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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, January 9, 2010


by Val Koinen
January 9, 2010

So you think it is wrong, even evil, to be racially aware and Jew-wise? Well don’t be too sure of that … just look at where doing things the other way has gotten us. Just look at the consequences of welcoming racial diversity and integration; and acquiescing to our culture, media, politics, and governance being dominated by the Jews.

For example, look at the consequences of letting known Negro criminals roam freely in our society. In that connection, I just can’t help wondering what kind of lives Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom would have had if they hadn’t been carjacked, kidnapped, raped and otherwise tortured, mutilated and murdered by a gang of Negroes in Knoxville back in 2007. What wonderful things would they have accomplished? How many beautiful children would they have had (whether with each other had they married, or with other spouses), and what would their lives have been like and what would they have contributed? But of course, we’ll never know, will we? No, sorry to say, the world will never know.

And it’s not as though the terrible fate that befell Christian and Newsom was unique, or even all that unusual. We could have the same thoughts and ask the same questions about countless other young White victims of violent black-on-White crime -- all those others that have been raped, otherwise traumatized, and killed year after year (on almost a daily basis) in the dirty, “secret” war of savage Negro-on White and other non-White-on-White crime. What would all their lives have been like? What contributions to humanity and posterity have been lost as a result of their being brutalized and killed by the Negroes and mestizos loosed on our White society? And what of the many children those young White people might have had, and all the future generations of their progeny, that have been irretrievably lost? We just cannot say, can we? We’ll never know.

Although those kinds of personal tragedies hit home the hardest, we need also to be mindful of some other very important things. For example, we should ask ourselves --what kind of glorious futures would so many of our once-great cities have had if we had not allowed them to be taken over by blacks and mestizos, and then turned into dilapidated ruins such as large portions of Detroit, or dangerous “no-go” zones (for Whites) such as parts of Los Angeles? Just imagine them as glistening, futuristic cities and think about them as vibrant centers of industry, science, learning, architecture, business, and art -- shining examples of ever-advancing White civilization. You can do that with a little imagination, but the way things are going these days, the truth is, we’ll never really know what those and many other cities might have become.

And what of our once highly regarded public education system? What would it have been like today, and even more poignantly what would it be like 50 or 100 years from now, especially in so many of our major population centers, had we not filled those schools with all the comparably uneducable Negroes and the slower-learning, largely non-English-speaking mestizos? If we had more wisely spent all that wasted money on properly educating our children, and not subjected so many of our kids to the daily torture of non-White thug behavior, how many more White youngsters would have graduated high school and gone on to college? And if so many of those Whites hadn’t been displaced by affirmative-action Negroes and mestizos, how many more great White scientists, statesmen, teachers, and the like might we have produced? Well, we’ll never know, will we?

How much better off would our country be right now if we had not changed our immigration laws back in 1965 to encourage so many non-Whites to immigrate into the U.S.? If we had not tolerated the massive illegal-alien invasion of more recent years, along with all the devastating social costs that has led to? Of course, we know the answer, generally speaking, is “a lot better off.” But as far as the ultimate cost to the America envisioned by our founders, and that still existed as recently as fifty years ago, we’ll never know the whole answer.

Just think about it, and ask yourself -- how much more beautiful, family-oriented, healthy, and uplifted would our cultural lives be in America if television, movies, print media, music, and all the other aspects of our popular culture hadn’t become so dominated by Jews? If literature and performing arts hadn’t become so perverted, negrified, and filled with gratuitous sex, soft porn, filth, violence, radical feminism, and promotion of homosexuality? Sadly, we have let things go too far -- and as a consequence, we’ll never know.

On the economic front, we might give some thought to the financial devastation America has suffered since 2007 (foreclosures, bankruptcies, bail-outs, job losses and unemployment, lost savings, etc.). How much better off would we be if we had not had all the Jew-instigated and perpetrated financial shenanigans or all the home loans made so grossly unqualified Negroes and mestizos could “buy” and live in expensive homes (virtual mansions compared to housing they deserved and could afford)? We might have some pretty good ideas about those matters, but the truth is, we’ll never know.

Another question worth asking -- exactly how much better off would our schools, infrastructure and the like be if we had spent the hundreds of billions of dollars that we have given to Israel on those kinds of things instead? Or, how much better off would our wage-earners and small businessmen be if we had taxed them less since 1948 instead of letting ourselves be coerced into forking over all that money to Israel? We have a fair idea, but we’ll never know exactly, and we have no idea how much more money will be wasted in that fashion.

Some more historical retrospection might also be in order. Thinking back to the first half of the twentieth century, one might wonder what accomplishments eastern European White people might have achieved if 20 million or more of them hadn’t been murdered by the Jewish-dominated communists during and following the Russian Revolution. And what great human accomplishments might have been achieved by all the European, American, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Whites that were slaughtered in the Jew-instigated, horrendously fratricidal World Wars (which the Jews managed to drag us Americans into)? And once again, what wonderful creations and contributions might have been made by the millions of children and grandchildren that were never born to all those who lost their lives needlessly and prematurely in those wars? Sadly, the world will never know. What a terrible waste; what a sickening loss.

Another war-related issue -- involved as we are in this kind of self-analytical exercise, we should probably ask ourselves what grand works we Whites of the Western nations could have achieved with the tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars extorted from European nations and America by the Jews and Israelis using their “holocaust” scam. I guess we’ll never know, will we? And it’s not just the monetary losses. How much better off -- stronger and more self-confident -- would our people be if they had not been subjected to (in essence, “brainwashed” by) all the guilt and self-doubt of the “holo-hoax” fantasy lies since they were first pushed on us so unmercifully starting in the 1950’s? Well, once again, we’ll never know.

And finally, while we are discussing war-related issues, we might give some thought to the costs of our recent military adventures (in actuality and to large extent wars of Jewish hegemony) in the middle-East (Afghanistan, Iraq; potentially Iran, Pakistan, and Yemen). In how many thousands of ways would the world, and particularly the lives of those involved, be better if we had insisted on learning and exposing the truth about the World Trade Center attacks and as a consequence had gone after the real perpetrators in a rational way? How many thousands of Americans, other nationals drawn into these actions by America; and how many millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, and Pakistanis; would still be living or would not be suffering the horrible wounds of war if we had not waged these wars largely for the benefit of the illegitimate State of Israel? Of course, nothing is more important than all the loss of life and other human carnage. But we also must ask ourselves, I think, how much better off would America’s economic situation be right now if we had not squandered all those hundreds of billions of dollars on those unnecessary wars. Well, yes, it’s true -- we’ll never know.

And lastly, there is the huge matter of White racial genetics; integrity; continuing societal, political, and civilizational development; evolution; and survival. I’ll ask the question; maybe you can stop and really think about it. How different would it be -- how much better would it be -- for White Americans if we had not let all these non-Whites run rampant in our society via integration of housing, schools, the workplace, and by copulating with our daughters? How much better off would our economy be, if only by virtue of the billions of dollars we would have saved on welfare, health care, education, and incarceration of those “others?” How much more advanced, peaceful, and beautiful would our neighborhoods and communities be? Once again, because we have allowed so many aspects of our society to be virtually overrun and destroyed by non-Whites, we’ll never know. (Although, in this case we do know that the America we once knew and cherished has already suffered mightily by all this race mixing with these genetically, intellectually, and behaviorally different, if not inferior, peoples.)

I do think we need to ask ourselves -- what would America and the world be like today if we White people of Western Civilization hadn’t made all these mistakes in the names of liberalism, political correctness, democracy, altruism, egalitarianism, diversity and multi-culturalism, White guilt, and misguided deference to the ever-calculating, goyim-hating Jews? Sadly, I’m afraid, we’ll never know; the world will never know.

Now, having reflected on these matters, the questions we White people of America need to ask ourselves are: As horribly as so many of these things have worked out, as bad as things are, and as gloomy as the future seems to be -- does that mean that we should just “give it all up?” Or should we start working to improve things, and begin to fight for redemption; for our very survival; and for our progeny and posterity?

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Cracker Americanus said...

The answer is no. The true white european is unable to give up. This is our world given to us by GOD. The white Christian is under the impression that is guilty of something. The people that hate us would be a footnote in some dusty library if we did not exist.