White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey, American moms and dads -- and you wives and children of American servicemen -- listen up!  This guy -- this Israeli Jew -- is talking to you!

And what's he saying?  Well, he's telling you that you need to get your behinds in gear and get ready to cough up more billions of dollars that we don't have, and to send more of your sons, husbands, and young fathers to the Middle East to fight and die in another war on behalf of Israel -- this time to "strike" Iran.

Yeah, that's right.  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and skirmishes in Pakistan and Libya and other places just aren't enough, got that?  We're going to have to get with the Iran project next (like now).

Have a look:
 Israeli Official: May Need to Strike Iran

And you think we're not living in a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) nuthouse; in a New-World-Order looney bin?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


by Val Koinen
Ever the more…

When our backs are against the wall

We savagely beleaguered White men,

Like the spiny sheath of a desert cactus

In a harsh and unforgiving environment,

Must enfold and protect

The delicate flower of our White womanhood,

The blossoming lives of our beautiful children,

And the enduring essence of our Western Civilization.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


What do I think about the "fraud of the century(ies)" that has apparently been perpetrated on the American people by this guy Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Obama) and his Jewish co-conspirator "creators" and promoters? Here's what I think:

I don't care if he is half Negro. I don't care what color he is. He could be chartreuse with hunter-orange stripes and big paisley polka-dots for all I care. (*)

(*) Well, let me re-phrase that. It does bother me a little. I do think it is un-frigging (un)believable, not to mention disgusting and totally irrational that America, still a majority White nation, would have elected a know-nothing, never-did-anything, juvenile, shucking-and-jiving, communistically inclined, half-black phoney as its President. But for the purposes of this post it's irrelevant -- it makes no difference whatsoever.

I am an old (read: seasoned, experienced), fairly well educated, and so far as I know sane husband, father, and grandfather and a lifelong more-or-less law-abiding citizen and taxpayer. And I am convinced that there is credible evidence that Soetoro/Obama is a fraud -- the key element of a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the gullible American electorate -- the American people -- by him and his co-conspirator "handlers."

It is kind of a "where there's smoke there's fire" thing. There is no question in my mind that there is enough credible evidence of wrongdoing for the FBI and/or a special prosecutor to investigate (assuming, of course, that the FBI is still capable of honest investigation).

Check out just a few of the more recent of hundreds of eye-opening reference articles:

Moles alerted investigator of planted Obama birth certificate months before release

Obama: The Man Who Never Was

Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?

You're forged! Trump declares Obama's birth certificate fake (see also numerous other informative articles on World Net Daily (www.wnd.com).

Donald Trump Ready for Round 2 on Obama’s Citizenship Issue

Then, you might want to research other aspects of Soetoro/Obama's (il)legitimacy: College records, social security card number, voting record as state senator from Illinois, selective service (draft) records, etc. -- no end to the information available on the internet.

I think Soetoro/Obama is "guilty as sin," as they say. Guilty of lying about his past and his credentials, guilty of deliberately covering up numerous aspects of his background and qualifications and credentials, and most likely guilty of criminal conspiracy in the process. (I will admit that I could be wrong, but that can only be determined once the facts and the truth are known.)

As stated, and in my considered opinion, there is enough credible circumstantial evidence of criminal wrongdoing to warrant a good, rigorous, thorough, professional, real investigation (not just a phoney pseudo-investigation as was done by the 9/11 Commission).

And we bloggers and independent researchers and writers should not have to do that. That is what we pay taxes for -- it is our money that funds the FBI -- our FBI. They are our federal investigative agency, for Chrissakes. They should investigate something so serious on its face; something as potentially huge; something as potentially damaging, debilitating, devastating as this; something that could turn out to be so destructive of our nation's political stability.

Then, if the FBI investigation does establish that there has been criminal wrongdoing on the part of Soetoro/Obama -- if the investigation establishes complicity and guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as I think it will -- he should be impeached, tried by the Senate, and immediately removed from office if found guilty.

And I would go beyond that. I'll come right out and say it -- if his crimes and his guilt are established by the impeachment process, I for one will be extremely angry and outraged. In that event I would want real justice -- total justice. I would want to see him punished to the maximum extent allowed under the law -- even if it were to mean imprisonment or worse (could it even be possible that he is guilty of treason?). And beyond that, I would want to see his co-conspirators charged, tried, and convicted as well -- and to also receive the maximum punishment allowed by law.

[And when they get done with all that (the Soetoro/Obama scam) they can start in on the "Holohoax" which has forced us to grovel before the Jews, cost us so many millions of dollars, and is being used day after day and year after year to brainwash our children!]


May 26, 2011

This is a powerful article -- fits right into my long list of "wish I had written that" items. It is so hard to get large numbers of people to read scribblings of the kind I and so many others produce -- factual reporting, fact-based opinion, and polemical truth-telling -- maybe a satirical piece like this can help jolt more of our people's sense of racial consciousness and awareness of the Jewish problem.

Anyway, I consider this to be a must-read for all White people who are capable of thinking and caring:

Confessions of a Former Racist

Another great essay -- mentioned in one of the comments following the above article:

Letter to the White Race

Sunday, May 22, 2011


So I get up and check the news this morning and the first thing I see is that sure enough, right on schedule, our Presidential Pretender Obama is backtracking and weaseling on yesterday's tough-talk about a Palestinian State and Israel having to revert back to its 1967 boundaries. His boss Bibi Netanyahu told the world Obama's comments were out of line, snapped his fingers, and sure enough -- being the proud American leader that he is, and always standing tall for America's interests, Obama quickly jumped back in line with Israel's foreign policy positions:

Obama Clarifies Israel Border Stance -- Obama: 1967 Lines With 'Swaps' Means Different Israeli Border Than in 1967


Israel's Leader Denies Crisis With U.S.

And then, of course, the delightfully deluded Sarah Palin chimes in with her distinctly un-American, Christian-Zionist, "forever Israel" gibberish:

Sarah Palin's Take on Israel, 2012

Oh, yeah -- I wouldn't want to overlook the daily dose of deference to the mighty Negro:

Tea Party Favorite Herman Cain Joins 2012 GOP Race

Now, I don't know if Cain is just another affirmative-action Negro or not. I guess he did a pretty good job running a pizza chain. Anyway, there apparently will be no stopping this trend now -- it seems likely that we will always have to have one or more Negro candidates from here on out, based solely on the color of their skin. In fact, if polititical candidacy for high office follows other modern trends, the major parties will most likely soon require that a majority of their candidates for president be non-white.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


So now, it's somehow wrong, or evil ("Nazi") to depict white people in advertising -- even when it's related to winter sports:

Fascinating Fascism

And this morning we see that our halfrican POTUS is going to tell half the world what kinds of governments they must have (= "democracies," of course; all the better for Jew-control). Sure there's no problem -- we Americans are perfectly willing to spend more trillions of dollars we don't have, and send countless more thousands of our young people to die in wars for the Jews:

Obama Challenges Syria's Assad to Lead Transition or 'Get Out of the Way'

More coverage of Obama's telling the Arab world "how they have to be":

Obama: Democracy is US goal in Mideast

Monday, May 16, 2011


Check out these recent news stories -- just a small sampling of what is happening on the racial front these days, and of the way we Whites are being forced to grovel down before the non-White minorities in our societies. And be sure to read and click on the comments and links provided, following the articles.

They're killing us here, people. The non-Whites and their Jewish mentors and their socialistic, multiculturalist, self-hating, race-mixing White enablers have us running scared with all this politically-correct, anti-White nonsense.

It's disgusting, sickening, and embarassing. These kinds of stories -- just a couple random examples of the things we see happening all around us every day of the week -- should make every one of us upset and angry at the way things are going these days. They should cause us to take notice of our steady dispossession and our rapidly deteriorating situation; and should serve as a wake-up call to all intelligent, rational, and caring White people.

"School Board Hears Textbook Excerpts of Anti-White Hate"

"I Am Grateful for a Second Chance..."