White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, July 29, 2012


by Val Koinen
July 29, 2012

(1)  Oh, my gawd – tell me it ain't so!  Romney goes to London and makes some off-the-cuff remarks about England maybe not being prepared to host the Olympic Games!  (Can you believe it?  Can the world handle a gaffe of this magnitude?)

(2)  Oh, yeah, and this too…  Then he goes on to Israel and says that when elected he will back Israel whenever and as soon as they decide to start a war with Iran.  (Yawn.  So what's the big deal?  Who's competing in beach volleyball this afternoon?)

Wait a minute here – we're talking about another war for Israel?  In essence, presidential candidate Mitt Romney says, "hell yeah!"  To me, this latest Romney-blabber just amounts to more revelations that his thinking vis-à-vis a future Israel/Iran conflict could well lead us into World War III.

Check it out:


http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/29/in-israel-romney-to-issue-unmistakable-warning-to- iran/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=mint+social&utm_campaign=Politiceur&hpt=hp_t 2



His blind fealty to the Jews and to Israeli national interests as opposed to America's best interests could portend a monstrous disaster of the most disastrous kind.

Just think about this warmongering blank check Romney has once again promised to give to Israel.  It is hard for me to see how his position differs a whole hell of a lot from the insane war guarantee the drunken fool Winston Churchill gave to Poland back in 1939 (the real proximate cause of World War II).  So now, whatever problems Israel, the "Jewish State" and the apartheid state, has with Iran would now automatically become our problems.  And then – most likely a regional problem involving the entire Arab/Muslim world throughout the Middle East; and then maybe even a problem involving Russia, and then China!

Will we never learn from history?  Where is Ron Paul when we need him?

Next up (watch for it next week):  Romney's propagandizing for the Jews by spewing "holocaust" nonsense when he gets to Poland.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


by Val Koinen
July 28, 2012

Sometimes when you get up in the morning, check the latest news, and contemplate the racial, social, economic, and political situations in contemporary America; it can be a little hard to be very optimistic about things.  Then, sometimes when you leave home and go out among your fellow citizens, you see and hear things that just make you cast down your eyes and shake your head in disbelief.  Sometimes it is easy to become discouraged and mired in despair, and easy to ask yourself, "what's the use?"

Just think about it.  We White Americans are rapidly becoming a minority in our own country.  We are preyed upon unmercifully by organized Jewry, Negro savages, Mestizo illegals and gangbangers, Muslim crazies, and economically predatory Asians.  We have allowed our laws to become radically anti-White – ceding all kinds of preferences, privileges, advantages, and power to "people of color" and blatantly discriminating against our own kind.  We have seen our own people's thinking become saturated with unwarranted White guilt and self-hatred.  We have allowed our country to become almost completely controlled by the Jews via their media dominance, campaign financing, lobbying, dominance of banking and finance, entrenchment in academia and in the legal/justice system, and their networking and nepotism in the bureaucracy.

Surrender of Compatible Governance

Sometimes it's hard to see how our people even stand a chance.  Just think – nearly half of White American voters helped elect Barack Obama in 2008.  A man whose background was (and still is) virtually unknown (deliberately and deceitfully hidden from the electorate).  A half-African mulatto who was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia (when he was not residing in the multiracial morass of Hawaii).  A done-nothing "community organizer" who was groomed for public office in the gangsterland of Chicago politics; a friend and protégé of leftist radicals and terrorists and blatantly anti-White Negro religionists; an anti-White racist himself; a man who has had very little experience living a real, productive American life; a thinly veiled socialist if not an actual communist; a man who has gone to great length and expense to hide his past; quite possibly a non-natural-born citizen (and therefore a pretender, or imposter, under the law); a man who is shown by credible evidence to have presented a partially fabricated (forged) birth certificate to the American people and possibly even falsified his Selective Service registration documents.

And think about this:  we American White people have been so massively brainwashed all our lives by the Jew-dominated news and entertainment media, public education system, and government that we seem to act like we can't even govern ourselves at the highest levels anymore – as though we simply must have a Black or other non-White as either President or Vice President, Congressman or Senator, and Supreme Court Justice.  For some unfathomable reason, we act as though we need to give foremost consideration and front-runner status to people like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Condoleezza Rice, and Allen West as the leading V.P. possibilities to run alongside Republican Mitt Romney in the coming presidential election (at least that is what is constantly drummed into our heads by the Jewish media – hey, maybe it's not so "unfathomable" after all).

Another telling example – you might ask yourself how so many Whites could possibly have given serious consideration to someone like the inexperienced and unqualified, affirmative-action pizza-peddling Negro Herman Cain as a serious and legitimate presidential contender; and encouraged him to enter the race and even enthusiastically supported him during the recent presidential primary race and national debates.  (Not that he would be denied the opportunity, under our existing system, to be the leader of this great nation just because he is a Negro.  The point is, rather, that he was extended the chance to vie for that exalted position, despite his obviously being laughably unqualified, because he is a Negro.)

Even on the State level, and even in a strongly White, conservative, Republican state like Idaho, we had Mestizo Raul Labrador winning election to Congress as a Republican – he being a pro-Mestizo-immigrant (and therefore by definition anti-White) attorney, for chrissakes.  And there have been other examples of that kind in recent years, all across the country.  Not to mention all the semi-literate and minimally civilized Negro Senators and Representatives that have been elected to Congress.

And then, you might want to give some thought to the kind of White Republicans we have chosen to run for the presidency and vice-presidency in recent years – the people who would offer a White alternative to Obama.  People like John McCain, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and even this year's apparent primary winner and soon-to-be-crowned Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Of course, they are sometimes a little more "conservative" than the Democrats in most areas of domestic policy.  But look at the trade-off.  In order to gain a few (a very few, but they don't seem to grasp that) Negro votes, they pander to that socially costly and civilizationally backward and destructive underclass.  They always turn out to be  champions of the Negro ascendancy, thus betraying their own racial group in favor of a continuing and ever expanding BRA (Black run America).  Similarly, in groveling for the Mestizo vote, they always turn out to be pro-illegal alien Mestizo invasion (pro-amnesty) in some fashion or another, to some extent or other, even though they deny it when talking to predominantly White and more conservative audiences.  (Talk about stupid exercises in futility!)

And worst of all, they are all Israel- and Jew-worshipping puppets – buttkissers and warmongers of the first order – the most rabid supporters of more Jew-driven war in the Middle East, with Iran the next on their agenda.  Wars that have already killed and maimed thousands of our young people, as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis.  Wars that have already nearly bankrupted America, and which will surely get that job done when we invade Iran for the benefit of the Jews.

Other Racial Weaknesses

Now, shift your attention if you will to another area of contemporaneous White weakness and suicidal insanity – to the pathetically deracinated, self-destructive people we Whites have become.

We have allowed the Jews to brainwash us so thoroughly (dare I say "completely?") that, in order to be, or at least appear, politically correct, we have literally prostrated ourselves before rampant Negro brutality and criminality.

We have virtually ignored the secret, dirty ongoing war of Negro crime directed at White people – assault, battery, mob violence, rape, torture, and murder.   And that has not happened accidentally – we have chosen to tolerate the Jew-dominated press hiding the character and magnitude of that war by their self-admitted non-reporting and censoring of many of the worst black-on-White crimes, and of the race of the Black perpetrators and their White victims even when those crimes are reported.

How many times in recent months have you read, or heard it said, or had the thought yourself, in connection with some horrific Black-on-White crime that is ignored (censored) by the mainstream media; that "this would be all over the news, all over the country, for weeks or even months on end, and treated as the crime of the century, if the races were reversed?"  True enough.  But don't we have to ask ourselves – why in hell have we put up with that intolerable situation so long?

Then, there is the news out of Liverpool England of a case wherein local law enforcement repeatedly failed to timely pursue – thoroughly and properly investigate and then prosecute – a group of nine Muslim men (a Muslim gang as it were) who raped dozens of White British children.  The authorities repeatedly refused to investigate known Muslim pedophile gangs.  And why was that?  Well, information has come out at trial that the police didn't pursue those cases because they were concerned they would be seen as being guilty of racism.  So, in order to be politically correct, they failed to protect their own children so as to not offend the Muslim invader community and their idiotic, race-traitor White protectors and apologists.  Several other cases of politically-correct lax police work and lenient sentencing of Muslims and Negroes have also come to light.  Just unbelievable and outrageous.  And absolutely inexcusable.  (An offshore example, to be sure, but not much different from the way Americans relate to non-White criminals.)

And now – our White congresspeople in both the House and Senate – still the vast majority of these (for the most part) cowardly and derelict political hacks – refuse to investigate and impeach our halfrican presidential pretender Barack Obama for his many crimes, no doubt because he is a half-Negro.  Crimes against the American people and crimes under the law for which there is clear proof if not open knowledge, or at the very least an abundance of credible evidence.  Crimes such as the following:

-  His Attorney General, Negro Eric Holder, and his Justice Department, refusing to prosecute Negroes and other non-Whites who commit civil-rights crimes against White people.

-  Obama's recent decision not to deport certain young illegal-alien Mestizo immigrants that qualify in certain ways, and to allow them to remain in the U.S. so they can eventually become citizens and vote for Democrats.  And so they can compete with desperate American White (and Black) job seekers.  And so they can contribute to their demographic (racial) take-over of huge parts of the country.  He has done that through executive fiat, without Congressional sanction and in clear contradiction of U.S. law.

-  His apparently forging and releasing a partly fabricated long-form birth certificate in an effort to put to rest allegations that he is not a "natural born citizen" as required by law when taking the office of President of the United States.  And there is the additional possibility that he has presented an apparently fraudulent Selective Service registration card (if so, that would be a serious federal crime).  (With regard to these two items – see results of investigations of Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix area) Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "cold case posse" findings.)

Congress and the Supremes have not only refused to take up these matters, they have stood by while Obama's Justice Department has begun to seriously harass and intimidate the States of Arizona and Florida, and Sheriff Arpaio himself, by suing them in order to prevent their enforcing immigration laws when the Feds have failed (refused) to do so.

-  And now we get the news, while perhaps of somewhat lesser import than the above but still comprising anti-White discrimination and probably illegal, that Obama has, by executive order and once again ignoring Congress, set up an African-American Education Office in order to spend more government (taxpayer's) money in yet another futile attempt to bolster the education of African American students (to spend more money on preferential educational advantages for Negroes).

The Sorry State of Our Own People

And lastly, if  you would like to complete this tour of despair with me, you might want to take a look at the laughably impaired and seemingly hopelessly deficient condition of so many of our own people in today's America.  And you will likely then ask yourself – how in the world can we hope to survive, let alone prosper and prevail, and maintain the quality of our racial stock and our Western Civilization, when we have so many people like these:

 Greedy, crooked, egomaniacal, and power-mad businessmen and politicians who delight in working with Jews to screw over their own people.

 Greedy businessmen who would destroy their own people and nation by pushing for more and more non-White (mainly Mestizo) laborers – thereby selling out their fellow Whites just so they can make a little more money.

 People who have allowed themselves (and their children) to become so brainwashed about racial reality that they refuse to listen to or give consideration to the truth about such elemental and crucial things as:

 -  differences between Whites and Negroes (intelligence/IQ, behavioral, propensity for uncontrolled  and criminal behavior, civilizational shortcomings, etc.).

-  the Mestizo invasion of America, so many cities and areas being literally "taken over" by that alien race (their "reconquista").

-  the Jewish domination of government, the media, finance, and academia.

 -  the ongoing dispossession of Whites in America (social, economic, political); our virtual eradication as a people; our impending genocide.

 Scantily dressed, bulging-out-all-over, junk-food munching and cola-guzzling hogs of the type that are so often seen spending their welfare checks at Walmart.

 Dirty, unshaven, and disheveled young males with their tattoos, piercing, sagging pants, and backward baseball caps (many of them potheads, dropouts, and/or "whiggers").

 Crude, vulgar, and slutty young women with their tattoos, piercings, torn jeans, and whore-emulating makeup and skin exposure.

 Religious nuts – true believers and social activists (such as those churchgoers who work to import ignorant and uncivilized Somali and Nigeria Negroes into towns all across America) – the kind of delusional people who just flat-out refuse to give "objective reality" a chance to compete with all the adult fairy tales and other nonsense that fills up their impoverished brains.

 White libtards – Obama voters, race mixers, race traitors, politically correct fools, and anti-American socialists and communists.

 Young men who are rabid Negro-athlete-worshipping spectator sports fans (primarily of football and basketball).

 White women "mudsharks" ("coalburners") who copulate with, marry and/or live with, and procreate with Negroes and other non-Whites.

 Race-traitor White academicians, politicians, media people, and entertainers who willingly work in hundreds of ways to promote non-Whites to the detriment of Whites; to dispossess or otherwise discriminate against their own White kinsmen; and to destroy our Euro-centric culture.

 People who drive into a parking space at the local shopping mall and dump the contents of their overflowing ashtray on the blacktop beside their car; the male office worker who feels an animalistic need to "mark his territory" by not flushing the urinal.

 …and on, and on ad nauseam.

Pretty bleak picture, isn't it?  Well, maybe so.  But we should never lose sight of the fact that, even more than causes for despair, these things are clear and compelling reasons to redouble our efforts and fight harder if we hope to see our people – White people – survive.

Remember – the courageous defenders of the Alamo didn't just sit down in the dirt, put their faces in their hands, and bawl like babies.  They fought on to the last man – to the final moment – to the bitter end, as they say – for what they knew to be a good and righteous cause.  A necessary cause.

We can – we must – do the same thing.  And just maybe, when history is written, defeat will be our experience too.  But maybe not.  Maybe this experience – this battle of ours for racial survival – will turn out more like the many struggles and battles we have won, against terrible odds, down through the centuries.  Maybe we will prevail.  Maybe we – the once-great White race – will, in the end, find ways to vanquish our enemies, continue to improve ourselves, and pursue our rightful destiny.

Monday, July 2, 2012


by Val Koinen
July 2, 2012

So you see yourself as a good person.  And a good American and a good parent to boot.  Because you indiscriminately help and promote the causes of the non-White less fortunate (no matter the reasons for their difficulties), the supposedly "disadvantaged," and people of color generally.  And perhaps also because you are lockstep "patriotic" and unquestioningly supportive of our government's perpetual and imperialistic war-making for the Jews.

Well, I have news for you…

You are really not a very good person, or citizen, or parent, if:

-  You contribute to the tearing down of the Western Civilization your ancestors worked and fought so hard to build, and for which they sacrificed so much; down through the centuries, over so many generations.

-  You vote and work to facilitate the demise – actually, the genocide – of your own people by promoting the artificial and preferentially advantaged ascendancy of  "people of color."

-  You allow your reasoning powers and survival instincts to be overcome by all the "White guilt" nonsense spouted by the Jews and politically-correct, self-hating White liberals amongst us.

-  You are willing to rob your own children, your progeny, of their rightful heritage by sanctioning racial diversity, multiculturalism, and non-White immigration.

-  You willingly sacrifice the quality of your children's education for a biologically and genetically misguided, actually hopeless and impossible, effort to make children of other races "equal" to our White children (to close the "achievement gap" in education).

-  You are willing to ignore reality and sacrifice America's resources and future at the altar of political correctness and misguided reverence for diversity and multiculturalism.

-  You would prefer to just stand aside while many of our once beautiful and prosperous large cities, and whole sections of the country, are taken over and utterly destroyed by Negroes and mestizos.

-  You persist in sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the secret, dirty war of assault, rape, torture, and murder being waged against your people – and especially your women and children – by the darker races.

-  You continue to shut your mind to reality, and delude yourself with regard to the treachery of the Jewish Zionist's and Neocon's warmongering in the Middle East – and in particular, their getting America to fight wars for Israel's hegemony and other interests in that region as opposed to America's best interests.  As a result, you go beyond merely supporting our troops once hostilities have begun; and you support, or at least sheepishly tolerate, the illicit actions of our Jew-driven, warmongering politicians.  (Sound familiar?  Well, it should, because it's very similar to what the Jews got us to do in World Wars I and II.  And now they are trying to push us into a war with Iran.  One has to wonder – will we never put a stop to this insanity of waging war for the Jews?)

-  You refuse to acknowledge the truth, and continue to allow the Jew-dominated media, government agencies and Congress, and education establishment to shovel all the World War II  and so-called "holocaust" lies, nonsense, and propaganda into the heads of your children.

-  You knowingly allow and support, and willingly and happily partake of the massive Jewish perversion – including the grossly excessive sexualization, dirtying, and negrification – of our popular culture; and thereby help to destroy the traditional cultural values of your own people.

-  You are willing to bankrupt America for non-White socialism and for Jewish banking/financial schemes and Jew-induced warmaking.

-  You would even consider voting for someone like Barack Obama – an un-American (in upbringing and national heritage), socialist if not communist, half-Negro anti-White racist of dubious citizenship and other credentials; the son of a Marxist, Negro-worshipping and race-mixing woman of questionable moral values and the grandson and protégé of avowed communists; companion and confidante of Islamic extremists and domestic terrorists; a man totally lacking in real-world experience or accomplishment and essentially a political entity manufactured by his Jewish "creators," promoters, and handlers and insulated from scrutiny by the Jew-controlled mainstream media.

No, my misguided White American friend, I'm afraid that doing those kinds of things will never contribute to making you a good person, citizen, or parent.  But they do make you a disgusting and pathetic race-traitor, an utter failure as a natural organism (a human being), a horrendously derelict and injurious parent, and/or a useful tool of the Jews, as the case may be.  For all your efforts, those are the things you will achieve; those are the things that will comprise your legacy.