White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, October 27, 2011


by Val Koinen
October 27, 2011


White people who are proud of who they are and their heritage, who are racially conscious, and hopeful for a good future for their progeny have long been ridiculed and vilified for suggesting there could be some kind of “Jewish conspiracy” directed against our people.  A conspiracy to weaken our societies and eventually destroy our racial integrity and dispossess us from economic, social, and political power in our own countries.

Well, if not an actual, active, on-going conspiracy with an anti-White plan of action, there clearly is an agenda, and it is being pursued by a good many Jews (and has been, for many years).

We have but to open our eyes and our minds to see that agenda’s efforts and results all around us, every day, everywhere we look.  You can actually watch it happening, and watch it grow.

As key elements of that agenda, “they” (the “complicit and culpable Jews”) want us to, and work diligently to get us to:

- Become accustomed to the idea that negroes are central to all our social and workplace situations, are knowledgeable about everything, are the nicest people and hardly ever the "bad guys," and are usually the key authority figures.
- Let millions upon millions of mestizos and other non-Whites into the country, legally or otherwise.
- Then, let them take our jobs, drive wages down, and “take over” entire cities and areas.
- Give non-White minorities the first and best access to universities and jobs (via “affirmative action” and other racial preferences and set-asides).
- Keep paying through the nose to “bridge the gap” between White and non-White public education results, when it hasn’t worked and will never work; and at the same time, dumb down our own
children in public schools in order to accommodate those less educable colored children.
- Believe, and teach our children, lies re: genetics, IQ and other racial differences, and the real consequences of diversity and multiculturalism.
- Continue to willingly support all the illegitimate negro children and the negro behavior that is the underlying cause of that situation (including the dereliction of absentee fathers).
- Continue to tolerate the excessive level of criminal behavior on the part of negroes and mestizos, and in particular all their horrific crimes committed on White people.  And to keep on paying the vastly disproportionate costs of their incarceration.
- Just sit back and accept the fact that we will soon be a minority in our own country.
- Worship negroes – athletes, entertainers, “celebrities,” etc.
- Elect and appoint Negroes to high office, including the Presidency.
- Accept, even prefer, a non-White dominated country and world.
- Work to support multitudes of negroes and mestizos and other non-Whites via welfare, food stamps, TANF, SSI, etc.
- Give illegal aliens a “path to citizenship,” and continue to grant automatic citizenship to their “anchor babies” (so-called “birthright citizenship”).
- Swallow every stupid lie the Jews promote (their being the “chosen people,” the “holocaust” scam, their always being “picked on” through no fault of their own – always being the pooor, pooor victim, etc.)
- Keep on giving the Israeli Jews billions and billions of dollars (cumulative total), year after year.
- Keep sending our young men to the Middle East to fight, be crippled, and die in wars for Israel.
- Happily accept a Jew-distorted, perverse, dirty, pornographic, and thoroughly negrified popular culture (TV, movies, music, advertising, pop art); adopt negro language and dress.
- Accept homosexuality and other sick sexual perversions as normal behavior – just “alternative lifestyles” (and go along with teaching that disgusting and sickening crap to our kids).
- Intimately mix and even interbreed with non-Whites, especially negroes.
- Hate ourselves and our people, and feel “guilty,” for the color of our skin; and teach our children to detest our people’s history and heritage.
- Gradually accept sweeping losses of individual freedom.
- Gradually accept excessive power of government over our personal lives.
- Gradually accept, even demand, excessive government largesse; and then a socialistic, Marxist, communistic government.

I should have said that they want us to do and accept these things along with many, many others; these being just a few random examples.

… And know this, White American – none of these things are in your best interest!  All of these things are damaging to Whites as individuals and as a people, and all of these things are relentlessly promoted and pursued by various factions of a specific, distinctive, and identifiable group of  people hell-bent on controlling societies and countries all over the world – the complicit and culpable Jews.

The typical knee-jerk reaction to my blaming Jews for pushing the above agenda is to say, “Well, there may be efforts to get Americans to do or accept some of these things, but it’s crazy to blame the Jews.  Other people push for these things too, and some things just develop the way they do; you can’t blame it all on Jews.”  But that’s disingenuous, to put it charitably.  Instigation of, facilitation of, and/or unduly strong support for every item in my list can be linked definitively and directly to Jewish influence (Jews or Jewish control), whether it be Jewish lawmakers; Jew judges; Jew lobbyists; Jewish political organizations and contributors; high-level Jewish government officials; Jewish bureaucrats and administrators of all kinds of agencies, Jewish money-controllers (bankers, financiers, brokers, etc.); the Jewish owned and controlled press (TV and print); Jew magazine and book publishers; other Jew owned/controlled media (entertainment, music); Jewish advertising agencies; Jewish academicians (teachers, NEA activists, university professors, etc.); Jewish anthropologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists; Jewish book authors of all kinds; and on and on ad nauseam.  Yes, people, if you look closely enough you will see that there really is, in a sickeningly real sense, a “Jew behind every bush.”   

And, getting back on topic, just why is this weakening of Whites as a people, and of our country (and other White nations) so critical?  Well, yes, because it is obviously hugely important for the future of our people – our culture and society – in America, of course, but also in all the White countries around the world.  But consider this also:  When we learn that the world’s population is expected to go from 7 billion to 15 billion in just the next 90 years, and when we realize almost all that huge population increase will be of non-Whites, many of them backward, third-world people; we, simply put, are going to need every bit of racial unity, strength, economic wellbeing, and social/political power we can muster if we hope to survive anywhere on this planet.

To sum up:  the Jews and their dark minions and many traitorous, ultraliberal, politically-correct self-hating White lackeys are literally overrunning us, enslaving us, drowning us, bleeding us, and killing us off.  That is why we Whites must start resisting, with self-defensive force if necessary; if we want to just survive, let alone to advance and prosper.

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