White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, August 28, 2010


by Val Koinen
August 28, 2010

A brief message regarding the plight of White people in America and the world over – and especially concerning our dispossession and impending extinction…

My efforts as an essayist have always been to foster awakening and an awareness of (knowing and understanding) racial differences and the influences of Jews on White society.

Yes, we obviously need those things. They provide the keys to a necessary rebirth of our people; to our redemption. But it must be recognized, if we hope to survive, that we need so much more than that. Ultimately, ours is a lost cause, and we are a doomed people, if we do not have genuine:
- Reverence for the truth, and a thirst for knowledge about things that really matter; that are at least as strong as our pursuit of pleasure, inanities, and diversion.
- Renewed toughness in conjunction with a strong survival instinct.
- Loyalty to our own people; to our kinsmen and our shared heritage – to the extent of having genuine pride in who we are and what our people have accomplished over the centuries. And respect and deep, heartfelt appreciation for the price our ancestors paid down through history.

Think about those concepts. Teach them to your children. Spread the word to your relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

If you do those things we have a chance; if you do not, our branch of humanity – the greatest the world has ever known – is as good as dead.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


by Val Koinen
August 12, 2010

No question about it. We White Americans in recent years have most certainly seen – in fact, we have been overwhelmed with – “change we can believe in.”

It’s happening right before our eyes. Right now, in real time, on a daily basis. And it is accelerating. You, me, our children, all of our people – and especially our men and boys – are being beat down by our Jew-controlled news and entertainment media, government, and public education system. We are well along the path to being totally crushed and gutted, and soon thereafter, genocided out of existence.

And you had better believe it – it is happening by design, in accordance with the plans of the Jew-dominated ruling elite in this country (in virtually all the White nations of the world, for that matter, including most of those in Europe and in Canada and Australia).

The really baffling thing is that so many of us White people are, like the horse with blinders, unable to see it. And that so many refuse to believe or acknowledge it when it is pointed out to them; even when their noses are rubbed in it.

How these anti-White changes can not be glaringly evident to any sane, reasonably intelligent and observant White person would simply be beyond my powers of comprehension if I wasn’t aware of all the malevolent Jewish influence in our society; ranging all the way from brainwashing our children to constantly propagandizing our people regarding virtually all matters racial, social, political and governmental, economical, geopolitical, and international.

Do you need help in seeing and understanding things? How our country has changed and is changing? Well just open your eyes, try to put aside your preconditioned positions and prejudices, and look around at the real world that surrounds you. It’s really quite easy to do.

Turn on your television and watch a couple programs and the multitudinous commercials. Pick up a newspaper and scan the news sections, the sports and entertainment pages, and the columns in the opinions section. Look at the ads too, on any given day but especially in the Sunday edition. Check the news online, on any of the “mainstream” internet sites. Go to a movie (try to get there in time to catch the previews). Go out on the street, go to the mall, or go to your local DMV office to get your driver’s license renewed (or to any government office for that matter). Go to your county courthouse and sit through a few courtroom sessions.

When you do those things you just can’t help but be overwhelmed by the in-your-face presence and artificially inflated stature of non-Whites in our society. You’ll notice all the Negroes and Jews offering advice to your majority-White community on the editorial pages of your local newspaper. You’ll see Negroes, Negroes, and more Negroes in television shows and commercials and in print ads, in numbers far beyond their percentage of the population (usually in positions of righteousness and authority, and at the height of stylishness in ads, accompanied by White girls). You’ll get a hint of all the Negroes and mestizos in crime reports, even though it is common practice in the Jew-dominated “mainstream media” for all mention of race to be omitted when the perps are non-White. You’ll begin to notice how many Negroes and mestizos there are amongst us (and how many more there are than there were just a few short years ago), in virtually all public places; especially when there are opportunities for “hanging out” (loitering), group attendance, and government employment. When you click on CNN, chances are you’ll see picture upon picture, and story after story, of/about some Negro celebrity or government official or criminal.

But you protest, of course – “So what? What’s wrong with having a few more “visible” non-Whites in our society? Big deal. What are you anyway, some kind of racist or something? An anti-Semite? A Nazi?”

Well, alright, I guess I should get into the nitty-gritty of the situation if I expect to show you how the above are unmistakable signs of the intended and calculated dispossession of our people, the founders and builders of this country and still the American majority.

No, this surely is not your father’s America. And yes, you (and your children) are constantly told to rejoice in and celebrate that change. But that is just insane. For White Americans it is an impending and unmitigated disaster that has yet to descend upon us in full force.

Let’s take a little tour. Just consider the following, given in no particular order of topic or importance:

Don’t you find it just a little curious that in this once-great country, in 2008 we elected a half-Kenyan (half-Negro) named “Barack Hussein Obama” as our President? An almost totally inexperienced Marxist/socialist activist; a “community organizer” (whatever that means); an anti-White racist; a past drug user and accused homosexual (bisexual); very likely not a U.S. “natural born citizen;” the son of a black African and a communist, race-mixing **** (it’s probably best to omit the epithet, considering that the woman passed on years ago – let’s just say that some people would say Obama’s White mama’s lifestyle choices, morals, and sexual proclivities might have come up short in some ways, or left a little to be desired)? Do you think that happened by accident? Well, even Obama himself stated, in a public speech, that he owed his election as Senator from Illinois to the Jews. So don’t you think they might have helped him win the Democratic nomination and the Presidency as well?

If your town is large enough to have a Negro- or mestizo-dominated section, go down there at nighttime and just hang around for awhile. You may not survive, but if you do, you will surely learn a thing or two about “all of us being the same under the skin,” or more likely, about real racial differences.

Do you pay any attention at all to the things your kids are being taught in school, and to the content of their textbooks? Do you even know that their instruction is maliciously distorted with unwarranted criticism of our White ancestors; anti-White, pro-non-White half-truths and outright lies that glorify Negro and other non-White historical figures and their supposed accomplishments; and various other kinds of garbage? And in particular, lies about the nature, intelligence, and contributions of non-Whites? And lies about Jewish uniqueness, persecution, and the mostly fictional so-called “Holocaust” of World War II?

Have you even noticed how media and the government constantly drum into our heads the ridiculous, factually untrue message that it is “normal and natural” to have a substantial if not ubiquitous Negro “presence” in our society? How we (and our children) are forced to read and hear, on a daily basis, all the absolutely and demonstrably false nonsense about “diversity being our strength,” and the “beauty of multiculturalism (multi-racialism)” via social integration and even miscegenation (race-mixing)?

Did you catch, in mainstream news reports of recent weeks, the stories of President Obama’s and Attorney-General Holder’s recent anti-White refusal to prosecute the blatant voter intimidation antics of the so-called “New Black Panther Party” thugs; as well as their (the Justice Department’s) following a policy of ignoring other non-White on White crime? Or how about the reports of the Obama administration’s (Holder’s Justice Department’s) judge Susan Bolton gutting Arizona’s SB-1070 in order to shield illegal mestizo aliens from State law enforcement, thereby endangering the (largely White) citizens of Arizona in an area that is woefully neglected by the Federal government?

Or for that matter, did you see the recent news story about the queer Federal judge Vaughn Walker striking down California’s anti-homo-marriage law (which had been put in place by the people as a result of a ballot initiative back in 2008)?

Have you noticed all the Obama appointments to the Cabinet and other senior administration positions that are clearly anti-White and in particular anti-White-male? All the Jews; Negroes; mestizos; Orientals; homosexuals; radical-feminist, ultra-liberal, and even socialist females?

For example, have you seen what the recent Obama appointments have done to our Supreme Court? How about that appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, the female, anti-White, south-of-the-border mestizo, pro-Aztlan and pro-MEChA, pro-LaRaza socialist? Or how about Elena Kagan, the probable lesbian, radical-liberal, political activist lawyer who is a judicially inexperienced, anti-White Jewess? Have you considered how those appointments have affected the makeup of that august judicial body? Kind of hard to find a straight-White-Christian-male anymore, isn’t it?

Do you even know, or choose to pay any attention to, the way “affirmative action” and other race-preference laws and government rules are routinely and unconstitutionally used these days to deny White people admissions to universities and jobs (so those positions can be filled with less qualified non-Whites)?

Are you even aware of the ongoing flood of mestizos (mostly Mexican), particularly in the West, Southwest, and Southeast? Of the overwhelming and rapidly increasing numbers of those racially alien people who oftentimes openly advocate the overthrow of American control in those areas and its replacement by their “Aztlan?” Of the very real potential for the near-total displacement and dispossession of White people in those areas resulting from their sheer numbers, all their “birth-right citizen” “anchor babies,” and their anti-White and anti-American racial and political loyalties?

Or, how about the resulting, ongoing mestizo “social rampage” in those areas – rampant crime (including drive-by shootings, drug dealing and marijuana-growing, etc.); costs of welfare, education, health care, and bi-lingualism; littering the environment; lowering of wages and taking of millions of jobs from White Americans; etc.?

Have you noticed what has happened to our once-healthy and beautiful White, European-derived popular culture? How it has suffered from the Jew-dominated television, movies, and music industries? How it has become so filthy, so gratuitously sexual when not actually pornographic and homosexual? Have you noticed all the Negrification – the “rap” and “hip-hop” so-called music and all the other aspects of Negro culture being marketed to our children? The constant promotion if not glorification of non-White professional sports figures (especially Negroes in football and basketball, and mestizos in baseball)? All the “normalization” and even adulation of homosexuals and homosexuality in television shows and movies; all the portrayals of homosexuality as “just another alternative lifestyle?”

Can’t you see and understand how young White men are encouraged, by professional sports organizations and their practices, the media, and commercial interests; to glorify – virtually worship – Negro sports figures? To watch them hour after hour, discuss and debate their performances and statistics, and to dress like them, talk like them, and act like them?

Surely you are aware of the way so many churches and other social-activist groups have for years now been working their butts off to import Somalian, Nigerian, Kenyan, and other African blacks into America and into our once-White communities, even in small towns across the country?

For that matter, did you know that since 1965 our immigration policy, largely designed and instigated by Jews and the infamous race-traitor and intern-killer Ted Kennedy, has been used to preferentially admit (import) non-White immigrants as opposed to Whites of European derivation?

Do you really think it is just an “accident,” or due to their superior abilities or commercial attractiveness, that two of the three major television network news anchors are now women (when just a couple years ago all three were men)?

Yes, I know it’s tough, seeing as how you’ve been so brainwashed since you were a child – but do you really mean to tell me you can’t recognize all the disproportionate and excessive, what’s-good-for-Jews and more often than not anti-White Jewish influences of (if not actual domination over) the media, government, our public education system, law enforcement when it comes to civil rights and “hate crime” issues and the like, and entertainment and popular culture (TV, movies, music, magazines, books)?

Aren’t you getting just a little sick and tired of the vastly disproportionate amount of crime committed in this country by Negroes; particularly violent crime, and interracial crime where they are the perpetrators and we Whites (all too often our women and children) are the victims? Oh really? That doesn’t bother you, even a little? (Or, didn’t you know about it?)

Were you aware that costs of black and mestizo social welfare, law enforcement (crime control), and incarceration are bleeding cities and states to death, along with the White taxpayers that support those jurisdictions? That many state and local governments are actually being bankrupted wherever there are substantial concentrations of those non-Whites?

And what else can be said of the hundreds if not thousands of mostly-White towns and even rural areas, many but not all of them in the West and Southwest, that have a substantial mestizo population? Haven’t you Whites in those areas noticed the grossly disproportionate mention of Mexican and other Latin-American surnames in connection with criminal activities and arrests in those areas? Surely, you’ve noticed how common it is for the mestizo minorities to be arrested for illegal gang activities, drug crimes, shootings, drunken driving and accidents, etc.?

Once again, in this late summer of 2010, America finds itself embroiled (bogged down) in wars being fought for the Jews – for Israeli hegemony in the Middle-East. Perpetual war for perpetual peace, as they say. You would think we would have learned our lesson from World Wars I and II, those horrible and devastating fratricidal wars that were also fought at the behest of the Jews; but apparently (and unbelievably), it seems we learned nothing from those costly lessons of history. And now, the Israeli Jews and their American Jew loyalists and White (“goyim”) lackeys are pushing for another mid-East war (this time with Iran, which will be even more devastating than the combined Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns to our moral standing in the world, our economy, our young soldiers, and our very stability and chances of survival as a nation).

What of the way in which so many of our largest corporations and most prominent foundations are falling all over themselves to donate millions upon millions of dollars to non-White organizations; some of which are openly, even notoriously, anti-White in their missions, objectives, and activities?

We wouldn’t want to forget the way so many of our largest corporations, via their advertising agencies and campaigns, preferentially feature and promote Negroes and other non-Whites in their ads and commercials. The way so many of those messages “put down” White people and the notion of Whites preferring to socialize and otherwise interact with one another (with people of their own race). And the way they glorify the non-Whites and promote race-mixing (especially between black males and White girls and women).

Oh, by the way – did you catch the news stories of the way a couple Negro staffers of the leftist activist organization ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) were caught on tape offering advisement on how to run a prostitution ring and how to evade taxes; and before that, during the 2008 election, how they used Federal grant money (your money, provided for the most part by White taxpayers) to facilitate non-White voter fraud? Have you given any thought to how these things could happen in a (supposedly) sane, majority-White country?

Have you begun to notice the “press 1 for English” directive so often encountered on the telephone? And all the “English as a second language” public school instruction? And the multi-lingual packaging and product instructional brochures? And what of all the virtually non-English-speaking government employees in many parts of the country? And all the other costs of bi-lingualism and multi-lingualism? Do you think those things have nothing at all to do with the dispossession of Whites in America, which is clearly an “anti-White” development?

Oh, yes, then we have the myriad other examples of anti-White discrimination becoming so commonplace in contemporary American society:
  • As a matter of legal reality and actual practice, only non-Whites are allowed to openly express racial pride and to openly work to benefit their people (often as not, at the expense and/or to the detriment of White people).
  • Only White people can be “racist.”
  • Only non-Whites can have (oftentimes overtly anti-White) race-based social and advocacy groups and organizations such as political and professional organizations, school (campus) clubs, and social/political organizations such as NAACP, MEChA, etc.
  • Virtually every bad thing that happens to or involves Negroes is blamed on White people and/or our supposedly racist society. Even when a Negro “chimps out” in the workplace and shoots a bunch of White co-workers, killing nine of them, the Jew-dominated mainstream media immediately tries to shift the focus and blame to “White racism.”
Need I go on? No? O.K. then, let’s finish this up.

Now, considering all the above, are you going to tell me there isn’t an ongoing anti-White trend here (and in particular, an anti-White-male trend)? A real change happening as a result of a concerted effort to promote and even glorify non-Whites while denigrating and working to dispossess the White majority in this country?

We were once a country not only created by Whites of European extraction; we were a society intended and designed to be compatible with our people’s history, habits, and culture; in short, our “Whiteness.” And yes, we were then, and for some time thereafter, a society and a nation dominated by White people and by White males in particular. And it was for the most part a good, continually growing and developing, evermore “civilized” and refined world of material well-being, cultural progression, hope, and promise. But then something went horribly wrong.

Both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, two of our most revered White male statesmen, openly and clearly expressed their well-considered beliefs that Whites were intended to be and should rightly be the dominant racial group in America – that this is a country of White Europeans of common ancestry, history, culture, and belief systems. And that the White and Negro races should not and could not intermix, or share this society as equals. With that in mind, I ask you – “what has changed?” Did the course of history and the performance of non-Whites prove they were wrong? No, absolutely not! In fact, the non-Whites have proven, time and time again, all over the country -- in all kinds of social, political and governmental, educational, technical and scientific, moral, and ethical circumstances -- that Jefferson and Lincoln were right on the money! Our history and social/national experience since our founding and since the War Between the States have shown, without deviation or exception, that this would still be a far better country if it had remained a more Eurocentric, White-culture-oriented, White-ruled nation.

So where does that leave us? Well, the message I take away from all this is that, so long as there is any chance whatsoever of correcting the present and ever-worsening situation – of staving off the cultural, social, political, and economic dispossession and devastation of White people in America – of preventing our ultimate demise (genocide) – we (all of us) need to not only just resist; we need to band together as a unified racial group with common interests, and fight for those interests. That is our inalienable right under the laws of nature, the laws of humankind, and the laws of this country!