White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, April 27, 2012


…and just like the first time, our salvation is in serious doubt!

by Val Koinen
April 27, 2012

The question then is – can we White Americans muster the resolve and courage, as our forefathers did, to follow the path to redemption and resurgence?

I spend most of my time on this blog offering up opinion and insight about racial, cultural, social, and political challenges to our people's future – to our progression and survival as a subspecies of humanity.

I usually concentrate on what I believe are the three main threats to our continued existence – the Jewish control and perversion of our culture, society, and governance; the Negro threat to our cultural, social, and genetic wellbeing; and the demographic disaster of the mestizo invasion. I do that because I really believe those things are the most urgent and deadly threats to our White prosperity, safety, and survival here in America.

From time to time I have also mentioned the threat posed by the growing Muslim presence, and I have alluded on occasion to the much more serious Muslim immigrant threat developing in our European homeland countries.

As it happens, I have this really great, racially aware, and socially and politically astute relative who, just about every time we talk on the telephone – in good Israeli, Jewish-neocon, and Bush-Cheney-esque fashion – "takes off" on the Middle-Eastern "ragheads." He says he understands my position with regard to the Jews and Israelis, but insists the Israelis are "right" when it comes to their hostile and aggressive stance regarding their adversaries in that part of the world – Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, etc.

He wavers a bit, but begrudgingly acknowledges my concerns about us Americans being controlled by the Jews, being Israel's warmongering whore and United Nations lapdog, and our fighting endless wars to serve Jewish and Israeli interests as opposed to our own. But then he always makes it clear that he ranks the Israelis far above their Muslim adversaries with regard to their intelligence, military prowess, and the righteousness of their positions. And never mind the fact that one major reason the Israelis have been so successful in their wars against their neighbors in the past is that we provided them with so much military hardware, weapons, technology, and money (far more and better stuff than any of their adversaries were supplied by the USSR). Basically, he thinks it is OK for the Israeli Jews to want to attack Muslim countries, even if they use our soldiers, weapons, and other resources to do that. He pretty much is a Rush Limbaugh conservative; a follower of the Jew Michael Savage (Weiner).

Meanwhile, I always try to get across that, while I am an "equal-opportunity hater" when warranted by the situation at hand, and have no special love for any of the non-Jewish Middle-East Semites; I still think it is the Jews (and Israel) that are America's major problem right now. I try to make it clear that I think all the White nations need to kick the culturally alien Muslims out of their countries (based mainly on the latter being racial, cultural, and religious aliens and on my awareness of their unassimilability, their cruel religious beliefs and practices, their cowardly and insane attitudes toward and treatment of their women, their militantly adversarial attitudes, etc.). But then I tell him that, while I think we White people of European extraction need to be much less tolerant of these alien people in our countries, it doesn't follow that we should send our young men to fight and die for Israel in the Middle East, and bankrupt our country, in order to wage never-ending wars on the Muslims in their part of the world.

[By the way – does anyone else see the irony in all this, or am I the only one who thinks this beating the drums for more anti-Muslim war in the M.E. on behalf of Israel is 180 degrees ass-backward? It's not just my relative, you know. Have you been listening to all the Republican candidates (except Ron Paul) during the primary season, promising to initiate new wars at Israel's bidding, or at least back them up if they decide to start new wars, for example against Iran? (Not that the Democrats are any different.) So all these people say we should wage war against Muslim nations in the M.E., while we welcome them and their mosques in the U.S. (and England, and France, and Germany, etc.). All in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, of course. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't we leave them to their own devices in the M.E., and concentrate on limiting/controlling their growth in our countries?]

But now comes an epiphany. Now I am confronted by a shocker – a mind-bender. While I have been vaguely aware of the seriousness of the Muslim problem in Europe, and of those once-White countries tolerating excessive immigration of those alien others, I must admit that up till now I never fully appreciated the magnitude and severity of that problem.

Check out this YouTube.com video which contrasts the low (sub-replacement) White birthrates in White countries with rampant Muslim immigration and their extremely high birthrates. (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU ). (If this particular video is removed, you can spend a few minutes researching the topic via internet search engines.) If anywhere near factual, accurate, and true, this is scary stuff. No, it hasn't yet caused me to reconsider my position regarding our waging perpetual war against Muslims and other Semitic cousins of the Jews in their countries – which in my view is tantamount to destroying America in pursuit of Jewish (Israeli) hegemony in the Middle East. But it most certainly has made me reconsider the seriousness, and the urgency, of the problem in Europe and elsewhere.

Though I have long been fascinated by the history of mankind and civilizations, I am not a historian. I wouldn't even consider myself to be particularly "well read" in that area. But based on what I have read and learned down through the years, I must say I cannot think of any other racially identifiable group that has been so besieged by such an array of other racial peoples – simultaneously assaulted by so many adversarial groups of "others" – as White people are today. It seems to me that this kind of multi-faceted, racially based genocidal assault must be unique both in its nature and as an historical event in time.

Each of the White areas and nations has its own particular mix of racial minorities and the inevitable problems caused by the much ballyhooed but bogus doctrines of multiculturalism and diversity, of course. Yet it does seem that, on a global scale and in terms of the well-being and survival of White people as one of the major subspecies of humankind – and with regard to our future progression as the most accomplished and achieving people the world has ever known – the Muslim invasion may well be the most serious long-term threat we face in our homeland nations worldwide.

Nevertheless, here in America, I would still rank our race problems as follows:

Most serious: The "complicit and culpable" Jews – their perversion of our culture; their control of our media, government, education system, and financial sector; their efforts to weaken us and dispossess us as a racially conscious people; their efforts to ultimately genocide us out of existence as a racially coherent people.

Most urgent: The mestizo invasion (both legal and illegal-alien immigration and in-gathering of aggressively anti-White political power); social costs; criminality.

Most insidious and pernicious: The Negroes – cultural negrification; financial drain on Whites; criminality; genetic pollution of our people; usurpation of Whites' educational and job opportunities resulting from "affirmative action" and other racial preferences; their completely unwarranted and undeserved, social/political ascendancy and artificially bestowed stature as the "favored race."

And where do these problems leave us American Whites, right now – today? I would have to say – in another, latter-day, much more serious, "Alamo redux." And if we Whites are to have any hope, and even the remotest chance of salvaging our situation, I should think we would have to accomplish the following:

(1) Immediately put a stop to all non-White immigration and so-called birthright citizenship (the "anchor baby" problem), and aggressively identify and deport all illegal aliens. And then seal our southern border with Mexico.

(2) Somehow, create a broad resurgence of racial awareness and pride in our people, together with a desire and willingness to do something about our dwindling numbers – including such things as getting our people to dramatically increase the White birthrate and putting a stop to race mixing and miscegenation within, say, no longer than the next five to ten years.

(3) Initiate a well organized, Euro-centric, separatist-based campaign to accomplish the social and political results necessary for our survival; within the next 10 to 15 years.

(4) Find ways to substantially and successfully conclude that defensive social "war of racial survival" within, say, the next 25 – 40 years.

Failing to accomplish those things, it seems to me we will soon be well along the way to being "as good as dead." Our Euro-centric culture and way of life will be essentially destroyed by racial "others." We will soon become a racial minority in a "one-man-one-vote" democracy, and our grandchildren will live to see their country conquered by the non-White and mixed-race rabble, with Jews at the controls.

And by the way, do you detect a sense of urgency in the above? Well, yes, there is that. (I can't help but think the doomed defenders of the Alamo felt a sense of urgency as well, as they fought on to the end while waiting for reinforcements.)

But that's just here in America. Worldwide, it would seem we Whites have a somewhat different and more serious, not-so long-term survival problem. And that is the Muslim problem. If we don't take corrective action, starting right now, our beautiful and once dominant Western Civilization and our very existence as a people will be literally wiped off the face of the earth. And believe me, what will happen to White people along the way – in just a couple generations – just could make the Alamo seem like child's play.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


…Some fundamental and critical truths about the condition of White America and White racial survival.

by Val Koinen
April 8, 2012

We White Americans are in big trouble – "in a world of hurt," as they say.

What follows is a brief synopsis of some of the more important problems we are beset with in the areas of our racial and Jewish situations. It is by no means a comprehensive review, but I believe it covers most of the "biggies."

These things are real. They are true. And they are deadly serious in the way they are affecting our society and our future – our very survival as a people. Their effects in many cases are literally killing us. I challenge the establishment "powers that be," along with all hitherto unaware and "wrong-thinking" Whites, to examine these issues and my assertions, debate them, and try to prove them wrong.

If you are White, and you truly care about your people (and that includes your very own children and grandchildren), and the future of America and Western Civilization; you should be thoroughly versed in the ways in which these key issues, and others like them, affect our lives and our future.

Some General Thoughts

(1) We White men are being emasculated, and our entire race is being dispossessed, right here in our own country. That is not happening "naturally." These things are being done to us – intentionally, deliberately, and with the utmost malice – by Jewish supremacists, Zionists, and activist Jewish culture-distorters and opinion-formers (the "complicit and culpable" Jews); along with their willing tools the Negroes and the mestizo hordes (and to a lesser but still significant extent the Muslims, some Asiatics, and other non-Whites).

(2) While the above statements are true, it is also true that we Whites ourselves are largely to blame for our predicament and our demise. All too many of us spend too much time playing with the toys our affluence has provided us and too little time paying attention to civic developments and the forces arrayed against us. All too many of us spend altogether too much time sitting around swilling beer, watching the one-eyed Jew, being "entertained" and worshipping celebrities, at the hairdresser or beauty shop, and cheering Negro and mestizo baseball, football, and basketball players.

(3) If enough of us don't resist – fight back – we are destined (doomed) to be a defeated people. We will lose virtually all our remaining social and political stature and power, along with what wealth we have managed to acquire, and we will eventually just die out or be killed off. We will have been genocided out of existence, as it were. If we hope to survive, let alone prosper, we simply must pull our heads out of our collective asses, and "man up," and start working to fix this dire situation.

(4) If we can't awaken our people to the severity of our situation and the righteousness of our position and the critical nature of our problems, and then do something drastic and effective (though always legal, of course) about our "Jewish problem" (primarily Jew-domination and control of media, education, finance, and government) – it will destroy us as a people, destroy our American nation, and destroy our Western Civilization (worldwide, actually).

(5) If we can't awaken our people to the severity of our situation and the righteousness of our position and the critical nature of our problems, and then do something about our "Negro problem" – something drastic and effective (but legal) – they will destroy us. They will destroy our society – they will destroy America as we have known it – socially, culturally, politically, economically, and genetically.

(6) If we can't awaken our people to the severity of our situation and the righteousness of our position and the critical nature of our problems, and then do something drastic – take some kind of legal but effective action – to stem, and then reverse, our mestizo immigrant and illegal alien problems; they will destroy America as we have known it since our founding.

(7) One huge problem we simply must begin to acknowledge and face up to – being nice, pleasant, kind, considerate, deferential, conciliatory, politically correct, polite, cooperative, amenable to compromise, and the like; as we as a people are accustomed to being because it is our nature, just isn't going to get the job done. Those noble traits are collectively a huge detriment and weakness when it comes to racial (subspecies) competition and survival. If any biological species, or subspecies, expects to survive, let alone grow and prosper in its geographic sphere; it simply must be strong, tough, determined, and even defensively mean and aggressive when warranted (when the occasion requires it as our terrible predicament most surely does).

(8) It is this bad: I myself have lived, in just one man's lifetime – 74 years so far – to see the impending destruction of Western Civilization and the pervasive perversion of White culture and the horrendously advanced dispossession of my people – even though we are still a significant majority in America. I have even lived to witness a good many of my fellow American White people forget who they are; lose pride in their uniquely talented, innovative, and productive race and its many accomplishments (which have benefited all races and all of humanity by the way); feel irrational and unjustified guilt for past transgressions of the same kinds that all peoples have experienced and practiced down through the ages; and even promote and support their own self-destruction.

The Jews

(1) The list of Jewish anti-White perfidy is virtually never-ending, and cannot be fully recounted here. One basic, underlying point that must be made, however, is the absolute fact that the Jewish power-elite – the Zionists, neoconservatives, supremacists, financial and international Jews, lobbyists and other activists and their ilk – the complicit and culpable Jews – have been working for more than a hundred years to control and/or destroy the White nations all around the world (in Europe, bi-continental Russia, the U.S. and Canada, Australia and New Zealand). And they have nearly succeeded. I'm sure, from both their and our perspectives, we are now well into the "end game."

(2) The Jews effectively control our press, television, and other mass media and entertainment venues; our public education establishment, many of our financial institutions, the political process, and our federal government. And it is through that ubiquitous control that they have a virtually limitless ability to form public opinion and unduly influence governmental laws and policies.

(3) They have, through their huge and unrelenting efforts in promoting diversity, multi-culturalism, race-mixing, so-called "civil rights," "affirmative action" and other non-White preference laws and programs, and non-White immigration; turned America into a multiracial morass. And they have succeeded in utterly deracinating our people and especially our young people. They have already substantially dispossessed us Whites of our social and political stature and power in America.

(4) They have debased, negrified, and otherwise grossly perverted our popular culture, especially among our young people. Through the societal controls mentioned above, they have fostered grotesquely misguided and unnatural racial behaviors among our young people, and have weakened or destroyed both traditions and taboos that have served us well down through the centuries by preserving our genetic integrity.

(5) Jews both in Europe and on the homefront were major, proximate causes of us getting involved in the fratricidal wars of the twentieth century. And now, Jewish Zionists and neoconservatives and their deluded White lackeys have us fighting what seem to be perpetual wars against the Muslim world in the Middle East, wars that benefit the geopolitical interests of Israel as opposed to those of our own country.

(6) The Jewish so-called "holocaust industry" used so effectively to brainwash and instill guilt in our children (and financed largely by White Americans), is in fact based on a near-total fantasy. That grossly exaggerated "historical footnote" is to a great extent a lie, a hoax, and a scam concocted and skillfully scripted to extort billions of dollars from Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and other countries and to justify the illegitimate State of Israel and to generate unique pity for the Jews and somehow provide cover to their atrocious maltreatment of Palestinians and Muslims in the Middle East.

(7) The Jews (Israeli Mossad and their neocon "agents" in the U.S.) were unquestionably behind, involved in, and most likely actually perpetrated, the horrendous September 11, 2001 attacks on America (just as they committed an act of war against us by attacking the USS Liberty back in 1967). They are the only ones who had the motive (to push us to initiate new wars in the Middle East), the means (technological and coordination capabilities needed to carry out these kinds of controlled demolitions), and opportunity (access to the three buildings that collapsed).


(1) Negroes are not the same as us. They are a different subspecies of humanity. The differences between us and them are more – much more – than just "skin deep" (it's not just color). Substantial genetic racial differences are simply fact – a reality. Negroes are genetically, intellectually, and behaviorally different – and by any scientific and rational measures inferior – to us Whites when it comes to developing, maintaining, successfully living in, and prospering in a modern civilization (and yes, I am not allowing much "credit" for abilities on the football field or basketball court or on the stage singing a song). We share essentially no historical similarities of "common culture" with Negroes, except a brief and regrettable, but all too common at the time, historical period of slavery early in our nation's history.

(2) America would be a much better (more advanced, cleaner, safer, more lawful and peaceful) society and country right now if we Whites had not, over the past 150 years or so, squandered so many of our resources on:
- Negro welfare.
- Futile efforts to educate them to our standards (at the same time as we handicapped our own children's education to accommodate them and paid through the nose trying to keep our kids safe and to keep public school infrastructure patched together).
- Negro crime control (legal-justice system and incarceration).
- Affirmative action and other racial preferences as they have affected educational and job opportunities for our people.

(3) America would be a much better country now if we had not essentially allowed the Negroes, by our failing to "handle" them in smarter and tougher ways; to assault, rape, torture, and kill so many of our people (and especially our women and children). This kind of thing has been going on "forever;" but these past few years and especially since we elected a mulatto president and since the Trayvon Martin incident last February, it has just gotten completely out of hand. Just as one example – on any given day there are likely to be multiple new accounts of mobs of savage, animalistic black "youths" assaulting or even beating or killing lone, defenseless White people – even girls and elderly men and women (though such incidents get very little mainstream press coverage, and as often as not the races of the perpetrators and victims are deliberately covered up in order to deceive the White public and prevent their becoming aware of these dangerous situations).

(4) We would be a much stronger people now if we had not succumbed to Jewish brainwashing and let the Negroes pollute our gene pool by having sexual relations with our girls and women (and if we had never allowed interracial marriage).

(5) America would be a much better/stronger/safer country now if we had not allowed the Negroes to "take over" and utterly ruin so many big-city districts and entire cities, and create so many savage and lethally dangerous "no-go zones" for White people.

Mestizos (primarily Mexicans but also Central and South American non-Whites)

(1) These people too are just not "us" – they are racially (genetically) different in ways that truly matter (amongst which – somewhat lower intelligence on average [though not as low as that of the Negro]; tendency to criminality; culturally alien).

(2) The mestizo invasion of the past 50 years or so (and ongoing; actually accelerating) has already led to their virtual "reconquista" of large areas of our country and even entire cities. We should never have let that happen, but we did. And now, pandering to the mestizo vote, many if not most federal politicians – inexplicably even so-called "conservatives" – are coming out as supporters of statehood for Puerto Rico. And many of them support amnesty for illegal-alien immigrants, birthright citizenship (already the law), and continued large numbers of legal immigrants from south-of-the-border. From the perspective of White prosperity and survival in the U.S., all these things are nothing short of absolute lunacy – they are suicidal.

(3) The mestizo invasion is deadly to our White culture – wherever they concentrate in substantial numbers, these unassimilable, Spanish-speaking "others" utterly destroy the character of our (White, Eurocentric) culture and neighborhoods.

(4) Much like the Negroes, the mestizos have been, and continue to be, a huge drain on White resources – for such things as education, dual-language requirements, crime control and incarceration, and health care and other social welfare. Their illegal drug activities are legendary; and along with their propensity for gang-structured criminality, including rampant shootings and murder, that has rendered large areas of many of our cities "no-go zones" for Whites.

In conclusion – I just hope that this summary has opened some minds to looking into these matters and giving them some serious and fair-minded thought. My statements and assertions may be politically incorrect, but I challenge anyone to show that they are factually wrong, untruthful, or unwarranted.