White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, September 22, 2011


by Val Koinen
September 22, 2011

You know what I hate? You know what really gets me hot under the collar? Well, I’ll tell you.

I get red-hot angry and gut-wrenching outraged at the social injustices of all kinds that are relentlessly "put on" us White people by our government, the media, educators, and big business. At all the atrocious lies about race and multiculturalism and the wonderfulness of Negroes, mestizos, Muslims, integration, and diversity. All the irrational, unjust laws and anti-White government policies and actions. All the reality denial of government mandated "political correctness." The lies taught to our children. The monstrous deceptions that are so destructive to us White people and our Western Civilization. The covert and even overt efforts to dispossess us – destroy us – to genocide us out of existence. All the things of that nature that make a mockery of objective reality, scientific truth, natural law, and common sense and that are so damaging to our racial self preservation and our racial and civilizational progression.

I know you know what I’m talking about. You all know about these issues that "hit us upside the head" on a daily basis. It’s just that so many of our people don’t understand their racial and societal significance. American people of European extraction have been brought up with such huge doses of Jewish ‘wrong-think’ for so many generations now that all too many of them just can’t grasp the truth and critical importance of these things, and the dire consequences of failing to understand them from an informed racial perspective.

While still children, people are taught that race is just a social construct; that race doesn’t matter. As a consequence, most people just don’t any longer understand the importance of human genetic and behavioral differences, species and subspecies competition, and the survival of their own kind. And even worse – we allow our very own White children to be taught that their race is more evil and oppressive than the others – taught to literally despise their own heritage (oh, yes – the reality of race is admitted and used when it is directed against Whites).

And as for the anger and hatred – we seem to "get it" when we encounter those natural and very human traits in fictional works. Do you remember the "two minutes’ hate" in Orwell’s novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four?" And then there was the famous line in the movie "Network": "I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!" It’s hard to forget that one.

But the trouble is, most of us don’t seem capable of expressing that kind of intensely righteous emotion and healthy and essential anger in real life when they are needed to literally save our people from extinction.

Yet, important as this intelligently directed, defensive hatred and anger are, we (and our churches and schools) teach our kids that hatred is always a bad thing. Even when directed at the very people and institutions that are trying to kill us (but oh, yes, it’s O.K. to get fighting mad at a host of strawman enemies if the powers-that-be want us to go to war against them, even when they won’t or can’t do us any real harm). Go figure. It’s as though we Whites are being denied the basic human right (and natural proclivity, or survival instinct) to get really, truly, blood-boiling mad about the things that really matter – the things that have the potential of destroying everything we hold dear and everything we are, and even of putting us out of existence.

Second perhaps only to awareness itself, this combination of visceral hatred and anger is a key element – and one of the first steps – to our racial, social, and civilizational self preservation. And that’s because it can lead to the action – defensive and corrective action – that is required to preserve, maintain, and advance the interests of our people.

So, you might be wondering, just what are these things that really make me so gut-wrenching angry and hateful? What exactly am I talking about here? Well here are a few examples, both historical and contemporary, of the kinds of things that cause me that kind of outrage – that serve to get me intensely hate-filled and steaming mad (all good, natural, healthy reactions in the circumstances, by the way):

- The never-ending Jew "holocaust" lie and scam; and especially the money-extortion aspect, the demeaning and vilification of the Germanic peoples (and by extension all White people derived from European stock), and the brainwashing of our little children. The Jews’ using that "big lie" to validate the existence of their illegitimate "shitty little country" Israel; to generate special sympathy and special treatment for Jews, and to coerce the world into overlooking all the atrocities they commit against the Palestinians. And remember – there was no official Nazi plan for anything like a "holocaust;" there was no budget; no design plans for "gas chambers" to be used for mass killings of Jews or anyone else; nowhere near the numbers of people the Jews have said died at the concentration camps; and so far as I am aware not one single autopsy ever proved that even one person was ever murdered by homicidal "gassing."

- All the government’s and media lies – and even probable government involvement – in connection with what most probably was the Jewish Mossad’s "9/11" attacks – including the Orwellian distortion of facts and truth, the official ignoring of all the solid contradictory evidence of the truth-tellers, and the blatant whitewash and cover-up of the official government investigating commission.

- The way the mostly Jewish neocons and their lackeys Bush and Cheney lied us into the Iraq war to such a large extent for the benefit of the Israeli Jews. And the facts that that war has cost thousands of American lives; hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives; so much unnecessary destruction; billions of dollars of wasted public funds (has even contributed significantly to our near-bankruptcy as a nation); and such a huge loss of our privacy and liberties right here at home.

- All the government’s and Jew-controlled media’s (including Hollywood Jews’) lies and efforts to get us Whites to welcome Negroes into our society on an "equal" (even superior, for Chrissakes) basis – to glorify them – to make them seem essential to our happiness and success and to civilized society itself when the fact is that just about all they do in the real world is take from us and pervert and drag down our social, intellectual, and moral standards; and destroy our cities, schools, and society in general. Make America look more and more like an African country, or Haiti. And all this while these same forces at the same time constantly work to instill "White guilt" in our people and promote anti-White themes in literature, TV, movies, and other news and entertainment and advertising media.

- All the Jew-promoted, aided, and abetted immigration of non-Whites, both quasi-legal and illegal – the literal flood of alien people that is drowning America. (And don’t kid yourself – the Jews do this intentionally and deliberately to weaken American White people as a unified and cohesive racial group.)

- The government’s ‘deification’ of Michael (a.k.a. "Martin Luther") King – a known fraud, liar, B.S. artist, plagiarist, whoremonger, civil insurrectionist, extortionist, rabble-rouser, and communist (or at least a communist sympathizer). And further in that connection – the dedication of a national holiday to him, naming streets after him in White neighborhoods all across the country, and on top of all that the long-term sealing of FBI files that would have forever exposed him for the anti-White-America scumbag that he was. And perhaps worst of all – teaching our impressionable little White children that he was a "great American" rather than just a world-class racist and pitchman for black welfarism, advantage, and power over White Americans.

- And now, adding insult to all the injury caused by that criminal tool of the Jews while he was alive – the placement of a huge granite statue of that Jew-coached, smooth-talking simian on our National Mall alongside the revered monuments of our truly great founders and statesmen – a statue with a stern, "you will bow to me, White man" countenance. (And beyond that – the knowledge that a communist Chinese sculptor was commissioned to create that edifice to Negro supremacy and dominance – a man who has created similar statuary to honor a number of communist leaders.) (Oh, and by the way, the statue was sculpted out of Chinese stone, in China, and assembled in Washington D.C. by a team that included Chinese craftsmen brought over specifically for the job.)

- The ongoing and ever-escalating "secret, dirty war" being waged against Whites by Negroes – and especially the crimes committed by these feral blacks on our women and children. Everything from schoolyard bullying to ‘flash mob’ beatings to rape, torture, and murder. (And yes, it’s "secret" because the Jew-controlled media want it that way, and do their utmost to avoid informing the public of the race of the perpetrators.)

- Similarly, the daily news of all the horrendous amounts of crime being committed even in our mostly White communities by mestizos wherever they make up a significant portion of the population. (Just look at their percentages of prison populations in those areas.) Again, the media do their best to avoid telling us straight-out that the perps are mestizos, but in this case you can tell from the surnames.

- The way the Jewish-dominated entertainment industry constantly shoves so many of those Negroes (and other non-Whites) in our faces, and works to instill such a false image of them in our minds and the minds of our kids by portraying a totally excessive and unrealistic representation on TV, in movies, and in print articles and ads.

- The outrageous fictional nonsense about the Jews being the "chosen people" put forth by religious idiots (and of course, by the forever-self-promoting Jews themselves).

- The mounting evidence that the dynamic duo mulattos, POTUS Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder, have instituted a policy of vigorously prosecuting Whites for any perceived so-called "civil rights" crimes committed against blacks and other minorities while at the same time refusing to prosecute when Whites are the victims of interracial crime.

- Negroes’ ‘dirty,’ animalistic-sexual celebratory gyrations performed on the football field whenever they score a touchdown or perform some other athletically successful feat (yeah, right – thus giving our young people something wholesome and civilized to look at over and over again every weekend).

- All the daily news of rapidly growing mestizo (including illegal-alien) populations in communities all across America, including their "taking over" many cities and entire areas (and not just in the southwest, by the way). And the treason committed by Jews and race-traitor Whites who facilitate – aid and abet – that dire ongoing destruction of America as it was meant to be.

- The way Negroes have taken over and then ruined – literally destroyed – so many of our once-great American neighborhoods and even entire cities.

- The way we allow teachers in our public schools to brainwash our kids with all the "diversity is our strength," "beauty of multi-culturalism," "we’re all the same under the skin" nonsense – lies promoted by the Jews; lies which have already taken us so far down the road to our virtual obliteration.

- The way the Jews have so thoroughly perverted – negrified and imbued with "soft porn" and gratuitous sexual innuendo, excrement jokes, and other filth – our popular culture here in America.

- The huge and unbearable burden, including the dollar costs, of social welfare, health care, crime control, and incarceration we are forced to squander on our non-White populations. And the thoughts I can’t help having about how all those resources and all that money could be used for the betterment of our White American society.

- All the affirmative-action, race-based preferences etc. that are so blatantly used to discriminate against Whites in school placement and employment – and the way those criminal and unconstitutional practices act to upset, impede, and even potentially destroy the lives and futures of so many good young White people.

- When I read about the behavior and ascendancy of Muslims in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, and in Australia (and for that matter, when I contemplate the fact that it is beginning to happen right here in America) – their instituting their ‘sharia law,’ demanding (and getting) special privileges and treatment, all the anti-White constraints and restrictions put into place for their benefit, and all the crimes committed against the native White citizens.

- The media-promoted, ever-growing acceptance of homosexuality in American life – the promotion and even glorification of queers and lesbians, and the way our kids are taught that is just fine and dandy – just another viable, acceptable, even admirable lifestyle.

- And lastly, the way we Whites – and only Whites – are discouraged (and even prohibited in most social and legal contexts) from expressing or even hinting at our real thoughts and feelings and acting on these kinds of feelings of defensive anger and hatred. The way we Whites are deliberately stymied in developing an awareness of the truth and utmost importance of these things while other racial and ethnic groups are allowed, even encouraged to develop their versions of racialism in their perceived self interest. Examples of this disgusting double standard are manifest, and include: Largely Jew-devised anti-German propaganda leading up to and during World War I, and the way the Jew writer Elie Wiesel said as recently as 1968 – "every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the Germans." It seems the Jews have never had any trouble promoting hatred of White people in order to serve their interests. And then there’s the way American Negroes’ take everything they can from "Whitey" while at the same time "hate on" Whites so constantly and with such intensity (as demonstrated by their horrendously disproportionate black-on-White criminal behavior). And the Negroes and mestizos being allowed, even encouraged to form their own, race-based clubs in schools and associations in business and politics, while Whites are prohibited for all practical purposes from doing the same thing. And the way the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially ruled that all kinds of non-White pride and "superiority and power" slogans can be registered while something as benign as "White Pride Country Wide" cannot. And the now-common spectacle of a mestizo of some stature openly and publicly "speechifying" about how we Whites (people of European extraction) should get the hell out of North America because it is their land, and how they will kick us out or kill us if we don’t.

Now, ask yourself (and try to answer honestly) – aren’t these kinds of things starting to get under your skin too?

In order to help you make sense of all this and perhaps better relate to my intense feelings about matters such as these – I should say a few words about how all these maddening, 180-degrees backward things came to be – who was and is responsible for the situation in which we find ourselves that allows and even promotes all this unmitigated crap. In a nutshell – it’s almost entirely the work of just the following few groups of pathetic and/or despicable people:

- The "complicit and culpable" Jews, of course.
- "Politically-correct" liberals, egalitarian and altruistic simpletons, truth- and fact-challenged self-hating Whites, and anti-White race traitors.
- Greedy, power-mad, mercenary, and/or simply misguided or stupid, Jew-bought politicians (and especially the social liberals of the Democratic party and the Jew-dominated neoconservatives and deluded Christian "rapture bunny" types of the Republican party).
- Religious people and their churches, and especially the soft-headed women in the flock and the male leaders (the "priestly class") . The "turn the other cheek," "thou shalt not hate" crowd (never mind that their own Bible clearly states that there is "a time to hate"). The people who love to import hordes of illiterate, low-I.Q., not-quite-civilized Somali blacks into our White communities.

These are the people we would be justified and well advised to be really angry with. These are the people we so desperately need to enlighten or bring under control as the case may be if we hope to save our Western nations.

And finally, I would like to leave you with one last thought that might put this call for righteous anger and action in perspective (of course, I’m referring here to legal action). And that is – these abominable forces that are so destructive of our White societies and that I am so upset about are far more serious – far more deadly – to our people and our society than those put upon the colonists by King George back in the 18th century. Remember our much revered American Revolution? If good men – men of substance – could get so worked up about conditions back in their time that they would risk everything to correct what they saw as an intolerable situation – including their fortunes and even their lives – you would think that we modern American White men could at least stand up and begin to challenge the grievous situation we are faced with today!