White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


by Val Koinen
March 23, 2011

(Only this time it’s no television show and it’s not just a game.)

You have a choice, White Americans. You can either listen to the truth and start thinking and acting in the best interests of your people; or you can suffer the horrible consequences of continuing along your present reality-denying and suicidal pathway to racial dispossession, death, and extinction. But you can’t have it both ways – you can’t turn your back on the truth and expect to avoid the consequences.

You can continue to vilify racially conscious and Jew-wise people like me – you can call us haters, bigots, racists, anti-Semites, and Nazis (as though those are always, necessarily, wrong-headed if not horrible things); you can ostracize us socially, fire us from our jobs, and refuse to hire us; you can cause us all kinds of legal problems, including arrest and imprisonment. You can continue to allow yourselves to be led into the darkness by Jews and “politically correct” socialists, liberals, and race traitors. You can, in other words, continue to be a slave to Jewish devised and propagated social conventions; to a degraded, depraved, and negrified culture. And you can resign yourself to displacement and defeatism in the face of the ongoing invasion by mestizo hordes.

Or – you can pull your head out of the sand, rip the blinders off, recognize the truth and objective reality of the current state of affairs and the way we are headed, and start working with us “White Nationalists.” Working to fix this dire situation that is dispossessing us Whites socially, politically, and economically and that is taking our country from us, bankrupting us, utterly destroying our children’s future, and literally killing us off – genociding us out of existence.

So what, then, is the best way to learn how to live in a reality-based world after years and years of being lied to and otherwise misled by the media, your government, your schools and textbooks and teachers, your churches and clergy, and even your own parents? What is the best way to embark on a personal program of awakening and enlightenment? Simply start by becoming knowledgeable about real history, natural truth, and the critical social/political issues. And try to approach the task with an open mind.

You can’t learn about these things from the mainstream media. But you can study them on the Internet by going to the links given on this website and then following up by exploring the dozens if not hundreds of additional websites listed on those sites (see their “blogrolls”). Be sure not to overlook the very enlightening essays of Dr. William Pierce (National Alliance), Mark Weber and associates (IHR), and Edgar Steele. A good starting place might be the National Alliance’s “Who Rules America?" And check out the videos produced by Dr. Duke.

And you can read the many books that expose the truth of these matters – books about racial realities and genetics, Jewish involvement in social disruptions of all kinds, the “Holocaust” scam, etc. (You might start by looking over the many books available through the National Alliance and the Institute for Historical Review. Be sure to read the hugely informative works of David Duke, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, David Irving, Patrick Buchanan, and Edgar Steele. Other good reads are “Erectus Walks Amongst Us” by Richard Fuerle, and “Debating the Holocaust” by Thomas Dalton.)

Don’t worry – it’s fun – but do be prepared to encounter some very surprising truths you might never have expected. To help you get started, I have included the following list of just some of the key topics worth “googling” and investigating:

Jews (and particularly what I call the “complicit and culpable” Jews)

- Involvement in early U.S. slave trade.
- Control of politics and government.
- Media control (TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, music).
- Destructive influence on culture – music, art, entertainment media.
- Role in instigating 20th century political upheavals and wars, including their role in the initiation and advancement of communism and the killing of tens of millions of White people in the early days of the Soviet Union.
- Role in the Versailles treaty debacle following the First World War.
- Complicity in war crimes and “crimes against humanity” of Allies during and following WW II.
- Perpetration of the Jews’ Holocaust Hoax following WW II, and their using it for political and economic extortion ever since.
- Jewish and Israeli national security crimes against America – repeated espionage, 1967 attack on U.S.S. Liberty, etc.
- Role of Jewish “Neocons” in instigating recent wars in the Middle East.
- Role in predatory high-finance and banking, international banking, and central banking including the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.
- Role in legislation favoring non-White immigration.
- Social destruction via anti-White thought-shaping and mind-bending in such areas as so-called “civil rights,” diversity, and multiculturalism; “normalization” and acceptance of homosexuality; and radical feminism.
- Involvement in modern-day organized crime, financial crimes, and White slavery.
- Involvement in promotion and distribution of pornography.


- Genetic differences (including shortcomings) such as low IQs, deficient social
functioning, anti-social behavior, etc.
- Inability to create or maintain or even to successfully participate in civilized societies.
- Criminality, especially highly disproportionate perpetration of interracial (in this case Black-on-White) crime.
- Ubiquitous and never-ending social dependency; welfarism.
- Ruination of cities wherever heavily congregated.
- Destruction of schools; impoverishment of public education.
- Affirmative action; racial preferences in schools and hiring.
- Degrading the White gene pool via miscegenation (race mixing).

Mestizos (including Mexicans, “Hispanics,” “Latinos,” other Latin American “breeds”)

- The real effects of quasi-legal and illegal mestizo immigration.
- Welfare costs, including the bankrupting of hospitals, municipalities, states, etc.
- Costs of their high crime rates, and especially their gangs and drug trafficking (policing, courts, incarceration).
- Social Security and voting scams.
- The overwhelming of, including literal “take-over” of; cities, towns, and entire areas.
- High birthrate coupled with anti-White “Reconquista” mentality.
- Costs to public education; damage to White children’s education.
- Costs of bilingualism and their alien culture.

Also worthy of your attention are the problems with other non-White “invasions” of our society by such groups as S.E. Asians, Muslims, Pacific Islanders, etc. Perhaps not as urgent or screamingly lethal but important nevertheless in their own unique ways, and should not be entirely overlooked.

I suppose what it comes down to is your honest answers to the questions: “do you want your own subspecies to survive and go on to greater things (as opposed to becoming dominated and economically enslaved by the colored masses and eventually being wiped out)?;” “would you prefer that you and your children do not betray your genetic heritage, and all the struggles for racial survival on the part of your White ancestors down through the centuries?;” “do you want your babies to look like you?;” “would you prefer not to handicap your children with the lower IQs that inevitably result from racial mixing with non-Whites?;” and, “do you want to live in a real “nation” (as defined by a country populated by people sharing physical attributes [genetics], history, heritage, and culture?)” Well, we had something like that just 50 years ago, but we don’t any longer, to large extent; and if we don’t start doing something about it right now, we sure as hell won’t when your children come of age and when your grandchildren are born.

It is a matter of White racial survival and natural progression – of redemption – of the long road back, and then beyond. And like a two-sided coin, it involves our people’s own good, natural, intelligent, noble, and justified self interest (including a healthy dose of defensive racism and anti-Semitism) on the one hand; and our much needed self improvement on the other.

With your help we can once again have these things; we can start behaving like any healthy and sane creature of nature should if it expects to survive and prosper in its environment (including its geographic areas); and we and our children and grandchildren can have a future. That is the truth. If we as a people cannot do those things or are unwilling to do them, we will have to face the consequences – dispossession, demise, and death.


Joy said...

Great piece, thank you!

INCOGMAN said...

Thank you for all your efforts in awakening White people. I ran one of your pieces on my site and would love to run just about everything you write.