White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


by Val Koinen
October 25, 2011

Most everyone is familiar with the keywords and catch-phrases that are touted as central virtues in our much vaunted modern American democracy. The words and phrases that purport to explain American exceptionalism and all the things that are supposed to be so great and virtuous in our "post-racial" society. You know – inclusiveness, diversity, multiculturalism, civil rights, integration, universal altruism, egalitarianism, liberalism, feminism, political correctness, and even race-mixing.

Well, given the way things are going for White America right now in this "brave new world," and the direction in which we are headed, I would suggest you might want to become familiar with a few more: dispossession (social, economic, and political), deterioration, disaster, dysfunctional, dumbing-down, economic enslavement, targeted victimization, hurt, trauma, filth, pain, despair, suffering, and on and on ad nauseam.

Now let me ask you, White Americans – are any of these things really good for our American society – good for us?

Hardly. I think you know better than that, deep down.

And the darker it gets, the worse it is going to get. We’ve already begun to see it happening, but in the coming years we and our progeny are going to suffer the full impact of that darkening America. It’s coming, and it’s happening faster than you think. It’s ten minutes till midnight in this once-White country of ours.

You know the drill. Sure you do. You’ve already seen enough of it by now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s coming – of the terrible conditions under which our children and grandchildren are going to have to live their lives. The bottom line is – whenever and wherever any significant numbers of negroes and/or mestizos are in the picture, it just about always results in:

- Higher crime rates, increased costs of the criminal justice system, more overflowing jails and prisons. And especially – increased colored-on-White crimes such as rape, torture, assault, battery, and murder.

- Dirty, deteriorated neighborhoods and cities – blight and falling property values.

- Public schools go to hell; quality of education for our children deteriorates. Our White children suffer more and more physical assaults and worse.

- More sickness and disease, including that brought about by food and food-processing contamination.

- Increased social costs of every kind.

- Shuttering of businesses, including hospitals, post offices, and libraries.

- Reduced building of new public structures and amenities of all kinds – parks, zoos, buildings, schools, museums, etc.

- Race mixing which leads to changed mental, physical, and genetic characteristics of our people (our race, our subspecies). Genetic deterioration, "browning," thick lips and kinky hair, lower IQs; and eventually, obliteration of our subspecies of humanity.

- Bankrupt cities and states.

- Rampant civil disobedience and civic disorder, rioting, "flash-mobbing."

- Increased drug trafficking and prostitution in more and more neighborhoods.

- Loss of safety in the streets and elsewhere, and therefore of freedom of movement.

- Deteriorating infrastructure, as communities and companies are no longer able to afford timely and adequate repairs to, and new construction of; roads and sidewalks, railroads, buildings, waterworks, sewage systems, bridges, docks, etc.

- Higher welfare costs for everything – food stamps, medical care, unemployment, child care, etc.

- Generally, perennially, and severely messed up economy.

- Increased taxes and cost of living.

- All kinds of increased restrictions on individual freedoms.

- Generally and severely reduced standard of living.

- Lack of educational and career opportunities as a result of preferences given to non-Whites.

- More shoddy products and services (even in such critical areas as medical services).

- More rude, uninformed, and incompetent service-counter and customer-assistance personnel both in government offices and in the private sector.

- Ever increasing predominance of negro and mestizo culture – dress, language, clothing, music, etc.

- And the list goes on and on.

And then you might want to ask yourself: What is it going to be like when we Whites become an actual minority in our own country? (Hint: things ain’t gonna get better, you can be sure of that.)

Oh, well – you get the picture. Just loads of fun coming our way, huh? But seriously now, do you really think this is a good thing?

Think about it – is it natural and normal – is it intelligent and rational – is it healthy – for a species or a people to put up with, let alone advocate these kinds of changes; to do these kinds of things to themselves, for goodness sake? To allow, even promote, their own dispossession and displacement by vast numbers of people of other races? Here’s my answer to that: Never in the history of mankind has this kind of (mis)behavior (allowing and abetting racial suicide, coupled in our case with the ongoing genocide being orchestrated by the complicit and culpable Jews) led to positive results.

Negroes, in particular, always tend to ruin, to destroy, the societies they live in everywhere except perhaps their native African village environment. As a group, they are a disaster – socially, politically, and economically. A natural disaster. A plague on Western, civilized society.

Mestizos have done little better, and in addition have openly declared their intention to "reconquer" us and our lands and many of our great cities (and then turn them into third-world cesspools as they have done all over much of Latin America).

And what of the Jews that are behind all of this racial change in America? Well, in spite of all their despicable lies and propaganda and their malevolent control of our media, culture, schools, politics, and government – they have made it abundantly clear to every thinking White American who has studied the situation that they are intent on reducing us Whites to a disunited, economically and culturally bankrupt, and powerless minority and bringing about our weakening, dispossession, and demise – in effect the destruction of our Western Civilization.

"So what," you ask?

Here’s "what." Just maybe it’s not too late. Just maybe if you can manage to open up your mind and dispense with your uninformed and irrational negative reactions (conditioned responses) to a number of other keyword concepts pounded into your heads by the Jews and the politically-correct liberals these past many years – concepts described by words such as hater, bigot, Nazi, racist, and anti-Semite – you can awaken to the desperate pleas of your racially conscious "White Nationalist" kinsmen. Then, just maybe, you can start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. And then, just maybe, you can begin to help rescue your people’s natural destiny – to help save Western Civilization and our Eurocentric way of life.

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Joy said...

I don't think you have written anything that I have not 100% agreed with. Please keep up the good work.