White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, July 2, 2012


by Val Koinen
July 2, 2012

So you see yourself as a good person.  And a good American and a good parent to boot.  Because you indiscriminately help and promote the causes of the non-White less fortunate (no matter the reasons for their difficulties), the supposedly "disadvantaged," and people of color generally.  And perhaps also because you are lockstep "patriotic" and unquestioningly supportive of our government's perpetual and imperialistic war-making for the Jews.

Well, I have news for you…

You are really not a very good person, or citizen, or parent, if:

-  You contribute to the tearing down of the Western Civilization your ancestors worked and fought so hard to build, and for which they sacrificed so much; down through the centuries, over so many generations.

-  You vote and work to facilitate the demise – actually, the genocide – of your own people by promoting the artificial and preferentially advantaged ascendancy of  "people of color."

-  You allow your reasoning powers and survival instincts to be overcome by all the "White guilt" nonsense spouted by the Jews and politically-correct, self-hating White liberals amongst us.

-  You are willing to rob your own children, your progeny, of their rightful heritage by sanctioning racial diversity, multiculturalism, and non-White immigration.

-  You willingly sacrifice the quality of your children's education for a biologically and genetically misguided, actually hopeless and impossible, effort to make children of other races "equal" to our White children (to close the "achievement gap" in education).

-  You are willing to ignore reality and sacrifice America's resources and future at the altar of political correctness and misguided reverence for diversity and multiculturalism.

-  You would prefer to just stand aside while many of our once beautiful and prosperous large cities, and whole sections of the country, are taken over and utterly destroyed by Negroes and mestizos.

-  You persist in sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the secret, dirty war of assault, rape, torture, and murder being waged against your people – and especially your women and children – by the darker races.

-  You continue to shut your mind to reality, and delude yourself with regard to the treachery of the Jewish Zionist's and Neocon's warmongering in the Middle East – and in particular, their getting America to fight wars for Israel's hegemony and other interests in that region as opposed to America's best interests.  As a result, you go beyond merely supporting our troops once hostilities have begun; and you support, or at least sheepishly tolerate, the illicit actions of our Jew-driven, warmongering politicians.  (Sound familiar?  Well, it should, because it's very similar to what the Jews got us to do in World Wars I and II.  And now they are trying to push us into a war with Iran.  One has to wonder – will we never put a stop to this insanity of waging war for the Jews?)

-  You refuse to acknowledge the truth, and continue to allow the Jew-dominated media, government agencies and Congress, and education establishment to shovel all the World War II  and so-called "holocaust" lies, nonsense, and propaganda into the heads of your children.

-  You knowingly allow and support, and willingly and happily partake of the massive Jewish perversion – including the grossly excessive sexualization, dirtying, and negrification – of our popular culture; and thereby help to destroy the traditional cultural values of your own people.

-  You are willing to bankrupt America for non-White socialism and for Jewish banking/financial schemes and Jew-induced warmaking.

-  You would even consider voting for someone like Barack Obama – an un-American (in upbringing and national heritage), socialist if not communist, half-Negro anti-White racist of dubious citizenship and other credentials; the son of a Marxist, Negro-worshipping and race-mixing woman of questionable moral values and the grandson and protégé of avowed communists; companion and confidante of Islamic extremists and domestic terrorists; a man totally lacking in real-world experience or accomplishment and essentially a political entity manufactured by his Jewish "creators," promoters, and handlers and insulated from scrutiny by the Jew-controlled mainstream media.

No, my misguided White American friend, I'm afraid that doing those kinds of things will never contribute to making you a good person, citizen, or parent.  But they do make you a disgusting and pathetic race-traitor, an utter failure as a natural organism (a human being), a horrendously derelict and injurious parent, and/or a useful tool of the Jews, as the case may be.  For all your efforts, those are the things you will achieve; those are the things that will comprise your legacy.


richard said...

They are one and all anti-white,regardless of what they call themselves to feel good.

James Laffrey said...

I hope your very strong voice is reaching and persuading many people.

I am 54 years old. I was raised in a "race"-less White neighborhood, and then raised by tv's Phil Donahue preaching about "people of color," and on and on. Now, I realize that Donahue was saying "people of color" to avoid saying the word "race." He was serving jewry's agenda. And if he wasn't a crypto-jew all along, he later married the jewess Marlo Thomas, showing his true colors.

Well, enough of all that.

What I would like to say is that I finally overcame it all. Nobody taught me in-person a single thing about race. Thanks to the Internet, and the minority of honest, intelligent writers such as you on the Internet, I received enough of the help I needed.


James Laffrey
(Yes, "equal" was a bad choice of words. That was nearly three years ago. I wouldn't choose that word now.)

Val Koinen said...

@James Laffrey:
Thanks for your comments. I don't know about Marlo Thomas being Jewish (more like Lebanese/Italian, and a Catholic family?) -- but I remember Donahue about the same way you do.