White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, March 22, 2010


by Val Koinen
March 22, 2010

This would be funny if it weren’t so damned serious.

I’m thinking of the human brain’s amazing capacity for irrational, duplicitous, self-deceiving thought patterns; particularly when it comes to racial awareness, racial survival, and Jew-smarts. The glaring “disconnects” between perceptions, thinking, behavior, responses, and reality when it comes to these issues that are of such vital importance to White Americans. “Doublethink” as Orwell described it. 180-degree ass-backwards insanity when it comes to thinking and reasoning as I see it. Holding two contradicting, diametrically opposed ideas at the same time. (After all, that’s one of the definitions of insanity, isn’t it?)

You would think it would be impossible for seemingly intelligent and rational people to engage in these kinds of mental gymnastics (contortions, actually). But, most of your relatives, friends, and neighbors do it all the time. That’s what is so scary!

And yes, it goes far beyond simple ignorance of the truth and what I call “crosswire cognizance” (knowing things that aren’t true). It is denial of truth and reality of epic proportions -- wrongthink writ large.

Just follow along, and I’m sure you will soon come to see and understand what I’m talking about.

One of the best (and most common) examples would be the people who study and understand practical and applied genetics, eugenics, and selective breeding for particular qualities -- for example breeders of pure-bred dogs and thoroughbred race horses, and developers of new strains of flowers. And not just the people actually involved in those kinds of things, of course, but also the multitudes who appreciate and support those efforts. Unbelievably, many of those same people don’t see anything wrong with their own people -- their fellow White Americans -- being genetically polluted, degraded, and cross-bred out of existence. Doesn’t seem like a well-connected thought process to me!

Don’t you think we should ask ourselves which is more important in the overall scheme of things -- the breeding of quality dogs, horses, or roses; or, after hundreds of thousands of years and all the struggles and sacrifices and achievements of our people, seeing their genes and evolutionary progress ruined and the future of our culture, our civilization, and our progeny utterly destroyed?

As another related but somewhat more specific example -- what can we make of the people who breed dogs for greater intelligence but are still in favor of human “diversity” and multiculturalism, which lead to race mixing, which results in a massive lowering of White IQ? Now that takes a huge capacity for intellectual disconnection, if you ask me.

Then there are those who alternate fighting to protect the spotted owls and snail darters, and who work to save them from extinction; with attending pro-diversity and “anti-racist” rallies. Go figure. People who are all in favor of enforcing (and expanding) the Endangered Species Act and yet don’t seem to give a damn that their own people (the White subspecies of humanity) are becoming extinct -- being genocided out of existence. Can anyone else see a “disconnect” here?

I’ve known people who are (rightfully) aghast at the problems caused by “invasive species” of certain non-native plants. They will fight to enact strict weed-control laws and will willingly pay good (tax) money to halt the spread of kudzu, spotted knapweed, and many other noxious weeds. In fact, most people I know understand why it is important to weed their gardens on occasion. Yet many of these same people seem to think racial mixing is not a problem, and that the invasion and proliferation of non-Whites in our society are just fine and dandy. They are perfectly comfortable with inviting those non-Whites into our neighborhoods, schools, culture, and our very lives. They refuse to acknowledge the fundamental biological, intellectual, cultural, and behavioral differences between us and those “others,” or the damage those other people and their cultures do to our White society and our gene pool.

Another example -- many of the very same people are rightfully concerned about the way Asian carp are displacing native fish in the Mississippi River drainage, and the danger they pose to Great Lakes fisheries. They work to eradicate those invasive alien fish, and to block their spreading in our waterways -- even to the extent of willingly spending tons of money and disrupting commercial maritime traffic. But they just can’t seem to see any similarity whatsoever to the widespread mestizo invasion or to the increasing numbers of Somalian and Nigerian blacks brought to many White neighborhoods by church groups. Even though the latter occurrences result in far more serious dangers and problems to our society. Hell, they invite and welcome those invasions of their own communities and culture. Now that’s a “disconnect.”

We have many companies that provide “pest control” services, and no shortage of customers who willingly pay for that kind of service. But it seems many people who would avail themselves of pest control services would in effect vote to make it illegal to protect our homes, neighborhoods, wives, and children from the dangers posed by non-White interlopers.

Our sprawling suburbs are filled with White people who moved there to escape the rampant crime of the Negro- and mestizo-infected inner cities; the squalor that always accompanies proliferation of those non-White peoples; the deteriorated and dangerous schools; etc. -- but then -- absolutely refuse to think racially in politics and even vote for a communist “halfrican” creature like Obama. They refuse to clamp down on rampant Negro crime, and even “get their knickers in a wad” over “racial profiling” by the police, even when it is proven to them that such profiling facilitates crime-solving. They sing the praises of diversity and multiculturalism, watch negrified TV, go through their lives being diehard “n****rball” fans, and willingly send their sons to the Middle East to fight and die in wars being waged for the Jews. Kind of an irrational love-hate relationship; a pathetic coupling of frightened and desperate avoidance with loving acceptance, wouldn’t you say?

We have no shortage of hopelessly altruistic people who contribute money they can ill afford in order to feed and “save” Negroes in Africa and Haiti, and then watch them breed like flies (and far beyond their capacity to support themselves). And then work to import as many of them as they can into the U.S.; after which we all suffer their destructive ways year in and year out. But for some reason, those people never seem to catch on. Truly amazing! “Disconnect,” anyone?

We have no shortage of presumably smart, successful men of means -- even pillars of their communities -- who more than once have laughed at the old story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned; but who absolutely refuse to talk about White racial survival and who spend virtually all their spare time playing golf. I’ve known men like these who virtually worship golf; they live for golf; while our race and our White nations are literally being destroyed all around them. Wouldn’t you say there is a “disconnect” in there somewhere?

As good parents, we like to teach our kids thrift and frugality. Many of us strive to stay within our budgets, and routinely deprive ourselves of indulgences we know we can’t afford. And then -- all too many of us allow, and vote for despicable politicians who work toward, such things as hugely wasteful spending by government on welfare for non-Whites and giving Israeli Jews billions of dollars each and every year. And since 2007 we have nearly bankrupted ourselves by bailing out the mostly Jewish bankers and other corporate crooks who created our financial crisis in the first place, to the tune of trillions of dollars. When you think about it, that’s the kind of thing that’s a little hard to explain, isn’t it?

We take great pains to teach our kids about the importance of telling the truth (you know, we even tell them the fable about George Washington and the cherry tree). We punish our kids for telling lies. And then -- we ourselves absolutely refuse to listen to or speak the truth about racial differences, abhorrent non-White criminality, the communist plagiarizer Michael (a.k.a. “Martin Luther”) King, Jewish perfidy and criminality and their ‘holohoax” scam, the devastating results of diversity and multiculturalism, and countless other deadly-serious things. We even allow our schools to teach our little children all kinds of out-and-out lies about White and Negro history, racial “sameness,” etc. And that’s not just another example of a “disconnect;” it’s just plain sick!

Again, we (most of us, anyway) like to tout truth-telling. Yet, in today’s anti-White social/governmental/legal climate in America, if we tell the truth about black crime and disease we are vilified as being racists. If we tell the truth about mestizo gangs and criminality and their costs to taxpayers we are accused of being haters and bigots. If we tell the truth about Jews and their crimes; their horribly slanderous distortions of World War II and other history; and their efforts to dispossess Whites and even to “genocide” them by promoting race mixing, radical feminism, female careerism versus motherhood, and homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle; we are labeled the mother of all smears -- “anti-semites.”

Once again -- we say we revere the truth, yet we continue to swallow and teach our children the many propagandistic lies about the Jews’ role in European communism and the events leading up to WW II; and the history of that conflict including such things as the lies surrounding Roosevelt’s grand deception of getting us into the war utilizing the attack on Pearl Harbor, the true character of Hitler and Nazi Germany, and Allied atrocities such as the fire-bombing of Dresden and the inhuman treatment of German POWs after the war.

We White parents wean our kids off childhood fables such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy; and then turn around and teach them the blatant and deadly lies that “diversity is our strength,” “we’re all the same under the skin,” that an integrated multi-racial society and race-mixing are good things, and that if blacks seem to have mental deficiencies on average it is because Whites held them back (because of White “racism”). I think I see a “disconnect.”

I’ve known many people who get really “hung up” on the issue of “discrimination.” People who just won’t tolerate discussions of racial separatism and preferences for one’s own kind (even when such positions are fully explained as being warranted by Negro and mestizo mental, behavioral, social, and criminal proclivities). Yet those very same people more often than not will try to deny the overwhelming proofs that they themselves “discriminate” every day, all the time. After all, discrimination provides a lot of the beauty and spice of life. We all discriminate in the sense of having good, selective tastes and preferences in such matters as: the type of literature we enjoy; the music we listen to; the kind of wine we drink with certain foods; our tastes for different foods; our favorite flowers; the style of clothing we prefer to wear; the kinds of vacations we look forward to; the make and model of car we drive; and on and on. We also discriminate for reasons of safety and well-being, as when we choose which mushroom to eat, or which type of snake to pick up. But when it comes to Negroes and mestizos and other non-Whites, and even the criminal elements among them, we are not supposed to notice any differences or show any preference for associations or non-associations. When it comes to race, those people go absolutely bonkers at the very thought of “discriminating against” non-Whites in any way whatsoever -- even just saying you prefer not to be around them, or that you prefer to be around and enjoy the company of people of your own kind. There’s certainly nothing subtle about the disconnect between those two views of discrimination, now is there?

Many people insist on the “virtues” of our society’s providing (and paying for) “equal education” for Whites and non-Whites, and see nothing wrong with fully integrated public schools. But in order to do that, they have to ignore the glaring truths about lower average non-White IQs, the relative educabilities of the races, the ubiquitous “dumbing down” of White kids in integrated schools with any significant numbers of non-Whites, schoolyard crimes committed against our White children, and the excessive costs of trying to educate non-Whites up to our standards. Surely, there is a serious disconnect in those people’s thinking about this problem.

Oh, yeah, then there is the way all the tough young American White men are such “fans” (i.e., fanatics) about professional spectator sports, especially football and basketball (otherwise known as field n****rball and court n****rball). They take huge pride in their local n****rball teams. But then -- you guessed it -- they don’t give a damn about the fortunes (actually, mostly misfortunes) of their real team -- their racial kinfolk. Any disconnect there, do you suppose?

We try hard to teach our kids, in our homes and in their schools, to speak and write good English. But then we allow the linguistic heritage of our Nation to be undermined and sabotaged by allowing and in many cases even requiring a dual (or multiple) language presentation in schools, on product packaging, on private and public signage, in public announcements, etc. Disconnect, anyone?

People like to talk about equal treatment of all our citizens under the law, non-discrimination, and the like. And yet -- Whites in America have come to tolerate blatantly discriminatory, anti-White government policies; and programs such as “affirmative action” and others involving race-based preferences for non-Whites. We stand by and allow the criminal justice system to take the position, in essence, that only White people can commit “hate crimes” (when the opposite is much nearer the truth). And we tolerate our Jew-controlled press when they magnify their reportage of rare White-on-colored crimes while ignoring (“hushing up”) or glossing over or otherwise minimizing the far more prevalent Black-on-White and mestizo-on-White crime. We don’t even seem to care that the federal government, in annual crime statistic reporting, classifies mestizo” (“Hispanic”) perpetrators as White -- thereby grossly understating the mestizo crime rates while at the same time overstating the criminality of Whites. Yeah, right -- no disconnect there, is there?

OK, let’s go international for an example. We “Western” Whites (people of European extraction) like to tout democracy, liberty, freedom and free speech, and that kind of thing. But isn’t it odd that even many of our people who are vaguely aware of what is going on don’t see anything wrong with Germany and several other European countries (and others as well -- consider Canada and Australia, for instance) arresting and imprisoning people for merely questioning the Jews’ B.S. story about the so-called “Holocaust?” Think about it -- so many of us Whites, who laud the “free society,” think it is just fine and dandy that people are thrown into jail merely for the Orwellian “thought crime” of expressing doubts about “official” views of an historical event (or rather non-event, because it has been pretty conclusively shown that the holocaust minimizers, if not the deniers, have gotten it pretty much right -- they have the truth on their side). Seems like a “disconnect” to me!

As parents, most of us still read stories to our kids from time to time about our brave pioneer ancestors and how the father out plowing his fields sometimes had to let go his plow and grab his rifle and race to the log cabin to protect his wife and children from an Indian attack. Yet many of those very same people now teach their kids that it is wrong to keep guns in the house so we can protect ourselves (our families) from all too common attacks by non-Whites in our mixed-race communities. Smells a little like a “disconnect” to me; what do you think?

Most of us, trying to be good parents, make sure our children have had all the right inoculations and vaccinations to protect them from diseases. We are careful to protect them from other dangers as well, such as sexually deviant predators, accidental injuries, and anything else that could hurt them. But then we turn right around and allow the public schools to poison their minds with all kinds of nonsense about racial “sameness” and about Jewish lies and other social and governmental propaganda. We let the schools teach our little kids that homosexuality is just another acceptable “alternative lifestyle,” and we let queers write books that are used in the public schools. We integrate our schools with wild, savage blacks and fill them up with dangerous Mexican gang members that constantly threaten, intimidate, and even assault, rape, and kill our children. We think it is fine to let our daughters mix with blacks who all too often give them AIDS, other STDs, assault them, and kill them on a vastly disproportionate basis. Now there’s a “disconnect” for you!

Every day we are faced with the stark, undeniable reality (truth) about Negro crime rates, animalistic behavior, low average IQs, poor social performance, spreading of diseases, and welfare and incarceration costs. We see how they have failed miserably to perform wherever they predominate -- whether in African countries, Haiti, New Orleans, or Detroit. We see how the mestizos, many of them illegals, criminalize neighborhoods and even entire cities, take our jobs and lower wages, bankrupt our community hospitals with costs of their health care, keep us broke building prisons in which to incarcerate them, and demonstrate en masse and scream their vows to drive us Whites out of large segments of our own country. Yet many, if not most of us White Americans insist, as though we were blind or stupid or demented (insane), that “we are all the same under the skin,” and that “diversity is our strength.” And you don’t see anything horribly wrong with that picture?

All too many of us continue to be impressed if not cowed by the whining of the pooor, pooor, poisecuted Jews; and awed by their insane and laughable claims of being the “chosen people.” Yet world history is full of solid, unquestionable, and undeniable proof of the Jews’ multitudinous crimes against Whites; such as their role in getting us involved in World Wars I and II and the ongoing mid-East wars, their attack back in 1967 on the U.S.S. Liberty, their relentless spying on our government, their predominance in financial rip-off schemes and crimes (including those that led to our current economic crisis), just to mention a few of many, many other things. So instead of them getting their “just deserts” for all their wrongdoings, we let them lead us around by the nose, bankrupt us, destroy our culture, and poison our childrens’ minds. If that isn’t a “disconnect,” I just can’t imagine what would be.

We strive for ourselves and our loved ones to be alert to symptoms of serious illness and disease (for example heart attacks, cancer, etc.). Yet all too many of us insist on ignoring the ridiculously obvious symptoms of our cultural and racial destruction, social and political dispossession, and Jewish perfidy. Yet one more “disconnect,” if you ask me.

Many of us still claim to be proud of our cultural heritage (including all the accomplishments of Western Civilization over thousands of years), yet many of those same people have no problem with “jiving” to savage Negro “rap” and “hip-hop” so-called music, and happily embrace other elements of Negro (as opposed to White, European) culture (manner of dress, speech, dancing, etc.).

Once again thinking more of the situation in the European White homelands -- many European White people welcome Muslims, Turks, Arabs, and Negroes into their nations, and express pride in how their much vaunted democratic governments have “made a place” for all those newcomers along with everyone else. And that, even though many of those non-Whites are openly working to completely alter the culture of those once-White countries, and even to overwhelm and “take over” those countries; and even though some of their religious beliefs teach them to destroy those who do not subscribe to those beliefs. It’s as though we are sh**ting on the memory of our heroic ancestors who sacrificed so much to repel those Asiatic invaders down through the centuries.

So there you have it. I just wonder what it will take to wake some of our people up to what is happening right now, right before our eyes, regarding the dispossession and even the literal destruction of our people? Our once-great Western Civilization is being utterly destroyed, and some of these people just go on refusing to see what is happening. They think one thing and say another; they know one thing and then act as though the opposite thing was true. Rome is burning, while they play cards or go bowling twice a week, and watch Jewed and Negrified TV the other nights.

Our people are constantly being raped, tortured, and murdered by Negroes (the dirty, secret war in America). Our once-great cities are being taken over by them and/or by the brown mestizo hordes. Many people see this happening and still fly down to Haiti to adopt and bring home niglets; and contribute to their church coffers so they can import hundreds if not thousands more Somalians.

There has to be a reason for this insane, racially suicidal behavior. For these “impossible” contradictions in our self-destructive thinking and behavior; for this inability to keep our senses and our brains in some kind of rational synchronization.

Yes, Matilda, there is an underlying reason. It is the complicit and culpable Jew. The Jewish indoctrination, deception, and brainwashing foisted upon many generations of our people via their control of, or at the very least their undue influence over; the press, entertainment media, academia, and government. By those means they have exploited our altruistic nature and our naivety and gullibility -- and sadly, our weakened survival instincts. And sometimes, I’m sorry to say, our self-serving greed, desire for power, laziness, and cowardice (nobody said our people are perfect, but neither are we any worse -- or probably even as bad -- as the other races in these and other ways). The Jews are, in fact, masters at exploiting those human weaknesses and failings; manipulating us via their control of so many aspects of our society.

The main tools they have used against us: liberalism, egalitarianism, universal altruism, unwarranted self-hatred, White guilt, political correctness, radical feminism, and the softness and “wimpism” that have grown through the years along with our affluence and easy-existence lifestyles.

And we must never forget that they have also succeeded masterfully in using the non-White “others” against us and our way of life.

The cures? Well, there are some, though we are rapidly running out of time. If we are to do something in time to save our people and secure our future, I think we have to start with such things as:

Massive White awakening to the truth about what is going on.
Reinvigorated White racial awareness and pride.
Genuine, not just affected, reverence for the truth in all our dealings.
Renewed emphasis on our White-European culture; clean and wholesome White media and entertainment.
Racial separation and autonomy.
Curtailment of Jewish power and influence in our society.

But the first step, in my view (after at least some degree of awakening) is for our people to begin thinking straight -- rationally and honestly --and to stop the kinds of wrongthink and doublethink that I have tried to demonstrate in this essay.

Monday, March 15, 2010


by Val Koinen
March 15, 2010

Just a few simple, straightforward questions I would like to ask my fellow White Americans -- friends and family, neighbors, and fellow citizens…

I just know that, like any other rational person, you would warn your little children about such things as:

- Running with a knife or scissors in their hand.
- Touching a hot stove burner.
- The traffic danger when crossing a busy street.
- Playing with matches.
- All the poison ivy you’ve noticed lately in the back yard or on the playground.
- Getting into a car with a stranger

And not just warn them -- I’m sure you would make every effort to take specific actions at the appropriate times to protect them from such hazards.

I’m also confident you would warn your older children, and your spouse, when they leave the house and head off to work or play, about any perils they should be aware of, such as:

- Bad driving conditions, such as snow or ice on the roadways following a winter storm.
- Getting too close to a cliff edge when vacationing in canyon country.
- The news report you just heard about the circus tigers that escaped last night.
- The forest fire danger when out camping in the woods during the hottest week of August.
- All the rattlesnakes you’ve seen recently in the yard up at the summer vacation cabin.
- The dangers of doing drugs and of driving after having too much to drink.

Of course you’d not only warn them about such things -- we both know you’d go beyond that, if at all possible, and do something to protect them from such dangers before they found themselves in trouble.

In fact, I’m sure you would, to the extent you are capable, warn your friends, neighbors, and everyone in your community, about such things as:

- Invasive species of plants and animals cropping up in area fields and lakes.
- Recent revelations of the dangers posed by toxic waste in a dump or industrial facility.
- A fugitive killer or rapist reported to be on the loose in your area.
- An epidemic spreading in your area.
- The dangers of traveling to certain foreign countries.
- Reports of packs of dangerous dogs; or of rabid dogs, feral cats, or bats in your area.
- The latest financial scams being perpetrated upon members of the community, and especially on the senior citizens of your town.

Surely, you wouldn’t deliberately try to “hide” such things from those around you.

What I’ve been wondering about lately -- why is it, then, that you try so hard to keep secret from them, and absolutely refuse to warn them -- all these people you claim to care for so much -- about such devastating things as:

(1) The vastly disproportionate (and seemingly ubiquitous) Negro propensity for crime and violence; and especially their habit of committing horrible, violent crimes against White people.
(2) The violent (and very dangerous) nature of Negro kids in public schools.
(3) The rampant and vastly disproportionate incidence of Negro AIDS and other STDs.
(4) The terrible financial burden of black welfare and incarceration costs.
(5) The social costs and unfairness of black “affirmative action” and other race-based preferential treatment.
(6) The way the Negroes, having such low IQs on average and being so comparatively uneducable, are ruining our public schools and dragging down the educations of our children.
(7) The mestizo “takeover” of neighborhoods, even whole cities; and the dangers of traveling through those areas.
(8) The high rates of mestizo crime in general, and especially drug-related crime.
(9) The horrendous public costs of mestizo health care, welfare, education, and incarceration of their criminal element.
(10) The dangers posed specifically by drunk (and oftentimes uninsured) mestizo drivers.
(11) The way illegal mestizo immigration (as well as their “sort of” legal immigration and their anchor babies for that matter) are utterly destroying the racial demographics of our once-White America.
(12) The inordinate control by the complicit and culpable Jews of the press, TV, and movies (and all the anti-White “brainwashing” they do via those media and especially the damage they do to our children’s thinking).
(13) The outrage of the Jewish “holohoax” myth and the way they have used it to demean the Germanic peoples (for that matter all White people), in addition to using that scam to garner undeserved sympathy and special treatment for members of their tribe and to extort billions of dollars from the White nations.
(14) All the other endless Jewish transgressions against White societies -- financial crimes and other wrongdoing; spying against us and other treasonous acts; controlling our politics and government; spreading lies about the supposed benefits of diversity, multiculturalism, social integration, and race mixing; poisoning our culture; etc.
(15) The long-term and ongoing Jewish efforts to dispossess Whites in their own countries, and to destroy Western Civilization; in essence to “genocide” the White race out of existence.
(16) The Jews’ working so hard, via their inordinate control of the press, entertainment and news media, schools, and government; to instill “White guilt” in our people -- to destroy our sense of self worth and our rightful pride in all the wonderful accomplishments of our people since the beginning of recorded history.
(17) The Jews most likely being behind 9-11, and unquestionably being the instigators of the recent mid-East wars; not to mention so many other, earlier, conflicts and mass murders.

I’m just asking -- it just seems to me that those kinds of things, too, might be worth warning our families and our White neighbors about, don’t you think?