White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, September 7, 2012



September 7, 2012

O.K., so now you've sewn up the Republican nomination. Congratulations -- that's an impressive achievement in itself, and you are to be applauded for that.

But now, I feel compelled to write to you -- to ask you -- to plead for you to do the right things going forward.

Just stop and think about it. After you win the election, you will have a tremendous responsibility, but also the most wonderful opportunity, to do the right things for America. For all Americans, of course, and that includes your own people -- Americans of European extraction -- still the majority of Americans.

You will be given the opportunity, working with a Republican House and possibly a Republican Senate as well, to dramatically apply the brakes to the ever-accelerating social, political, and economic dispossession of the White majority of this once-great country. To begin a new era of friendship and cooperation with our cousins in Russia, Germany, and other European countries. To stem the onslaught of mestizo immigration, comprised largely of illegal-alien trespassers (invaders) from south of the border. And to bring to an end our long, shameful history of being International Jewry's and Israel's warmongering attack-dog (slavishly doing the bidding of the Zionists and their American Neoconservative helpmates, both Jewish and Gentile).

You are a good and moral man. A man of honor. I know you truly and deeply care about your country and your people. You are smart, hard-working, and savvy in matters of business, governance, and executive administration. Those qualities and more are the reasons I know you have the potential of being a great President.

But you could be much more than that. You could literally go down in history as the one man who did the most, given the time and resources available to him, to save Western Civilization. But in order to do that, you simply must revise your thinking as regards: the value of good relations with Russia (as opposed to enmity toward that country); letting Jewish money and media control and other undue influence dominate our governance; serving Israel's as opposed to American interests by sending them obscene amounts of money and by waging war on their behalf in the Middle East; and letting our nation be overrun by hordes of mestizos. And of course you would also do well to do whatever you can to end discrimination against White Americans in order to provide special racial preferences and advantages for Negroes (and for that matter, discrimination especially against straight White men in favor of homosexuals, radical feminists, the politically-correct liberals, and minorities in general).

Yes, as a top priority, you must immediately begin work to repair our severely damaged economy. But you must, at the same time, make some real progress in the areas I have mentioned above. For the sake of the survival and future of America, and the future of our grandchildren and those to follow -- you must work toward returning some sanity to our government and its legal foundations.

And perhaps most importantly -- above all -- please, Mr. Romney, try to reconsider your previously stated positions and do not join Israel in a military strike against Iran, thereby running the very real risks of bankrupting America and igniting World War III.

When elected President, you will be in a unique position to do some real good for America and for your people. I'm not asking you to do harm to anybody -- just to work toward fair, equal, and justly deserved treatment for everyone based on the Constitution and the law. All I am asking is that you try to do what you can to help our nation survive and prosper; and to help the White people of America, along with other American citizens, survive and prosper.

Once again, I would beseech you, our next President of the United States, to reconsider some of your positions and to please give these things some thought and fair consideration. Please do not let us down.

Respectfully yours,

Val Koinen


Franklin Ryckaert said...

If you knew how many Jewish advisors this man has ( one even is an Israeli) you wouldn't try to appeal to a sense of honor in this man. If he will become president, he will be a puppet of the Jews, with all the destructiveness which that entails.

Val Koinen said...

Franklin: Between you and me -- I'm sure you are right, and I thank you for your astute comments.
f.y.i. -- I wanted to put this out there in as positive a manner as I could to see what kind of propagation it would get -- although -- with "tongue-in- cheek," perhaps even insincere and feigned admiration and respect.