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Fight back or die

Thursday, December 1, 2011


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Special Jew Awareness Month Posting)

As usual, good stuff from Lasha Darkmoon:

Lasha Darkmoon: Germany Then — America Now!

And as a bonus, one of the comments is a real gem:

Adam says:
I see Angry Jew and others have already got this down pat, but let’s codify the technique. Here’s a primer.
How to Argue Like a Jew
1. If your opponent presents facts and logic you can’t refute, act incensed. Under no circumstances “dignify” his argument by responding with facts and logic of your own.
2. Get angry (or at least pretend to be) and call your opponent names. Call him a “hater”. Call him an “anti-Semite” or a “Nazi”, or a “racist” or a “bigot”. That should scare most people off and draw their attention away from the facts and logic you can’t refute.
3. Attack! Always attack, never defend. Remember, you can make up 10 new lies while he is still trying to present his carefully footnoted, meticulously researched refutation of your first lie. While he’s boring everyone to death, you can be showboating. He’s doing all the intellectual work, and YOU are getting the credit for being the intelligent one. Oy, such a deal, itz!
4. Always tell your opponent he’s “ignorant”, but remember the first rule and never sink to telling him exactly what he is ignorant of. That way, you can retain the appearance of superior knowledge without running the risk of being exposed as a fraud.
5. If your opponent cites expert opinion, just sneer at his sources. Say they are “pseudo-scientists” who have been “discredited”. Always demand more and better proof, even of things that are obvious. Eventually, he will get tired of your nonsense, and you’ll look like a winner when he doesn’t respond.
6. Keep in mind that, as a Jew, you can refute a mountain of opposing evidence by simply citing a single “credible” (and of course, Jewish) source of your own. NEVER NEVER NEVER debate the underlying facts of the matter. That’s boring and will lose the audience’s attention. It’ll make you look like a schmuck!
7. Pathologize your opponent. He must be made to seem to have some mean, perverse motive for presenting those pesky facts and logic you can’t refute. Depict him as suffering from psychological problems. He’s got an inferiority complex, or he’s jealous, or he’s ashamed of having a small penis, or he can’t get laid, or he’s petty and mean in some other way. Here’s an area where you can really let your imagination run wild! Your goal is to create the impression that the only possible motive he has for opposing you is a sick one. BONUS: The sicker you make him look, the better YOU look! You, Dr. Freud, will seem the picture of mental health and well-being by comparison. ADDITIONAL BONUS: The facts and logic you can’t refute will all seem to magically disappear, washed away in your torrent of slime. Havanagilah!
8. Shout your opponent down. If you can’t intimidate him into silence, then use censorship. Get his website shut down/posts removed/ISP yanked, etc. Get him fired from his job. Even get laws passed to make saying what he’s saying a criminal offense. Have no shame about it. Remember, you’re Jewish, and that means you have the moral high ground, no matter what!
9. Never explain, never justify, never sink to reasoning with a non-Jew. As a Jew, that is beneath you. Remember, you’re the Chosen People!

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