White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


by Val Koinen
March 7, 2012

Who are these sick people
So filled with such vile hate
Who spend their entire lives
Tearing down all that is great?

With cold blackness of heart
They hate me; they hate you
The self-proclaimed "chosen"
The depraved, wretched Jew.

Not all of them perhaps
But more than just a few
The guilty, complicit,
And the culpable Jew.

Through lies and deceptions
As disease in the night
They've weakened our people
Destroyed so much that's "White."

Jews brought death and despair
Through their communist crimes
To millions of our folk
During Soviet times.

They've demonized Germans
With their "holocaust" scam
And extorted billions
With that fictional sham.

They spy; they attack us
And lead us into war
Through their media control
Make our country their whore.

Through that media control
And of government too
They've made their needs supreme
Just "what's good for the Jew."

They plot, scheme and conspire
To bleed out our White pride
To bring down our people
Yes, it's called "genocide."

They promote "civil rights"
Meaning race-favors for
The dark underclasses
Taking too much; and more.

Floods of dark immigrants
Legal; illegal too
Brought in through the efforts
Of the anti-White Jew.

For a hundred years now
They've perverted our schools
Distorted reality,
Taught our young to be fools.

And preached racial sameness
Promoted Marxism too
They've warped our kids' thinking
Made them tools of the Jew.

He'll condemn race mixing
Here and in Israel too
To strengthen his own tribe
The supremacist Jew.

But only for himself
Does he preach racial strength
Holding semitic cousins
At far more than arm's length.

For we "goyim" however
It's a mixed racial stew
Multi-cult race mixing
Brought to Whites by the Jew.

Thanks Jews, for your efforts
To mix "colored" and White
With their crimes against us
Causing fright, fight, and flight.

They've negrified our kids
Poisoned their racial views
Of selves and heritage
Those despicable Jews.

Just as in Germany
After the First World War
They've debased our culture
With filth, porn and more.

Their banking and finance
Wreckage everywhere strewn
Our fiscal foundations
Brought down nearly to ruin.

Jews commit all their crimes
They steal, enslave, and kill
The damage never ends
It's our lifeblood they spill.

Like a snake in the grass
Beneath every rock too
It's there you will find him
The nation-wrecking Jew.

So what should we call them?
Yes, "enemy" will do…
Hence in our own defense
We must confront the Jew.