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Thursday, December 29, 2011


... a more-or-less comprehensive review of Jewish treachery, treason, murder, perfidy, and general anti-White misbehavior.

We're in a J.A.M.!
(Special Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 29, 2011

I would invite you to at least scan down through this long list of Jewish crimes against White people, White society, White nations, Western Civilization, and humanity in general.  And as you do, try to keep in mind – these things are not merely cases of isolated wrongdoings by a few individuals who have just happened to be Jewish.  Most of them have been and are being perpetrated by substantial numbers of Jews who are very much of the “complicit and culpable” variety.

And then, by all means, research these events in order to satisfy yourself as to their veracity and significance.  I am confident that you will find, as I have, that most of them are absolute facts that can be laid at the feet of Jews and/or Israelis.  The complicit and culpable Jews have without question been the perpetrators, or at the very least the proximate cause or enablers and facilitators; they are the ones who engineered and carried out the listed events.

And even in those few cases wherein guilt hasn’t been proven beyond a doubt, it seems likely that these things wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the involvement of Jews; that it was largely through the efforts of Jews that these things transpired.

Yes, admittedly, this posting is essentially a rehash of lists previously “published” by myself and several others.  For example, see Edgar Steele’s “It Wasn’tArabs;” Val Koinen’s “Response to Senator John McCain Article: ‘Why Israel?;’ and Charlie Reese’s “Middle East Pop Quiz.”  But I think that is O.K., because it is so important to get these facts into the minds of as many of our people as possible and keep them there – reminding, reinforcing, and perhaps even reaching one or two of the hitherto uninitiated.

Here, then, is a sampler of the lethal legacy of the complicit and culpable Jews:

The Jews’ religious supremacist beliefs and teachings, including their believing themselves to be and openly promoting themselves as the “Chosen People” of the Bible.

(And for the more religious among us):  It was the Jews who were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Their many other ridiculous, arrogant, and abhorrent religious beliefs and practices, as evident in their Talmud, Torah, and other religious writings.  Some examples would be their considering us Gentiles (goyim) to be sub-human animals akin to cattle, their approval of lying to and not being obligated to honor contracts with Gentiles, their advocating the killing of Gentiles with impunity under certain conditions, and their sanctioning sexual cohabitation with children.

The fact that their history, over thousands of years, has been one of parasitism and abuse of the cultures of their host nations.  In many instances those traits have gotten them (quite understandably) called to account, sometimes discriminated against, and even expelled from numerous countries (in some cases more than once).

The Jews’ historically infamous role in banking and finance, all too frequently used to influence and control governments, the policies of their host nations, and their international relations (continues to the present time, as exemplified by their role in our Federal Reserve system).

It was Jews who were primarily responsible for the establishment, under President Wilson, of the Federal Reserve Banking System back in 1910 on Jekyll Island, Georgia (that being the Jewish-controlled, private consortium of non-Federal, no-Reserve, non-Banks which was granted life-and-death power over the American economy and virtually limitless power to manipulate our currency and steal American wealth).

The Jews’ historical propensity for making huge profits off wars, sometimes by backing both sides of the same conflict.

Their traditional/historic, usurious and predatory money-lending and other unethical and/or illegal business practices directed toward Gentiles.

The International Jews’ self-proclaimed intent and determination over the past couple hundred years to dominate if not rule the world.

Not that it absolves White Gentiles from all responsibility, but the fact remains that it was Jews, a number of the most important of which operated out of Newport, Rhode Island, who were the real kingpins in the American colonial slave/rum trade – as instigators, facilitators, brokers, transporters (ship-owners), and dealers.

The Jews’ role in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and the spread of international communism at and after the turn of the twentieth century.  Particularly disconcerting in that connection is the documented fact of American Jews’ critical role in financing and perpetrating that horrible blight on the history of civilization which ultimately resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of European Whites, the horrors and costs of several wars, and the trauma and costs of the Cold War.

For a time following the Russian Revolution, the over-represented Jews in positions of political power even succeeded in making anti-Semitic speech a capital offense (punishable by death).  (Censorship and punishment by the State for social/political dissent have been common conditions under Jew-dominated governments; a more recent and ongoing example being the fining and imprisonment of “holocaust deniers” in Germany and other European countries.)

A credible case can be made that Jewish intrigue and machinations were proximate causes of the onset of World War I.

The Jews were primarily responsible for getting the U.S. into WW I (via their “Balfour Declaration”).

The Jews complained of their treatment by Germans in the years leading up to WW II, but what isn’t so commonly known is the fact that organized Jewry made a big deal of their openly and formally declaring economic and financial war on Germany back in 1933, well before serious Nazi repressions and the start of hostilities.

Serious anti-White cultural distortions and social disruptions were fomented in Europe and America, starting in the early 20th century, as a result of academic and publishing work done by the Jew-dominated “Frankfurt School” of sociology and its related Marxist, “critical theory” social-development theories; the bogus Boasian social anthropology perversion of our understanding of human development; and the despicable, culture-distorting, and Aryan-demeaning Freudian psychoanalysis scam.

It was largely Jewish influence that dominated the notoriously and unjustifiably punitive, patently inequitable, anti-German terms of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, which ultimately led to World War II.

Jewish influence over their lackey Winston Churchill was another major factor in getting the Western Allies involved in WW II.

Influential Jews were prominently if not solely responsible for getting F.D.R. to orchestrate America’s entrance into WW II.

Illustrating the Jewish mindset of extreme hatred, Jew Theodore Kaufman published a book entitled “Germany Must Perish” in 1941 in which he advocated the genocide of all Germans via sterilization.

The 1944 “Morgenthau Plan” for post-WW II Germany formulated by Jew Henry Morgenthau Jr. and accepted by President Franklin Roosevelt (and partially implemented by Roosevelt and Churchill) called for severely lowering the German standard of living (to barely subsistence levels, even to near starvation according to some) by the dismantling of industry and forcing that soon-to-be defeated country into a primitive agricultural and pastoral economy.

Jewish influence on and involvement in the farcical Nuremberg show-trials following WW II, including their merciless “crucifixion” of the Germans.

Jewish influence on the savage and murderous, unbelievably inhumane Allied treatment of German civilians and prisoners-of-war following WW II (crimes against humanity committed by the Russians, Americans, British, and French).

It was Zionist Jews (the Irgun) who bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, killing 91 people and injuring 46 others (including many British military people etc. as this was their headquarters at the time).

Zionist Jews (later becoming Israelis) are known to have used biological agents (weapons) against civilian populations in the past – they used them to poison wells in order to drive Arabs and Palestinians from their towns in several different locations in the Middle East during the late 1940’s.

In its early days and even up to more recent times, the State of Israel (founded in 1948) was at times led by notorious terrorists and murderers (Shamir, Begin, and Sharon among them). 

Israeli 1954 false-flag operation known as the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents bombed several American facilities in Cairo in a fortunately unsuccessful attempt to torpedo U.S.-Egyptian relations.

Since the creation of Israel in 1948, that Jewish nation has violated more United Nations resolutions than any other country.

Israel has at times both openly and clandestinely employed assassination against its political enemies in other countries.

Particularly reprehensible is the way the Jews perpetrated their “Holocaust” extortion racket following WW II – the invention and propagandizing of their “Holohoax” and using it to extort billions of dollars from the U.S., Germany, France, and Switzerland.  And using it to justify the creation of Israel and that country’s maltreatment of Palestinians and others in that part of the Middle East ever since.  And just as terrible, using it to denigrate the history and culture of Germans and people of German descent.  And using it to falsify that history via their taxpayer-funded Holocaust and Anne Frank museums, propagandizing little schoolchildren in their classrooms, and the like.

The Jews have become famous (notorious) for writing and promoting all kinds of fraudulent accounts of their so-called “Holocaust;” including much of the Anne Frank diary, passages in Elie Wiesel’s “Night” (and other books he has authored), Simon Weisenthal’s scribblings, and countless other untruthful accounts written by purported “survivors.”  But that hasn’t stopped them from forcing all those and other similar lies into the minds of our schoolchildren.

Other Jewish “Holocaust” lies:  The existence of an official Nazi plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews; the killing of six million Jews, most in “gas chambers;” Jews being made into lamp shades and soap; doctoring of aerial photos of Nazi prison camps to give the appearance of smokestacks belching smoke from crematoria (purportedly when cremating victims of mass killings); faking and otherwise (mis)representing photos of dead bodies in the camps, supposedly of Jews killed by gassings, when the corpses were actually of many different groups of people who died of disease and starvation caused in large part by Allied bombing of railway supply lines in the closing months of the war.

Jews were heavily involved on the legal front in the infamous “Brown vs. Board of Education” ruling in Topeka, Kansas back in 1954  (which case resulted in the desegregation of America’s public schools and opened the floodgates of American public education to the less educable and more disruptive Negro children).

A credible case can be (actually, has been) made that the Jewish Israeli Mossad was responsible for the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, who reportedly intended to force the Israelis to come out in the open regarding their nuclear weapons program at their Dimona facility (and to stop the planning and production of nuclear weapons?).

Israel’s deliberate, unprovoked surprise attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 which resulted in the death of 34 American sailors and the serious wounding of 171 others.

The Jews (including communist Jews) were behind-the-scenes “handlers” of Michael (“Martin Luther”) King, the notorious Negro rabble-rouser, plagiarist, and whoremonger.

Washington D.C. “power-Jews” and “neocons” (as well as countless other Jews) are notorious for their dual (American/Israeli) citizenship status or at least eligibility; which many would say is tantamount to “dual-loyalty” with the primary loyalty being to Israel.

In keeping with their operating policies employing deception, double-standards, and chutzpah, the Jews snivel about Iran “maybe trying” to build their first nuclear bomb while they themselves have clandestinely built some 200 to 300 nuclear warheads and brag of their sophisticated delivery systems.  And keep in mind in this regard that Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and allows U.N. inspections (whereas Israel is not, and does not).  And note that it is under this scenario that Israel claims the right to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran, and is working tirelessly to get us to join them in such a military aggression (or better yet, undertake it ourselves on their behalf).

Again, in keeping with their never-ending deception, double-standards, and chutzpah; the Jews insist on referring to Israel as their “Jewish State” while discriminating against their Arab citizens in many ways (essentially, practicing their version of “apartheid”); and all the while promoting multiculturalism, diversity, and race mixing in the United States so as to deny us our racial homeland, our Eurocentric State.

And no, Israel is not a model of democracy in the Middle East as the Jews would like us to believe.  That is just another deception on the part of the Jews.  Israel is a near-theocracy if the Jews are considered a religious group, or at best an ethnocracy if they are not so considered.  It is essentially a socialist state and a racist state.  It has a relatively stagnant economy – it is all but an economic failure that has only barely managed to survive as a result of all the ill-gotten gains its shameless Holocaust industry has extorted; the huge amount of foreign-aid welfare it begs and takes from the U.S. and other nations; and its thriving military economy supported in large part by the U.S. and Germany.  Furthermore, rather than being a real democracy, Israel treats its Palestinians as second-class citizens.  It legally discourages, to the point of prohibiting, inter-ethnic relations such as intermarriage between Jews and Palestinians.  And it provides a guaranteed “right of return” and full citizenship to Jews but denies the same privileges to Palestinians.  Israel has practiced ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Palestinians in the past and continues to actively plan and work toward various programs to forcefully “transfer” Palestinians from its (from their) lands.

It was essentially the Jews who “loosed” the Negroes on our society via their so-called “civil rights” efforts starting back in the 1960’s (organization, lobbying, protests, publicity, legislation).  It was also primarily the Jews who were responsible for changes to our immigration laws in the mid-60s that resulted in a flood of non-White, lower-class aliens that have inundated our society ever since and now even threaten our status as the majority race in America.  And that persistent Jewish promotion of racial dilution, integrationist and accompanying socialistic policies has already, via excessive taxation and the excessive costs of non-White welfare, health care, crime control, and education, economically enslaved White Americans in servitude to the colored minority races.

Organized, political Jewry’s role in shaping and enacting U.S. immigration laws have, particularly since 1965, resulted in the widespread social/political dispossession of America’s White people and the impending destruction of our Eurocentric society.  Those laws, when working in conjunction with Jew-promoted race mixing including integration, miscegenation, and the deracination of young White people, will most likely lead to near-total mongrelization and White racial extinction in America in the not-too-distant future.

In fact, it would seem there has been a persistent worldwide effort on the part of the Jews to eliminate the White race and its Western Culture via their promotion of race mixing, diversity, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, universal altruism, negrification, and non-White immigration in all White, Eurocentric nations and particularly in the United States (but of course they are not doing those things in their country, the Jewish State of Israel).  This is tantamount to genocide, and it is being perpetrated, ultimately, by the Jews.

There have been credible claims that Israel had advance notice of the 1983 suicide attack that killed 241 U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon but kept their information from the U.S. in the hope that the attack would turn America against the Arabs.  (Sound familiar?)  There have also been credible reports that this bombing was an Israeli Mossad operation.  But whether there is any truth to that or not, it should be pointed out that there have been numerous other Israeli terrorist and false-flag operations carried out both before and after that event.

Israel’s Mossad deliberately deceived the U.S. with regard to purported Libyan terrorist activities, and that deception was partly responsible for the 1986 U.S. retaliatory bombing of Libya.  And that act might in turn have led to the blowing up of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland by Libyan operatives in 1988, which took 270 lives, most of them American.

The Jews are notorious for perpetrating all kinds of brokerage and financial pyramid schemes, insider trading, etc.; which activities have been devastating to many investors and significantly damaging to our economy (re: Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Bernie Madoff, and others).

There is no question of the Jews’ and Israel’s historic and disproportionate involvement in worldwide organized criminal activities ranging from their involvement in the supposedly Italian dominated American Mafia, to international smuggling and money-laundering and drug trafficking, to being the principal actors in the so-called Russian Mafia, to their heavy involvement in the crimes of the new Russian Oligarchy which engineered sweetheart-deal take-overs of Russian industries when the Soviet Union collapsed and assets were privatized (thereby raiding the wealth of the hapless Russian people).  In this regard, the Jews have been notorious for their involvement in all kinds of criminal activity, but two of their most despicable specialties have been White slavery (sex slavery) and illegal organ trafficking.  Prominent players in Jewish crime have been Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Moe Dalitz, and many others.

For many years now, Jews have essentially extorted fees from American food producers and distributors for placing their “kosher” label on product packaging.

American and Israeli Jews have coerced our congress into giving that tiny country indecently excessive amounts of “foreign aid” down through the years – more than any other country, and totaling about $180 billion or more since 1948.

There is credible, some would say even compelling evidence of Jewish (Israeli, Mossad) involvement in or at the very least having foreknowledge of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  That prior knowledge might very well have included a detailed awareness of the perpetrators’ plans if not a direct involvement of some kind.  It seems there could at least have been a conspirational failure to timely alert our proper government authorities of the impending attacks.  (A virtual repeat of the 1983 Beirut attack on our marine barracks, perhaps?  Or maybe even another case of Mossad “war by deception”?)

It was primarily the Jewish “neocons” who were responsible for getting President George W. Bush to start the decade-long Middle Eastern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, based for the most part on lies about “Al Qaeda” and “weapons of mass destruction.”

It seems unbelievable to me that any thinking person could fail to understand that our two wars in Iraq in particular were contrived and undertaken in large part to serve Israeli interests in the Middle East, as opposed to American interests.

For all of this, it seemed to be pretty hard to spot any Jewish soldiers serving in Iraq, and fewer yet among the dead or wounded.  I wonder why that was, considering that this war was being fought for the Jews?  (Oh, right – it’s our youngsters who are supposed to fight and die for the Jews.)

As recently as 2002, prominent Jewish history professor Noel Ignatiev wrote an article calling for the abolishment (destruction) of the White race.  (He managed to work that in with his other ideas of race being just a social construct (ridiculing the biological basis of race and racial differences), intellectual and social and behavioral equality of Negroes, etc.)

It is the Jews who work tirelessly to censor and suppress all manner of material that might not give impressions favorable to their interests:  Holocaust revisionism in Europe (which has led to stiff fines and lengthy prison sentences); truth-telling about racial and Jewish matters on the internet (under the guise of preventing or at least controlling “hate speech”); even attempting to block release of Mel Gibson’s motion picture “The Passion of the Christ.”

In 2007/2008 the Jews, via the power of their controlled press and TV, coupled with their campaign financing, managed to get America’s majority White voters to elect the halfrican communist, utterly unqualified, possibly homosexual and drug user, quite possibly non- natural born citizen having a deliberately obscured background, rabidly anti-White (pro-Negro) racist Barack Obama as POTUS.

As noted above, the Jews have time and time again, using their influence over and control of our own government, been a proximate cause in taking the U.S. to war – more particularly, in both World Wars and more recently in the Middle East.  And they are still working to do that – this time to get us to do their dirty work by attacking Iran.

The Jews and Israelis are notorious for their long-time espionage against the United States – spying on our government and military that potentially could have, and in fact in many cases has had, devastating effects on our national security and national wellbeing.  (Think Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Jonathan Pollard, and many others.)

The Jews have repeatedly been caught selling U.S. military hardware, weapons technology, and other military secrets to China and possibly to other adversarial or untrustworthy nations (most recently, in December 2011 their selling and attempting to ship some 69 U.S.-made Patriot missiles to China).

The Jews have long since taken control of America’s media (newspapers, magazines, book publication, television, motion pictures, recorded music business) and with that power they distort and control our public opinion and popular culture.  They have used this disproportionate and near-complete control over our news media for their selective, self-serving, biased, reporting and editorializing.  That has resulted in the Jews’ promoting race mixing and non-White immigration, in culture distortion of all kinds, and, with their power to elect and defeat candidates for public office, their disproportionate control of our government.  In short, emphasizing, publicizing, and propagandizing everything that promotes their social and political agendas (“what’s good for the Jews”) while distorting, discounting, and withholding most news that might not be good for the Jews.

Through that control of the media and influence on popular culture, the Jews have encouraged and fomented such things as the premature sexualization of our children; negrification of our children’s  music, speech, and manner of dress; teenage disrespect for elders and teen rebellion; moral degeneration via the “sexual revolution;” disharmony between husbands and wives and the weakening of our White families; normalization (mainstreaming) of homosexuality; and more.

The Jewish controlled press has consistently worked to cover up the vastly disproportionate occurrence of Negro and Mestizo crime by under-reporting or non-reporting of criminal events, and by non-reporting of the race of perpetrators when Whites are the victims of interracial crimes.

The Jews have worked diligently to negatively impact our White birthrate in America by promoting, working to influence our thinking with regard to, and/or putting into place such things as race mixing (miscegenation), radical feminism and the resulting non-motherhood, homosexuality, and birth control.

For generations, Jewish professors in our colleges and universities have hammered into our young people’s heads a litany of socialistic and anti-White nonsense such as racial sameness, egalitarianism, universal altruism, desirability of racial diversity and multiculturalism, “coolness” of race-mixing, Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, etc.

In fact, the Jews’ self-serving, “what’s good for Jews” organization, networking, lobbying, money-raising, nepotism, and fellow-Jew favoritism in hiring and promotion have been notoriously pervasive in such areas as business, government, public-school education, higher academia, writing and publishing, other media enterprises, and social activism.

Jews in government and the mainstream media have relentlessly pushed for special (privileged) treatment of minorities (at a huge cost to Whites) – affirmative action in education and employment, job preferences and quotas, government contract set-asides, etc.

At the same time influential Jews in government and the media have worked to demonize any awareness or expression of healthy, defensive racism or anti-Semitism on the part of Whites (or, for that matter, even any explicitly pro-White activities or statements).

The Jews have worked tirelessly to promote and enact hate-speech and hate-crime laws (tantamount to Orwellian “thought crime” laws) and other anti-free-speech policies and restrictions in all the Eurocentric nations.  That has included, in recent years, ever-increasing efforts to shut down or at least restrict free speech on the internet.

The Jews lie, lie, and lie some more; they deceive, deceive, and deceive again and again.  Schopenhauer rightly referred to the Jew as “the great master of lies.”  They themselves created the slogan for their Mossad – “by deception we wage war.”  Time and time again they have conducted false-flag operations and used blatantly nefarious subterfuge as a preferred way of relating to and dealing with Whites; as a way of doing business.

With their prominence (even dominance) in our public education establishment, the N.E.A., and textbook publishing; Jews have been able to pervert the social, political, and historical teaching of our children.  More and more, truth and factuality have given way to politically correct nonsense with regard to such things as White accomplishments and discoveries; supposed White excesses, exploitation, and misdeeds; the roles of men and women in society; black and brown exceptionalism, inventions, and contributions; the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism; Jewish suffering; etc.

It is the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that maintains dossiers on thousands of law-abiding American citizens so they can attack and cause problems for and legally punish those with whom they disagree.

Jews are notorious for staging “hate crimes” against themselves – painting swastikas on synagogue walls and the like.  It seems that nine times out of ten when a story about that kind of hateful, White-supremacist, Nazi-like behavior surfaces it turns out to be a Jew who did the dirty deed.

The Jews’ disproportionate and near-total control of the entertainment media have enabled them to use that control to promote filth, gratuitous sex, social negrification, Negro “rap” music, pornography and soft-porn, promiscuousness, race-mixing and miscegenation, permissiveness, teenage rebellion, homosexuality, non-White (so-called) culture, etc.  They have promoted Negroes on TV (in both shows and commercials) and in movies and print ads to the point of absurdity (excessive presence, “superior” roles, ubiquitous race-mixing with Whites [in social settings and particularly of black males with our White women]).

American Jews have played an overwhelming role in promoting radical, militant feminism in a concerted effort to destroy the traditional family structure and to foster an anti-White-male culture, thereby helping to destroy the very cultural fabric of our society.

It is largely the Jews, along with some gentile churches, who have been responsible for importing huge numbers of Somalis, Nigerians, and other African sub-civilized blacks into so many of our White communities in recent years.

Jewish efforts over many decades but intensifying in recent years to “take the Christ out of Christmas;” and to replace our traditional White, European Christmas holiday, at least in the “public square,” with their Hanukah, their menorah, and the laughably fabricated Negro Kwanzaa (even a number of die-hard atheists of my acquaintance have voiced their objections to those culturally destructive, anti-White Jewish efforts).

Right now, today, the Jews have essentially “hijacked” (taken effective control of) the U.S. Government through their lobbying, campaign contributions, control of the press and other major media; and by taking advantage of the power they have gained from such sympathy-generating “big lies” as their “holocaust,” their claim to be a uniquely persecuted people, and their claim of being the “chosen.”  They openly boast of their overwhelming presence in Hollywood, and in Israel they brag about their control over the American government.

Waving the false flag of anti-Semitism, Israelis and American Jews repeatedly insist they have the right to mold the minds of American and European Gentiles so they will see things the way the Jews want them to see things (in a way that is “good for the Jews”).  They have accomplish that with such things as indoctrination (thought-control) seminars in Israel, Anti-Defamation League training of police and other government officials in Israel and in the U.S., Holocaust brainwashing of our children in the public schools, constant politically-correct brainwashing of our people and especially our children about racial matters, etc.

Jewish political ambitions, deception, money control, media control, tribal loyalty above loyalty to the real America, and power-mongering have deeply wounded and seriously endangered our nation.  They have in large measure caused us to go from being the most loved country in the world to the most hated.  Thanks to their efforts, we are in jeopardy of losing the very civilization our forefathers built in this country.  And we White Americans are in clear and present danger of being completely overwhelmed by people of other races, and of seeing our children and grandchildren being forced to live in and being economically enslaved by a non-White, mixed-race, dumbed-down, low-productivity, culturally crippled, technically incompetent and impotent, crime-ridden welfare state and a third-world cesspool.

Well, there you have it.  Makes a person start to wonder just what kind of humans these Jews are, doesn’t it?

I have tried to include all of the more important examples of Jewish anti-White treachery that came readily to mind, so the above listing probably does represent more than just the “tip of the iceberg.”  But the list is by no means exhaustive.  There are countless other historical events, academic and cultural occurrences, government legislation and regulations, and specific media efforts intended and designed by the Jews to do great damage to White America that could also be included.  One of the best expositions of Jewish influence in the history of the White nations over the past couple hundred years is “Light for Nations: A ShortHistory of the Jews in the Modern World” by the Vanguard News Network staff (2008).

Some people of my acquaintance have wondered why I am such an “anti-Semite;” why I hate the C. and C. Jews so much.  In that regard I just have to say:  If you still wonder about those things after reading this article and researching these things, it is you that have the problem, not me!

And how do Americans tend to relate to these despicable criminals and their dastardly deeds; to these nation-wreckers (the C & C Jews among us and the Israeli Jews)?  Why we reward them, of course.  We call them our friends and allies.  We send our young men to fight wars for Israel.  We sympathize with them more than with any other people for all their self-proclaimed suffering and persecution.  The religious among us revere them as the (self-anointed) biblical “chosen.”  We send them billions of our taxpayers’ dollars each and every year.  We allow them to control our press and other media; and even our government.  We let them pervert our culture and work for our racial destruction.  Go figure.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


by Val Koinen
December 8, 2011

Let’s be clear about these things that matter so much to the future of our people – the White people of America and of the world for that matter.  Let’s tell it like it is.  It’s time for the truth; for objective reality and straight talk.  Here, then, are some of the key issues.

The demonstrable, irrefutable truth about Negroes:

Taken as a racial group and on average, Negroes can’t conceive, create, build, maintain, or, lacking some special assistance or dispensation, even successfully participate in a modern, truly civilized government or nation.

“Why is that,” you ask?  Quick answer:

It is due in large part to their relatively low average IQs; their childlike, impetuous, and impulsive behavioral tendencies (including irresponsibility and expecting immediate gratification); their attitudes and behavior in the areas of familial responsibility, parenting, and sexual partnering; and their comparatively and innately wild and sometimes even savage lack of self control.

Some other “content-of-their-character” factors and some negative effects Negroes have on our White, Eurocentric society:

Many, probably most, Negroes tend to be extremely racist and to hate “Whitey” with a passion.  

Huge numbers of them are extremely costly to White society – they take, take, take from the more productive Americans (think EBT cards, food stamps, welfare payments, school lunches, health care, policing, court proceedings, and incarceration).  They tend to drag society down, almost always using and taking as opposed to creating and giving.

They cheat our people out of educational opportunities, jobs, and contracts via government-mandated racial quotas and preferences, affirmative action, set-asides, and “no-child-left-behind” policies.  They also impede our White children’s educations by requiring that we dumb-down our public education in order to accommodate them.

They commit serious crimes against Whites at an outrageously disproportionate rate – “flash mob” theft, mob (“pack”) harassment and attacks on White victims, civil disorder and rioting, and felonies such as assault and battery, robbery, rape, torture, and murder.

They are disproportionately and notoriously subject to contracting and spreading STDs and AIDS.

They contaminate our gene pool via miscegenation (and don’t kid yourself – they are not the same subspecies of humankind as us Whites).

They contribute unmercifully to the destruction of our national culture with their rap and hip-hop so-called music, manner of dress, language, criminal proclivities, chronic unemployment, non-marriage and sexual/parental irresponsibility, welfarism, etc.

They are notorious for degrading and destroying city districts and even entire cities.

They are disproportionately and notoriously involved in drugs and prostitution.

What they are, then, is “different” (almost always in a negative way).  They just are not “us.”  They do not share our history (at least the vast majority of our history), heritage, culture, values, and heroes.  They do not pull their own weight.  There just is no significant upside to our sharing our society with them, or race-mixing with them.

Sure, a lot of Negroes are reasonably smart, have decent morals, and are reasonably good citizens and neighbors.  And some of them are pretty good singers, and some can catch or run with a football pretty well.  All fine and good.  But we need to ask ourselves – is it worth it – is it smart – to tear up the fabric of our White culture and civilization, and the prospects for our people’s future, and toss the pieces in the garbage can by allowing our government to force us to live amongst blacks, or so we can watch a Negro player dribble a basketball or dunk it through a hoop when we turn on the television?

And what is our reaction; what do we have to say about all the above?  All too often, it is something like this:  “Oh, it wouldn’t be fair – it would make them feel bad (be bad for their self esteem) – if we didn’t encourage them to share all aspects of our society (via integration, preferential treatment, race-mixing etc. forced by the government).  But remember – that line of head-up-the-arse reasoning is patently suicidal nonsense on our part.  It completely ignores the objective reality of the situation.

And then we have the Mestizos (predominately Mexican but also Cuban, other Caribbean, and Central and South American; a substantial number of whom are illegal aliens):

Mestizos tend to not be amenable to, or receptive of, our Eurocentric culture.  They do not share our heritage or culture; but rather, tend to prefer a simpler, more uncultivated and usually more authoritarian societal structure.  They demand a bi-lingual State, requiring Spanish in public education, commerce, signage, and government offices.

On average and as a group, Mestizos tend to be more savage and cruel than Whites, and to have lower IQs (though not as low as the blacks).

As with the Negroes, Mestizos also have a negative and costly influence on our public schools and the educations of White children who have to attend them.

Mestizos tend to be extremely racist, and to display a machismo gang mentality and behavior.  They are extremely prolific when it comes to criminality of all kinds, including driving under the influence, driving without insurance, growing marijuana, building up and plying the drug trade, stabbing and shooting people, and other forms of lawlessness.

Mestizos tend to maintain loyalties to their home countries (Mexico for the most part), not to America.  In fact, many if not most of them proudly look forward to their “reconquista” of vast areas of the American southwest and to the day they can either kill or run off the remaining European-Americans who populate those areas.

Much like the Negroes, Mestizos tend to cost huge amounts of taxpayer money for social welfare, education, policing, court proceedings, and incarceration.

Mestizos force wages down and displace American workers.

Wherever they congregate in substantial numbers, they tend to “trash” public places such as neighborhoods, streets and alleys, parks, lakesides, and beaches.  And Mestizo farm workers and food-processing employees are frequently found to be the source of serious and even deadly diseases that all too frequently crop up in our food supply.

To sum up:  We cannot afford to ignore the many ways in which the Mestizos are different from White Americans.  From our White, Eurocentric perspective, they are the ruination of districts, cities, and entire areas.  Simply stated, they are overwhelming our resources, culture, and society.  We simply must take into consideration what they are doing and will do to America and to American White people.  Again, there is no upside in our letting them into our country, personal or social race-mixing with them, or allowing them to displace and dispossess us.

Are there some hard working, good Mestizo immigrants in our country?  Well of course there are – but it is, or at least should be, irrelevant from our standpoint.  Those are the very people who should be back in their non-White home countries working to build those countries up, working to make successful lives for themselves and their neighbors, and working to make their Mestizo nations decent and prosperous places to live.

A more recent but nevertheless serious and rapidly growing problem is presented by the Muslims (and Arabs, Palestinians, and other Middle Easterners) (but for the moment not including the Jews, who will be discussed separately below).

All too many of these Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, and other middle-eastern semitic peoples are religious fanatics that embrace very dangerous attitudes toward White people, and especially White Christians.

Many of them are cultural aliens of the first order – if not comparatively backward, or primitive by our standards, at least in the way they practice very different customs (for example the way they eat their meals without benefit of tables, chairs, or utensils and the way they prefer to slaughter conscious [non-stunned] animals).

It would seem that many Muslim males think that extreme, demeaning domination, denigration, and abuse of their women is proof of their masculinity and power.  They force their women to wear burqas and veils; they frequently beat them and treat them with cruelty in other ways; they deny them educations; they blame and punish their women (the victims) when other men molest them (they even murder them, in “honor killings”); in some places they don’t allow them to drive a car or take any meaningful part in business, governance or community/social affairs.  

Muslims tend to reject any substantial degree of assimilation with their White host societies; they ultimately demand that those societies defer to them in all kinds of ways, including their building of and chanting from mosques, and instituting and practicing their sharia law.

Once again, there is no upside to our allowing increasing numbers of these alien people into our societies and putting up with their anti-White demands.

There are other racial/cultural/societal problems and conflicts associated with the presence of other non-White groups, of course – Asiatics (central and northeastern Asians and southeast Asians alike), Pacific Islanders, Amerinds, India Indians, Pakis, and others.  Right now, they don’t pose as serious a threat as the groups mentioned above, and in the interest of brevity, discussion of our relationships with those other racial out-groups will have to be deferred to a later time.

And then, last but not the least of our problems by a long shot, we have the Jews – the “complicit and culpable Jews” (organized Jewry, Zionists, Neo-Cons, International Jews, Jew financiers and bankers, etc.).

More often than not these Jews are vehemently anti-White and anti-Gentile.  That is made glaringly obvious by their rabbinical teachings and their Talmud, as well as by historical and current events, actions, and efforts; and their stated beliefs, utterances, and publications (including their open hatred for the “goyim”).

The Jews have striven mightily, for decades if not centuries, to weaken and destroy White, Christian peoples and nations (witness their involvement in and responsibility for 20th-century social upheaval and changes in Russia, Germany and other European nations, and America).

Right now, today, the Jews essentially control our U.S. government through lobbying, campaign contributions, their control of the press and other major media; and by taking advantage of the power they have gained from such sympathy-generating “big lies” as their “holocaust,” their claim to be a uniquely persecuted people, and their claim of being the “chosen.”

Time and again the Jews, using their influence over and control of our own government, have been a proximate cause in the United States going to war – more particularly, in both World Wars and more recently in the Middle East.  And they are still working to do that – this time to get us to do their dirty work by attacking Iran.

It was essentially the Jews who were the driving force in establishing European communism, who overthrew the Russian government in the revolution of 1917, and who were heavily represented among the major players involved in pursuing world domination by the USSR in the years that followed.

Their reprehensible lies about Nazi Germany and the so-called “holocaust” are legendary and add up to little more than grossly exaggerated if not imagined and invented horror-fiction, slander and libel, and extortion on a gigantic scale.  Not only is it a despicable lie that the Nazis carried out an official plan to exterminate six million Jews, it must be pointed out that it was the Jew-dominated communists during and following the Russian revolution who did in fact murder and starve upwards of 20 million, some say as many as 60 million, White Russians, Ukrainians, and other eastern Europeans.

It was essentially the Jews who “loosed” the Negroes on our society via their so-called “civil rights” efforts of the 1960s.

It was primarily the Jews who were responsible for changes to our immigration laws in the mid-60s that resulted in a flood of non-White, lower-class aliens that have inundated our society ever since and now even threaten our status as the majority race in America.

Also legendary are their scheming, plotting, manipulation, usury, parasitism, nepotism, loyalties to Israel vs. the United States, and on and on ad nauseam.

They lie, lie, and lie some more; they deceive, deceive, and deceive again and again.  Schopenhauer rightly referred to the Jew as “the great master of lies.”  They themselves created the slogan for their Mossad – “by deception we wage war.”  Time and time again they have used blatantly nefarious subterfuge as a preferred way of relating to and dealing with Whites; as a way of doing business.

Through their control of the media and influence on popular culture, the Jews have encouraged and fomented such things as the premature sexualization of our children, negrification of our children’s music and speech, teenage disrespect for elders and teen rebellion, moral degeneration via the “sexual revolution,” disharmony between husbands and wives and the weakening of our White families, normalization (mainstreaming) of homosexuality, and more.

For generations, Jewish professors in our colleges and universities have hammered into our young people’s heads a litany of socialistic and anti-White nonsense such as racial sameness, egalitarianism, universal altruism, desirability of racial diversity and multiculturalism, Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, etc.

The Jews are notorious for their involvement in organized crime, White slavery (sex slavery), and illegal organ trafficking.

They have even worked diligently to negatively impact our White birthrate by promoting, working to influence our thinking with regard to, and/or putting into place such things as race mixing (miscegenation), radical feminism and the resulting non-motherhood, homosexuality, and birth control.

We Whites need to be aware – very aware – of just what these Jews have been historically and what they are now:  usurers and financial charlatans, culture distortionists and perversionists, communists, murderers, spies, nation-wreckers, warmongers, and the list goes on and on.

Yes, of course, not all Jews are guilty of all of these things.  There are some good, ethical, and caring Jewish doctors and other scientists and professionals.  They aren’t all actively working to bring down the White race.  Yet all too many of them, all too much of the time, even if they are not directly involved, do economically or at least tacitly support the Jews who are working to change America in ways that are inimical to its White-majority founding population.

The fact remains – many of the most powerful Jews truly are, in balance, our mortal enemies.  The inevitable end result of letting them continue along their path of deception and hostility will be our social, political, and economic dispossession in our own countries; our domination by non-Whites, the destruction of our Eurocentric culture and Western Civilization itself, and ultimately, the literal genocide of Whites as a subspecies of humanity.  Simply as a matter of rational and justified defense of the White race and its survival, the Jews and their anti-White machinations need somehow to be stopped or at least substantially controlled and curtailed.

Well, there you have it – at least part of the story.  And if many more of us Whites don’t learn about these things and come to understand and accept them as critically important factors in our survival (the survival of our people and of our nations); and start behaving in recognition of them and in ways that represent a healthy reaction to them, we are “done for.”  If we White Americans want to survive we need to escape the Jew-built mental prison we’ve been in for the past hundred years or more and start thinking/talking/acting in a reality-based world.

We Whites have become the “dupes.”  We have bought into countless false and destructive propaganda concepts such as “The pooor, pooor Jews have been uniquely persecuted forever, and for no good reason;” “Race is just a social construct and we are all the same under the skin;” “Diversity is our strength;” “Multiculturalism is a beautiful thing;” “All the Negroes need in order to better themselves is to be given an equal chance; “If we would just spend enough on the effort, we could educate Negroes and Mestizos so as to ‘bridge the gap’ between their learning performance and ours;” “The Mestizo illegal aliens only come here to build a better life, and we need them to do work our White people won’t do.”

More examples – three fundamentally weak, stupid, and suicidal beliefs held by many Whites that come to mind are:  “It is only natural and well deserved that we are burdened with White guilt and therefore deserve to be dispossessed and destroyed;” “In any case, Whites are so uniquely evil that it doesn’t matter – in fact it’s all for the best that we Whites are essentially “phased out” by being reduced to a powerless and dominated minority;” and, “Toeing the establishment (government, media) line that we should always be politically correct and subservient and devoid of racial self-interest is virtuous – a good thing.”

Further with regard to all the White guilt that has been pounded into the heads of our people, and particularly our children – while it is true that all racial groups have their historical baggage, we Whites have not been uniquely evil in that regard.  We have not been uniquely exploitative or cruel in our relationships with the other races.

True, our domineering and even our misdeeds may show up a little more often and a little more emphatically compared to the other races, but that is largely because we have been the super-achievers of mankind down through history – the explorers, conquerors, and nation builders – and we ourselves have worked so hard to publicize those things.  We Whites have been the biggest and the best and most successful in a wide range of human endeavors – ergo, the most visible, or noticeable.  And it begs to be pointed out that it is for that same reason that our good deeds – discoveries and accomplishments in technology, transportation, food production, and health and medicine for example – deeds and achievements that have benefited all of mankind – also stand out.  Those beneficial accomplishments, shared with the world, are what truly are unique, and have been far and away more numerous and important than those of any of the other, darker races.

On the other hand, there are many, many anti-White things that are being done continually to our people – that have become commonplace, even accepted as being normal; as being “O.K.”  There is the reverse discrimination of affirmative action and non-White racial preferences in education and employment.  And the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that American prisons must be racially integrated, with the result that White prisoners are being horrendously assaulted, raped, and even murdered by non-Whites, mostly Negroes.  The way the Jew-dominated media routinely fail to report, fail to mention, and cover up the race of colored perpetrators who commit so many crimes against Whites.  The way we Whites are forced to pay for child support and all the other welfare and legal costs of our colored underclass.  And the way the White, productive segment of society is required to pay (throw away) huge amounts of money to try to educate Negro and Mestizo children up to our White standards, and to “bridge the gap” in academic achievement (a natural and genetic impossibility). 

In fact, we have let the Jews and their race-traitor White helpmates get away with the most perverse kinds of propaganda and suicidal nonsense in the media, in our schools, and by way of government proclamations and dictates.  Just as a couple examples – it is nothing short of criminal depravity and treason, tantamount to mental child molestation and felony injury to our children in my view, that we allow our publicly funded schools to teach our kids all the holohoax lies and lies about racial sameness and equality, the “normalcy” of race mixing and homosexuality, the (supposed) positive results of diversity and multiculturalism, and the “greatness” of Michael (“Martin Luther”) King (the communist sympathizer and tool; the rabble-rousing, whoremongering plagiarist).

We racially conscious and Jew-wise Whites – “White Nationalists,” if you will – are often called “White supremacists” (and a bevy of other buzz-word names such as hater, bigot, Nazi, racist, anti-Semite, etc.).  But what should be kept in mind is that even if we do believe (actually, know) that we are in fact superior in many of the ways that make people more civilized and successful, that doesn’t mean we want to dominate, or subvert the non-Whites.

We just don’t want to be forced to be around them.  We don’t want to share every aspect of our society with them.  Most of us Whites prefer to live, work, and play among our own people.  After all, we too have a right to our existence.  We don’t want to support them; to be economically enslaved by them.  We don’t want the futures of our children and grandchildren to be retarded, even literally destroyed, by their presence.  We don’t want to surrender our culture and our cities and our lands to them.  And we certainly don’t want the Jews to be able to continue to destroy us and the prospects for a good future for our people – to genocide us out of existence.

And sadly, it is probably true that the situation for White people in America and throughout the world is nearly hopeless.  There may very well be, say, just a five percent chance we can save our people and our civilization.  But that small chance is why some of us – in fact more of us – need to “soldier on.” 

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Special Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 4, 2011

Be aware.  Be very aware!

In just a couple days, on Wednesday, December 7, the Republican Jewish Coalition will host what they call a forum involving the leading candidates for the Republican nomination for President (at least they have invited those individuals, I don't know how many have accepted and will actually show up).  The invitees:  Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Romney, and Santorum.

Did you spot who is missing from that lineup?  Why, it is Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, the top-tier contender who has won or placed strongly in a number of straw polls (in several states) and who is currently thought to be running in second place in Iowa and third place in New Hampshire.

And why have the Republican Jews excluded Dr. Paul?  In their words, they "...reject his misguided and extreme views," and "...he's so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party..."

I think it is obvious that Dr. Paul is being frozen out of the forum in a clear act of censorship, in order to stifle him and damage his candidacy.  And why would they want to do that?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that Dr. Paul is the only contender who has stated clearly that (1) he would cut off the huge amounts of "foreign aid" American taxpayers fork over to Israel each year (just as he would in the case of other recipients, by the way); and (2) he would not take the U.S. to war by attacking Iran at the behest of Israel (to serve Israeli interests rather than the best interests of America)?

What does this tell you about these high-level Republican political Jews?  Would you say it smacks more than just a little bit of:

Gross unfairness?
Jewish S.O.P. (Standard Operating Practice)?
Dirty tricks?
All of the above?

The problem is -- people oftentimes just don't know about these things.  And every White adult in America should know about them!

Check it out:

Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul from Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "Misguided and Extreme"

Zionist Lobbies Demonizing Ron Paul