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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, July 31, 2011


by Val Koinen
July 31, 2011

As often happens these days, I was recently trying to explain some of my racialist, anti-semitic, and "White Nationalist" views and concerns to a good friend. As also often happens, it didn’t go well at first.

I frequently generate disbelief, disapproval, eye-rolling, head-shaking, and even admonishment when I turn conversations in that direction – even discussions with family members and longtime friends. And this was no exception – my friend asked me why I always say these things; he challenged me by asking me why I had this fixation regarding these issues.

These are not flaming liberals, by the way. They are good, hard-working, intelligent and generally savvy people. They have been good parents and responsible citizens. But they do get tired of my always wanting to talk about such things as racial realism, the "Jewish problem" (historical and ongoing), and truth and objective reality as applied to our social condition.

Well, I thought about my friend’s question for a minute, and admitted (to myself) that it was valid and appropriate because I am so intensely interested in these matters, to the point of being obsessive about them.

So I tried to explain it to him. I told him that one of the things that disturbed me the most was the change in our society and our country that I have seen in my own lifetime. I told him that while I might not like it, I could probably tolerate it better if the changes I have witnessed and experienced were just natural, gradual and progressive adjustments to the human condition.

But I went on to tell him (and yes, I do think he understood and agreed to some extent) that the reasons I found those changes so objectionable, the reasons they bother me so much, are that:

Firstly, they are so predominantly negative – leading our people and our society in a downward, not upward direction. The changes I am always concerned with and talking about represent devolution, not evolution. They are destroying us as a people, as a society, and as a nation. And those changes are evident everywhere we look – the wars we fight for the Jews, problems in our schools, debasement and negrification of our popular culture, our economic wellbeing, welfare costs, crime, infrastructure deterioration and the virtual destruction of so many of our once-great cities and all the "no-go" areas (for Whites) that we now see in black and mestizo areas, just as a few of the more obvious examples.

Secondly – it’s happening so fast. Not over hundreds of years, as one might expect in the case of normal human and societal progression or evolution. In that event I (or anyone else) would hardly notice it without studying long-term history. Rather, we have seen both the dispossession and demise of White people, and the impending destruction of Western Civilization, transpire over little more than one man’s lifetime.

And thirdly – there’s a reason for that – and it is not just unusually rapid "natural change." Rather, it is aggressive political change. It’s being done to us by Jews and their non-White minions – as in a deliberate, calculated act of war; as an effort to destroy our White societies and to genocide us out of existence. And yes, that does upset me a little.

As I said, I do believe at least this one time and in the case of this one questioning individual, I may have planted a seed of understanding and awareness in his thought processes.

And I continue to tell myself – that is why it is worth fighting the fight; that is why I will keep trying to do the same thing at every opportunity, over and over again.

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