White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


by Val Koinen
April 20, 2010

Maybe you, like most of the rest of us White Americans, have been reading and hearing things in the “mainstream media” lately about the resurgence of the “radical right,” hard-core conservatives, “Tea Party” activities, and the like.

And that’s “just for starters,” as they say. Those recent developments in American society don’t even really touch on some of our most serious problems involving Jewish control of our media, education system, and government; and our racial demise.

So, if you have been noticing these kinds of things, you likely have wondered -- at least privately, to yourself -- just what the real truth is when it comes to some of the more “extreme” positions of those people the MSM labels as being extremists, racists, White supremacists, White nationalists, bigots, haters, anti-Semites, Nazis, and on and on ad nauseam.

That’s good. Given what has been happening to our once-wonderful America, we all should be wondering about those things. And we all should probably be looking into those issues -- researching and studying them -- a lot more than we have been.

Of course, you should reserve your final judgments about these matters until after you have made those investigations. But there are a few concepts you might want to ponder while (and even before) you do your investigating and evaluating.

You might want to ask yourself -- just how does it make you a bad person to seek out and develop a solid understanding of the truth? You might want to ask others -- just how is it evil, or bigoted, or hateful, to search for the facts and to thoroughly evaluate them once they have been uncovered? You might ask -- just how are you being unfair to anybody, or being “prejudiced” against them; when you apply your powers of observation, intelligence, and rationality to forming opinions and developing positions based upon the objective realities of the world around you and on the definitive, documentable historical records of the past?

Just how does it make one a bad person for caring about the future of your society and your country?

What is so evil about caring for the future of your people; your progeny; your race?

Why are you labeled a hater for caring about such things as your people’s culture, safe living areas for your family, and good and safe schools for your children?

Why are you a horrible person just because you don’t want to be shackled to the social and economic slavery of non-White racial preferences and predominately non-White welfarism?

How does it make one an evil racist just for knowing that the races of man are genetically distinct subspecies of humankind, and that those subspecies differ from one another in important ways (and perhaps most importantly, in intelligence and behavioral traits)?

What exactly is evil and bigoted about knowing the demonstrable truth about integration, diversity, and multiculturalism? Knowing that, rather than being our “strength” as is continually pumped into our brains by government, schools, and the media; those things are deadly to our White society?

Why is it so wrong for a White person to be knowledgeable about the horrendously disproportionate incidence of black-on-White crime (and to a slightly lesser extent other non-White-on-White crime), and then to be upset with that knowledge (that situation)?

Why is it racist and hateful for a White person to know how the mestizo invasion of our southwestern states (all the states, for that matter, but particularly the southern and southwestern tier) is rapidly destroying the European-derived character of our society; the underpinning strength of our Nation?

For that matter, does it somehow make someone a bad person simply to know and understand that Negroes and mestizos will eventually literally destroy the America envisioned by our founders (that they already have, to large extent)? To realize that they are destroying the “American dream” we once held for ourselves and our children?

Is a White man “evil” for simply knowing (recognizing), understanding, and being concerned about the fact that his people -- the founders and primary builders of America -- are being (actually, have already been) socially and politically dispossessed in their own country?

How does it make one a bad person to merely recognize that the ascendancy and proliferation of Negroes and mestizos in America, and of non-Whites in other White countries around the world for that matter; will eventually result in the utter destruction of our culture and our societies, and even the literal genocide of our people?

Does it really make one a bigot, or hater, to want to see their children grow up within a White, European-derived popular culture instead of a Negrified, mestizo/Hispanic, or Jew-porn or Jew-filth “culture”?

Is it really evil to simply prefer to be around people like yourself -- to have the right to preferentially associate with people like yourself (or conversely, to not associate with “others”) if that is what you prefer and what you want to do?

Seriously now, does it make one a hater and bigot to know what the Jews say about their being the “chosen” people and about the “goyim” (us White people) being inferior animals, or cattle? And for being a little upset about the blatant obnoxiousness of such beliefs?

Are you a bad person merely because you know the true history of Jewish involvement in -- nay, Jewish responsibility for -- the drowning of White America in a sea of colored immigrants since 1965?

Does it make one a racist/hater to simply understand the Jewish role in the dispossession of Whites in America via the so-called “civil rights movement” of the 1960s and the resulting forced integration and race-mixing?

And how about other Jewish historical influence these past 100 years? Does it make a person a horrible, racist anti-Semite simply to know that, without the efforts and influence of complicit Jews, there most likely would never have been a World War I or World War II, a Russian revolution, and eastern European communism that resulted in tens of millions of Caucasians being killed in that horrible (and failed) social experiment?

Does it make a person “evil” to know the truth about the so-called WW II “Holocaust” (more accurately the huge Jewish “Holohoax” invention)? To know that the Jews’ holocaust is a huge exaggeration if not an out-and-out lie concocted to extort billions of dollars, unwarranted sympathy, and special favors for Jews and Israel?

For that matter, is a person a horrible, unreasonable anti-Semitic “Nazi” just because they learn that most if not all of the never-ending stream of books written by Jews about their concocted “holocaust” experiences have turned out to be filled with lies if not outright cover-to-cover frauds? Because they see good reason to question the “Diary of Anne Frank” story as being a fraud perpetrated by her father Otto Frank and his collaborators after the war; and to question the veracity of many of supposed holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s scribblings (given all the evidence that he too is most likely a liar and a fraud)?

No, no, no! A thousand times NO! These things I have mentioned -- just a few of many, many more that could be mentioned in connection with our ongoing racial devastation and the Jewish perfidy directed against us -- are not bad, evil, unjustifiedly hateful, bigoted, and senseless opinions and positions. They are real, true, and reasonable conclusions and insights; and therefore there is nothing at all wrong with knowing them and talking about them. It is perfectly appropriate to base your opinions, social positions, and worldview on them, and to act upon them.

White people must shed the self-guilt and self-doubt drilled into them over the past century, and once again stand tall and start to work toward their redemption on the world stage and their rightful place in the world of the future.