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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, January 5, 2012


by Val Koinen
January 5, 2012

Each year as I get older I seem to be increasingly flummoxed and befuddled by things – things that shouldn’t present perplexities, puzzlements, or problems – simple, common-sense things that just wouldn’t happen in a modern, civilized world of intelligent, rational, righteous, proud, and strong White people.

I’m sure when I was a younger man, I had all the answers.  But no more.  Nowadays, I scratch my head.  I am bewildered, confused, and dumbfounded.  I am constantly asking myself “how could this be?” and “has it always been this way?”  And, “when did it change?”  And “could I myself have done something?”

Just a few examples (I know there are hundreds more, but it seems I can only remember a few at a time – hopefully they are some of the more important ones):

For starters – this is just a little thing that popped into my head a few days ago – how in the world can a few stupid Somali negro pirates succeed in taking a small boat hundreds of miles to sea and hijacking a huge freighter or oil tanker?  Oh, you say it’s because the crews on the victim ships aren’t armed?  OK, then … why in hell aren’t ships’ crews armed to the teeth when traversing those waters?  Why aren’t the crews at the very least trained in repelling pirate boarders (i.e., how to shoot them)?  Jeez, I know there’s a good answer, if only I could remember.

Or how about this one:  Why do we Americans let illegal-alien mestizos by the millions invade our country?  And then just sit around and argue about it?  Why would any nation want to be either so stupid, or so weak, or both, that they would let that happen?  Surely, it’s only doddering old fools like me that don’t understand that one.  Surely, all the healthy, younger Americans know the answer, don’t they?  But then, is anybody doing anything about it?

And why do we let ‘stizos, legal or otherwise, just take over and ruin entire cities and regions?  And turn them into no-go zones for us Whites?  It’s still our country, isn’t it?  Is there a reasonable and rational reason we would want to do that (one that I’m forgetting)?  Is there a reason we would prefer that the ‘stizos turn Los Angeles into another third-world cesspool and gang warfare zone?  I know the answer must be right there in front of me, but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Speaking of cities being ruined and no-go zones – why would we majority Whites let the negroes utterly destroy so many of our once-great cities and turn them into filthy, dilapidated, bankrupt, crime-ridden hell holes reminiscent of Port-au-Prince, Bamako, or Nairobi?  There must be a simple answer to that one, if only I could remember it.

For that matter, why would we want to let the nigs and ‘stizos ruin our kids’ schools?  Why would any intelligent race of people (us, I once thought) want to open our schools up to the comparatively uneducable and savage children of the less developed races?  Why would we want to dumb-down the schools (and our children’s educations) in order to accommodate those “others?”  And why would a decent and righteous people ever consider making their children go to school with other-racial hoodlums that assault and terrorize them, or worse, day in and day out?  For that matter, why would we want to shoulder the cost burden of non-English speaking people in our public schools?  Does making those “others” feel good about themselves trump doing what is right for our children?  Please do pardon my blank stare – I’m trying to remember, honest I am.

Okay, okay.  I know at least part of the answers to those questions.  It’s because it is the law of the land.  Because we let the Jews dupe us into all that equality, civil-rights, integration, diversity crap many years ago.  But now that we’ve seen that ill-conceived and ill-advised social experiment fall flat on its face, now that reality has literally kicked us upside the head, what’s keeping us from fixing the situation?

And it’s not just our kids in their schools, by the way.  For the life of me, I just can’t seem to recall, or figure out, why we Whites allow the nigs and ‘stizos to terrorize us with their “dirty, secret war” of serious colored-on-White crime every day, year after year (assault, battery, rape, torture, murder, flash-mobs, etc.).  Did we just decide at some point to “bend over and take it?”  It’s all so confusing.

And speaking of non-White criminality – why would a nation that is still predominately White let the ‘stizos ply their drug-driven criminal enterprises – including their grisly murders – all over our southern border regions?  Maybe, hopefully, you can explain that one to me in one of my more lucid moments, do you think?  I’ll try to pay attention.

Here’s another puzzler tormenting this old man’s brain – why would we Whites want to allow the race mixing and miscegenation that enables negroes to pollute and degrade our most treasured possession – our gene pool – and thus cause our devolution (retrograde evolution) as a subspecies of humankind?  No, no, don’t tell me – I’m sure I’ll think of the logical answer that I just know is out there!

And oh, yeah, there are even more puzzling conundrums out there.  In all honesty, I don’t know if I ever really understood these things, but I sure as hell don’t understand them now.  For example – why, oh why, would we let Jews – less than two percent of our population – drag us into war after war after war to serve their interests while mortally wounding ours?  And then – after nearly 100 years of that nonsense – right now, just a couple days ago in the Iowa Republican caucuses –  why would so many of our people vote for candidates who fall all over themselves pledging to do it all over again (this time by bombing Iran on behalf of Israel).  And they say I’m the one who has the mental problem!

And of course that’s not the only Jew issue that reduces me to just staring at the wall and mumbling to myself.  Why in the world would a supposedly intelligent people (us again) let those very same two-percent Jews literally take over our media and our government?  So they can shape our opinions, negrify and otherwise pervert our culture, and force us to accept all manner of anti-White governmental actions?  Is that you, America?

And why would any decent, truth-cherishing people let the Jews poison their, and especially their children’s minds with something as grotesque as the “Holocaust” fraud (mostly just historical misrepresentation and horror fiction); and also, let them get away with using those lies to slander and demean our Germanic peoples, and to extort billions of dollars from White gentile countries?  There must be a reason, musn’t there?  I’m trying to think!

And perhaps most important (and baffling) of all – why would a great people such as ours ever even consider letting a tiny group of sicko aliens like the Jews go about their nefarious business, year-in and year-out for hundreds of years, of working to literally destroy us – working to genocide us Whites out of existence as a subspecies of mankind?  How in the world could that be good for us, as a people?  It doesn’t make sense, does it?  Surely I must be missing something.

And lastly – how could it have ever come about that we Whites would help elect, or for that matter allow to be elected; a totally inexperienced, know-nothing, done-nothing, drug using, likely bisexual and non-natural-born citizen, socialist, anti-White racist, shucking-and-jiving mulatto having a deliberately and near-totally covered up (hidden) past, as our President?  Just think about it.  It actually hurts to contemplate that one, doesn’t it?  For myself, I don’t even want to think about it.  Please tell me it’s not true!

I keep trying to remember – to understand these things and many others like them.  Without much luck, I’m afraid.  I think I used to have the answers, or at least parts of them, or some of them.  But nowadays I just draw a blank.  The thoughts that just keep going through my head and crowding out any ability to recall, or to work out any meaningful answers:  What kind of people have we become?  What kind of people are we?  If only I could remember; if only I could understand.

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