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Saturday, March 5, 2011


by Val Koinen
March 5, 2011

So this is what it has come to? Let me see if I’ve got this straight – the Jews let it be known that they would like to preempt the use of one of our words and we say “okay, that’s fine, no problem – it’s all yours – we’ll just quit using it for our purposes.”

That’s really something, isn’t it? In order to keep the Jews happy and help them reserve the word “holocaust” for their exclusive use, to describe a questionable historical event dear to their hearts (their suffering and supposed partial extermination at the hands of the Nazis in World War II), the Catholic Church decides to remove that word from a new edition of their “New American Bible” scheduled for release next week and replace it with the phrase “burnt offering.”

The messages I take from this nonsense? Just more Jew whining and chutzpah; just more Jew scamming of the ever-gullible goyim; and more unnecessary and silly pandering to the Jews on the part of the Catholic Church.

Perhaps the most ancient usage of the word “holocaust” (or its linguistic equivalents) was indeed to describe a burnt offering in religious ceremonies thousands of years ago. Still, it has been used for centuries in one form or another to refer to conflagrations and immolations of all kinds that took the lives of human beings and particularly many people in single, identifiable events. It has long been used, from time to time, to describe numerous human tragedies including man’s inhumanity to man writ large; mass destruction of many kinds (such as multiple deaths in volcanic eruptions); and genocide of many kinds.

Now, while I am not saying I think “holocaust” is the only or best descriptor one might apply to all of the following events, additional examples of such holocausts in modern times would be the Jew-dominated enslavement and killing of 10-20 million gentiles (some have said as many as 50 million!) during and following the Russian Revolution; the overall disastrous experiences of both WW I and WW II in their entireties; the Armenian Genocide of 1915-17; the Soviet/Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33 (which actually was genocide by starvation rather than by fire); the fire-bombing of Dresden in February 1945 (and a number of other German cities as well, throughout the latter part of the war); the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki later in 1945; the Khmer Rouge’s Cambodian genocide of 1975-79; and the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and other African rape rampages and killing sprees in recent years.

So it is a little hard for me to understand how the Jews can rightfully claim to “own” the word to the extent that it should be used exclusively to describe just their (supposed) treatment back in the 1940’s (as though it might be confused with their usually capitalized “The Holocaust”).

In fact, that might cause a prudent person to ask, “what is so different – so special – about the Jews’ holocaust?” Well, I can tell you one thing that stands out in my mind: my studies have, in balance, provided me with reasonable grounds for believing that the Jews’ WW II Holocaust is the only one that never happened (at least not by any stretch of the imagination in the way they say it did). (I guess that does make it kind of unique, doesn’t it?)

Now there are some who might argue the point, but I consider myself to be a decent, reasonable, and prudent person. I am fairly well educated, and have gained a modicum of knowledge over a long life lived to date. I see myself as an analytical and critical thinker, and am entirely capable of recognizing a lie or a scam when one comes along and refusing to be taken in by it. (In that, I guess I might not fit in too well at the Vatican?)

In any case, after reading numerous books and studying a host of other material on the subject of the Jewish so-called holocaust of World War II, I have come to realize that there is in fact a severe paucity of hard, physical evidence of that supposed event – of whatever it was that really happened. While I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what actually happened – what the true story is in all its locations and details – I have most definitely learned that many commonly accepted things (and things heavily propagandized and promoted by the Jews) did not happen.

When all is said and done, I do think it is just a little odd – and I am thereby motivated to ask you, the reader, if you too don’t think it a little odd – that there is not only a lack of trustworthy physical evidence of what is supposed to have happened in the WW II Nazi holocaust of Jews (as described by the Jews); but also that there is so much circumstantial evidence that would seem to point the other direction – that would indicate there is something really lacking, something gravely wrong, with the Jewish version of those events.

I ask you – if someone were to tell you The Holocaust had actually happened as the Jews say it did (in a nutshell – an official Nazi policy and plan to systematically exterminate Jews; six million Jews killed; most of them killed in gas chambers; etc.) – then why would it be unreasonable, why would it be hateful and anti-semitic, for a decent and thoughtful and reasonable person to ask:

- Why the very word “holocaust” itself was not resurrected by the Jews and applied to the misfortunes of their people under Nazi Germany (broadcast, popularized, and heavily propagandized) until well after the end of the war (as late as the 1950’s and in large measure even as late as the 1970’s)? Could it be that they felt they needed to grossly embellish (or even concoct many of its elements from scratch) and then trot out a huge, sympathy-generating “story” like this after 10-20 years of committing countless atrocities in Palestine, and about the time of their (Israel’s) 1967 war escapades?

- Why is there virtually no mention whatsoever of such a holocaust or of genocide of the Jews or even of gas chambers in the voluminous post-war books (memoirs) of Churchill, Eisenhower, and de Gaulle that were published shortly after the war? And why were none of these horrible goings-on mentioned in the prestigious Encyclopedia Britannica before the mid-1960’s?

- Why have no Nazi records been found of an official plan or policy to exterminate the Jews of Europe, or of an official budget for its accomplishment or an official blueprint or other engineering or architectural drawing of a “gas chamber” specifically designed for killing people (no “paper trail”); in the millions of pages of Nazi documents recovered at the end of the war?

- Don’t you find it at least interesting that several of the camps that were situated in Germany proper, such as Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau, were for years held out as prime examples of systematic extermination (holocaust) sites whereas virtually all credible historians now recognize that none of the camps in Germany itself were extermination camps involving gas chambers? (The traditionalists, or exterminationists, now say that all the large-scale gassings etc. – the events of the “holocaust” – took place in just six camps further to the east, in Polish territory – Chelmo, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek, and Auschwitz/Birkenau.)

- How could it then be proven many times over, as it has in fact been proven, that an extermination of this magnitude and on this scale by gassing followed by cremation, burning, and burial of remains would be physically impossible in most if not all of the suspect locales (camps) given the time constraints and resource requirements for such an operation?

- For that matter, how could such a thing have happened when (so far as I am aware) no definitive physical evidence, let alone proof, was ever found after the war (after the camps were liberated) of even one single case of death caused by cyanide gassing; or of even one single real gas chamber that can be shown to have been designed or even used routinely to kill people; or of gassings or cremation or open-air burning or burial of anywhere near the required numbers of people at any of the supposed extermination camps?

- Rather than any physical evidence of these kinds, isn’t it odd that the best (and in essence the only) evidence of a Nazi holocaust directed at the Jews came out of the post-war Nuremberg trials and others that relied heavily if not exclusively on supposed eyewitness testimony of camp inmates and confessions of German guards and officers? Especially, considering that many of the witnesses recounted events they were told about and heard via the rumor mill rather than things they themselves witnessed or to which they had personal exposure or of which they had personal knowledge; and that such testimony is commonly recognized as being the least reliable of all kinds of evidence in courts of law? And that the entire Nuremberg trial process and other post-war proceedings were disproportionately staffed by vengeful American, British, and Soviet Jews; that those trials were not like real trials in that they were completely staged by the victors who acted as accusers, investigators, jailers, prosecutors, supposed defenders of the accused, and judges; and that many of the convictions were based heavily, if not entirely, on not only the faulty memories but on deliberate exaggerations and even outright lies of hostile and vindictive witnesses? And that oftentimes no rigorous cross examination of witnesses was allowed; that mere assertions of dubious significance and veracity were allowed and recognized as “evidence” by way of “judicial notice;” and that many of the confessions admitted in court and other damning and self-incriminating testimony used to convict the accused are now known to have been routinely obtained by coercion and torture of the accused?

- Do you not think it is significant that so many prominent Americans, directly involved in positions of responsibility in connection with the Nuremberg and other “war crimes” trials immediately after the war, were so sharply critical of the legal procedures employed and other aspects of those proceedings?

- And doesn’t it give you at least some reasonable cause to question at least one of the critical, “keystone” aspects of the so-called Holocaust – the deliberate extermination of six million Jews – when you come to realize that most of what victims there were actually died of disease (typhus) and other health issues (in part brought on by starvation) near and at the end of the war? And that the conditions which led to those horrible results were largely brought on by Allied bombing of rail and other supply lines to the camps, and the general chaos that prevailed toward the end as the Soviets forced the Germans to hastily shut down and abandon camps and retreat to the west?

-Don’t you find it odd that so many elements of the Jewish holocaust story that once were held out to be telling (damning) examples of the depravity of the Nazis – for example lampshades being made from Jewish skin and soap manufactured from Jewish body fat – have long since been absolutely proven to be lies and that those stories are acknowledged even by some of the best Jewish historians and the most trustworthy Jewish organizations to be lacking in any factual basis?

- If Auschwitz and a number of other concentration camps were truly “extermination camps,” then why in the world would the Nazis have hospitalized and expended scarce and valuable resources on healing or curing such notable survivors as Otto Frank, Elie Wiesel, and Simon Wiesenthal, as all three said happened to them in their own accounts?

- And isn’t it a little hard to believe that all this systematized killing of millions of people was going on for years in the camps, under the watchful eyes of Red Cross personnel, and they didn’t even notice it?

- Why is it that by far the greater number of well researched, rational, and factual books on this topic have been written by the revisionists, not by the traditionalist historians who attempt to put forth the Jewish, “exterminationist” version of the holocaust?

- For that matter, why is it that so many of the most heavily popularized, most publicized, and most widely distributed biographical (“remembrance”) books written by Jewish survivors on this topic have turned out to be largely if not entirely fabricated; even deliberately and deceptively fraudulent?

- On the other hand, don’t you think it is interesting and significant that a number of substantial and credible witnesses who were in the camps, including not just German personnel but actual inmates, Red Cross personnel, and American administrators after some of the western camps were liberated; have clearly and emphatically stated that they saw no evidence whatsoever of gas chambers designed and used to kill humans in those facilities, and that they are certain such things did not exist?

- Isn’t it just a little curious that the supposed WW II holocaust event is just the latest of a long history of similar claims of persecution and murder of Jews by Gentiles, many using the very same magic number six million, that date back to the 19th century? Or that similar and even worse stories, of Gentiles (Romans) killing millions and even billions of Jews, going back to biblical times, are recounted in their Talmud?

- Don’t you find it a little disconcerting, as I do, that the Jewish WW II holocaust story has been unremittingly and mercilessly used to extort billions upon billions of dollars from Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and other nations, and also many private companies, ever since the 1960’s, and that that extortion is still ongoing to this day? And that now even the next-generation Jews, the descendents of “holocaust survivors,” are demanding payment from Germany for psychiatric therapy because they were so traumatized by their parents’ experiences that they now fear riding on buses and trains, fear dogs, etc.? (They’ll never let it end, will they?)

- Isn’t it odd too that the number of Jews that died in the Auschwitz/Birkenau camps in Poland, once given as nearly four million, has been officially reduced in recent years to something like one million; but that change has in no way affected (reduced) the ‘magic number’ 6,000,000 still presented by Jews and Jewish organizations everywhere, including in holocaust museums and as taught to our schoolchildren? And that the officials of the preserved Auschwitz camp/museum have not been prosecuted, fined, and jailed for doing that – a much more serious thing I should think than some scholarly writings for which a number of revisionists have been prosecuted and severely punished?

- Isn’t it curious that the best estimates of population distributions after the war have shown that there were nearly as many Jews living in Europe immediately after the cessation of hostilities and liberation of the camps as there were before the war, in spite of the fact that hundreds of thousands had successfully emigrated to the middle east and to the United States and South America?

- And lastly, isn’t it amazing that people everywhere are severely criticized and ostracized and worse for even so much as questioning details of the “Holocaust;” and in fact are fined large amounts and even imprisoned for doing that in several European countries, Canada, and Australia? That we have a situation wherein people can question and criticize their governments, their leaders, Santa Claus, and Jesus Christ, and can publicly proclaim that the Earth is flat and the sky is falling; but are forbidden from even hinting that they might not fully accept the official, Jewish version of an event that has not even been proven to have happened?

Just think about it and answer honestly, now – when you have studied and considered all the things mentioned above, taken individually and in total; isn’t that enough to make you just a wee bit suspicious too? (Especially considering that these are just a few of the many, many discrepancies in the Jewish WW II “Holocaust mythology.”)

Oh, yes, and while we’re at it – here’s another question we might want to ask ourselves and the people we elect to govern us: wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we stopped believing all these Jewish lies – if we stopped just giving them a “pass” on all their dishonest and dishonorable behavior – and then stopped paying holocaust reparations, stopped giving Israel billions of our hard-earned dollars every year, and stopped sending our youngsters to fight wars and die on the Jews’ behalf?

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