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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, July 5, 2009



by Val Koinen
July 5, 2009

Oh sure, at the very first, after the November election and back in January, you might have been excused for thinking of it as just a drizzle of ominous news items; kind of like the leading edge of a creeping fog of bad news foretelling the further weakening of White racial interests in America. Mere hints of the further dispossession of our people, and of the further emasculation of White males in particular, as residual effects of the despicably treasonous Bush era and new transgressions coming from the “mulatto messiah” Barack Hussein Obama and his crew.

But it shouldn’t have taken long for even the most gullible among us to begin seeing the unmistakable signs of the approaching downpour -- the veritable flood of dire news -- the impending tsunami that is now overtaking us White people in America.

Have you noticed? Have they got your attention? Do you feel it, White man? Like a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? If not, then I just have to ask -- at what point will you stop thinking of these ongoing and accelerating events as normal “change,” and start seeing the situation for what it really is -- an overwhelming, overpowering onslaught of anti-White appointments, laws, executive actions, judicial decisions, Negro empowerment and promotion, Jewish financial shenanigans, and the alarmingly prevalent inadequate punishment of Jewish and non-White crime?

Soon, I fear, we Whites will be experiencing much more than a metaphorical “slap in the face.” Even now, it is beginning to feel more like a “knock upside the head.” And very soon, most likely, a “ sledgehammer 'twixt the eyes.”

Can you say “falling curtain?” How about “end game?”

It has now been just six months since our “halfrican” POTUS Obama; the anti-White racist, affirmative-action lawyer of minimal experience and accomplishment, the Marxist “community organizer” with virtually no real-world experience doing anything in the managerial/business world, the (partial) one-term senator of similar minimal accomplishment, the very likely legally unqualified non-U.S. citizen of Kenyan birth, the possibly bi-sexual, self-acknowledged past drug user; took the reins of power alongside his Democratically controlled Congress. And just look at the onslaught of anti-
American, anti-White, and pro-non-White events that have already transpired (just those I have noticed from a casual reading of newspapers and Internet news sites, and watching television news, over these past few months):

He virtually filled his Cabinet with socialists, women, non-Whites, and Jews.

Obama and his Cabinet have likely appointed an unprecedented number of Jews and other minorities to key administrative positions (40 percent or more?).

He appointed a notoriously politically biased and therefore unqualified Negro, Eric Holder, as Attorney General (the first in our nation’s history).

He selected an American/Israeli dual-citizen, dual-interest (capitalistic investment-banker wheeler-dealer and distribute-the-wealth socialist) Jewish political hack as his Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanuel) (or rather, I suppose, the Jews selected Mr. Emanuel).

After many years (of inexplicable prosecutorial delay) (wonder why?), the Jewish spy Ben-Ami Kadish, who operated contemporaneously with another infamous Jew spy (Jonathan Pollard) back in the 1980s, finally pleaded guilty to spying for Israel but is not given any jail time whatsoever (just a $50,000. fine). (It pays to have connections, doesn‘t it?)

Larry Franklin, the gentile government worker convicted in the AIPAC espionage case, has had his 12-year prison sentence sharply reduced and will no doubt soon “walk” with just 10-months of “community confinement” and probation. (Well at least it’s nice to see a White man benefit from our thoroughly Jewed system once in awhile.)

Meanwhile, the two AIPAC Jews involved with Franklin in the same espionage case (Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman) were never even prosecuted, even though their complicity if not their guilt seemed all but certain to most honest and rational observers who followed the case (go figure).

Since taking office Obama and his Democratic Congress have proceeded with a program of bankrupting America via his manymulti-billion-dollar bail-out schemes. And it’s not just the ill-advised magnitude of the bail-outs themselves; it must be noted that these vast amounts of taxpayers’ money have gone substantially, if I may put it gently, to “ease the pain” (enhance the lives) of numerous thieving, oftentimes Jewish, bankers and financial manipulators.

“Helicopter Ben” Bernanke, the Jew Chairman of the thieving, criminal, so-called Federal Reserve Bank, goes into overdrive; contributing to the impending bankruptcy of America and in fact most likely instigating the soon-to-manifest-itself hyperinflation, by printing money non-stop.

Congress votes to include ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), the New Orleans headquartered criminal, anti-White American, liberal/Marxist, community action/organizer and notorious voter-fraud group in its bail-out “stimulus” largess; potentially to the tune of more than $140 million (some say as much as $8 billion) in grants (they have already received about $53 million). Now, we’re talking real American taxpayer money being thrown at an organization accused of criminal activities and holding communistic ideologies! (It is said by some that Obama has the dubious distinction of both working for and employing ACORN.)

Obama and his co-conspirators have engineered and instigated partial government take-overs of mortgage and financial firms, banks, brokerages, and automobile manufacturers -- a virtual socialization of substantial portions of major segments of American big business.

Obama appointed the first Negro, Charles Bolden, to be the new Administrator of NASA. Bolden is experienced, apparently qualified, and might well have been a good enough choice for the job. Still, there can be little doubt, considering all the superbly qualified Whites available for the job, that Obama’s primary consideration was to elevate yet another Negro to national prominence.

Obama has pledged to give $73 million to the crooked despots in Zimbabwe; the failed, bankrupt, savage, renegade, rabidly anti-White Negro-run mess of a country in Africa (the once proud and prosperous White-ruled Rhodesia).

No doubt in an ill-advised effort to compete with the Democrats’ electing our first halfrican president, the Republicans have elected an anti-White-establishment Negro (Michael Steele) as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

In April, Steve Bierfeldt, Treasurer of the Ron Paul affiliated Campaign for Liberty, was apparently illegally detained and harassed for simply carrying a substantial amount of cash and campaign material through a St. Louis airport security checkpoint (no laws were violated). The ACLU has since filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Bierfeldt.

In late May, the Department of Justice (under A.G. Eric Holder -- see above) abruptly and inexplicably dismissed charges of voter intimidation filed earlier against three “Black Panther” members, in spite of the strong and clear evidence, including eyewitness testimony, which had resulted in the charges being brought in the first place. (Or, maybe not so “inexplicably” -- could be the charges were dropped because the Negro defendants refused to show up for scheduled hearings? Sounds good to me.)

Also about the end of May, the news broke that the Obama administration had approached the Cuban government to reopen negotiations on immigration of Cubans to the U.S. Discussions along those lines had been halted by Bush back in 2004. Cuba accepted the overture, responding “favorably” to the proposal. (It seems Mr. Obama will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to bring more non-Whites into our country.)

Guideline memoranda and training materials of the Missouri State Police and the U.S. Department of Defense have come to light in the past couple months that make a connection between, respectively, Ron Paul supporters and “militia;” and (First Amendment protected) public protest activity and “low level terrorism.” (The Missouri guidelines have since been rescinded.) Scary stuff, but just additional indications of the thinking of our government agencies relative to political dissent in America these days.

Obama recognizes, issues a proclamation, promotes, and makes a big public spectacle of “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month” (June); at which he promises to get rid of laws, regulations, and procedures we had earlier put in place to protect our society from the depravations and special-favor rabble-rousing of the queers.

Obama nominates a woman of Puerto Rican descent, Sonia Sotomayor, to the Supreme Court -- she being a La Raza associate, a vociferous “Hispanic” advocate and activist, an anti-White racist, an affirmative-action lawyer and judge, and a self-acknowledged lousy writer.

Negro Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman, after promising to investigate purported wrongdoing on the part of ACORN (the
criminal, socialist, and anti-White community political organizing group), on June 24 says “the powers that be decided against it.” (Wonder who those “powers” might be?)

More TNB (Typical Negro Behavior) -- Conyers’ wife, Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, recently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of accepting a bribe, which charge carried a penalty of up to five years in prison. But (surprise, surprise!), it has been reported that she is expected to ask the judge to impose a sentence involving no prison time (a mere “slap on the wrist”).

On or about June 26, five of the so-called “Jena-Six” Negro thugs who brutally beat and kicked a White boy in a Jena, Louisiana schoolyard incident and were initially charged with attempted murder, were allowed to plead to misdemeanor simple battery and got just the usual “slap on the wrist” of seven weeks probation and a $500. fine. The probable reason for that change: the establishment’s trembling fear caused by the Negroes’ staging large protest demonstrations organized by the likes of the notorious liar, race-baiter, and hoaxer Al Sharpton.

An article on June 27 given extensive play in the national jewmedia discloses that Paul Thornell, a Citigroup lobbyist and former aide to Al Gore and Tom Daschle, says that Capitol Hill is “too White” (needs more diversity; needs more blacks and other minorities in congressional staff positions, especially in the upper echelons).

As of July 1 the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress continue to push for (and the House passes) an energy (“climate”) bill that plays into the hands of the fraudulent “global warming” crowd and will severely punish American businesses, impose unrealistic standards, vastly grow the bureaucracy, and cost individual American middle-class taxpayers thousands of dollars over the next few years.

As of July 1 the Obama administration and Democratic Congress continue to push for so-called healthcare legislation that, among other things, has as one of its primary goals enabling illegal immigrants to get free nationalized, universal health care. In fact, that legislation is being actively promoted by the anti-White racist La Raza organization which is cautioning its proponents to be careful of the language they use because they acknowledge that the mainstream American electorate (Whites) would not stand for the effects of this legislation if they knew about it.

Day-in and day-out the jewmedia continue to hammer us with their vastly overrepresented and ever increasing presence of Negroes, mulattos, mestizos, and Jews whenever we turn on the TV, go to a movie, or look at a print ad. Just think of the message this sends to our impressionable children -- that there is no such thing as a White society, or White friendships or other associations or accomplishments; that Whites almost never do things without being accompanied by (usually directed, corrected, or supervised by) blacks and other people of color. (You don’t suppose that is the intended message, do you? You don’t suppose the Jews that control those media venues have anything to do with it, do you?)

Toward the end of June and into July, the Jew-controlled MSM (mainstream media) (jewnews, or jewmedia) have played up the Michael Jackson death story unmercifully, without letup, in a blatant attempt to “glorify” that Negro weirdo (as if we didn’t have anything better to be thinking about than the no-doubt drug-related death of that freakish performer, that white-boy [or -girl?] wannabe, that pervert). And then, on June 26 and at the behest of the Congressional Black Caucus, the House of Representatives of the United States of America observed a moment of silence to mourn the passing of this pathetic little queer pedophile! (Oh, by the way -- he was a savvy and talented entertainer at one time, and there are indications that he was Jew-wise.)

No, not all of these things are directly attributable to the Obama administration. And they aren’t all devastating to our people for strictly racial reasons. But in my opinion they are all part and parcel of the rapidly deteriorating situation for all patriotic American citizens and taxpayers, and especially Whites, that is increasingly evident since he took office. They are seriously disturbing issues now, and they portend an even worse future.

And yes, I’m sure I have omitted many other relevant examples of issues and events that have come to light over the past six months and which will contribute to the disastrous fate rapidly descending upon White America. Feel free to add to your own list!

In thinking back over the time since the November, 2008 election, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “how the hell could we have possibly elected this guy?” Well, tragic as it is turning out to be for us Whites, it is certainly understandable. Try to remember, if you will -- McCain the candidate was pretty much a Bush clone, or worse, with regard to his warmongering for the Jews. And Americans had (finally) wised up to Bush’s lying, phony reasons for initiating his wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Also, McCain was even worse than Bush on the issue of amnesty for the tens of millions of known illegal-alien mestizos that have poured across our southern border these past few years.

Some people refused to vote for either the totally unqualified Obama or the philosemitic race-traitor McCain, so they voted for third-party candidates that had no chance of winning. Some just didn’t vote for President (not being willing to vote for the “evil of two lessers” as the “lesser of two evils”). But many people, quite understandably, took the position that it wasn’t smart to just “throw your vote away” by voting for a loser or abstaining. And even many Republicans just couldn’t stand voting for McCain. Hence, the election of our first (part) Negro, Barack Hussein Obama.

But people weren’t paying attention way back during the primary campaigns that preceded the election. Clearly, very few people seemed to realize the heights of insanity and the depths of depravity to which our (White Americans’) dispossession had already brought us -- our utter failure to recognize and do something about the effects of Jewish brainwashing of America’s White population; the dire consequences of the Jewish orchestrated Negro “takeover” and opening our borders to the mestizo flood; the results of our failing to face up to the truth and to teach the truth to our children; our utter failure as a people to do something to protect our interests and to prevent our continued dispossession.

As a result we, the descendants of the White, European founders and of all those who explored, conquered, and built this nation, are now essentially and increasingly ruled by Jews, Negroes and other assorted non-Whites, radical feminists, and Marxists (communists or at the very least socialists).

We have already allowed ourselves to be literally kicked out of large segments of most of our largest cities. Now we are seeing our social, political, and governmental institutions, and our culture, destroyed by the Jew-contrived Negro empowerment, the mestizo flood, and Jewish “ways” and Jew-instigated edicts (our impending “jewtopia“).

We have watched our public education system be brought down from just about the best in the world to one of the most mediocre (if not one of the worst), primarily due to the ever-growing presence of non-Whites. Our children are routinely “dumbed down” by teachers, course content, and textbooks. We can’t teach our kids about the glorious and heroic history of their ancestors, but we pump their heads full of politically-correct nonsense about all the great, wonderful Negroes.

As natural organisms, I should think our behavior is unprecedented -- not only don’t we defend our interests and ourselves, we collaborate in (and often pay for) our own racial genocide (thus, actually and in part, our own racial suicide).

Day after day we just sit here like the “fool hen” and “take” whatever is thrown at us -- quietly accepting, with little or no recognition or defensive response whatever -- all the deadly doses of anti-White, politically correct double standards, media brainwashing, school-system treason, and government action. Like the proverbial frog in the gradually heated pot. And what’s worse, and as stated above -- we’ve come to (sunk to) the point where we can’t even teach our own children, at home let alone in our schools, the truth about all these critically important matters.

In fact, we Whites have become so fearful of the other, minority races, the all-powerful Jews, and the politically-correct constraints on free speech and spreading the truth that, as just one example, many Republicans in Congress are afraid even to criticize Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor’s anti-White racism as we head into her confirmation hearings lest the “Hispanic” voters will abandon the G.O.P. (Just pathetic -- it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.)

I think it is important that we keep this accounting of recent events and glimpse of the future in perspective -- that we remember that all these things are happening while White people still comprise a strong majority -- something like 65 percent or more -- of Americans. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

In any case, now that we have taken notice of all the things being done to destroy the America we once knew and cherished, we can better imagine what things will be like in about 40 years when we White Americans of European extraction will most likely comprise less than fifty percent of the population (keeping in mind that right now, school-aged children are nearly 50 percent non-White).

Do you really think these kinds of anti-White, colored preference, feminist, homosexually privileged, “politically correct,” and culturally depraved occurrences, and Jewish instigated governmental tramplings of our constitutional rights, are likely to diminish?


Unless we can somehow manage to take control of the situation, take our country back, and turn these worsening situations around, we Whites (and especially our progeny) are in for a very rough ride enroute to our oblivion.