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Thursday, June 14, 2012


by Val Koinen
June 14, 2012

No question about it – the founders are turning over in their graves.

In their great wisdom, they created a "representative republic" system of federal government under which only responsible men of European extraction were enfranchised.  But it has long since been perverted into a one-man (and one-woman)-one vote "democracy" that is rapidly destroying our much revered real America – the intended America.

The central government they so thoughtfully devised, which incorporated a system of "checks and balances" among its three branches – executive, legislative (congressional), and judiciary – has now been seriously corrupted by presidents that have been dismissive of, if not hostile to, the Constitution.

The judiciary has in turn been contaminated and corrupted by a number of un-American appointments to the Supreme Court and other federal courts made by a string of pernicious presidents (especially and most recently by the anti-White communist sympathizer Barack Obama).

But probably more than anything else that has destroyed the American government envisioned by the founders in recent years is the evolution of an amazingly inept, if not almost completely corrupt and cowardly Congress.  With just very few (and therefore largely ineffective) exceptions, our Senators and Representatives have for many years now bowed to their Jewish masters – to their power of the purse, their media control, and their lobbying (that is, when not bowing to liberal, politically-correct, socialistic dogma; and diversity, multiculturalism, integrationist, and race-mixing wishful thinking).  And they have taken three misdirected courses that are leading to the utter destruction of a just, Constitutional, Eurocentric America:

(1)  They have come to fear Jewish power so much that they nearly always do exactly as the Jews tell them to do – which means, "what's good for the Jews" as opposed to "what's good for America" (the two very seldom coincide).

(2)  They have enacted immigration and so-called "civil rights" laws and other legislation, particularly since the 1960's, that have thoroughly dispossessed us White Americans and especially White males; and have weakened our European Western Civilization, culture, and way of life.

(3)  They have abdicated their functions and their powers – and in particular their checks-and-balances powers – in deference to what is becoming a routinely out-of-control Executive branch.

Clearly, the founders had no idea that elected congressmen would ever turn into such a gaggle of arrogant and self-important, greedy, dishonest, gutless, race-traitor buffoons.  Just a few examples of Congress "dropping the ball" over the past century (allowing themselves to be railroaded by Jewish interests, failure to investigate, failure to conduct intelligent and thorough deliberations prior to passing legislation, etc.):  letting Presidents Wilson and  Roosevelt drag us into the horribly fratricidal and unnecessary World Wars I and II respectively; funding remembrance and "promotion" of the Jews' "holocaust scam;" succumbing to President Johnson's illegal maneuverings re: Vietnam; passing well-intended but misguided racial "equality" laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964; passing the anti-White immigration legislation of 1965 and legalizing so-called "birthright citizenship" ("anchor-babies"); and letting slide the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (a deliberate act of war perpetrated on the U.S. which was covered up by Johnson and his underlings).  And there have been many others, involving both domestic and foreign-policy issues, that were nearly or just as damaging to America's best interests.

But for now consider, if you will, the circumstances surrounding just seven more recent and contemporaneous issues and events which have perhaps done the most during these critical times to disrupt our government, our economy, and our stature among the nations of the world:

(1)  Failure to legislate a solution to our massive mestizo illegal alien problem, which involves all kinds of lawbreaking and huge costs to local, State, and Federal governments (not to mention their virtual take-over –  their "reconquista," – of many parts of our country).

(2)  Failure to investigate the "9/11" attacks and the official 9/11 Commission Report which clearly was a farce; a cover-up.  Credible evidence of Israeli/Mossad/Jewish involvement abounds – perhaps the most telling being the controlled demolition of Building #7, which as I understand it wasn't even mentioned in the Commission report.

(3)  Going along with President Bush's illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression in the Middle East, initiated and conducted based on outright lies and deceptions, and to large extent for and at the behest of the Jews (particularly noteworthy in this regard being the predominately Jewish "neocon" role leading up to the start of hostilities) (the question now being – will Congress let the same thing happen all over again, in Iran?).

(4)  Congress' confirmation of Obama's socialistic and radical-feminist-inclined if not anti-White-American appointments to the Supreme Court (Sotomayor and Kagan).

(5)  Failure to put a stop to the Justice Department's (AG Eric Holder's, President Obama's) openly and blatantly anti-White discrimination.  Examples include such things as the Philadelphia "New Black Panther" intimidation of White voters in 2008; other refusals to prosecute Negro civil-rights crimes committed against Whites; suing States (Arizona and Florida for example) for trying to control illegal immigration; initiating legal action against Maricopa County Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for doing his job (illegal and unconstitutional intimidation of the good sheriff?); and more.

(6)  Refusing to investigate President Obama's apparent criminality (treason?) ("birther" issues including whether or not he is, and knows he is, legally ineligible to serve as president; apparently illicit social security registration; falsified selective service registration; a smorgasbord of deliberately hidden records of his past).  Again, credible evidence of wrongdoing abounds – his fake birth certificate released early in 2011 in an attempt to squelch growing analysis and discussion; his refusal to release his true birth certificate and other records; his expenditure of exhaustive efforts and large amounts of money to hide evidence (records) of his past; findings to date of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio's "cold case posse" investigations; and more.

(7)  Not recognizing and taking action in connection with the obvious need for the U.S. government to do something to prevent the genocide (contrived extinction) of American White people, who are clearly becoming an endangered subspecies in their own country.

(In all fairness I should mention that, although we don't yet know if the final outcome will bring satisfactory results, Congress has done the right thing by pursuing AG Holder's (the Justice Department's) role in the illicit and deadly Fast and Furious "gun-walking" project.)

To me, the most striking aspect of Congressional neglect and dereliction in several of these matters, when it comes to exposing the full truth of what has really happened in these cases, is their deference to and/or collusion with Israeli and American Jews.

I realize, however, that this isn't just a Jewish problem.  There are other factors afoot; other failings and deficiencies of our congresscritters.  Some of those shortcomings that come to mind are:  all too commonly, their own treasonous, anti-American political mind-set (most generally socialistic/communistic thinking, most often on the part of liberal, left-wing Democrats, although the Republicans easily make up for being a bit more socially conservative by being more rabid "Israel-first" warmongers); aside from and as an adjunct to Jewish propaganda, their own home-grown ignorance regarding the genetic realities of racial differences and the downsides of diversity, multiculturalism, race-mixing, and universal altruism; their willingness to whore themselves to big-business backers and donors and other special interests; an abundance of the worst kinds of human weakness when it comes to such things as greed, dishonesty, personal corruption; unwarranted egomania; and on and on ad nauseam.

In any event, Congress has the power (along with the duty) to hold hearings and to investigate the kinds of matters listed above, and to compel sworn testimony (under oath) in order to determine the true facts.  That includes the power to subpoena perpetrators and witnesses.  Congress can hold witnesses in contempt when appropriate, can cause them to be convicted of perjury, and can impose penalties and punish transgressors (via referral to the Justice Department).

Clearly, in addition to citing AG Eric Holder for contempt in the Fast and Furious debacle, Congress should long since have used those powers to probe all of his Justice Department's anti-White positions and actions.  They should also have rigorously investigated the 9-11 crimes and corruption, and the Obama ineligibility ("birther") issue and his other probable crimes (selective service and social security registration, passport issues, etc.).

Now, I know, the main business of the Congress is supposed to be, and is, to legislate; not to investigate and prosecute crime.  But when the Justice Department won't do its job, Congress does also have an obligation to use all its constitutional powers, including control (withholding) of funding, appointment and oversight of special counsel or prosecutors, and the hearings/investigations process mentioned above; to hold government agencies and their employees accountable for operating under the laws of the land.

Doing those things would merely mean Congress was doing its job.  Failure to do them when circumstances demand these kinds of action strikes me as being irresponsible,  inexcusable, and treacherous, if not treasonous.  It just makes one wonder – who do these people "represent," anyway?  The American White majority, or just the colored minorities?  The American gentile majority, or Israel and the Jews?  American citizens or Israeli and Mexican citizens?  ("Just asking.")

The thing of it is – when empowered by the Constitution, Congress has the duty to legislate and guarantee enforcement of and compliance with the laws of the land in a way that protects the interests of the American people (and last I checked – we Whites were still the majority of the American people).  And Congress has a history of  repeatedly failing to do that – of gross dereliction of their duty in that regard – and that is just plain outrageous and intolerable.

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