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Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, October 29, 2012


Holy Jehosaphat!  Check out this article from World Net Daily:

"Could 'Frankenstorm' Be A Sign from God?"

Sometimes when someone says or writes something so preposterous and full of outlandish superstition and disinformation that it could conceivably endanger the mental wellbeing of all those exposed to it, you really have no choice but to respond with an ad hominem attack -- because, bad as the thing itself is, the fact that someone actually wrote or published such a reckless and/or vicious assault on your rationality and sensibility is much, much worse.

In my view, this article is a case in point.

What an embarassingly and laughably ignorant and/or stupid, childish, primitive, backward, ludicrous and ridiculous piece of rubbish!  It's hard to believe supposedly modern, educated, knowledgeable, and enlightened men here in 21st-century America could have thoughts like these, write them in what I presume was intended to be a serious article, and publish them on the Internet.

I have frequently depended on WND for news and information exposing Obama the 'pretender,' and having to do with other issues as well.  And, even though I often disagree with the religious positions of WND editor Joseph Farah, I generally respect and appreciate his thoughts, writings, and commentary, as well as those of most other writers whose work he chooses to publish.  But now I have to wonder -- can I believe anything I read on that site if their editorial judgement allows them to post nonsense like this?

...just wondering.

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