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Fight back or die

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


by Val Koinen
November 1, 2011

Getting the word out about historical and ongoing Jewish treachery is so important to White people all across America that I think we need to proclaim an annual “Jew Awareness Month.”  (We can do that, can’t we?  My first-pass research hasn’t turned up any indication that the title, or phrase, has been trademarked or copyrighted.)  I would suggest that we schedule this special time of recognition for the month of December.  I think it is especially appropriate that we dedicate ourselves to increasing our awareness of the significance of the Jewish presence in the Western World and in America, and that we spread the word; in view of our Justice Department’s fighting for illegal-alien mestizo interests as opposed to the interests of American citizens, in anticipation of more Jewish warmongering in the Middle East, and just prior to the upcoming Jew-instigated and/or championed celebrations of Negroes coming up in late December and early in the new year.

Probably the most important thing many of our people could do to participate in this year’s Jew Awareness Month would be to help themselves become more knowledgeable about America’s Jewish Problem by reading some of the voluminous literature on the subject.  To that end I am providing this short list of informative articles and books.

One of the most important disclosures of Jewish power in the U.S. that you will ever read:  Who Rules America compiled by the National Alliance (a little out of date but a good guide nevertheless).

Here is a very revealing compilation of the Jewish neocons who got us into the Iraq war back in 2003, and into the “Homeland Security” mess:

Who Got Us Into the Iraq War?
A List of prominent Jewish Neocons and their role in getting the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland Security compiled by Eric Hufschmid

Many other similar compilations are available; all you have to do is search the internet.

A long and telling list of typical Jewish misbehavior was provided a few years ago by attorney Edgar J. Steele in his article:  It Wasn’t Arabs

There are also a number of informative (and opinionated) articles pertaining to the Jews here at Koinen’s Corner, among them:

The Complicit and Culpable Jews

Response to Senator John McCain Article:  “Why Israel"

Top 10 Reasons forBeing an “Anti-Semite”

And of course no serious study of the Jewish Question can be undertaken without investing the time to read a few critical books on the subject, including:

Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke

The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald, PhD (and the other two volumes in his masterful and scholarly trilogy explaining Jewish behavior from the standpoints of evolutionary biology and group survival strategy).

And lastly, a superb analysis of Jewish fatalities in World War II Nazi concentration camps is provided by:

 Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, PhD

All three of the above books are available at both mainstream and White nationalist online booksellers.

Believe me when I tell you that if you dedicate yourself to reading a number of these articles and books during the coming weeks leading up to and during JAM you will, perhaps for the first time in your life, begin to understand many Jew-related events and issues that have puzzled you down through the years.  Armed with this knowledge base, everything will just seem to fall into place.

Another important thing many of our people can do during Jew Awareness Month, aside from honing up on their Jewducation, would be to devote some extra effort all month long to awakening and informing friends, relatives, and co-workers about the C. and C. Jews and the Jewish menace to White America and Western Civilization.  I should think JAM would be a good time to explain to people what a jam we are in.  Be calm and sincere, be truthful; and always keep your interactions and activities within the law, your company’s policies and rules, and the limits established by your wife, of course.  But take every appropriate opportunity to spread the truth about this notorious tribe, and in particular, the “complicit and culpable” Jews.

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