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Friday, October 14, 2011



by Val Koinen
October 14, 2011

Please indulge me – permit me to engage in a little fantasy-tripping, a little whimsy, in this post – along the lines of  "I can dream, can’t I?"

And while you are reading this, run the question through your own mind – if you had three wishes, what would you wish for? For that matter, on what level would you base your wishes?

I am an old man with some "serious-enough" health issues. Serious enough that I probably don’t have too many more miles to run in this race.

And I can be selfish when I so choose.

Hopefully, those disclosures might help explain why, if I could be granted three wishes of my choosing, I would be sorely tempted to wish for things that mean a great deal to me on a personal level (and "to hell with what’s best for Western Civilization and the future of my people"):

(1) That my granddaughter would wake up tomorrow morning completely cured of the diabetes that has caused her so much suffering these past 20 years (ever since she was a little girl).

(2) That both my beautiful and beloved wife and my stalwart young grandson would remain cancer-free and would live healthily and happily for many years to come.

(3) That my younger daughter and my younger son, both of whom have had some serious problems these past few years, would both find happiness and satisfaction in their daily existence and would now enter a stable, fulfilling, and long-lasting phase of their lives.

But then, I realize that maybe I shouldn’t be so selfish, and just wish for things that would give me the most personal satisfaction and contentment; things that would just benefit the people closest to me, members of my own family. I realize that a truly good and responsible White man should, given the chance, wish for things that really matter for all his people and their future existence on this earth.

No, I’m not thinking that I should wish, as sadly and pathetically a lot of White men might do, for my favorite NFL football team (if I had one, which I don’t) to make it to the Super Bowl this year. And I wouldn’t wish for such things as everlasting peace, no more disease in the world, and the world-wide end of hunger (after all, if we White people could get our Western Civilization back on track, I’ve no doubt we could finally figure out how to bring those things about); and in the last two cases, that would just mean the continued, irresponsible over-reproduction of relatively backward non-White populations anyway, and as always that would just lead to more problems in the future.

No, I think if I was in this higher-level mode of wishing, the leading candidates on my wish-list would have to include some cure-alls for some of the things that are perennially harming and killing my people; such things as:

(1) A final fix for the Negro problem that has plagued our nation for so long. (Whether specified in the wish or not, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to just how that might best be accomplished. Let me just say that I would want it to be humane, fair, and reasonable.)

(2) A final solution for the "Jewish problem" that has plagued our people since ancient times but especially over the past couple hundred years. (Again, I won’t go into the preferred means of effecting that solution; and again, I wouldn’t be wishing for anything particularly cruel or inhumane or even unfair given the realities of what they have done to us.)

(3) Immediate action on the part of my country’s political leaders to totally extinguish the mestizo "take-over threat" by deporting all illegal aliens and many if not most so-called legal Mexican etc. immigrants of, say, at least the past 25 years.

But what if I were limited to wishing for things that I myself could do to help my people? When it comes right down to the nitty-gritty, I have to admit that, if I were somehow granted just three wishes by someone or something or some power that could deliver the goods, I would be sorely tempted to go for these less fanciful and more modest and practical wishes:

(1) More time – to be a younger and healthier and more vigorous man again, say in my mid-forties.

(2) Some modest but substantial wealth, whether derived from inheritance or prior business success, coupled with some good, solid legal training and experience – in fact, though I might be able to pay for good legal assistance with the aforementioned wealth, I would wish that I was a damned good lawyer myself if only to enable me to properly manage a multi-faceted legal campaign as set out below. (O.K., you caught me sneakily trying to get a freebie – an extra wish. I probably should have put it this way – "some substantial personal wealth derived from a brilliant and remunerative career as a successful attorney.")

(3) A functioning legal system in America (laws, courts, judges, and all the rest) wherein honest effort, truthfulness, and skilled lawyering might make it possible to achieve real justice (sadly, we no longer seem to have that in today’s America).

And why, you might ask, would I wish for those things? Why in the world would anyone wish to be a lawyer? And what would be the top-priority legal projects I would work on if I were so endowed? Well, that’s easy. Armed with wish #3, they would be:

First, because I think it is the most important, I would find a way to formally charge (criminally prosecute) a few hundred top-level "complicit and culpable" Jews with conspiracy to commit murder/genocide for their efforts to destroy White people. Just for the fun of it, I would check into the possibility of prosecuting a number of deceased Jews posthumously in addition to the still-living culprits. Actually, I think this would be a slam-dunk case, because there is such an abundance of evidence (proof) of the guilt of the Jews in this regard.

Next, I believe I would want to go after criminal prosecutions of Jews involved in such crimes as bribery and extortion in their efforts to control our political processes, our elections, and our government. These would include all their criminal acts undertaken in their lobbying activities and their ubiquitous campaign contributions, for example. I should think they would be especially vulnerable to prosecution for criminal conspiracy in those cases. A first step would probably be the obtaining of injunctions to put a halt to that ongoing mischief in these areas.

Actually, a good lawyer should be able to successfully pursue all kinds of other serious Jewish and Israeli crime beyond that one area, for such things as: inappropriately using their monopolized media to distribute propaganda lies to the American public; treason in their involvement in working for non-White immigration; warmongering for our military excursions in World Wars I and II and more recently in the Middle East; attacks against the U.S. in such cases as the U.S.S. Liberty assault and the Lavon Affair; Israeli espionage carried out in the U.S.; high-finance frauds; the Jewish crimes at Versailles following World War I and at Nuremburg following World War II; their virtually certain involvement in the 9/11/01 attacks; human and organ trafficking; international White slavery (sex-slavery); etc.

Thirdly, I should think the Jews would be uniquely prosecutable criminally and uniquely vulnerable to a plethora of successful civil actions in the area of civil rights violations – that is, for working and conspiring in a multitude of ways to violate the civil rights of White people. There are countless well documented cases of Jewish involvement with the promotion of phony, unconstitutional hate-crime (thought crime) laws, anti-White "affirmative action" and non-White racial preference laws and quotas, forced association of Whites with blacks via "civil rights" (integration, race-mixing) laws; flooding our country with non-Whites via immigration, and even working to put preferences for illegals in place.

Fourth, and lastly with regard specifically to the Jews, the complicit and culpable members of that despicable tribe should be eminently prosecutable and vulnerable to successful civil suits for their roles in the so-called "Holocaust" hoax/scam/fraud. Here again, I should think both their specific deeds and their multitude of conspiracies should be actionable. And again, some posthumous actions, perhaps civil actions against estates, could be pursued against deceased culprits.

On the criminal side, we should once again start with obtaining injunctions against ongoing wrongdoings.

By taking these kinds of legal actions we just might be able to put an end to all their conspiracies to defraud, and to stop all the theft, blackmail, and extortion (perhaps by using the RICO statutes?).

With regard to civil action, we would also want to pursue such matters as their fraudulently taking public funds for "reparations," museums, holocaust indoctrination centers, and public school and other institutional materials (such as instructional materials), and all the slander and libel they have spewed and heaped on the Germans and continue to publish and broadcast that put the German people and their American descendants in a bad light.

This would probably justify a number of huge class-action suits in an effort to recover all the damages justly owed to White people in America, Germany, and other countries. In order to pursue this kind of remedy we might have to define, or categorize, percentages of Germanic ethnicity in the way percentage of Amerind ancestry has been used for distributing government cash to our so-called "indigenous" tribespeople.

Then, I think I would want to pursue the protection of American White people under the Endangered Species Act – file for listing as an endangered species (subspecies) in much the same way that was successfully done for the spotted owl and the snail darter. I am absolutely convinced that the criteria for such a listing fit the predicament of our people almost perfectly, so perfectly in fact that it would appear those criteria were specifically drafted to describe our perilous situation.

A successful solution to this problem would, I am convinced, involve such things as: putting an end to the false indoctrination of our children, which leads to racial self-destruction; once again absolutely outlawing miscegenation (returning to the situation we had in many states just a few decades ago); and putting a stop to all the Jewish efforts to genocide us out of existence by promoting race-mixing and non-White immigration.

The next issue I would want to address would be to dispense with State mandated integration with the colored races, including the re-establishment of an absolute right of freedom-of-association (and of course, freedom-of-non-association) in all relevant areas of our society, such as housing, jobs, schools, etc. Enough said about that one.

And of course I would use the law and the courts to remedy the intolerable, Jew-instigated overrepresentation of Negroes and other coloreds, and their exaggerated, unrealistic stature portrayal in television shows and commercials, movies, and print ads.

And I would work to legally ban the production and public dissemination of the stupid, savage, and animalistic Negro rap, hip-hop, and other uncivilized so-called "music" recordings and videos.

And I would want to work legally to put an end to all the Jewish cultural poison dumped on our society (and particularly on our children) – the pornography and "soft porn," the ubiquitous gratuitous and egregious sex, filth such as scatological jokes, homosexual garbage, and negrification.

And finally, I would do the legal work necessary to enact State and Federal legislation that would require truth in public education and in all public information dispensation such as television and radio broadcasting, motion pictures, and newspapers and magazines and book publishing.
Whether or not it would require a constitutional amendment, I would work for some legal means of compelling the truth – "truth telling" – in all important public areas and venues. Examples would be such areas as racial differences; German motivation, culpability, and actions in WW II, Allied atrocities (war crimes) during and in the aftermath of WW II (such as the bombing of Dresden and the mass killing of German P.O.W. via their maltreatment in camps); the holohoax scam; the "diversity is our strength" and "beauty of multiculturalism" lies; the Jewish problem (including Jewish brainwashing and wrongdoings and removal of public funding for all Jewish holocaust and Anne Frank museums, etc.).

Under the scenario I envision, we would allow no official, public, governmental non-truthful proclamations or indoctrination with regard to differences in racial intelligence, substandard non-White social behavior (including self-control and animalistic [savage] criminal proclivities). We would allow no lying about racial differences in culture and the comparative inability of blacks to create or sustain a civilized society or even to govern themselves at any level above a tribal village existence, for example. Teachers would be compelled to teach our children the truth about historical achievements of the races (no more false teachings about Negro inventions, or about the Egyptian pharoes being black, etc. Teachers would also be required to teach the truth about World Wars I and II, Pearl Harbor, Hitler and the Nazis, the "holocaust," the "war on terrorism," the recent Middle East and north African wars, and Jewish efforts to destroy White unity and Western Civilization.
Yes, yes, I know – getting back to the real world, the Jew-dominated courts/judges/Justice Department would never let any of these three-wishes-derived actions move forward, and in any case would guarantee their failure in the final analysis. And so, if my third wish above were not granted completely and forcefully, I would most likely just end up doing some great damage in trying to pursue these things by setting bad precedent. So I suppose, that being the case and coupled with the untenable existing situation in America today; other, more severe action will likely be required in order to remedy these situations. (Maybe that’s what I should have wished for!)

But it just seems to me that, in the spirit of even-handedness and fairness, we White people should be able to avail ourselves of protection under the laws of the land (our land, by the way). After all, I’m talking about some pretty serious stuff here – crimes against humanity; crimes against nature. These are the kinds of things we are supposed to be able to address and remedy, operating within the law – such things as, just as a few examples: outlawing the importation of African Negroes and the adoption of blacks by White people; putting an end to immigration of non-Whites; and putting an immediate and absolute stop to all the illegal-aliens (mestizos) coming across our southern border.

Wait just a minute. It just occurred to me – why in the world should I have to wish that I could be provided the tools to do this important work for my people? We already have thousands of perfectly qualified lawyers who could and should be doing these things. Now I’m wondering and worrying – why in hell aren’t they? What is it going to take to get some action going regarding these issues that are literally begging for legal challenge and remedy?





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