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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, January 26, 2012


by Val Koinen
January 26, 2012

Well, we've made it through another sickening MLK Jr. Day (Hate Whitey Day; Worship the Criminal Rabble-Rouser/Marxist/Anti-White/Plagiarizer/Whoremonger Day; Bow Down to the Negro Deity Day). And this time it was worse than usual because, for the first time, we were bombarded with images of the huge stone sculpture of MLK that was put up on the National Mall last year. You know — the one sculpted in China out of Chinese granite by a Chinese sculptor, shipped to America in pieces, and put together in part by his own Chinese crew. The one that would command, by virtue of its size and its stern, overpowering demeanor, the obeisance of American Whites in their own capital city; the one that looks like so many of the statues of communist leaders put up all over China, Soviet Russia, and eastern Europe over the past century.

And now, starting in just a few days, we will have to endure yet another "Black History Month" (February), during which our children will once again be brutally propagandized with all manner of lies about supposed Negro accomplishments, greatness, and wonderfulness. And during which they will be taught to virtually worship Negroes (these, the low-IQ people noted for their uninhibited and uncivilized and unlawful behavior; a good many of whom do little but commit crimes against White people, suck up our wealth, and destroy our cities).

It may well be that it is all the MLK-Day, Black History Month, and Negro worship nonsense that has set me off this time. But those are not by any means the only things that should get every conscientious and freedom loving White person in America fired up and mad as hell — not by a long shot. Here is a sampler of some of the other infuriating anti-White garbage being put on us and taught to our children day in and day out, year after year; issues and events that should justly enrage all thinking White people. All Whites should be aware of and become thoroughly familiar with these things so they can be motivated to start working to do something about them.

Artificially excessive and exaggerated Negro "presence" in our culture and society: Becoming nearly dominant in TV shows and commercials and in print ads — almost always portrayed as having more stature, kindness and understanding, wisdom, and/or overall human quality than Whites. Also, grossly exaggerated presence in terms of numbers — not only in popular culture and media but also in academia and jobs as a result of affirmative action, non-White racial preferences, set-asides, etc. Also — constant race mixing being shoved in our faces, as with Negro men paired with our White women and the "normalcy" of always including Negroes in White people's groups of friends and social settings. One result is that ever more commonplace miscegenation results in the pollution of our DNA (mongrelization) as has happened to Whites in many places down through history (and will eventually result in the destruction of our gene pool).

The lie, the fantasy, of Negro "equality" constantly being shoved down our throats (egalitarianism): The entire falsely-premised "civil rights" and integration disaster. All of it being a huge anti-White lie, of course, designed to destroy our racial awareness, cohesion, pride, and our society itself (thus destroying Whites as a "people"). Ignores the reality of the Negroes' true nature — comparatively low average intelligence and more primitive behavioral proclivities. Leads to well intentioned but misguided and very, very costly universal altruism (the more productive Whites being forced to give, give, and give some more to the less productive blacks and other coloreds). (Yes, yes, I know — many of them, especially some of the Mestizos, are hard workers. But still, it is the White segment of our population that has to bear the social costs of so many non-Whites in our society in the final analysis, and especially when education, healthcare, and crime control are factored in.)

The lies of supposed benefits and wonderfulness of diversity and multiculturalism (multiracialism): These concepts — the "diversity is our strength" and "beauty and advantages of multiculturalism" memes — are closely related to the preceding items. They are demonstrably false; little more than wishful thinking. In actuality, these things have resulted in societal disharmony and disruption, and are rapidly leading to our demise.

Also in that connection — the way we brainwash our children in their public schools with regard to those false notions of racial equality, diversity being a good thing, acceptability of race mixing, and the beauty of multiculturalism. That is just plain inexcusable, disgusting, and outrageous.

The grossly disproportionate and savage nature and numbers of black-on-White crime (and for that matter colored-on-White crime in general): So-called "flash mob" harassment, beatings, and robbery; assault and battery, torture, rape, murder, and all manner of serious, felonious crime perpetrated by Negroes and Mestizos. And then, as if that weren't enough, we constantly suffer from the Jew-controlled mainstream media's refusal or at least reluctance to report that interracial crime (when coloreds are the perpetrators and Whites the victims); and even when those incidents are reported, the race of the colored perps is usually not even mentioned (deliberately covered up).

The Mestizo invasion of America (both quasi-legal and illegal). This is absolutely destroying large portions of America, particularly (but by no means limited to) southern-tier states. And it is rapidly becoming worse, thanks in large part to our "birthright citizenship" ("anchor baby") laws and the Mestizos' prolific birthrate (far beyond that which all too many of them can support, by the way). The net effect is to displace, dispossess, and overwhelm White America with an alien culture, a foreign language, criminality, welfare costs of all kinds, and a negative effect on our labor/jobs situation (as they displace White workers and work for lower wages).

The way we diminish (shortchange) our children's educations in mixed-race public schools: All over the country, we teach our kids lies, force them to study and memorize the lies in their textbooks, dumb-down their instruction, and pervert their educations in order to accommodate the non-Whites' history and interests; and hold back their learning progress in order to accommodate the less educable non-Whites (and especially the Negroes). We teach our children White guilt. We minimize the greatness of their heroes while we inflate the qualities and stature of historical figures of color. We put up with non-White classroom and playground disruptions, including attacks on our kids. We accept hugely inflated costs of our public education system in order to accommodate the non-English speaking Mestizos, to control Negro and Mestizo delinquency, and to repair damage done by the coloreds to buildings and equipment and facilities.

The Jewish "Holocaust" hoax and extortion racket: A grand hoax built on lies, lies, and more lies about German (Nazi) motivations, plans, and actions during WW II (almost entirely late-wartime and especially post-War propaganda). Used by the Jews to extort billions of dollars from Germany, America, Switzerland, and other White countries and to brainwash us White people and especially our children. Perpetuated by countless Jew-produced fraudulent memoir-type books, and by a never-ending stream of movies and TV shows. Essentially just historical exaggeration and perversion, and sick horror-fiction.

Jewish instigated communism and the controlled, authoritarian, multicultural society: Historically, this largely Jewish undertaking has been hugely costly to White nations in terms of dollars and human death and suffering. And don't make the mistake of thinking it's behind us just because Soviet Russia (the USSR) fell apart a few years ago. We still have China and North Korea to worry about; and even worse than that, the complicit and culpable Jews are continuing to work at, and in fact are succeeding at, converting America to a socialist police-state (it seems as though Orwell's '1984' was not so much a work of fiction as it was alarmingly prescient prophesy).

Jewish warmongering: Organized international Jewry was instrumental in starting World Wars I and II, and the complicit and culpable Jews were substantially responsible for getting us into each of those horrible (and horribly unnecessary) fratricidal wars. But it didn't stop there — they (the Jew Zionists, Neocons, warmongers, and chicken-hawks) continue to get us to fight war after war in the Middle East to serve Israeli interests (as opposed to our own) (the latest being their scheming and efforts to get us to either bomb and/or invade Iran or join them in that aggression).

Thanks primarily to the Jews' efforts leading up to changes in our immigration laws back in the 1960's, our once-White America has been deluged with — overwhelmed by — a huge and rapidly growing underclass of Negroes and Mestizos. The cost of this darkening America, in dollars but also in terms of social instability and the basic ruination of our enjoyment-of-life, has been enormous.

Long-time and ongoing Jewish perversion of our public opinion and popular culture: Through their greatly disproportionate ownership and control of the media — newspapers, magazines, book publishing (including our children's textbooks), television, motion pictures, and the music industry (recording and distribution) — the complicit and culpable Jews have for many years now formed public opinion so as to favor their thinking and plans for America; and negrified and "filthied-down" our culture. Just give some thought to all the Negro worship in spectator sports; the exaggerated presence of Negroes in television, movies, and print advertisement (as mentioned above); the gratuitous sex and pornography and soft porn on television and in movies; the filthy language and scatological humor aired on TV; the premature sexualization of our little kids; the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality; the constant promotion of White guilt; the exclusion and denigration of Whites, and especially White men, in television roles; and the destabilization of White families resulting from Jew-promoted radical feminism.

Jewish control of our political processes and our government, especially the federal government and even more particularly the U.S. Congress and the Presidential selection process: Brought about by their financial clout and media power (control) (and their tribalism and nepotism, organizational activities, lies, bribery, threats, "chosenite supremacism," and more).

Obama's "packing" the Supreme Court, his Cabinet, and high-level executive department positions with "anyone but White men:" Jews, homosexuals, radical feminist females, Negroes and mulattos, and Mestizos.

Obama administration's rampant and accelerating dismantling of America: trashing of the constitution, aggressively pursuing police-state practices (some of which were put in place by the Bush administration), illegal anti-White positions and activities of his (Eric Holder's) Justice Department (including interfering with several state's efforts to control illegal immigration), and donating large amounts of public money to anti-White and anti-American organizations and initiatives.

Okay, that's probably enough. But you can be assured that there is more — lots more.

And it all bears heavily on my mind and my heart.

I guess the thing that gets to me more than anything else is the way so many of my White kinsmen are so totally lacking of any awareness of what is going on; so impervious to any rational realization of what is happening to our country. So ignorant of what is being done to us as a people; of the sad state of affairs that exists in America today; of the acute peril we are in. And even when they are vaguely aware of these things, their indifference and complacency — even their approval, for chrissakes — are becoming commonplace.

Beyond making me by turns sad, angry, and very, very worried, it makes me wonder — what in the hell is the matter with all these politically-correct, racially unaware, Negro-worshipping, Mestizo-invasion-tolerant, and criminal-Jew accepting, apparently brain-dead White people anyway? How can they not see what is going on — what is being done to their own people — White people — the soon-to-be-eradicated (once) greatest race of people to ever populate the planet earth?

Are so many of our people really that stupid, or are they just woefully ignorant (or both)? Are they all so hopelessly Jew-brainwashed? Are they as clinically insane and suicidal as they appear to be? Or are they just being lazy, or mentally cowardly, by opting to not even recognize what is before their eyes and minds? Or are they just pathetically, politically-correct, rose-colored-glasses liberal in their social/political thinking? Or so greedy they would willingly sell out their own subspecies of humanity for shortsighted and ill-gotten social, career, and/or monetary gains?

I have to ask — do all of you misguided White men enjoy seeing your wives and children beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered by black savages? Are you going to just continue to get on your knees and grovel, and to "lie back and take it" while your loved ones and so many others of your people are being ravaged by non-Whites "sicced" on us by the complicit and culpable Jews? Do you enjoy being economically enslaved and forced to support the dark underclasses? Do you enjoy being screwed over, dispossessed, destroyed, and genocided out of existence by Jews, Negroes, Mestizos, Muslims, and their greedy, immoral, and/or traitorous White lackeys? And do you think you will continue to enjoy it in about another 30 years when we Whites will be an ever-shrinking social and political numerical minority in our own country, and when things will be much, much worse? Do you just accept knowing that your people's chances of natural progression — of a healthy, normal, and positive continued societal evolution — are being utterly destroyed?

Why in hell aren't thousands upon thousands of our people, at all levels of society, every day of the week, all over the country, "mad as hell" about all this and rabidly and vociferously determined that they are "not going to take it anymore?" "Up in arms" about it? Looking in their basements and their garages for their torches and pitchforks, so to speak? Calling, writing, or emailing their Congresscritters, right now, demanding that they do something about it — and that they begin serving the best interests of our people for a change? Or writing letters-to-the-editor of their local newspapers voicing their disgust, concern, upsettedness, frustration, and even their well reasoned and amply justified anger about it, and insisting that all this degenerate nonsense be stopped? Deciding which excessively multi-cult promoting, anti-White corporation they will boycott next (and working toward getting their friends, relatives, and neighbors to join them in those boycotts)? Or at the very least, talking to friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and even casual acquaintances and total strangers about the way things are now and where they are undoubtedly headed? Doing something — anything — to help put a stop to this genocidal anti-White onslaught?

What is so hard to understand about the fact — and it is a fact — that species (and subspecies such as human races) — are naturally and genetically programmed to compete for space and resources? And that all the other racial groups are actively competing against us, while we are not only no longer even working for our own interests; we are aiding and abetting, even legally and financially supporting, those other groups in their efforts to dispossess us in our own countries?

Now — having thoroughly berated all the ignorant and "cowardly," inactive Whites out there in order to make my point, I would like to offer a few words of understanding and conciliation about the realities of "taking action" as a practical matter.

I know, from my own situation and experience, that there is more than laziness, insensitivity, and cowardice involved. There are sometimes real-world consequences — even potentially devastating life-changing costs, or penalties, involved in speaking out to the wrong person, at the wrong time, or in the wrong situation. Who is to say any White man should martyr himself and do great damage to his family for a people and a cause that sometimes seem to be hardly even deserving of that kind of sacrifice? For example, with a unique or unusual surname, a person and his family can be pilloried in the community — vilified and ostracized or worse. Or he or his wife or grown child might even lose their job (and that after putting them through college for years so they could get that job), or at least be denied well deserved career opportunities due to their relationship with an openly racialist and anti-Semitic father, for example. Loved ones — friends and family — might be irretrievably alienated. And other valued social relationships jeopardized.

Yes, it all can be terribly difficult and risky, as a result of the thorough Jewish brainwashing of our people over the past hundred years or so. As a result of all the wrongheaded but broadly accepted contemporary social standards (perceptions of socially acceptable behavior). And as a result of laws that have been put in place to prevent this kind of corrective thinking and speaking out. But try to keep this in mind — unless we are determined to surrender — we must do something. And for each individual, that means doing what he or she can up to the limits of legality and their individual circumstances.

In closing, I would ask you, the reader, to stop and think about all these things — really think about them, and about the message I am trying to get across. Wouldn't it be ever so much more gratifying — wouldn't you feel ever so much better about yourself — if you actually did something to help your own people for a change? To benefit your wife or husband, your children, your extended family, your kin (fellow White people), your progeny, and your people's future? The future of your country, your race, and Western Civilization itself?

So, I implore you once again to try to contribute; to try to do something. Be smart, and be as courageous as you can be (though not foolish, of course). Do what you can. At the very least, start by spending the little time and effort required to become knowledgeable about these matters by reading books such as those listed on this website; and by reading the material available on the linked websites and blogs, and others. Talk to people at every opportunity, as openly and even forcefully as you can. Attend school meetings (including school board meetings) and speak up for teaching the truth to our children, and for truthful content in their textbooks. Write an occasional, well-reasoned letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper. Contact your State and Federal congresspeople about outrages being perpetrated against our people and our society.

Now, lastly, having pretty much concluded my rant, I'd like to say a few words about any criticism that I might get for posting this piece which will be seen, after all, as unabashedly racist and anti-Semitic. To that kind of anticipated criticism I would just say: it doesn't bother me in the least, because I have truth, natural law, virtue, and objective reality on my side.

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