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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, March 15, 2010


by Val Koinen
March 15, 2010

Just a few simple, straightforward questions I would like to ask my fellow White Americans -- friends and family, neighbors, and fellow citizens…

I just know that, like any other rational person, you would warn your little children about such things as:

- Running with a knife or scissors in their hand.
- Touching a hot stove burner.
- The traffic danger when crossing a busy street.
- Playing with matches.
- All the poison ivy you’ve noticed lately in the back yard or on the playground.
- Getting into a car with a stranger

And not just warn them -- I’m sure you would make every effort to take specific actions at the appropriate times to protect them from such hazards.

I’m also confident you would warn your older children, and your spouse, when they leave the house and head off to work or play, about any perils they should be aware of, such as:

- Bad driving conditions, such as snow or ice on the roadways following a winter storm.
- Getting too close to a cliff edge when vacationing in canyon country.
- The news report you just heard about the circus tigers that escaped last night.
- The forest fire danger when out camping in the woods during the hottest week of August.
- All the rattlesnakes you’ve seen recently in the yard up at the summer vacation cabin.
- The dangers of doing drugs and of driving after having too much to drink.

Of course you’d not only warn them about such things -- we both know you’d go beyond that, if at all possible, and do something to protect them from such dangers before they found themselves in trouble.

In fact, I’m sure you would, to the extent you are capable, warn your friends, neighbors, and everyone in your community, about such things as:

- Invasive species of plants and animals cropping up in area fields and lakes.
- Recent revelations of the dangers posed by toxic waste in a dump or industrial facility.
- A fugitive killer or rapist reported to be on the loose in your area.
- An epidemic spreading in your area.
- The dangers of traveling to certain foreign countries.
- Reports of packs of dangerous dogs; or of rabid dogs, feral cats, or bats in your area.
- The latest financial scams being perpetrated upon members of the community, and especially on the senior citizens of your town.

Surely, you wouldn’t deliberately try to “hide” such things from those around you.

What I’ve been wondering about lately -- why is it, then, that you try so hard to keep secret from them, and absolutely refuse to warn them -- all these people you claim to care for so much -- about such devastating things as:

(1) The vastly disproportionate (and seemingly ubiquitous) Negro propensity for crime and violence; and especially their habit of committing horrible, violent crimes against White people.
(2) The violent (and very dangerous) nature of Negro kids in public schools.
(3) The rampant and vastly disproportionate incidence of Negro AIDS and other STDs.
(4) The terrible financial burden of black welfare and incarceration costs.
(5) The social costs and unfairness of black “affirmative action” and other race-based preferential treatment.
(6) The way the Negroes, having such low IQs on average and being so comparatively uneducable, are ruining our public schools and dragging down the educations of our children.
(7) The mestizo “takeover” of neighborhoods, even whole cities; and the dangers of traveling through those areas.
(8) The high rates of mestizo crime in general, and especially drug-related crime.
(9) The horrendous public costs of mestizo health care, welfare, education, and incarceration of their criminal element.
(10) The dangers posed specifically by drunk (and oftentimes uninsured) mestizo drivers.
(11) The way illegal mestizo immigration (as well as their “sort of” legal immigration and their anchor babies for that matter) are utterly destroying the racial demographics of our once-White America.
(12) The inordinate control by the complicit and culpable Jews of the press, TV, and movies (and all the anti-White “brainwashing” they do via those media and especially the damage they do to our children’s thinking).
(13) The outrage of the Jewish “holohoax” myth and the way they have used it to demean the Germanic peoples (for that matter all White people), in addition to using that scam to garner undeserved sympathy and special treatment for members of their tribe and to extort billions of dollars from the White nations.
(14) All the other endless Jewish transgressions against White societies -- financial crimes and other wrongdoing; spying against us and other treasonous acts; controlling our politics and government; spreading lies about the supposed benefits of diversity, multiculturalism, social integration, and race mixing; poisoning our culture; etc.
(15) The long-term and ongoing Jewish efforts to dispossess Whites in their own countries, and to destroy Western Civilization; in essence to “genocide” the White race out of existence.
(16) The Jews’ working so hard, via their inordinate control of the press, entertainment and news media, schools, and government; to instill “White guilt” in our people -- to destroy our sense of self worth and our rightful pride in all the wonderful accomplishments of our people since the beginning of recorded history.
(17) The Jews most likely being behind 9-11, and unquestionably being the instigators of the recent mid-East wars; not to mention so many other, earlier, conflicts and mass murders.

I’m just asking -- it just seems to me that those kinds of things, too, might be worth warning our families and our White neighbors about, don’t you think?

1 comment:

Cracker Americanus said...

You have to ask who will benefit from the destruction of the white race ? Who will be the leader if we are gone?
Remember everything is buisness. The white people forget this fact. Jesus said sell your cloak and buy a sword. (sell your worthless crap and buy a rifle and learn how to use it.)
The Whites are under attack. It is war it is undeclared and insidious.