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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, January 12, 2012


...by the mainstream media, that is.

by Val Koinen
January 12, 2012

The Jew-controlled mainstream media, in the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary this past Tuesday, January 10, could hardly make the point often enough that, because everyone knew Romney was going to win, the big story was really about who would come in second.  The main news story was going to be “who won the ‘anybody but Romney’ sweepstakes.”

Obviously, by playing up that angle they were expecting Huntsman to take second place, or maybe even Gingrich or Santorum.

But then, surprise, surprise – Ron Paul grabbed the second-place slot handily, not all that far behind Romney and with a comfortable lead over Huntsman (and he absolutely trounced the others).

So what did we see in the mainstream news reports late Tuesday following the first routine tallying of the numbers and then Wednesday morning, after they had a chance to recalibrate their reporting style and content?  We saw story upon story about Romney and what a huge win this was (that’s OK – he did win, after all); and countless secondary stories about the other candidates (the ones Paul beat) along with analyses of what the New Hampshire results meant for them going forward into South Carolina.  And even a smattering of negative pieces about Ron Paul’s campaign and his prospects for the future.  I even saw a couple stories about the upcoming contests in South Carolina and Florida that didn’t even mention Paul’s candidacy.

But we saw and heard very little about the fact that it was, after all, Ron Paul who came out on top of the “others” in New Hampshire; about how well he did by winning the contest for second place that they themselves had earlier insisted was so vitally important.

They buried  the story of Paul’s achievement to an unbelievable and astonishing degree.  Many of the reports essentially and effectively marginalized him or even blanked him out – or at the very least, downplayed his achievement and popularity.  Made him disappear from public attention.  Put him on “ignore.”  It’s almost as though the media Jews and their lap-dogs (media companies, owners, executives, managers, editors, and even reporters and correspondents themselves) were trying their best to put his second-place win in a tomb and seal the door.

It’s getting more and more blatant now.  More and more out in the open.  Rampant unprofessional journalism; unbridled deceit, and naked abuse of the power of the press to form (pervert) public opinion in America.  And do you know what else?  It’s this – those responsible don’t even seem to realize, in all their “what’s good for the Jews and Israel” hubris and chutzpah, that more and more people are beginning to see and understand just what the hell is going on.  Well, it’s about time!

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