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Friday, November 20, 2009


by Val Koinen
November 20, 2009

Many people, myself included, have commented on genetic and developmental differences among the human races, and particularly between Whites and Negroes. Differences that affect mental abilities, behavior, performance, and historical achievement. Some go so far as to say the whole concept of “race” is nothing more than a social construct, and that “we are all the same under the skin.” They would be the woefully uninformed and ignorant among us; the deluded rose-colored-glasses liberals and politically-correct dupes; and those who use such outlandish positions to further their social/political agenda (“organized Jewry,” for example).

A recent public television broadcast struck me as being pertinent to that debate and very revealing of the contrast in development between the two races (Whites and Negroes) (a NOVA program entitled “Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity” that aired on November 10).

The portion of interest had to do with the Homo erectus “Turkana Boy” that lived about 1.6 million years ago and that is believed to be an ancestor of modern human beings. The theory developed was that those early humans, after having developed the bipedal ability to walk erect on two legs, for some reason lost much if not most of their body hair. That made it possible for them to sweat, enabling them to run long distances in the heat. That helped them avoid predators; but it also let them develop a new hunting strategy -- alternately chasing and tracking their faster-running prey without giving those early “game animals” (such as deer and antelope) time to rest sufficiently to regain their breath and strength. With their superior ability to keep cool while running long distances over extended time periods, those early men could just run their prey to exhaustion. That was necessary because they had not yet developed long-distance projectile weapons such as spears or bows and arrows. The method is called “persistence hunting.” Great telecast; first lesson learned.

Now, here’s the second lesson. In order to bolster the validity of the theory by pointing out that “persistence hunting” is a real-world, actual and workable hunting method, the NOVA scientists demonstrated how some African bushmen still use that method today. They actually showed video of modern-day African Negroes using that method to chase down a kudu, running after it and tracking it for four hours or more in the heat. In the end, the kudu just stood still, thoroughly exhausted, as the hunter came up to within a few feet of it and speared it. (Presumably, in the distant past, the early humans would do the same thing, getting close enough to their prey to clobber it with a rock or club.)

Granted, that video demonstration establishes that persistence hunting can be a viable hunting strategy for humans. And by doing that, it lends credence to the theories tying together loss of body hair, sweating and body cooling, and distance running/jogging as a developmental and survival advantage for our early ancestors. But if you look at it from the other direction, it just as clearly shows how little some contemporary African Negroes have developed over the past 1.6 million years.

Oh, sure, “we’re all the same under the skin.” We White people of European extraction and our forebears who built beautiful and complex civilizations over thousands of years; created beautiful sculpture, music, and other artworks; who have invented countless technological wonders (including airplanes and computers); who conquered the seas, the farthest reaches of continental wildernesses, and space; who have conquered so many human diseases; who have made it possible to feed the world; and on and on ad infinitum. They tell us we’re the “same” as the African primitives (Negroes) who can’t feed or govern themselves; who (at least some of them) still jump around and chant to the jungle drumbeat, practice slavery and cannibalism, rape babies and young girl virgins because they think doing that will fend off AIDS, and who like to drink cow urine. And who still, after more than a million and a half years have passed by, during which time the White people of the world were doing all those wondrous things, hunt kudu the same way Turkana Boy did -- by running them to exhaustion!

Not exactly the kind of people I want to see swimming around in my gene pool!


grendal said...

very good point you make about the hunting style of primitive man and so called modern blacks.

grendal said...

also africans never invented the wheel or thought to use zebras for transportation,those tribes not touched by modern white man are still at a stone age level today,much like the american indians were at a stone age level when whites arrived.