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Friday, October 26, 2012


by Val Koinen
October 26, 2012

You might want to use this checklist to compare the candidates:

Place of birth -- natural-born U.S. citizenship?
Romney:  U.S. (Detroit) -- no questions; no controversy.
Obama:  Controversial -- Hawaii (?), or maybe Kenya (?) (there is a good deal of credible evidence that he may not be a 'natural born citizen').

Family background
Romney:  Fully 'American' family -- moral, ethical, hardworking, and successful mainstream people.
Obama:  Disturbingly different.  (?)Self-hating White, sexually libertarian if not promiscuous, and communist-sympathizer mother; communistically inclined maternal grandparents.  Black Kenyan (presumed) father a bigamist drunk who abandoned Obama and his mother (when he was an infant); tribal Kenyan Muslim paternal grandparents and extended family.  Alternatively, there is credible evidence that his true birth-father might have been the Hawaiian Negro communist, writer, photographer, and pornographer Frank Marshall Davis.  At the very least, Davis was a mentor of the young Barack Obama for an extended period starting at about age 10.

Romney:  Thoroughly American, majority-White society.
Obama:  Indonesian; Hawaiian (yes, yes, I know -- Hawaii is a State of the U.S.  But young Obama's life there was filled with multi-racial, largely Pacific/Asian, multi-national influences).

Higher education records
Romney:  Open; unquestioned.
Obama:  Largely kept hidden from public inspection.

Educational performance
Romney:  Top student in college and combined MBA/law school program.
Obama:  Questionable but probably mediocre as an undergraduate; top student in law school.

Early financial backing
Romney:  Clear and transparent; normal.  Self-earned funds as a young adult, in private sector.
Obama:  Unknown, mysterious, questionable during school years (including, through law school).  As adult, mainly from limited legal work and government sources.

Drug use as young man
Romney:  None that we know of.
Obama:  Lots

Homosexual experience
Romney:  None
Obama:  Possible; alleged by multiple parties.

Life-experience as productive American in the real world
Romney:  Extensive (total).
Obama:  Severely limited (a lot of leftist activism and political positions).

Birth certificate
Romney:  No questions or controversies
Obama:  Highly controversial; has been credibly accused of providing a 'doctored' (forgery; fake?) Long-Form Birth Certificate.

Social Security registration
Romney:  Straightforward and unquestioned.
Obama:  Questioned as possibly fraudulent.

Selective Service registration
Romney:  Straightforward and unquestioned.
Obama:  Questioned as possibly fraudulent.

Early passport citizenship
Romney:  USA
Obama:  Unknown (refuses to disclose).

Marriage and parental qualities
Romney:  Good
Obama:  Good

Romney:  Mormon and therefore perhaps not 'mainstream,' but thoroughly American.
Obama:  Unknown with certainty; possibly Muslim?  If Christian; was member of black, racist,    anti-White congregation for many years.

Past involvement/association with socialistic, revolutionary, anti-American individuals and groups; terrorist criminals
Romney:  None
Obama:  Several such past involvements; some in-depth and long-lasting.

Private sector experience and success
Romney:  Lots
Obama:  Virtually none.

Government and government-financed employment and experience
Romney:  Some (Governor of Massachusetts).
Obama:  Lots

Socialist versus capitalist tendencies
Romney:  None (classic American capitalist).
Obama:  Many (history of socialistic thinking and actions) (including, favors wealth redistribution from Whites to coloreds).

Fiscal expertise and responsibility
Romney:  Sound credentials; positive, conservative; and proven record.
Obama:  Socialistic; irresponsible big-spender.

'Racist' tendencies
Romney:  None
Obama:  Flagrantly anti-White.

Backing of Jew-controlled liberal mainstream media
Romney:  Mostly hostile, but some favorable press due to his Israel-worship.
Obama:  Near total; generally enthusiastic.

Attitude toward wealth building and retention
Romney:  Work to earn it; you earn it -- you keep it.
Obama:  Tax the successful; redistribute to non-Whites and non-earners.

Political appeal to American men
Romney:  Strong among White men; virtually non-existant among Blacks and Mestizos.
Obama:  Pretty much only if they are Negroes, Mestizos, or hard-core liberals.

Political appeal to American women
Romney:  Moderate to high among those who are intelligent, sane, and relatively free of misguided and misplaced emotions; essentially non-existant among coloreds.
Obama:  High among White women who are intelligence-challenged, irrational, racially self-hating and/or consumed with 'White guilt,' rose-colored-glasses liberal, or socialist.

Appeal to non-Whites
Romney:  Little to none.
Obama:  Nearly universal; ehthusiastic ('rabid').

Infatuation with and subservience to Jews and Israel
Romney:  Excessive -- probably worse than Obama.
Obama:  Lots, but with some admirable exceptions.

Overall record in political office
Romney:  Good
Obama:  Dismal

Record as President
Romney:  Not applicable.
Obama:  Dismal

Position on immigration
Romney:  A little weak and wishy-washy; probably about as good as can be expected.
Obama:  Abysmal; flagrantly anti-White.

Administration of U.S. law via Justice Department
Romney:  Not applicable; but expected to be even-handed.
Obama:  Distinctly anti-White; dedicated to colored favoritism and, especially, subservience to Negroes.

Supreme Court appointments
Romney:  Not applicable; but expected to be acceptable to majority White Americans.
Obama:  Abysmal -- anti-White, anti-male, anti-'straight.'

Romney:  Wants to lower.
Obama:  Wants more.

Government spending
Romney:  Wants to reduce.
Obama:  Has increased; undoubtedly wants more.

Romney:  Would reduce.
Obama:  Would grow the deficit.

Romney:  Would grow via the private sector.
Obama:  Would grow government sector.

Engagement in empire-building; warmongering
Romney:  Probably OK in general and favors strong military for defense; but there is a real danger that he would be more likely to wage war for Israel.
Obama:  Most certainly would also wage war for Israel, plus -- demonstrated tendency toward ill-advised intervention in foreign countries (particularly, in North Africa and the Middle East).

Other foreign relations, especially with major powers
Romney:  Probably OK except for idiotic attitude toward Russia.
Obama:  Weak and 'apologetic' in representing America; amazingly, tries to be 'soft' on radical Muslims at same time he is subservient to Israel.

Ability/tendency to jog up to a podium with his elbows tucked close to his body in a 'shucking and jiving' manner
Romney:  No such inclinations or skills whatsoever.
Obama:  A hallmark talent of his; apparently just comes naturally.
                                                    *    *    *
So there you have it.  Which candidate deserves your vote?  Tough choice, huh?

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