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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have had several readers inquire recently re: my 'profile' (not posted on the blog) -- some background information. This response (edited) to a comment ("Where are you getting your facts?") regarding my November 2008 essay "Negroes, Race Mixing, and Truth vs. Propaganda" should suffice:

Raed: I don't view the 'comments' feature of this blog as a forum, and normally wouldn't be inclined to respond to a question. But I will this time, as answering your question provides me with the opportunity to enlighten you and others. Because you have asked a general question rather than questioning my data source for any specific item in the piece, a good generalized answer might be "the real world." But I will try to answer your question with a little more specificity. Where do I get my facts?

Well, they are derived from: 55 adult years of observations and life experiences (several years of which spent in majority-Negro neighborhoods and substantially-Negro schools). My physical senses--sight, hearing, smell. My average or better mental capacities, cognizance, and reasoning abilities. Formal education through M.S. degree. Residential and work experiences in cities and towns with large Negro populations. Books, incl. academic works, pertaining to particular subjects and issues--science, history, biology, anthropology, philosophy, etc. Other pertinent reading and research (reports, essays). Government data bases, incl. crime statistics. News media of all kinds (newspapers, magazines, TV; from mainstream through alternate). Various Internet data sources (some more reliable than others). Travels to every state in the union and most of our larger cities (incl. Detroit, E. St. Louis, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, El Paso, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Wash. D.C., etc.); and to every continent except Antarctica (incl. to Africa and the Caribbean where, f.y.i., there are lots of Negroes). Conversations with all kinds of people. Exposure over the years to contemporary so-called 'entertainment' and 'popular culture' of all kinds. An uncompromising dedication to sorting out the truth, recognizing reality, and using my common sense.

And, generalizing from the informative facts given in the essay, what has all that observation and data-gathering taught me about Negroes? That there are just no valid and rational reasons we people of European descent--we, the people of Western Civilization--should think it is a good thing for us to mix, or integrate our society, culture, governance, or genes with those of the Negro (no matter what the Jews, politically- correct liberals, and anti-White-racialists tell you).
March 23, 2009 10:57 AM

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