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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, November 6, 2010


by Val Koinen
November 6, 2010

I can understand why Black people want more diversity, multiculturalism, and race mixing with Whites. More ultraliberalism; even socialism. And a more Negrified culture. It’s really pretty easy to see what’s in it for them:

 Would make it still easier for the “Black presence” to be even more accepted in White society, which leads to more subsidies and wealth sharing; including still more and easier welfare hand-outs, food stamps, and other government freebies.
 More and more job preferences (and other “affirmative action” opportunities as well) – especially cinchy, non-essential, non-mentally challenging, low-pressure, and high-paying civil-service and other government jobs.
 More and easier access to White “wimmins.”
 A more lenient and Negro-deferential criminal justice system, making their TNB (“typical n****r behavior”) and wilding and drug dealing and involvement in prostitution and everything else more tolerated (and less frequently and less severely prosecuted).
 Greater access to more and more “elite” and high paying jobs in television, movies, modeling for print ads, musical entertainment, and athletics.
 Increasingly dumbed-down schools which makes things easier for their children; makes them “feel better about themselves” (enhances their “self-esteem”).
 More and more sponsored immigration of their Black tribal “brothers and sisters” from Africa.
 Will eventually make it easier for them to snag big cash handouts via “slavery reparations.”
 Vengeance – because so many of them hate Whites so much – will give them more and more opportunities to “take it out on,” “lord it over,” and punish Whitey.

I can understand why the Mexican and other mestizo immigrants (both quasi-legal and the illegal aliens) want an evermore tolerant, deracinated, and racially weakened White population. It’s not very difficult to see what’s in it for them:

 Still easier and better access to more and more government subsidies such as welfare, health care, unemployment compensation, etc.
 Easier access to more and more traditionally White jobs.
 Enhanced feelings of self-worth and self-importance that go along with their successful “reconquista” of large parts of America – their being the conquerors; vanquishing their perceived White oppressors.
 More control of “their” neighborhoods and areas, overriding the majority White legal-justice system – more absolute and unchallenged control of their crime-ridden barrios and of larger and larger sections of the country.
 Will make it ever easier for an even greater flood of their kind to get into the country, and will make it easier for all the illegal-alien criminals that are already here to be granted amnesty (and eventually, citizenship).
 Raw vengeance – they too have a tendency to hate and despise (and are envious of) White people.

And I can certainly understand why the Jews – working in the background and pulling the strings – want to see us Whites forced to become even more politically-correct, deracinated, and feminized. Why they work so hard for more diversity, multiculturalism, race-mixing, and liberal “softening.” Why they work to promote more and more mesmerization of young White men by minority-filled spectator sports (especially Negro worship in football and basketball, and mestizo worship in baseball). Why they push for more and more acceptance of homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle,” and a trashed and Negrified popular culture. There’s no mystery as to what’s in it for them:

 Further social, economic, and political weakening (dispossession) of White people in America means less unity and power for the one group that could stymie their plans for total control of our government and our society.
 All the race mixing and dilution via non-White immigration will dramatically reduce the White population percentage to that of just another minority. And that steadily progressing genocide of our people will get rid of their greatest perceived threat – a unified, racially aware, and proud White majority.
 The steady deterioration of movie and TV content (Negrification, gratuitous sex, filthy language and scatological humor, soft porn, homosexuality, etc.) will still further weaken the White majority by destroying our popular culture.
 These continuing changes will give the Jews even more business/economic and political power and control over American society while, at the same time, will tend to make them and their anti-White activities less noticeable.
 The general resulting “dumbing down” of Whites and all the lessening of White racial consciousness and pride will make us even weaker – will make it possible to even further brainwash, propagandize, and indoctrinate us and ultimately to control, manipulate, and dominate us.
 That “dumbing-down” will also enable them to continue running their “holocaust” scam indefinitely.
 The weakening and dumbing-down of White Americans will also help the Jews in their ongoing efforts to control and manipulate America’s foreign policy in the area of warmongering for the Jews’ (Israeli’s) purposes and benefit.

But what I absolutely cannot understand is why so many Whites seem to want all these same things as the Blacks, Mestizos, and Jews. It’s just plain suicidal. Just look at what’s in it for us (for America’s White citizens):

 Disrupted families and a further reduced White birth rate, which means becoming a further reduced percentage of the population, which means we Whites will soon be reduced to a minority in our own country.
 Of the children born to White women – there will be fewer and fewer blond, blue-eyed babies (forgive me for using the stereotypical example – just as importantly, there will be fewer and fewer of our wondrously “diverse” White babies with a variety of hair and eye colors). And at the same time, as a result of race mixing, our women will give birth to more and more babies that just don’t “look like us” and just “aren’t us” – babies with nappy hair, thick lips, brown skin coloration, potential DNA-related medical problems, and lower IQs.
 More and more colored-on-White assaults, rapes, torture, and murder.
 Even more dumbed-down schools that are evermore dangerous for our White children to attend, along with ever greater costs of public education (resulting in higher taxes for the relatively more productive remaining White population).
 More and more White families – the entire middle class and eventually upper-class Whites as well – will be forced to live in and raise their children in a much more dangerous third-world society and a much more Negrified and Mexicanized (non-White, non-European) culture. (Many if not most of the lower class Whites have already been put in this terrible situation, of course.)
 More and more third-world type slums, filth and squalor, disease, and crime; evermore (larger and rapidly spreading) high-crime areas (especially crimes committed against White people) – more “no-go” areas that will be off-limits for us Whites, the founders of this once-great nation.
Huge reduction in the chances of our progeny – your progeny, dear reader – having satisfying, challenging, and remunerative careers and comfortable, affluent, and secure lifestyles.
 More and more taxes will be squeezed out of the still productive Whites to pay for the deteriorating, racially darkened, society and to maintain its infrastructure.
 In the end (and in the not-very-distant future) – the virtually total social/political/economic dispossession of White Americans will result in the absolute loss of our country to the darker races (as run by the Jews, of course), which means loss of control and the severe deterioration of our living environment.
 And eventually (but still in the not-very-distant future) we Whites will be completely extinguished as a subspecies of humanity (genocided out of existence). And along with that will be lost our great Western Civilization and our beautiful culture, which have provided so many artistic, scientific, medical, engineering, and other technical achievements that made life so much better for all the people on the planet (and which undoubtedly would have continued to do so in the future).

What do you think, White kinsmen – a “hell of a deal,” wouldn’t you say?

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I really like your blog! Good stuff.