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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


by Val Koinen
May 16, 2012

We White Americans need to aggressively and relentlessly "go after" the people who are behind the efforts to teach our children and young adults all the out-and-out lies about their race and history (identify them, expose them, and "hold their feet to the fire"). I'm thinking of teachers and professors and anyone else responsible for public school classroom instruction and textbook content; and members of local school boards, university officials, and State education departments. And I would include all publicly funded schools – elementary (when appropriate at that level of course), secondary, and colleges and universities.

Plainly put – these racially destructive and substantially Jewish propaganda evils have been going on far too long – for too many generations now – and we need to put a stop to this nonsense if we want to see our country and our people thrive and survive. We need to demand truth in education!

Prime examples would be the lies, lies, and more lies constantly being shoveled into our children's heads; and lies of omission; regarding such things as:

- Jewish involvement in the beginnings and progression of WW I; the Balfour Declaration and its consequences; and Jewish influence in formulating the maliciously and vindictively punitive anti- German terms of the Versailles Treaty.

- The Jewish role in the early 20th Century Russian Revolution and the spread of communism.

- The truth about the causes and beginnings of WW II – Nazi Germany's real motivations and actions; the course taken by Churchill's England which essentially guaranteed a world war; and Pearl Harbor and the clandestine and underhanded calculations and deeds of U.S. President Roosevelt. And then, the decisions and actions of the British/American/Soviet triumvirate during and following the war that were actually detrimental to the best interests of both Europe and America.

- Supposed (largely fabricated) Nazi atrocities as compared with the very real, depraved crimes of the early Jew-dominated communist Russia and Stalin's Soviet Union. And the horribly criminal allied saturation bombing ("firebombing") of civilian targets such as Dresden, Germany; and the barbaric treatment of German civilians and POWs following the end of WW II.

- The largely "invented and scripted" Jewish "Holocaust" extortion scam; the Anne Frank diary fraud.

- The myth of racial "sameness" (including racial "equality") and the comparative characteristics, qualities, accomplishments, and defects of the various races (subspecies) of mankind.

- In particular, the truth about White vs. Negro history and accomplishments; Negro welfare costs; and discriminatory, anti-White job and school preferences resulting from "affirmative action."

- "Real" American heritage – our history and our European founders and great leaders vs. Negro and Mestizo history, culture, and historical figures. Including, outright fabrications of Negro inventions and of supposedly great Negro personages in history who were actually not Negro at all (or at the very most mulattos that, like our "black" President, owed whatever talents they had to their White blood and brains).

- The truths about Negro intellectual deficiencies (low IQs), educability, civilizational/societal capabilities, and behavioral tendencies (primitive lack of self-control and constraint; criminality; savagery) – and in particular, the horrific truth about disproportionate interracial (and especially black-on-white) crime.

- Jewish role in the out-of-control non-White immigration into the U.S.

- The hostile "reconquista" of large portions of our country by alien and unassimilable Mestizo immigrants, both quasi-legal and illegal; social and economic costs of the Mestizo invasion.

- Inordinate Jewish influence over (even actual control of) our media, government, and popular culture.

- The disgusting and deadly practices and consequences of homosexuality.

- The truth about radical feminism, and the differing and "proper" (healthy and natural) roles of men and women in marriage, the family, and society.

- The truth about the "9/11" (September 11, 2001) attacks on America (vs. the "official" story and cover-up); and in particular, the virtually certain Jewish neocon and Israeli Mossad involvement if not out-and-out responsibility and participation.

- The way the Israelis and American (often dual-citizen) Jewish Zionists, Neocons, and lobbyists have pushed us into perpetual wars in the Middle East to serve their interests as opposed to our own legitimate national interests.

- The truth about the modern Muslim "invasion" of White countries via immigration and high birthrates, their anti-White crimes, their cultural practices, and their Sharia law.

- The truth about Barack Obama's background, credentials, and legal eligibility to be President of the United States – such things as the birth certificate (natural-born citizen) issue; college records, Selective Service registration, Marxist (communist) affiliations, etc.

… and the list goes on, and on, and on.

We Whites do not have to put up with having our impressionable young people being taught all these lies and distortions and mischaracterizations of reality; and their being force-fed all kinds of anti-White historical, pseudo-scientific, sociological, and political propaganda of the kinds listed above. We can put a stop to it; we can "put things back the way they should be." And one of the first and best ways of doing that is to guarantee that our children are taught the truth about current events and about their own people, their history, the racial basis of their greatness (as well as their missteps and shortcomings), and the challenges and perils they are faced with in the modern world.

After all, the public instruction of our young should provide them with a factual knowledge base in preparation for life, informed citizenship, and careers; it should not be designed to propagandize and politically indoctrinate them.

We all need to start doing our part, as responsible parents and citizens, to make sure that happens. All we have to do is demand that our youngsters are taught the truth.

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