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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, June 11, 2012


by Val Koinen
June 11, 2012

From time immemorial, and up until about 50 years ago, White men played an absolutely crucial and even dominant role in our mostly-White societies in the White nations.  They essentially controlled families, the workplace, and overall society as the leaders, protectors, and breadwinners; most likely because they had two crucial attributes when compared with women:  (1) greater physical strength; and (2) a tougher, stronger, more coldly analytical mental makeup.  Male physical strength plus mental toughness (as opposed to the softer, more liberal, more "nurturing" female way of thinking) gave the "man of the house" an advantage – made him the leader; yes, even the "master" of his family and of society's destiny.

But things have changed over time.  With increased technology, workplace specialization, increased importance of mental training and dexterity as opposed to physical brawn, and the invention of machines and especially labor-saving devices and computers; we males have lost much of that biological advantage due to a much reduced need for our physical prowess.  And many of our people have become convinced that we need "sensitivity" and "caring" more than we need tough, cool-headed, sometimes even brutal thinking in order to compete and survive as a people.

Nowadays, with the aid of machines and computers, and if they try hard enough to detach themselves from thoughts of homemaking and mothering (child care), and when they are sufficiently convinced they should strive to act like men and compete with men in the workplace; women can do most of the critical society-sustaining things that were once exclusively in the man's domain, and for the most part do them as well if not better (i.e., more delicate fingers with which to stroke keypads).  Although – due to their different genetic makeup, including physical limitations and their commonly more liberal and gullible mental proclivities, the ladies are still horribly deficient in many ways that matter so much to "keeping the wheels turning," and even more importantly, to the survival of our race.  As a result, there are still many jobs and responsibilities best left to the menfolk (though sadly, in our current state of politically-correct insanity, we have, wrongly and stupidly, even perverted those – we have moved less capable, more weakly performing women into those roles as well).

But we must never forget that, in addition to the many functions and jobs that still do require male capabilities, there is one vitally important function that still demands – and will always demand – male strength and tough-mindedness (even aggressiveness when warranted).  And that is the role of warrior – the ultimate battler for the survival of his family and his people (his society).

If White men want to regain their rightful place in the world – regain their familial and societal stature – then they once again need to become "warrior advocates" for their people.  They do not have to just "take it lying down."  They do not have to just meekly and passively accept being emasculated by an anti-White, Jew-dominated society of the colored soon-to-be majority.  But they will have to redeem themselves – they will need to reassert their dominance in all the areas that naturally require their special skills, strengths, and abilities.

We will need to do that legally, of course.  But behaving and acting legally do not preclude your always being prepared to defend your White family and society from untruthful, dishonest, fraudulent, illegal, and even savage physical attacks by Jews and non-Whites.  Keeping it legal does not prohibit you from teaching your family about the strengths and virtues of a patriarchal family and a male-dominated social philosophy (contrary to Jewish "radical feminist" teachings, there is no virtue in creating more masculinized women and psychologically neutered and effeminate men).  (But please note in this regard – being a "real man" doesn't mean having the African-jungle sexual habits of a rutting buck Negro, or hoisting a beer in a sports bar while screaming your approval of a Negro dropping a ball through a hoop on the television screen, or being abusive to women.)  It does not prevent your being energetically active in the fundamentally good and natural White Nationalist cause, which is dedicated to preserving and advancing our Western Civilization and to resisting and ultimately prevailing against the forces that are attempting to destroy the White race – the forces working to commit genocide against our people.  For that matter, it doesn't even stop you from just living a strong, clean, moral and honorable White man's life – protective of your mate and family; productive, honest and truthful; not becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, and spectator sports.

There is one further consideration in this regard.  Many people don't realize it, but a war is already being waged against the White people of America (consider all the non-White immigration, both legal and illegal; all the efforts to dispossess us Whites in our own countries; the vastly disproportionate amount of colored-on-White crime being committed against our people; the Jew-controlled news media hiding the race of non-White perpetrators; the Jew-controlled entertainment media force-feeding our people a hugely exaggerated Negro presence on television and in movies; and all the racial preferences for non-Whites that are emplaced and enforced by our government).  If more of us start acting and performing more like the White men we are supposed to be – "practicing," if you will – we'll be better prepared to fight the real battles that are surely coming when the race war finally becomes incapable of being ignored any longer, and erupts on our doorsteps (coming soon, to a neighborhood near you?).

So, what exactly can you do as a practical matter?  Firstly, become educated and informed (as opposed to Jew-brainwashed).  If you haven't already, start reading and studying the books and articles available through White-interest websites and blogs such as this one and those listed in the sidebar. Remember – as a wise man (Mark Twain?) once said, a man who will not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.  Then, become more vocal and assertive concerning the greatness and the natural rights of your people – White people (one could put it this way – "stiffen your spine and grow a pair").  Don't hesitate to tell the truth about non-White crime in America, and about all their other destructive effects on our society.  Don't be afraid to "name the Jew" whenever appropriate, by calling attention to their crimes and treachery, past and present.  Become more active in the White Nationalist "movement."  Join us – help us "fight the good fight" for the sake of our culture, our society (White Civilization), our women, and our children and grandchildren and all that will follow.  Enlist your wife as your partner in those efforts, and teach your children the truth so they will be equipped to analyze and reject, when justified, all the historical and racial nonsense they will be taught in school.  You can make a difference!

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