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Work for what's good for our people
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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, May 3, 2010


by Val Koinen
May 3, 2010

In just another 30-40 years, the once-great United States of America will be a majority non-White (so-called) nation. That’s amazing, because as recently as the 1960’s -- just 50 years ago, just a little more than half of one man’s lifetime -- America was nearly 90% White.

Think it doesn’t matter? Well, think again. By then the U.S. will rapidly become, if it hasn’t already become, a third world country.

The more non-White the country becomes, the less political power Whites will have and the more miserable life will be for everybody. Whites will become increasingly enslaved economically, and their living conditions will become ever more dangerous and precarious, much like they are now in Detroit, East St. Louis, and large parts of Los Angeles.

In spite of deliberately biased and oftentimes falsified mainstream media and government reports, the “truth is out there.” Yet most White people have been so brainwashed, or have deliberately stuck their heads so far into the sand, that they just fail to see and comprehend. Or, they just don’t give a damn because studying and understanding these things would interfere with their beauty shop appointment, watching Oprah on weekday afternoons, or drinking beer and watching sports on TV.

Most White people, from childhood all through their school years, have been taught the “feel-good” side of friendly, helpful, White-sacrificing racial relations. And what wonderful people the pooor, poor, poisecuted Jews are. But we are never told what these kinds of weak, liberal, anti-White positions lead to -- that the real result is our social, cultural, and political dispossession and destruction; our economic enslavement; our genetic deterioration and devolution; our death; our literal suicide.

We Whites are being systematically destroyed as a people, as a race, and as a subspecies of mankind. Killed off. Genocided.

It started with our culture, a few neighborhoods, and a few towns. Now it is whole cities and regions, and our rapidly diminishing numbers and our social/political dispossession are proceeding full-speed. Soon it will be losing our women to race mixing (that’s already happening, actually), our children’s lives (that’s already happening too), even more of our property (as in just about all of it), and our rights and liberties as a free people.

Listen up, and think about it, White countrymen. Read and pay attention to the points I will try to make in this essay.

And then -- give some thought to what you (all of us) must do -- what we must do now in order to salvage the situation and save our people from the terrible agony, pain, and obliteration that are headed our way.

It is race, people. I know you have been taught otherwise. But you have been taught lies. The real truth, in the real world, is that your race is everything. Your skin will soon be your uniform in a war of survival (witness what has happened to Whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa and what has already begun to happen in America -- all the violent, savage, black-on-White and mestizo-on-White crime).

You need to ask yourself -- “what can I do to help my people provide a safe and prosperous future for us and our descendants here in America and around the world?” Finding the answers will not be easy, but I can tell you the first things you need to know right now, right here: Pull your head out of the sand. Take off your blinders. Wake up; open your eyes. Become aware. Educate yourself; learn the truth about these all-important matters (and then teach that truth to your children). Get started; get started now!

Here, then, are a few of the key issues you will need to consider.

(1) White people's accomplishments in the history of humanity.

The facts and the question: The White race, with all its beautiful diversity and variations, has been, with but a few “blemishes” along the way, the shining star of humanity since the very beginning. We Whites have built most of the grandest civilizations over thousands of years of human existence. We brought civilized forms of government to the world. We invented most of the technological wonders that have enhanced the lives of all the peoples of the world -- autos, airplanes, trains, seagoing sailing vessels and powered ships, electricity, radio and television, and computers and other electronics. We learned and put into practice agricultural methods that have enabled us to feed the world. We, more than any other race of people, developed medical practices, technologies, and medicines that have freed mankind from so many diseases and reduced the suffering and enhanced and extended the lives of all people worldwide. So what can we make of all those accomplishments and contributions through all those centuries?

Typical American’s response: Oh, yes, once again the White man trying to put one over on the disadvantaged minorities. But we’re not so easily fooled. We need to teach our White children what devious monsters their ancestors have been down through the ages. How uniquely cruel and evil White people have always been. We need, now more than ever, to instill a deep feeling of “White guilt” in all White people the world over. We need to work even harder to demonize our people; to teach our people the virtues of racial self-hatred. We need to work with the Jews and all the wonderful “people of color” to complete the dispossession of Whites in all the once-White countries; to make them see that all they have ever been is wanton exploiters of the less fortunate peoples of the “third world.”

(2) White power and dominance down through history.

The facts and the question: Yes, it is true. We Whites have traditionally held much of the power in the world, for centuries. Economic, social, and political power all over the globe, including power and domination over many of the other races of people. And rightly so -- it has been a natural, normal situation throughout much of the history of humanity on the planet, for good reason -- we are the creators, innovators, builders, explorers, producers, and performers; of culture, art, commerce, governance, technology, and essentially all other human endeavors. And yes, we have been among the most successful conquerors (since, say, the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs and Alexander the Great and up to the period of third-world colonization in the latter part of the 19th century). But there have been many other successful conquerors and “exploiters” as well, such as the Chinese dynasties, the Mongols of Genghis Kahn, the Persians, the Incas and Aztecs, and up to and as recently as the Ottoman Turks. So were we Whites in any way uniquely “bad” during the long history of our exploits and conquests? No, at times and in certain places we were just better at it than the black and brown peoples, and we were more successful in developing the means to carry our exploits and conquests to the far corners of the earth. So, should we be vilified, demonized, or even criticized for that?

Typical American’s response: Yes, indeed, we Whites deserve to be vilified, even hated for the things our ancestors did hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Never mind that other races have from time to time been as bad or worse (much worse) in their oftentimes relatively inept attempts to conquer and kill and enslave their neighbors. Never mind that they were often indescribably more savage, brutal, and cruel than Whites in the way they treated the people they fought and defeated (whether “others,” or even people of the same race) (just check out the biblical descriptions of Jewish history). And never mind that some of the more primitive peoples (particularly black people in Africa) still do such savage and cruel things right up to the present day (things like slavery, cannibalism, sexual mutilation, etc.). It is only the White man that must be brought down because of the aberrant past behavior of just some of his ancestors in “harder” times, for the most part centuries ago!

(3) Race mixing.

The facts and the question: Among the many reasons all White people should be vehemently against race mixing is the fact that it is unnatural and dysgenic. It is racially devolutionary, and suicidal. It is analogous to welcoming and fostering harmful, even lethal invasive alien species of plants and animals into our environments; into our fields, forests, lakes and rivers; into our gardens and croplands. It is ignorant; it is perverse. It is economically crippling. Why in the world would we want to do something as wrong-headed as mix our genes with non-Whites? Why should we foster our own demise by welcoming “diversity,” multiculturalism, and race-mixing?

Typical American’s response: Oh, but “diversity is our strength” [no, it’s not; it is our demise -- our death]. We must think of the beauty of the multicultural society [no -- excessive multiculturalism is proving to be the ruination of our society, right before our eyes -- as it has been for all societies, down through the ages]. We must be altruistic, and forever “fair” to all the racial (non-White) outgroups that are working so gleefully, at the Jews’ direction, to dispossess us Whites in contemporary American society. And remember -- race mixing is the only way our people can personally contribute to the destruction of 200,000 years of genetic evolution that has made us what we are today!

(4) Non-White “affirmative action” and racial preferences.

The facts and the question: Our mandating “affirmative action,” racial preferences, and race-based quota programs favoring Negroes and other non-Whites have been severely damaging to our White citizenry. Those policies and laws blatantly discriminate against Whites in such areas as school admissions, job availability, hiring (especially for government employment), subsidized housing and health care, and on and on ad nauseam. This situation is costly to the relatively more productive White taxpayers, and discourages White students, job seekers, and others. It can severely handicap and virtually destroy the careers of better-qualified White people, especially young White men and women. And it results in people that have the most limited abilities and capabilities getting the jobs and academic positions. It dumbs down our schools, from grade school through the universities. It results in dangerous, even life-threatening mistakes made by less qualified people in critical job situations. That situation needs to be fixed, but what should we do?

Typical American’s response: Well, it serves Whitey right, after all the advantages he has had for so many years [forget that he enjoyed advantages mainly because he earned and deserved them, in the White country his people built]. And, there’s no reason we can’t be as nice to mestizo illegals as we are to the blacks, if you ask me. Let’s make sure every Mexican family that manages to cross the border can send their kids to American schools. Let’s join the demonstrations and support the lawsuits being filed against Arizona for enacting legislation that would help that state control its illegal immigration problem. I know -- let’s be sure they all find jobs even though we have a “killer” unemployment problem in our country right now. Let’s be sure all the mestizos have adequate health care; even health-care preferences for those poor unfortunates who can’t pay for it. Let’s work to ensure that even the illegals can get food stamps, welfare cash, and social security benefits. And of course, let’s give even more affirmative action jobs to our Negroes so we can have even more diversity in critical occupations such as in the medical field and air-traffic control; and lets all try harder to help our church groups import more Somalian and Nigerian refuges and provide them with freebies too. Remember -- in most parts of the country, the odds that your daughter will get gang-raped by a pack of Negro “youfs” before she graduates high school are really quite small -- don’t worry about it. And the chances that your kids will be able to get into good schools and get good jobs of their choice will still be pretty fair so long as there aren’t too many deserving (even though less qualified) people of color competing for the same slots. Chill out.

(5) Negro intelligence and behavior.

The facts and the question: Negroes are, on average, far less intelligent than Whites; exhibit much more criminal behavior than Whites (especially their vastly disproportionate rates of black-on-White interracial crime); are notoriously infected with AIDS and other STDs at much higher rates than Whites; and are more “primitive” (read animalistic, even bestial) in their demeanor and behavior. So what should our country do about that, given our thoroughly integrated, multicultural society?

Typical American’s response: Let’s teach our White children that “race doesn’t matter,” that “we are all the same under the skin,” that “diversity is our strength,” and that race mixing (radical multiculturalism and even miscegenation) is good for our enlightened, “cosmopolitan” society. Let’s teach them those things even though most of us know deep-down they are damned lies. And let’s try even harder, in our television shows and movies, to depict Negroes in positions of authority over Whites, as being the smartest and most thoughtful and sensitive and caring people; and let’s have more pairing of Negro men with White women. In those ways, our kids will have better “feelings” about their black brothers and sisters, and even more of our young women will think it is “cool” to spread their legs for bling-laden Negro bucks.

(6) Negroes and governance; Negroes and modern, civilized societies.

The facts and the question: Negroes are not genetically equipped to operate successfully in White societies and governmental systems. As a result, they disrupt and destroy our societies. They are notorious for high crime rates, rioting and other civil disorders, and deteriorating infrastructures. Wherever they predominate they fail -- witness all the failed African states, Haiti, Detroit, New Orleans, East St. Louis, etc. Here in America, that results in huge social and economic burdens being put on the backs of the White citizens. Just the day-to-day costs of Negro welfare, food stamps, medical care, policing and incarceration, and education have the effect of virtually bankrupting White America. What can be done about that deplorable situation?

Typical American’s response: Well, for one thing, I think that more White people should adopt black babies, especially black babies from the desperately poor, war-ravaged, and disease-ridden African countries. And we should redouble our efforts to bring more Somalian, Nigerian, and Congolese families and other Africans as well to America, the land of opportunity. And we should continue to strive to more thoroughly integrate our schools and neighborhoods and workplaces so there is more racial diversity and thus more cultural enrichment in more of our towns and cities across the land. And don’t forget -- this same kind of progressive thinking can and should be applied to our mestizo friends as well, even those who find themselves here illegally.

(7) Mestizo immigrants.

The facts and the question: Mexicans and other south-of-the-border mestizo immigrants, both illegal and quasi-legal, are: disproportionately criminal; tend to “take over” neighborhoods, whole cities, and entire regions; are heavily into gangs and illegal drug trafficking; comprise a hugely expensive drag on our hospitals and criminal-justice system (including prisons); take our jobs and depress wages. In areas where they predominate they change the language, music, food, neighborhood “flavor,” and types of businesses. And they “foul” public places with their trash, discarded diapers, and other filth. Their existence in our society is the opposite of “assimilation” [not that we would want to assimilate with them anyway, due to the racial differences]. Their presence in moderate to large numbers changes our cities and neighborhoods so they are nothing at all like our society. So, what should we do about all of that?

Typical American’s response: Let’s grant all of the illegals amnesty; do everything we possibly can to bestow even more “birthright” citizenship on their offspring; ignore their hate-filled and murderous screaming about their “Aztlan,” “La Raza,” and “Reconquista” and this being their country; and give them all the free stuff and services they need (and want, and demand). Then let’s help them bring all their uncles, aunts, and cousins into the country so their families can be reunited as they have every right to be. That ought to fix any problems and keep everybody happy!

(8) Non-Whites and public education.

The facts and the question: Wherever blacks or mestizos make up a substantial portion of the student body in our public schools -- and especially when they comprise the majority -- they wreak havoc with our efforts to provide our own White children a quality education. The damage done to the school’s efforts and to our kids’ educations is a result of several things, chief among them being an overall dumbing-down of the enterprise, lowering of standards, neglect of the White children while trying to control the non-Whites (and especially the Negroes) and to get them to learn basics, destructive non-White and especially Negro behavior in classrooms, wasted funds on trying to educate the non-Whites, repairing the physical damage they do to the schools and equipment, and intimidation and physical assaults on our kids. What are we to do about that terrible state of affairs?

Typical American’s response: Let’s try to make the Negro and mestizo students “feel better” about themselves (enhance their self esteem) by using textbooks and teaching guidelines that include lies about colored vs. White history, inventions, and other accomplishments. Let’s make sure classroom seating arrangements and study group organization provide for contribution dominance and ignorant, uninformed “leadership” on the part of the Negro and mestizo children. Let’s make sure our teachers understand that their primary task is to “close the gap” between colored and White academic performance [in actuality, a fairy tale; an impossible dream].

(9) The Jewish problem.

The facts and the question: The “complicit and culpable” Jews have been working for thousands of years to destroy White “Western Civilization,” and for hundreds of years to wreck America as a White, Eurocentric nation. They have done the latter by (successfully) employing their Frankfurt School “survival strategy” of cultural critique. They have worked successfully to flood our once-White country with non-White immigrants, both legal and illegal. They have poisoned our popular culture with pornography, soft porn, filth, the premature sexualization of our children, and encouraging our young men to virtually worship Negro athletes in spectator sports. They have effectively used their disproportionate control of finance to shackle us with their “Federal Reserve Bank,” to steal our assets, and on occasion to wreak widespread financial ruin. They have pushed us into devastatingly destructive and unnecessary wars time after time. They have worked mightily (and again, successfully) to dispossess us Whites politically in this, our own country. They have, using the constant promotion of integration and race mixing, radical feminism, pushing the homosexual agenda, and advocating birth control; waged a genocidal war of racial extinction against us. So, then, how should we relate to this historical and ongoing situation involving the Jews?

Typical American’s response: Well, then, let’s make sure all our churches keep on teaching their flocks [the nonsense] about the Jews’ being “God’s Chosen.” Let’s make it the “mother of all sins” to be “anti-Semitic.” And let’s go even further -- let’s redefine “anti-Semitism” to include virtually any criticism of Jews or Israel, or even any mention of “Jew” in the context of identifying an individual, group, or event.

(10) The Jewish “Holocaust”.

The facts and the question: The Jewish World War II “Holocaust” story is essentially a fraud and a gigantic hoax. It is for the most part just a bunch of post-war propaganda intended to demonize the vanquished German nation and people (and by extension, all Whites and Christians) and designed to extort billions of dollars from White nations. It has also been used successfully to generate undeserved sympathy for Jews, thereby providing them cover for the illegal creation of their “Jewish state” Israel and for their ongoing atrocities committed against Palestinians, Muslims, and Arabs in the Middle-East. It is essentially all a horribly malicious pack of lies. There was no official Nazi plan or program to exterminate the European Jews. There were no “gas chambers” used to eradicate Jews. Nowhere near six million Jews were killed in a war that did in fact kill tens of millions of people of many ethnicities and nationalities. What Jews did die in the German camps (along with many other people) during the last year or so of the war died mainly from the rampant spread of typhus in the camps, along with sickness and starvation resulting from severe shortages of food and medical supplies caused mostly by Allied bombing of railroads and German equipment and supply shortages and breakdown of infrastructure. We have good, solid reasons to question the veracity (the legitimacy, truth, rationality, and reasonableness) of such things as: eyewitness testimony of Jews at the Nuremberg trials following the war; forced “confessions” at those illicit proceedings following torture and other extreme duress; the Anne Frank diary; Elie Wiesel’s book “Night” (and his other writings); and almost all of the other books penned by Jews and pseudo-Jews having to do with their “holocaust experiences;” and most of the never-ending Jew/Hollywood produced movies and TV shows telling stories of Nazi cruelty and Jewish suffering. So, knowing the truth about these matters, what should we do about it?

Typical American’s response: Oh, by all means, let’s keep on teaching our White schoolchildren all the Jewish lies about these things in our public schools. Let’s keep on supporting and encouraging Jewish Hollywood production of evermore “holocaust” stories as movies and TV shows. Let’s flock to buy even more Jew-authored “holocaust” books even after they are, as they almost always are, shown to be frauds. Lets do what we can to generate still more “holocaust-o-mania” even 65 years after the end of WW II (let’s keep doing that forever if the Jews want us to!). Let’s pay homage to this unsupported (and virtually unquestioned because it is not allowed to be questioned) non-event of history by recognizing ever more official national days of recognition in all White
countries and by using still more taxpayer money to build more Holocaust and Anne Frank museums; lets force our children to go to those facilities every year as part of their school curriculum; let’s make our kids study the Jews’ “holocaust” lies in school.


So, if we Whites are so smart and so great, why then are we so horribly deficient in this one most critical area of racial survival?

I think it has a lot to do with our characteristic tendencies to be good to others, to be fair and caring, to “turn the other cheek,” to root for the underdog, and to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate. To be universally altruistic (willing, even eager to help people of “outgroups” as well as our own people); to be so misinformed and so wrong as to be naively egalitarian in our outlook.

Then, there is the fact that we have been so incessantly and intensely pressured for the past couple hundred years to be socially and politically “liberal,” and to be overly sensitive; so willing to be “politically correct.”

And it hasn’t helped that our increasing affluence, easy living and relentless pursuit of hedonistic pleasures over the past hundred years or so have tended to make us soft, weak-willed and “wimpish,” more effeminate, more “compliant,” less willing to take risks (to our jobs, community status, and personal liberty) and to fight (even to the relatively benign point of openly and publicly expressing our thoughts and feelings) for the things we know deep down are best for our families and for our people.

In fact, we White Americans have allowed ourselves to be “talked into” giving up (giving away) our rightful societal position essentially so we can make Negroes, mestizos, and other non-Whites (as well as other religious groups and our own women) “feel good” (or at least feel better) about themselves and their place in our society. We have become convinced we need to be more “fair” to those other racial (and other) groups. But we have neglected to critically examine the “cost-benefit ratio” -- the costs to our people -- of doing that.

When it comes to existential racial competition and racial survival, the above are not favorable traits. People of other races are not like that. They tend to be more competitive, even aggressive, in their efforts to force society and government to do things that benefit their racial groups.

And why have we gotten so bad about these things that it is now on the verge of killing us off as a people, as a subspecies of humankind? Well, it probably wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been pushed (promoted; “sold”) -- for so many years by the eternally culpable and complicit Jews. They knew our weaknesses and they exploited them, using their power in government, finance, the education system, and the media. They used lies, propaganda, deceit, repetition, the power of suggestion, and many, many other nefarious tactics. As the motto of Israel’s Mossad puts it, “by way of deception thou shalt do war.”

And there is another critical factor that we are going to have to recognize and deal with if we hope to turn things around. None of the things I have mentioned could have resulted in such a rapid dispossession and demise of our people if we hadn’t failed ourselves. In a way, we Whites deserve our miserable fate. Too many of us have been greedy and dishonorable, willing to sell their own people out for political power or a few “pieces of silver.” Too many of us have been lazy, guilty of our own sleazy and criminal behavior, or willing to indulge in the consumption of pornography and other base habits. And far too many of us have just been too busy at the hairdresser, at the mall, watching Oprah, drinking beer and watching blacks chase a football and put a basketball through a hoop; to pay attention to what is going on around us and to teach their children racial awareness, pride in their White cultural heritage, and the nuts and bolts of healthy, White-racial civics.

No, White woman, it is not necessarily always a good thing to be charitable and altruistic in dealings with people of the darker races. No, White man, Negroes are not the same as us. No, we Whites do not benefit in any significant way from their presence in our schools, businesses, government offices, culture, etc. No, White moms and dads, there is no inherent “beauty” in the multicultural contributions of mestizos (whether legal or illegal). No, mestizos are not good to have around us in our society, in significant numbers.

The way we White Americans -- supposedly an intelligent, informed, and rational people -- have allowed organized Jewry, our government, and the dishonorable and weak-minded individuals in our own racial group to sell us out to the “gods” of diversity, racial integration, and multiculturalism, fighting wars for the Jews, and other philo-Semitism; is not just a demonstrable disaster of tragic proportions -- it is insane; it is sheer lunacy.

The truth is right there in front of our eyes (and our brains) -- yet we have chosen to believe Jew B.S. and government racial propaganda and all the other liberal and politically-correct nonsense, while we, our progeny, our people are being dispossessed and literally killed off -- genocided out of existence culturally, socially, politically, and physically. Up to this point, all too many of us have been an accessory to our own suicide; we have aided and abetted the genocide of the White race (while, oddly enough, many of us have fought mightily to save the snail darter and the spotted owl).

Remember, in the natural world (the real world, the only one that really matters in the long run) -- any species that doesn’t compete (doesn’t fight, doesn’t resist destruction), and doesn’t struggle to dominate their living space -- will be destroyed by those “others” who do succeed at those things. It is no different for humans -- nature does not give us a “pass.” We Whites have proven throughout history that we have the capacity to succeed and to dominate. But in recent years, we have been told, and we have come to believe, that it isn’t “nice” to compete, fight, win, and dominate the other races. And that is why they are now so far along the path of totally overwhelming the White race.

Let me leave you with just one more question: In view of all the above, is it any wonder that we Whites in America are being flushed down mother nature’s toilet of failed species?

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