White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


by Val Koinen
July 21, 2010

This missive – this “rant” if you prefer – is directed at all you White American advocates of racial diversity and multiculturalism. All you “anti-racist” types who love to call racially aware and Jew-wise people like me nasty names (derogative “buzz-words” such as evil bigot, hater, White supremacist, anti-Semite, Nazi, and on and on ad nauseam).

Now, don’t go “freaking out” on me as soon as you start reading this. I’ll admit it might seem a little harsh at first, but I can assure you – my opinions and positions do not spring from malice, or hatred directed at you or at any White people for that matter. After all, some of my own family members – the people I love and care about more than anything in the world – are included among those I would hope to reach with my arguments.

For starters, I would just like to ask you a couple questions. When it comes to your views and positions on race and race relations in America; and on organized Jewry’s history, motivations, and behavior, …

  • How can you bear to look at yourself in the mirror each morning?
  • In this modern, supposedly informed age, how can anybody possibly be so misinformed? Or so mentally sick; so perverted? So ignorant or so stupid? So despicably deceitful? So disgustingly traitorous in so many ways? And, in the case of you White men; so weak and incapable of fighting to maintain Western Civilization – a White civilization – for your own women and children? And in the case of White women in particular; so unconcerned if not downright malevolent toward the future wellbeing of your children and grandchildren?
  • What kind of people are you, anyway?

Oh, I know you have your excuses; your rationalizations. You’ll say that your thinking and behavior were instilled in you at an early age by parents, schools, preachers, the media, etc. And that even now, your beliefs and actions are entirely in synch with the way government constantly tells you to think and behave. And that you are, after all, just being nice, fair, and just.

But if you are an adult, you should have the capability, and you most certainly do have the responsibility, to investigate and understand things, to seek the truth about such important matters as these, and to think for yourself. And the intellectual honesty and perceptiveness to discern just how you are damaging your own people by showing others such unwarranted favoritism. And to recognize and face up to the realities of the real world.

If you will do that, I think you might begin to see the error of your ways. You just might begin to see that you have, up to this point in your life, been woefully misinformed and misguided by those influential forces in your life – your parents, teachers, “celebs” and the media in general, and the like.

You have been given and have accepted bad advice; you have been listening to false prophets. You have been filled with “White guilt” if not self-hatred. You have been betrayed, and in turn, you have become a betrayer of your own people. You have, with reference to all three of the anchor-points of meaningful human existence – the past, the present, and the future – turned your back on your own people; your own species.

You have listened to the Jews and all their lies designed to weaken the White race; you have followed the dictates of their propaganda; you have subscribed to the suicidal insanities of social and political liberalism, political correctness, universal altruism, egalitarianism, and race-mixing. You have “bought on” to Jew-induced White guilt, self loathing to the point of self hatred, and at the very least, debilitating self doubt. Just think about what you have done, and what you are doing, with reference to:

(1) The Past (the fundamental bedrock of the present and the future): In your callous disregard for all their sacrifice, struggle, and suffering down through the ages; and in perverse denial of all their wonderful accomplishments for all of humanity – you have shat on the graves of your White ancestors.

(2) The Present: It is natural and right for every species (and subspecies) on the planet to strive for survival, for geographic territory, and for proliferation and advancement. By working against the preservation and advancement of your own species, your DNA, and your genotype and phenotype, you are actively working to betray and undermine what are supposed to be the immutable laws of nature; to actually commit racial treason and ultimately racial suicide. And that is a crime against nature.

(3) The Future: Your beliefs and actions serve to condemn your own people – your kinfolk; your very own children and their descendants – to a world of genetic mongrelization; deterioration, dispossession, deprivation, and economic pillage (slavery); assault, rape, torture and other crimes, including murder; filth and misery; and racial death (extinction). Knowingly or not, you are working to literally throw everything away; to give away to peoples far less deserving than your own kinsfolk the civilization that your people built (not that they will be capable of sustaining or advancing that civilization). And to deprive your very own descendants of all that Western Civilization entails – of a decent life with a bright future.

The message you have not been allowed to receive – the truth – is that race is not only real, and it is not just important; when it comes to the history and future of humanity on this planet, race is everything. And the further truth is that, despite some missteps (a common trait of all peoples, by the way) – no race of humanity has so much to be proud of as the White race. No race has done so much good for mankind the world over. No race is owed a debt of gratitude by all the peoples of the world as is the White race.

It bears repeating -- it isn’t race that is “just a social construct.” Race is reality. To the contrary, it is diversity and multiculturalism and race-mixing that are artificial, misguided, and unnatural constructs!

Know this – a genocidal war is being waged against Whites (and especially White males) by the Jews, using their minions the Negroes and mestizos. For Whites -- if those plans are allowed to continue -- it is dispossession and societal ruin today, social/economic enslavement tomorrow, and extinction the day after that. Make no mistake about it -- those things are happening, and will continue to happen, so long as you and others like you choose to side with those ‘others’ against the fortunes and future of your own people.

Just one last, small dose of reality: We must begin to put a halt to this insanity now. It is “half-past darkness,” and it is later – much later – than you think. It boils down to this: If you are a White American and you are not racist and Jew-wise (anti-Semitic), then you are a delusional, suicidal fool. And if too many of our people suffer that malady, and I myself am beginning to fear that they do, we are doomed. I can only hope that is not the case; and that you and others like you will embark on a program of investigation and study of why it is not evil; but rather good, natural, and smart; to be defensively racist and anti-Semitic.

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