to, and accept, obvious and demonstrable untruths (lies) about such things as racial equality and the supposed benefits of racial diversity in our once-White neighborhoods (our White societies and nations the world over)?

Since when is it "racist," hateful, and bigoted to be concerned about the welfare of one's own people, and to talk about and work for the benefit of one's own kind? Since when is it acceptable that such negative labels are for all intents and purposes only applied to White people who care about their own group, but almost never to blacks or mestizos who frequently express shockingly hateful anti-White invectives?

Since when is it acceptable for an intensely self-centered, self-promoting, and hostile "outgroup" such as the Jews, comprising as they do just two or three percent of our population, to dominate if not control our news and entertainment media (not to mention their excessive lobbying and financial influence on our governmental policies and affairs)?

Since when is it good for a culturally advanced majority group of people to allow minorities within its society to pollute its own (and especially its children's) popular culture with decadence, filth, animalistic garbage, and blatant disrespect for its own elders, culture, and intellectual capabilities?

Since when does a rational society allow minorities to alter (damage) its own culture and genetic integrity to such a degree that it denies itself the natural right to evolve in its own natural directions?

Since when is it smart and proper for a national majority group such as we Whites in America to allow a tiny minority (such as the Jews) to cause their young men to be sent to fight wars that serve that minority's alien interests as opposed to their own? And to serve the interests of a foreign nation -- Israel -- as opposed to its own national interests?

Since when does a rational people allow a tiny, self-serving and hostile outgroup minority such as the Jews to teach outright lies to its citizens, and once again especially to its children, about something as important as true World War II history (including the so-called "holocaust" lie used to beat down and blackmail all peoples of European descent)?

Since when does a rational majority people allow a hostile minority such as the Jews, or a foreign nation such as Israel, to repeatedly commit serious, national-security-damaging espionage against it, military attacks on its forces, and other criminal acts of "terrorism" against its people and facilities without exacting severe retribution (or in some cases without even mounting an appropriate defense)?

Since when should a group of people, such as we Whites of European descent -- by all standards the best, most successful people the Earth has ever known -- people who have given the world so much by way of cultural and governmental advancements; and scientific, technological, and medical wonders -- allow their own children to be taught to be ashamed of their past, their ancestors, their racial uniqueness, and in essence, who they are?

These are the kinds of thoughts which compel me to proffer this plea to my fellow White American kinfolk -- start saying "no," and "no more," to the politically-correct drivel of race-mixing and racial diversity, our cultural and numerical dispossession in our own nations, and subservience to Jewish self-interests as opposed to our own. Start teaching your children, as our people once did, to be proud of their past, their own people, and of "who they are."

* (Organized Jewry, Zionist and "neocon" Jews, "International Jews," Jewish criminals of the financial world, religious Jewish supremacists, Jewish media magnates and political lobbyists, and all their contributors and supporters; which altogether would probably comprise something like 90% or more of all ethnic and religious Jews.)