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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 31, 2013
Looming large as the year draws to a close is the Israeli/Jew push to get the United States involved in military action against Iran.
That effort by Israel, the Israel lobby and their myriad organizations and activists, Jewish and Gentile sympathizers, and wealthy Jewish donors in the U.S., has been ongoing for many years, since before the Iraq wars.  A good reference that provides a detailed description of those efforts is The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by Mearsheimer and Walt, published in 2007.

A study of this situation brings some other, ancillary but hugely important issues into focus.  Such as the grossly inappropriate Israeli/Jewish impetus behind our disastrous military interventions in Iraq.  And the depth and strength of Israeli/Jewish control over our government's Executive branch and Congress.  And the way they constantly write war-promoting articles in our most influential media and do so much war-promoting speechifying on television and at meetings and conventions of high-level stature; the way neocons in government continue to influence debate and decisions at the uppermost levels of government; the perversely inappropriate way 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu and other prominent Israeli officials repeatedly address our Congress and are granted face-to-face meetings with our presidents; and the way AIPAC and other Jewish organizations twist arms and use their power of the purse and their control of the media to influence Congressmen's positions on relevant issues and legislation.  All considered, it is not very hard to see who is 'calling the shots' when it comes to serving Israel's interests (as opposed to U.S. interests) in the Middle East.
 But now, as we come to the end of the year 2013, probably no story in the news is as important to the immediate future of America, and to the world for that matter, as the continuing Israeli/Jewish warmongering in the Middle East.
Yes, of course, in the longer term there are other situations and issues that are no doubt just as or even more important, particularly for White America.  Things like our government being dominated if not controlled by Jews, Negroes and other non-Whites, homosexuals, insanely politically-correct ultraliberals and leftists of all stripes, and multi-motivated White race traitors.  The degraded state of our culture.  The majority White population being overwhelmed by non-White immigration and high birth rates and being socially, economically, and politically dispossessed by 'people of color.'  The contamination of our gene pool through race mixing.  Our being genocided also by our own comparatively low birth rate and the effects of Jew-promoted radical feminism, sexual promiscuity as opposed to marriage and family, and homosexuality.

Still, when it comes to impending danger to our people and our country, it is hard to beat the ongoing,  imminent, and potentially disastrous results of Jewish warmongering.  Now, over just the past few weeks, comes the disclosure that Jewish congressmen and lobbyists are on the verge of pushing through legislation that would virtually hand over to Israel the power to get the U.S. to declare war on Iran (reports here, and here).  As I and many others have pointed out before, this is essentially the same kind of insanity that led England to give Poland a war guarantee back in 1939, a blunder of world-changing magnitude that led to World War II.  And our own U.S. Congress, by doing Israel's bidding, is now on the verge of doing just that even though both U.S. and Israeli intelligence have over the past several years repeatedly concluded that Iran is not working toward development of nuclear weapons.  And all of that, when the fact is that Israel, not Iran, is the 'nuclear outlaw' in the region; as it is known to have hundreds of nuclear warheads while refusing to officially acknowledge that fact, to allow inspections of their facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as Iran has, or to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as Iran has.  See here, and here.

This is scary stuff.  Attacking Iran, even with limited air strikes on strategic targets, will not be a 'pushover.'  Their inevitable response could well lead to a huge, escalating, and devastating war in the Middle East.  No one knows what the reaction of Russia and China would be.  This kind of military aggression could conceivably lead to World War III.

One might wonder -- what in the hell is wrong with our Congress, which is supposed to be working for the benefit of the American people, not the Israelis?  It would seem to me the answers are that we should be electing better people; we should be calling them and writing them both before and after they are elected to demand that they put a stop to this kind of Israel-worshipping and philosemitic insanity; and we should be doing whatever it takes to disempower the monsters that are the Israel/Jewish lobby and their pro-Israel organizations such as AIPAC (and countless others).

Monday, December 30, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 30, 2013

Long before the catastrophic changes to our immigration laws back in 1965, and ever since, up to the present day, the complicit and culpable Jews have been in the forefront of those pushing to flood America with non-White immigrants, both legal and illegal.  And Jewish influence and efforts have been principal forces behind all the efforts to dilute and dispossess the White majority in America using such social and legal mechanisms as 'civil rights,' racial diversity, multiculturalism, integration (of schools and housing etc.), Negrification of our popular culture, and race-mixing of all kinds, including miscegenation.
Yet the Israeli Jews and their Jewish supporters in America proudly refer to the 'Jewish state of Israel.'  Although Israel is touted as being the only true democracy in the Middle East, it is really an 'apartheid state,' and it discriminates relentlessly against its minority non-Jewish citizenry (primarily Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims).
And then, there is the story of Israel's Negro immigrants from Africa.  Story here.  Not so 'democratic.'  Not so welcomed and desirable.  Not so praiseworthy as a source of much vaunted diversity and multiculturalism in Israel as it is in America.
As this article explains, the blatant hypocrisy of the Jews when it comes to racial diversity is unsurpassed.  And it would be shocking and unbelievable if one didn't already understand the nature of the Jews and their motivations.
I hope the reader understands that I am not criticizing the Israeli Jews' position regarding their Negro immigrants.  I think it's great -- that is precisely the position America should take when it comes to non-White immigration.  What does anger and upset me is the Jewish effort to pollute the White gene pool here in America, and the disgusting hypocrisy of their two contrasting positions -- one for America and another for Israel.  And of course the other upsetting thing about this Jewish double standard is the way the Jew-controlled mainstream media works to keep the truth from the American people (the Washington Post article referenced in the story above being the exception, not the rule).

Friday, December 27, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 27, 2013
What better way to learn about the Jews, the Jewish problem, the Jewish menace, and the Jewish state of Israel than to read an authoritative textbook and guidebook, all under one cover?
I can't think of a better way for anyone to familiarize themselves with this critically important subject than to open up their mind and ramp up their awareness by reading Dr. David Duke's 'Jewish Supremacism.'
And there is probably no better way to introduce that important book than to call your attention to this fine review by Edgar Johnston, PhD:  Exposing the Real Racists: A Review of Dr. Duke’s “Jewish Supremacism”
Do yourself a tremendous favor -- take a few minutes to click on the above link and read this review.  And then read the book, and pass this information on to those close to you -- friends, family, and co-workers.

These are dark days of relentless Israeli warmongering in the Middle East; tireless efforts by the Israel lobby to control our government's foreign policy in that part of the world and to keep the billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money flowing to Israel each and every year; never-ending Jewish poisoning of our children's minds with regard to false and distorted World War II history and their 'holocaust' hoax; Jew-driven degradation and destruction (including overwhelming Negrification) of our culture; Jewish efforts to impose more and more lethal, anti-White diversity, multiculturalism, and race mixing on our society; Jewish promotion of such perversities as radical feminism, pornography, homosexuality, and worse; and Jewish pressure to further open the floodgates to massive mestizo immigration (including amnesty for illegals).  And those are just a few of the problems being caused entirely or in large part by the Jews in today's America.

We simply must find a way to curtail Jewish power and influence in America.  And one good way to start doing that is to help awaken our people to their thinking and actions. This is your opportunity to help get that job done. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 26, 2013
Gotta love these Jews.  Oh, I know, they're not the only ones that do these kinds of things to their own people -- the world is full of scam artists of all ethnic persuasions.  The Mormons are renowned for this kind of thing -- Salt Lake City has been called the scam capital of the West.  But this one is double-funny, because not only was the Rabbi selling fake Torahs to his own congregation, to the tune of more than a million dollars; he was using the Jews' favorite 'other religion,' the famously phony 'Holocaust' scam, as a come-on.  Now that's chutzpah!
Of course Rabbi Youlus was a piker when compared with the truly great Jewish financial scammers such as Jews Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken, who managed to steal multi-millions from fellow-Jews, along with all their other victims, with their financial shenanigans.  And let's not forget the greatest of them all, Jew Bernie Madoff, who conned investors, many of them Jews and Jewish charitable organizations, out of tens of billions of dollars.
Maybe it's just in their nature; maybe it's genetic.  A person could amuse themselves all day long just researching other Jewish scammers online.  Typical stories of this kind of financial fraud (Jew-on-Jew) pop up all over the place, for example here, here, here, and here (that last one involving a vast range of victims, but we can be sure they included a few Jews along the way).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 25, 2013

5:00 a.m. Christmas morning.  First order of business is to go out to get the newspaper.  Looks like a nice morning -- not too cold, and not raining or snowing.  I see there is still quite a bit of snow cover from the storm that passed through a few days ago, so the kids can enjoy their 'white Christmas.'  I like it this way -- no snow or ice on the roads, no need to shovel the sidewalks, but a lot of snow starting about half way up the foothills and up on the mountain and ski slopes above town.

Next order of business, as is my routine, is to start a pot of coffee.  This morning I will use the 'Christmas blend' one of the grandchildren so thoughtfully gifted to me.  Smells good.

Then, while waiting for the coffee to brew and before settling down to read the paper, I go down the hall and turn on the computer so as to check for any email and browse the news headlines.

And there it is -- prominently displayed right there on the screen of my digital Christmas tree -- a gift I had dreamed of many times but never really anticipated receiving -- developing reports of what seem to be credible disclosures of likely Israeli/Mossad and Bush administration involvement in a 9/11 false-flag attack on the twin towers and Pentagon:

'Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst'

‘Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11’

True, this wondrous Christmas gift -- these reports -- were spotted on 'Press TV,' the Iranian alternative news site.  But I don't see anything to concern me there, as I have found their reporting to be far more informative and reliable than most of the so-called 'news coverage' in the Jew-controlled mainstream, home-grown online news sites.

Then, in digging into the topic a little more, I came across a couple earlier articles having to do with possible Saudi involvement in the events of 9/11 that I had overlooked over the past week or so:

'Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup'

'The Strange Connection Between 9/11, Saudi Arabia, and Washington DC'

Now, I personally would tend to believe the articles stressing the Saudi involvement might represent an attempt to deflect suspicion away from a far more important Israeli role.  But in either case, this kind of exposure of details of the classified congressional investigation and massively redacted sections of their report strikes me as being a 'bombshell' event.  Possibly both were involved, working together with the Bush administration.

I don't know how these news reports and the inevitable pressure for futher exposure and investigations are going to get any traction in our mainstream media, but it is hard to see how that can be avoided much longer.  Finally, it would appear that the truth is starting to come out.

The important thing to me is my firm belief that the American public has the right to know -- needs to know -- the truth of what really happened on September 11, 2001.  And if it does turn out that foreign government agents, people in our own government, and/or the Jews of AIPAC or the Israel Lobby were involved; they should be apprehended, tried, convicted, and held to account.  Heads should roll.

I would even go so far as to suggest that Congress, as they get further involved in renewed, completely transparent investigations of this matter, should pass tough new legislation making the deliberate dissemination of untruths -- lying, whether orally or in print or electronically -- with the willful intention of impeding the investigations or otherwise obstructing justice in this specific matter of the 9/11 attacks -- be punishable by a mandatory death penalty.  I think a final, definitive resolution of this entire matter is that important to the future of our nation.  Is that too much to ask for?  At the very least, I would hope that such a law and prescribed punishment could be enacted with respect to lying under oath as investigations move forward.  And there must now be further, definitive investigations; and they must start moving forward now!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
Following is an article that should be required reading for every White high-school student and adult in America:
 I Don’t Deny Any Holocaust… Do You?
by ‘WheresOurBlessing’ commentor at TUT
Many ignorant, brainwashed people have contemptuously called me a “Holocaust Denier”. The following is the response I give, to those who will listen:
Excuse me, but I don’t “deny” ANY “Holocaust”… Do you?
I fully accept the account of the brave and famous Russian writer and historian, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who was often called “The Conscience of the 20th Century”; who served eight long years in the Soviet Gulag prison system, when he reports in the book he published in the year 2000 entitled “Together For Two Hundred Years” that, in the Soviet Holocaust, 66 million innocent Gentiles, mostly Christians (and it being a full ELEVEN TIMES the number of Jews claimed to have been killed by the Germans in WWII), were kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered in a wide variety of cruel, wanton, and horribly inhuman ways in the thousands of monstrously evil Gulag concentration camps at the hands of the Jewish Bolshevik “Ivan the Terrible” Cheka corps.

Monday, December 23, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 23, 2013
The Christmas spirit of the Jews:  Here are links to two articles that do a great job of exposing the ways in which the Jews and their gentile henchmen have been working so long and hard to degrade our Christmas holiday tradition:  Part 1 and Part 2 of 'Merry Christmas...NOT!' by Edmund Connelly.
It's all about disrespect, denigration, and desecration.  Ultimately aimed at the destruction of White America's cherished religious and cultural icons and traditions.
As most people who read this blog are aware, I am not a great defender of organized religion or god belief.  Even so, and in spite of the Jewish over-commercialization of the Christmas holiday season, I think the Jewish attack on this fine holiday event is despicable.
Christmas brightens the dreary days of late December, following closely on the winter solstice.  It's a time of visiting, celebrating, charity, and gift giving.  The children enjoy it immensely. It's a happy time.  It's part of who we are.  It's tradition, for Chrissakes.  Even for many people who aren't staunch believers in all the details of Christianity or the Christmas story.  It's part of our national cultural heritage.
Of course, whenever Jews are involved, there is likely to be excessive money-grubbing.  Ergo, the grossly excessive commercialization of the Christmas holiday in modern times.  Even so, most decent and reasonable people manage to take that aspect in stride and not let it ruin the spirit of the season.
What these articles point out so well, even though they are a few years old, is the prevalence -- in fact the dominance -- of Jews in these disgusting perversions of the holiday and its icons.  Yes, it's true that we shouldn't be so willing to accept and patronize and enjoy many of these things (for example some of the more disgusting television shows and movies), so to some extent the problem is one of our own making.  And it is also true that many of them -- like the non-religious lyrics of some 'Christmas carols' discussed in Part 1 -- are not all that bad, or harmful to anybody or to our culture.  Many of the things discussed in the two articles, taken individually, are 'no big deal.'  But what is important is the cumulative effect and the way the Jews have used these things to undermine the culture of the White majority in America.
I think I can safely say that a small minority of a much larger population -- in this case the Jews in our midst --would only work so hard over such a long period of time to do these kinds of things to a majority group's cherished religious/cultural foundations and traditions if they wanted to destroy the cultural cohesion of that group.  That, to me, is what is so alarming about the distortions and perversions described in these articles.  That is what I find so disgusting, yet so typical, about these Jewish endeavors.
But then, if we want to think about why the Jews would want to do these culturally destructive things, we might also ask -- why would they work so hard over so many years to destroy our society and even our genetics; and dispossess us socially, politically, and economically; by promoting non-White immigration and racial integration, including such things as diversity, multiculturalism, and race mixing?  (For the same reasons, I guess -- their hatred for us, for what we are, for the things we value.  And because they don't want us to be in control of our own nations.)
And when we think of these things we should try to remember that in order to win a football game or a war, you need both defense and offense.  In this Jewish war being waged against America's White people and our society, our side has fielded neither team.  No wonder the Jews are winning.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 22, 2013

One goes down; one still going strong.  And one still being his obnoxious self.

It has been reported that Edgar Bronfman Sr. of the Seagram's liquor dynasty died Saturday, December 21 at age 84.  Bronfman most notably was the long-time influential leader of the pro-Jew (and anti-White) World Jewish Congress.  Interesting how the linked article about his life and death is laced with hints of greed and larceny on the part of other Jews close to him. So typically Jewish.

And then we have this interesting story about Henry Swieca, Jewish financial guru whose extracurricular activities in the Holy Land could well contribute to the stirring up of even more hostilities between Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem.

Jewish achievement, power, money, and troublemaking just seem to go together like lox and bagels.

Let's round out today's review of Jew news with this article about high-level Israeli chutzpah.  Here we have 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu and the government of Israel complaining of recent U.S. electronic eavesdropping.  They use these recent revelations and allegations to lecture us on the unacceptability of this kind of surveillance activity.  This, from the country that has been caught 'big-time' spying on the U.S. repeatedly since its illicit inception.

Then the article reminds us of Israel's self-righteous claim that they would never spy on the U.S. (since the last time they were caught doing it in a major way -- the Jonathan Pollard case of 1985) (never mind that other cases have come to light since then). Not sure if Netanyahu or some other official actually said something to that effect in connection with this most recent event or if it was said earlier.  Nevertheless, according to the report, Netanyahu did end up pitching a spiel for Pollard's release from a U.S. prison.

Jews.  So often so disgusting.  So often so dangerous.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


by Val Koinen
December 21, 2013

Allow me to take a break from this month's Jew Awareness Month theme.  A very disturbing story I came across last evening is bearing heavily on my mind. 

Imbecilic.  Stupid.  Ignorant.  Uninformed.  Pathetic.  Foolish.  Severely libtarded.  Brainwashed and deracinated.  Self-hating.  Filled with the poison of unnecessary and unwarranted White guilt.  Suicidal.  Confused.  Befuddled.  Weak-minded.  Those are just a few of the adjectives and descriptors that come to mind when I contemplate the way so many White Americans think about race and race-mixing (racial realism), the Jew problem (their crimes against White people and Western Civilization), the unique and bountiful qualities of their own people, our rapidly degrading culture and society, true history, our survival as a subspecies of humankind, and being guided in life by a worldview based on truth, honor, and objective reality. 

But this story 'takes the cake.'  This goes beyond the pale.  There may be some shared elements with the above, but it speaks to a different kind of delusion entirely.  This, in my considered opinion, is sheer, unbridled insanity.  It would seem that the woman's brain has been destroyed by her religious beliefs.  (And no, I don't think my suggesting that mental imbalance is a factor makes me such a cruel and heartless person.  Read the article.  The woman herself alludes to a recognition that her feelings 'may sound crazy.')

This is a beautiful White woman.  We can probably assume that she is reasonably intelligent.  We are not told that she is mentally retarded, or suffers from some organic disorder that has severely restricted her thought processes and capacity to reason.  Yet she can go on national television and spout this kind of servile, defeatist, head-in-the-clouds, illogical, unreasoned and irrational nonsense.  How can that be?  How can you explain it if not for mental illness?

In being slavishly faithful to her religious beliefs she elevates the criminal, murderous element of a tribe of  'the other' above her ability or willingness to honor her dead husband.  She rationalizes and minimizes the enormity of her husband's death and the horrible way he died.  She would ignore the damage done to her marriage and her now fatherless child in order to comfort her husband's killers.  Oh, what the hell -- maybe that's understandable -- she is, after all, honoring their behavior (their fanaticism) most likely born of their religious beliefs at the same time she is honoring her own.  Kind of like 'sleeping with the enemy' -- mentally and emotionally crawling into bed with them after they have just dispatched her husband to oblivion.

Her position and utterances seem to ignore the fact that while she is being understanding, loving, and forgiving; the assassins acted out of intolerance and hatred (of her husband and of her people, including her and her child).  And furthermore, she chooses to ignore the fact that the killers will almost certainly go on to wreak further mayhem on other people at another time.

Do we need another clue to her religious dementia?  How about her (and her husband) naming their son after Hosea -- the Jewish 'prophet of doom' of the Talmud and the Old Testament?

It just defies understanding -- it's beyond sensibility.  I really do need to finish up that essay on mankind being a failed species (or at least the one about White people being a failed subspecies of humankind).  (Oh, right -- I guess that would make me just another Hosea -- another prophet of doom.)

But then -- maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe this is just her misguided way of reaching out for solace and comfort in this horrible time of anguish and grief.  I would like to think so, and I wish her well.  But that doesn't mean that I will ever understand how she could wish her husband's killers well.  In a rational world there is a huge difference. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 18, 2013
Here is an insightful, thought-provoking, and potentially very important article I came across this morning:
'The Psychology of Conversion' by Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing
I don't know if the central theme of this well-written article -- the importance of explaining and stressing the importance of our positions along with providing information -- is the critical answer to our main problem of moving more of our people toward our White Nationalist viewpoints and steering them toward constructive activism.  But I have no doubt whatsoever that the concept is valid, and that its more diligent application could well lead to a greatly improved rate of success in those efforts.
 Privately, deep down, most of our people are probably already aware of the basic facts and share many of our beliefs.  But they have been brainwashed all their lives, by their parents, schools, churches, the news  and entertainment media, and government to turn their backs to, and their minds against, their own racial interests.  And to the obvious truth of Jewish involvement in shaping their opinions of such things as racial differences and awareness, the greatness and goodness of their own people, the fallacies of diversity and multiculturalism, the lethal foolishness of massive non-White immigration, the reality of historical events, and the wrongheadedness of waging war on behalf of Israel.
We have the facts.  We have the truth.  As the article suggests, the key to getting the attention of more people -- waking them up, as it were, and convincing them that it is alright to speak up for their racial interests -- might well lie in helping them to realize how vitally important all the good information and indisputable truths about our situation are to their own self interests, beliefs, morals, and values.
Now of course, we all do that to some extent already.  So the message here might just be that we should do it more, more often, and in more effective or convincing ways.  Maybe we just need to concentrate and focus on that part of our communications a little more -- explaining how important our information is to our listeners and readers: to their daily lives, their families, their safety and prosperity, their orderly Eurocentric society, their country, and their very survival.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 17, 2013
Three particularly informative internet posts of the past few days do an especially good job of highlighting a number of the most serious, Jew-infested current problem areas that White people are forced to navigate every day in our contemporary American society.  If you want to know what is really going on in your world, and how the Jews are involved, examining the content of these links would be a good place to start.

The first of the three focuses on the ongoing assault on and dispossession of White people in America -- weakening and eventually eliminating them as the social, political, and economic backbone of our society.  Admittedly, the article focuses on damages being caused by non-Whites, communists, and anti-White government and other powers-that-be.  But it is clear that the underlying force behind these assaults on White America -- the thinkers, organizers, and string-pullers -- are, as was the case in the Russian Revolution and the early Soviet Union, the complicit and culpable Jews.

The next article, about banks, government, and tyranny, does an excellent job of exposing and explaining Jewish involvement in the ongoing destruction of our society and nation.  In that sense it complements the review provided in the first article above, as it adds the Jewish element to the equation.  It does not deal explicitly with racial aspects of that deterioration, and the particularly devastating harm being done to the White American majority, but you can easily rectify that omission as you read the article by thinking 'White Americans' wherever the author uses terms such as 'we,' or just 'Americans.'

And finally, we have this video, which in spite of some repetitious imagery that gets a little tiresome, does a good job of exposing the White-hating mindset of Jewish academia. If you want to read more about the good Jewish professor's genocidal diatribe, you can start here.  You will notice that the Washington Times quote in that short article includes the statement '... Mr. Ignatiev, who is white...'  I saw the same or similar reference included as kind of a 'disclaimer' in other articles I looked up.  A subtle and very deceptive little 'White lie' -- Ignatiev isn't White; he's a Jew.  Big difference.

Monday, December 16, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 16, 2013
Once again the morning news explains who is in charge when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.
For starters, we get this story of our mulatto, affirmative-action National Security Advisor Susan Rice getting her 'how to deal with Iran' marching orders from the Israelis.  She is tutored by one Yassi Cohen, special agent dispatched by none other than Israel's 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu.

Susan Rice, by the way, was once our ambassador to the United Nations and was considered by Obama for nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (she withdrew, amid controversy surrounding her role in the Benghazi affair).  She is the quintessential Washington public trough feeder, never holding a real job (certainly not a productive job in the private sector) but enjoying a career with an amazing variety of political, consulting, think-tank, diplomatic, and governmental organizations and agencies.  For some odd reason, President Obama seems determined to keep her close at hand.

Then we are treated to the latest news about the warmongering, amnesty-for-illegals crazed, Senile Senator extraordinaire John McCain.

Here we have him working for the International Jews by sticking his nose into Ukrainian business while telling Putin and the Russians not to interfere.  In his own words, "We ... want to make it clear to Russia and Vladimir Putin that interference in the affairs of Ukraine is not acceptable to the United States, ..."  But I guess it's OK for him to interfere.  Obviously, chutzpah is right up there at the top of all the things the Jews have taught him.

And here we have him doing more of the bidding of his Israeli/Jewish masters by promoting more monkey-wrenching of negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program.

In view of the above, and considering that this is Jew Awareness Month, I think it might be appropriate to once again link to this earlier post concerning McCain's Israel-worship and philo-Semitism. Just so we don't forget how wrong-headed his servility to the Jews and Israel really is. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 15, 2013

The names may change, but it seems there is no end to wealthy Jews buying pro-Israel influence in our government.  Whether it is George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Irwin Mark Jacobs, or the guy featured in this article, Haim Saban, the stories always have a sickening familiarity -- big money buying elections and political influence.

Of course, wealthy Jews aren't the only people who contribute big bucks to PACs, political activism of various kinds, and campaigns.  A lot of Gentile high-rollers and other businesses do the same thing, as a way of obtaining political and regulatory favors.  It's just that the Jews must be a hell of a lot better at it than anyone else, based on obvious results.

Nevertheless, this is really vomitiferous stuff to my way of thinking. It is nothing short of the selling-out of America  -- subjugating our national interests to those of that pipsqueak, illegitimate little renegade country Israel (the 'Jewish state').  And more often than not, these kinds of things are most likely closely related to such reprehensible (and illegal) behavior as bribery, graft, and corruption.  And all that is in addition to the billions of dollars we American taxpayers are forced to give to the Israeli Jews each and every year, and all the warmaking we do on their behalf over and over again.

It boggles the mind, and it begs the question -- what in the hell is wrong with all the political idiots and/or cowards we send to Washington, that they would put up with this crap year after year?  Why don't our Senators, Representatives, and Presidents reject this blatant Jewish influence peddling outright, and pay more attention to what is good for America and the American people?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


by Val Koinen
December 12, 2013

'You Can't Make This Stuff Up' Department

FoxNews.com:  Sign language interpreter for Mandela memorial says he was hallucinating, often becomes 'violent.'  A man being criticized by sign language experts for providing fake interpretations while standing close to President Obama and other heads of state at Nelson Mandela’s memorial says he becomes violent “a lot” and was hallucinating during the event.  (More here.)

And then we have this:  former Archbishop and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu's house is burglarized while he is attending and delivering a prayer at Nelson Mandela's memorial service (story here).  And it turns out that this is the second time his house has been burglarized in the past four months (the first time, last August, he and his wife slept through the event).

Last but not least, our Halfrican President Obama entertains himself and others during the memorial by composing a 'selfie' photo on his (misnamed) 'smart phone' (here).  Sadly, though, while Obama was indeed the inappropriately fun-loving, juvenile, and self-control-deprived perpetrator, two White so-called world leaders shared those carefree moments with him.

Just more of the tragi-comedy of watching Black-dominated and other colored-majority nations stumble through the charade of acting like civilized White societies.  Problem is, we are beginning to see more and more of this kind of thing in BRA (Black-Run America) as well.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 11, 2013

I guess they're never going to stop.  Sixty-eight years after the 'holocaust' never happened, and almost 50 years since the real-deal 'holohoax' scam kicked into overdrive, and we still see articles like this.

One again we are reminded of Voltaire's wise advisement that 'To learn who rules you, find out who you can't criticize.'  Remember also -- in a sane world, we would never have to defend the truth by criminalizing its being questioned and investigated.

And then we have this -- of no real consequence in the overall scope of things, I know; but once again very telling as to Jewish influence over our government and illustrative of the way we never fail to find a way to treat them as 'special' people (at least more special than the rest of us), and to 'kiss up' to them.

Yes, yes, I know.  I must sound like a horrible old Grinch.  It's Christmas season, after all, and we are supposed to be in a charitable mood.  But still -- really -- does it make sense for our federal government to be so involved in this kind of individually targeted charity work?  This kind of welfare work that only benefits members of a privileged religious/ethnic group?  And then use the occasion as an excuse for the Vice President to address a Jewish special-interest group and spout all the other pro-Israel propaganda?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 10, 2013
Jewish Criminality Department -- Story in the headlines over the past week or so in the grand tradition of Jewish spies such as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and Jonathan Pollard...
Sometimes we don't have to go around turning over rocks and shining lights in sewers in order to expose the perfidious Jews.  Sometimes they just burst out in all their brazen boastfulness, apparently in a chutzpah-driven desire to expose themselves as the treacherous vermin they are.
Latest case in point -- Arnon Milchan, Hollywood producer, gives an interview wherein he brags about working with Israeli intelligence to steal American secret security technology and embargoed military materials and/or devices and hand them over to 'his country' Israel (breaking news stories here and here; much more detailed background analysis here).
Milchan says he is proud of what I would consider to be his treasonous acts.  And isn't it telling that, apparently because he is an Israeli Jew (while also being an American citizen?), he doesn't even have to be the least bit concerned about being prosecuted for espionage by our Jew-controlled federal government?  And isn't it also interesting, by the way, which country he considers to be 'his country'?

Friday, December 6, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 6, 2013
The Jews and their anti-White race-traitor lapdogs claim that the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,' the infamous documents that purportedly describe a Jewish plan for world domination, are 'forgeries.'  Now to me, that would imply that they are recognized even by the people who deny their validity as being unauthorized/illicit copies of something legitimate -- in this case the real documents produced by Jewish powers-that-be at the turn of the 20th Century.  But even if they are just plain concocted, fake, and fictional, when you analyze them in the light of all that has happened over the past hundred years, they come across as being remarkably prescient.
In any case, today's White people who care about their survival as a race and as a 'people,' and who have any interest at all in learning the truth about what has happened and is happening to their culture, their political standing in their own historically White nations, and to their Western Civilization, would do well to become familiar with the Protocols.
Anyone interested can read them in their entirety here; and an informative analysis is given here.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 5, 2013

Blind and/or stupid subservience to the Israeli liars and criminal seekers of hegemony in the Middle East.  Traitors to the best interests of their own country, America.  Disgusting whores who are willing to sell their souls to the Jews for a few pieces of silver that will help them finance their next re-election campaigns or other political ambitions (or just sought for spending money?). 

These people are lunatics -- very likely certifiably, clinically, criminally insane.  They would once again involve America in more warmaking for Israel in that explosive corner of the world, based on deception and lies, thereby running the very real risk of lighting a fuse that could start World War III.

Last week it was U.S. Congresswoman and delusional, failed presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann of Minnesota who seemed to be advocating for the bombing of Iran by Israel, with our full support (here, and here).

And now we get this report of another U.S. Representative -- Duncan Hunter of California -- who would not only bomb Iranian facilities, but would bomb them with tactical nuclear warheads (see also here).  Question: do you suppose Hunter really believes we could attack Iran using nuclear weapons and not end up putting 'boots on the ground' somewhere before all the dust has settled?  Another question: wonder what ethnic persuasion Sheldon Adelson might be (you don't suppose he is Jewish, do you)? 

And do you know what is really scary?  It is the fact that 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu, Israel, AIPAC, the Jew-controlled U.S. media, Jewish political financiers (bribe-masters), and the Jewish Zionists and Neocons entrenched throughout our government pretty much call the shots when it comes to American foreign policy in that part of the world.  And for that reason, the bombing of Iran could well be in the headlines much sooner than we would like to think.

[Footnote:  The above rant is admittedly single-issue oriented.  As they say, 'politics makes strange bedfellows,' and I have to admit that I pretty much agree with the above two congresscritters when it comes to their positions on immigration, and in particular illegal alien mestizo immigration.  And maybe, if I took the time to research their records, on some other 'conservative' issues as well.  But that doesn't change the fact that their insane subservience to Israel, when it comes to initiating/supporting/fighting another war of aggression to serve Jewish interests while damaging ours, is just plain inexcusable and indefensible on so many levels (i.e.; repeating the stupidity of allowing Israel and the Jews to dupe us into taking military action based on lies and deception as they did in the case of Iraq; killing and maiming more of our soldiers for the Jews; killing and maiming untold numbers of Iranian citizens, both military personnel and civilians, in an illegal war of aggression initiated by us; further bankrupting our economy; and as noted above, running the very real risk of regionally escalating hostilities, possibly even leading to a 'World War' and more widespread nuclear war).]

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 4, 2013

Here we have Lindsey Graham, the esteemed Senator from South Carolina and philo-Semitic warmongering sycophant of the Jews and Israel, begging for money from his real constituency, the wealthy Jews in Florida.
Yes, his working so hard (but thankfully, unsuccessfully so far) to get us involved in wars for the Jews in Syria and Iran; and his treasonous, anti-White and anti-American, race-traitor efforts to flood the country with even more alien mestizo immigrant invaders (both legal and illegal); are beyond sickening.
But probably no more so than the over-the-top truthfulness of Vice President Joe Biden last May, which inadvertently exposed the extent to which the Jews have shaped (and mis-shaped, and controlled, and destroyed) American culture, society, politics, and governance over the years (mainstream media report here; more realistic appraisal of what he really meant here).
If only more of our people were aware of these things, and understood what they mean for the future of our people and our country... 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 3, 2013
Wherever you go all over the world, year after year, you can find nation-wrecking Jews working to pervert and degrade Eurocentric culture and weaken White societies.  Wherever there are substantial numbers of non-Whites, you don't have to look very hard to find Jews laboring to dispossess White people socially, economically, and politically.  The Jews have been doing those kinds of things for many years, right up to the present time, in Australia, Canada, the United States, and many European nations, including England and the Scandinavian countries.
Always the Jews.  Always working against the best interests of our people.  Always working toward the destruction of White societies and nations.  Always spreading communism; promoting the redistribution of wealth and empowerment of the colored underclass.
It is true that on the dark continent itself Jews and Israel were engaged with the governments of Rhodesia and South Africa before they fell to Black rule.  But a good number of Jews were also involved in the international sanctions and boycotts directed against the White governments in both countries; and in the case of South Africa, many Jewish communists, lawyers, and activists worked with the Black majority to overthrow the White apartheid power structure.

Interesting article about 20th-century Jews in South Africa here.  Additional information in Vanguard News Network article here.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


We're in a J.A.M.!
by Val Koinen
December 1, 2013

Today, December 1, 2013, marks the beginning of the third annual 'Jew Awareness Month' initiated on this blog back in 2011.

I think this is a project worth pursuing: one month each year -- December -- during which we double-dedicate ourselves to waking our fellow White Americans to the fact that the Jews -- as a group, or 'tribe,' and many of the most influential and powerful members of that tribe -- have long been and continue to be dedicated to the destruction of our Eurocentric culture, our societies, our social, economic, and political stature, and even our very existence as a viable subspecies of humanity.  In short, helping our people recognize the Jews' never-ending efforts to dispossess us Whites and genocide us out of existence.

For background, you might want to take the time to click back to some of my posts of November and December 2011.  No need to repeat all that here.

You might notice that nothing was done the following year -- in December 2012 -- to publicize or promote this Jew-awareness event.  That was because of unavoidable demands on my time, attention, and priorities, and winter travels; made necessary by a terminal illness in my immediate family.

But now we are back, and we need to once again focus our attention on the seemingly terminal illness that has befallen our people in all the White nations -- or, more accurately, that has been injected into our people's psyche by the ever-malevolent Jews.

Let's spread the word this time around.  Let's hold the complicit and culpable Jews' feet to the fire.  Let's do our best to make their evil deeds, past and present, known to all our people; and by so doing, let's help our people fight back against this historical and ongoing scourge.  Yes, it is this serious -- we either find a way to put a stop to this Jewish control over our lives, and the resulting devolution of our people and weakening of our nations, or we die.  Let's not let that happen.

Friday, November 22, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 22, 2013

I have to say that, when it comes to the survival of my people -- White people -- I am deeply disappointed with, embarassed by, ashamed of, and yes, disgusted with my fellow White Americans.

There was a time not so long ago when most sane and half-way intelligent White American adults knew and understood the Negro nature, deficiencies, and threat. As a consequence, we knew how to deal with them, and they 'knew their place.'

Compared with the ways in which we deal (or fail to deal) with our 'Negro problem' these days, that may have been a bit more 'discriminatory,' on occasion unfair, or even 'harsh' in some respects and in some specific cases; but acting intelligently on the basis of that awareness was not only generally accepted, it was widely recognized as the best thing to do (best for the White majority).

In fact, it was the only naturally rational way to relate to the Negro underclass, because it was based on truth, facts, objective reality, social necessity, a healthy sense of suvival, and a measure of intestinal fortitude.

But now -- our people, and especially our young people, have been taught for generations by Jews and their lapdogs in education, media, and government; and by other White race traitors, Jew-sycophants, and ultra-liberal and politically-correct dupes amongst our people; to sympathize with the Negroes and make excuses for them. And even to idealize and idolize them in many cases, and to elevate them above our own people in all matters legal and social.

But the facts still remain: The Negroes are not us; they are the 'other.' They are genetically different, both physically and mentally. They don't look like us. They are significantly not as intelligent as we Whites are on average. They are not as emotionally or behaviorally self-controlled. They are not as law-abiding or civilized. They are not as capable of academic learning, and they are not as skilled or competent as we are in the workplace. Their development, history, and cultural attributes as a 'people' are not the same as ours. They are takers, not producers and givers. They are, on average and as a group, agents of destruction rather than creativity and construction.

They are, in short, a different, less evolved subspecies of mankind -- and by and large a deficient one by our standards.

On top of all that, we now have the hostile, alien mestizo invasion to deal with. And the burgeoning oriental immigration and business competition. And the Muslims, with their alien culture, violence, and Sharia law. And of course, as throughout the history of White nations everywhere, the perennial curse of the Jewish problem.

What is particularly noteworthy with regard to our competition with all those other racial groups is that, like the Negroes, they are tribally conscious and tend to work for the betterment of their kind rather than on behalf of all the people of the country as a whole. And almost always, again like the Negroes, they do that at the social, political, and economic expense of America's White population.

We have already seen several dreadful consequences of that situation; of our failure to resist and to fight for what is good for White people -- among them our economic enslavement to the colored underclass, the ever-worsening horror of violent non-White-on-White crime (America's secret, dirty war), the perversion of our culture, the corruption of our children's educations, and the existant, ongoing, and rapidly advancing dispossession of the White majority. And if we don't wake our people up to the gravity of the situation, we will soon be faced with the end results of that process -- the utter destruction of our Western Civilization and ultimately, the genocide of the White race as a subspecies of humankind.

And virtually nobody -- no government officials or agency, policing authority, educators of our children, church leaders, (Jew-dominated) purveyors of news and entertainment -- or even most of our own people for that matter -- have the slightest inclination to do anything about these racial problems that would serve our needs -- the needs of the White majority.

That is what we need to deal with. That is what we need to change -- and fix -- before we can have any hope of surviving as a people and as a White nation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 13, 2013

Did you hear about the guy they arrested yesterday for Thought Crime, Hate Speech, Equality Denial, and Holocaust Disbelief? The intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted Nazi/hater/racist/White supremacist/anti-Semite old man who has been secretly living amongst us for years, with his accomplice/facilitator old wife?

Yeah, it took a long time for the thought police to catch up with the s.o.b. He managed to keep under the radar for years. He never committed any crimes that got him arrested, so his fingerprints weren't even on file. He paid his taxes, and nobody ever managed to get a picture of him in a pack of rioters or anything like that. He even kept his lawn mowed in the summer and shoveled the snow off his sidewalks in the winter. At 75 years old! Can you imagine that?

And his wife -- she even volunteered in several charitable and service clubs. She hasn't been arrested yet, but probably deserves to be in view of that kind of duplicitousness.

What a cowardly, devious old couple they were! No damned wonder it took so long to catch up with them!

Maybe the worst part, and the reason it took so long to catch up with this enemy of the people, was that he succeeded in talking quietly and calmly and matter-of-factly when he discussed these things with friends and neighbors. He confessed that he did do some blogging on the Internet, but he did it anonymously! (In fact, it's pretty clear that an unrestricted and uncensored Internet is one of the main problems in this case.)

Well, in any case, it turns out that the filthy old scumbag confessed! To everything! So now, the truth is starting to come out. And it's so disgusting, so awful, that you'll have a hard time believing the horrendous things he has disclosed!

He said 'I think our race -- the White race -- has unique, special value, and so I am in favor of racial separation and I'm against race mixing.' His words, not mine. And he actually said he valued what he called 'racial integrity'! I'm not sh***ing you -- he actually said that!

But he didn't stop there, no sir. It has now been revealed that he also told the investigators that he hoped the White race would survive for the sake of his children and grandchildren and those who follow, and that he was against what he called White dispossession and genocide. Real 'tinfoil-hat' stuff, huh?

You have to remember, this guy is a grandfather. Yet he is so full of hate -- it's hard to read the transcript of his confession without throwing up. He actually said, with regard to our poor, disadvantaged, discriminated-against people of color, that he resented having to pay the disproportionately high costs of welfare and crime control (police, courts, prisons) on their behalf. He even went on to rant some kind of nonsense about not liking the way Whites have to put up with all the violent crime Negroes and mestizos commit against them. And that he didn't like the way so many of our major cities and whole regions in America have been 'taken over' and 'ruined' (as he put it) by colored folk; and how, as a result, those places have become 'off limits' to White people. Oh, you betcha -- he spilled his guts -- they're gonna hang this bastard.

As he goes on and on in his confession, it really becomes clear, for all to see, that his deluded thinking -- his hate -- have no limits. He even bitched about how the public schools, after they were integrated, and especially in places where there are a lot of Negroes and mestizos, have been literally ruined. He ranted on and on about the way those schools have been vandalized and generally trashed, and the high costs of repairing and maintaining them. And how it costs so much to try to educate the colored kids up to White standards (which he had the nerve to say was an impossible task because of their lower IQs). And how the curriculum in these integrated schools has been 'dumbed down' for the colored kids and how that shortchanges the education of all the precious little White children. Jeez, what a twisted thinker -- can you believe that B.S.?

But he didn't stop there. No siree! He said he didn't like all the illegal-alien mestizo drug dealing, drunk driving and related accidents that have hurt and killed so many White people, and the gang-related shootings that have become so common in our area. He even went so far as to say he believes all the undocumented immigrants (he called them 'illegal aliens') that are enriching our country so much should be rounded up and sent back to Mexico or, as he put it, 'wherever the hell they came from.' And that he believes Negroes are less evolved, 'different' types of people who aren't as intelligent as Whites on average; and how they are more likely to commit crimes, especially violent crimes and especialliy violent crimes against White people, because they have less self control and are more impulsive and more 'animalistic and savage' (as he put it). He referred to them as 'the other.' What a disgusting, hate-filled excuse for a human being!

He even blabbed something about how he is sick and tired of all the 'filthy Jewed and negrified culture' that is crammed down White people's throats day after day. And how he is disgusted with all the 'ni****ball' worship he sees his fellow White men engaging in. It's just hard to believe that a supposedly educated person in modern-day America could think and say such things, isn't it? He even said that things we all know to be true -- like how our society is strengthened by diversity, how integration and race mixing benefit everyone and are best for our country, and how wonderful our modern multiculturalism is, are all lies. In fact he said that he is tired of, and deeply resents, the constant barrage of brainwashing that promotes intimate race-mixing in schools, jobs, housing, and social gatherings -- on television and in movies and print advertising. Can you believe that? How can anybody even doubt those things that we have all been taught -- by people that should know, and by our government officials -- are true and unquestionable? We all know about the benefits of diversity and beauty of multiculturalism, for Chrissakes -- all you have to do is look around you! What an evil nut-case he is! You better believe it -- they're really gonna nail this guy!

The crazy old fool even said he didn't value or put much stock in all the hope and change that have been brought to America by the election and relection of our first mulatto president, Barack Obama. Really, now -- this is getting pretty damned close to being sacrilegious, if you ask me.

And it turned out that when he confessed his twisted and hate-filled thoughts about our beautiful, vibrant multi-racial culture and our ever-darkening, racially diverse nation, he was just getting started. You'll never believe the wild things he said then!

It seems that this disgusting old man hates just about everything and everybody. He said it was wrong for our entertainment media, the press, and government to promote the acceptance of, as he put it, 'porn, homosexuality, and even pedophilia.' And he said some especially hateful things about what he called 'queer marriage.' I couldn't believe it when I read the reports. I really doubt that the word 'tolerance' means anything at all to this depraved character.

And then he went on to express his dislike of the way our children and young people have been alienated by the entertainment media -- in short, our culture -- when it comes to such things as premature sexualization of the little ones, 'negrified' music and manner of dress, hairstyles, drug use, tattoos and piercings, and rebellion against parents and family structure.

He then ranted on and on about how he was against having to live in what he called, in his paranoid dementia, an 'encroaching leftist police state' and under a 'worsening Marxist-fascist government' in America. Obviously, he is some kind of conspiracy-theorist nutcase. He even complained about our modern, enlightened deference to 'political correctness' -- he said it forced people to avoid talking about the truth, and the real problems in our society. Can you imagine that?

The worst was yet to come, though. Toward the end of his confession, he 'took off' on the Jews. Really delusional stuff if you ask me, and I'll tell you some of it even though I know it will make you sick to your stomach; understanding as you do that the poor, long-suffering Jews, our 'chosen people' elite, have never done anything to hurt anyone.

He said he didn't like the way that Jews controlled the press and other news and entertainment media such as television, movies, and the music industry. And how they unduly influence and even control our political process and even our lawmaking and government, especially in areas such as race relations and foreign policy. And the way they dominate thinking in our public schools. What a sick old fool!

He went so far as to say that we need to, as he put it, 'stop fighting wars for Israel and the Jews.' He even suggested that fighting these Jew-instigated wars was bankrupting us, and was costing us the respect and admiration of nations all over the world. And he said it wasn't right that we give so many billions of dollars to our friends in Israel each and every year. I know, I know -- it's hard to believe anyone could believe crap like that.

No hatred was left untouched by this demented loon. At one point he even took off on how he doesn't appreciate the way (as he tells it) primarily Jewish financial forces -- brokers, bankers, the so-called Federal Reserve, Ponzi-schemers, etc. -- have done so much to mess up our financial wellbeing and the country's economy. And how it was the Jews that worked so hard to change the racial makeup of the country by working for anti-White immigration laws. And how the Jews alienated American women and helped destroy family values with their radical feminism. And how mostly Jewish social anthropologists did so much damage to our sense of White racial identity by filling academia with lies about racial differences (such as the one about race being merely a 'social construct'). Can you believe it?

You really can't make this stuff up. He said that he has studied World War II history, Nazi Germany, and the Jewish 'holocaust.' And guess what? He confessed that his studies led him to the conclusion that the holocaust -- the gassing and other killing of six million Jews as part of an officially planned Nazi scheme to get rid of them all, and all the other horrors of that terrible event, were essentially a fraud cooked up by Jews to generate sympathy for them and so we would be more likely to overlook their treatment of the Palestinians; and to extract (extort) billions from Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and other countries. He even referred in his confession to the 'holohoax,' and said the 'Diary of Anne Frank' was a fraud. And then he went on and on about how we really fought WW II to benefit the Jews and the communist Soviet Union; and how the real crimes of the WW II period were the tens of millions of people the Jew-dominated Soviet communists killed before, during, and after the war, our saturation bombing ('firebombing") of civilian targets in Hamburg and Dresden and other places and our killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in those attacks; and how the allies needlessly and malevolently killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of German POWs in internment camps after the war was over. Unbelievable! You know what I think? I think this part of his confession is the stuff treason is made of, and I think he should be hung for that!

My biggest fear now is that the old fool is so far 'out of it' -- so off-the-mark when compared with the thoughts we normal Americans cherish and the things we all know to be true because our schools, government, and the media tell us the truth about all these things -- that he will get off on some kind of insanity plea. Sure, we all know that the Jews are smart -- I just hope that our Jewish government prosecuting attorneys are smart enough to not let him get away with that!

Well for sure, one good thing can come of all this. When you examine everything this babbling idiot has now admitted to thinking, it wakes you up to the kinds of thinking and behavior that should set off our 'radar' -- the clues and alarm bells we all need to watch and listen for -- the things that we should spot and report to the police before the people who hold those kinds of thoughts can contaminate others and do some real damage. Anybody who thinks these thoughts and espouses these kinds of beliefs should be absolutely isolated -- treated as the worst kind of outcast. We just can't allow people to think, talk, and write about these things, or to question them. In fact, I think we should use this very disturbing confession of a classically evil 'dirty old man' thought-criminal to create a kind of watch-list, an official 'profile of a pariah' that we could distribute among our people, and especially among our children in their schools, in order to better control this kind of dangerous questioning of our establishment history and authority.

What do you think?

Monday, November 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 11, 2013

What does it mean to be a White man in today's America? For that matter, what is the essence of 'White Privilege'? I'll tell you what those things mean to me; what kinds of thoughts and fears they bring to my mind and what visceral feelings they evoke. Kind of like:

Being backed into a corner; having your back against the wall.

Staring into the barrel of a gun.

Being 'on the ropes.'

Finding yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Watching the dark clouds approach.

Hearing the roar, then looking up at an oncoming avalanche.

Being overtaken by the wave of a tsunami; being caught up in the flood.

Watching everything just slip away.

Being betrayed -- sold out -- by your friends and neighbors.

Hearing for the first time that your rural next-door neighbor has plans to start up a hog ranch.

And that the guy on the other side of you is putting in a feed lot.

Having the rug pulled out from under you.

As in learning at age 65 that your stockbroker was running a Ponzi scheme and has absconded with your life savings.

Living in an insane asylum -- day after day after day.

Hearing but not seeing the rattlesnake you almost step on.

Realizing that your one and only shot missed the charging Rhino.

Watching your home go up in flames (and not knowing if your wife and children got out).

Feeling your car start to slide toward the edge of an icy mountain road.

Or slamming on your brakes and feeling the pedal go all the way to the floor.

Realizing that you are nearing the end of your rope.

Feeling the point of the sword at your back and knowing that you are nearing the end of the plank.

Looking out over the abyss.

And having the ground give way beneath you.

Or realizing that your chute didn't open.

A feeling of falling; falling; falling.

Realizing that you just stepped in quicksand.

Or that your small boat has sprung a leak and is sinking in the middle of a large lake.

A feeling of sinking; sinking; sinking.

And then suffocating; gasping for your last breath.

Realizing it's not the light at the end of the tunnel but instead that it's the rapidly approaching glare of an oncoming light in the middle of the tunnel.

Being told by your doctor that you (or a loved one) have only six months to live.

Feeling as though you are a 'dead man walking.'

Watching the vultures circle overhead.

Being a member of a defeated people; a citizen of a conquered nation; a lost and lonely soul amidst the devastation of a destroyed civilization.

Being faced with life-threatening problems and limited options.

Realizing that you have just been 'grasping at straws.'

Realizing, belatedly, that now you have to fight or die.

And the devastating realization that at this, the worst moment of your life, you are all alone.

Yes, in the real world in which we are forced to exist, the daily experience of being White in America and partaking of 'White Privilege' can truly be the stuff nightmares are made of. But now the bad news: if we don't start doing something to fix our Jewish problem and win the racial war being waged against us, it is only going to get worse -- much worse -- for us, our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our wives and children, and for all White people in America and in White countries all over the world.

One more thing we White people need to keep in mind -- the kinds of shocking realization and despair expressed above might help to motivate us (they certainly should), but that won't get the job done. We must communicate relentlessly with our people, wake them up, get more of them to face reality and realize the gravity of the situation, and then take action -- even in the face of great risk -- if we hope to save our societies, our civilization, and our people from degradation and eventual extermination.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 9, 2013

What a pathetic bunch of losers we reality-challenged White people have become.

We laugh about the story (myth) of emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. It has become part of our folklore. We like to think of it as a classic example of the insanity of doing something completely useless and derelict while great calamity engulfs everything around us.

But the problem is -- caught up as we are in our modern-day mass psychosis born of Jewish/liberal/politically-correct brainwashing and racial ignorance and cowardice, many if not most of our fellow American Whites are doing far worse than just playing a fiddle while one city burns to the ground. And the real tragedy is that the joke is on us.

While we guzzle beer at the sports-bar and scream our cheers for Negroes running with a football or dribbling a basketball, those incompletely evolved and minimally civilized somewhat-humans are running amok in our cities, essentially destroying many of them while they assault, torture, rape, and murder our women, children, old people, and just about any other unsuspecting victims they can get their hands on.

While White men of means devote their spare time to chasing a little ball around a golf course, Jewish Marxists, 'Neocons,' and financial criminals continue to bankrupt our country; and mestizo hordes, many if not most of them 'illegal aliens' and all of them aliens in the sense of being racial and social 'others,' are invading and essentially destroying our society all over the southwest and in entire states and cities and other regions as well.

While we watch Jew-created television and movies that glorify race-mixing and Negroes in particular, and demean and ridicule White people at every opportunity; said Jews go happily and profitably about their business of promoting not only those perversions but also radical feminism, homosexuality, and pornography.

While altogether too many of our women spend too much time in cancer-causing tanning booths, waste money having their toenails 'professionally' painted in beauty salons, are literally obsessed with pasting false fingernails on the tips of their digits, spend too many hours and dollars at the mall, and strive to compete with their men in the workplace; they either forsake having children or when they do have them they plunk them down in day-care facilities as often as not staffed by non-Whites, routinely feed them at McDonald's instead of preparing family meals at home, and let them watch movies that encourage their daughters to race-mix and even to spread their legs for other-racial primitives.

While we wave the flag and write patriotic letters-to-the-editor (which in themselves might not be such bad things), we elect people to the Presidency and Congress who sell their souls to the Jews and send our young men to fight and be mutilated and die for the Israeli Jews in mid-Eastern wars.

While we teach our children horrendous anti-German (anti-White) lies of World War II history and the Jewish so-called 'holocaust' sympathy-generating extortion scam; that same Jewish tribe continues to work essentially unimpeded toward their goals of destroying Western civilization, conquering our White nations through racial (genetic) contamination and dilution, and genociding us out of existence.

While we watch a never-ending parade of Jew-produced and written crime shows on television; we suffer in silence the real-life secret, dirty war of black-on-White and other non-White-on-White violent criminality (even to the extent of allowing our Jew-controlled press to routinely and deliberately hide the race of the perpetrators if not the horrific events themselves).

While we love to talk about 'civil rights,' integrated schools, 'equal opportunity,' and the false doctrines of the 'beauty of multiculturalism' and strength to be found in racial diversity, and enact laws that force our precious White children to attend public schools with unruly and comparatively uneducable Negroes; those very same White children -- the future of our people and our civilization -- are daily taught lies about their own people and our history, are assaulted by savage, out-of-control young Negroes, and have their educations shortchanged by a system that is hopelessly 'dumbed down' in misguided and futile efforts to 'narrow the gap' between White and Negro learning performance.

To summarize our sorry situation: While we pathologically concern ourselves with being fair to and financially supporting the non-White underclass and being duly reverent to the self-proclaimed 'chosen people,' and at the same time concentrate on our childishly selfish, materialistic, consumer-society existence; our people are constantly beset with politically-correct restrictions of our freedom of speech and action; Jew-serving politicians, media, and academia; invasive non-White immigration; loss of personal liberty to an anti-White political and judicial system; perpetual warmaking for the Jews; constant lying to the people on the part of government officials from the President on down; loss of personal privacy and freedoms; handicapping our people via preferential treatment of non-Whites; and on and on ad nauseam.

I think it is time, in fact well past time to ask ourselves -- who are we to laugh and roll our eyes and shake our heads at old emperor Nero for fiddling while Rome burned? After all, his depravity was nothing compared to the way we occupy ourselves with trivial or even self-destructive pursuits while allowing our racial adversaries and enemies to destroy our society and our very existence as a subspecies of humankind.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 7, 2013

According to this article, "The Israeli regime has denied any connection to the death of Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization."  And, "There is no Israeli connection to this in any way."

Aha!  I knew it!  I guess that tells us all we need to know -- being the lying bunch of snakes that the Jews/Israelis are, I think we can take their denials as proof positive that they did the deed.  Crime solved.  Case closed.  (Remember the standard test for Jewish veracity:  "How do you know when a Jew is lying?  Simple:  when his mouth is moving.")

Now, if Israeli officialdom had made a public statement to the effect that "yeah, we did it -- we offed the creepy little pain-in-the-arse, and he's not the only one;" that would have set me to thinking: "hmmm, I wonder who had the motivation, means, and opportunity to do such a terrible deed?"  "Who would stand to gain from this?"  "What country or group has ever done this kind of thing before?"  "We've got to dig into this further and come up with some answers!"  There's a real perpetrator out there, and we've got to find out who it is!"

And in the extremely unlikely event that it was not the Israelis directly, but some Arafat adversary or dissident group, at the very least we should be tipped off to the need to look for a connection to complicity on the part of the Mossad or some other Israeli entity.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


by Val Koinen
October 29, 2013

Here, just in time for Halloween, are some terrifying thoughts that should really send a chill down your spine and make your hair stand on end!

Every White man and woman, and even older children in America, should be acutely aware of the issues discussed in these two articles:

   Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race by Paul Craig Roberts

   After the Fall by American Renaissance Staff

Now, I realize that it is so very easy to fall into the trap of being a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist of the 'sky is falling' type, and a doom-sayer. But that's not what these articles are about. And these things are much more than just 'food for thought' ... they are scary stuff indeed.

And yes, it's true that the natural earth has healing and regenerative capacities that most hard-core environmentalists don't recognize and don't like to admit. And that we White people have the intelligence and ability to fix many of our environmental problems, even many of the most serious ones. And it's also true that radical political change -- in this case for the better -- for the good of our people and our progeny -- is possible. So all is not lost -- not yet.

Nevertheless, a couple things are absolutely certain. The economy, our environment, and the White race and our culture and our stable and progressive governance, are all in extreme danger and are all destined to get a lot worse before (and if) they ever start to improve. Fixing these things will require that a substantial number of our people become aware of the problems and the reasons for the problems; and of our country's racial sickness, White genocide, and the lethal effects of Jew-control of the media, politics and government, academia, finance and banking, and the courts. And it will require that we find a way to generate the will to do something about these situations.

That is why we need to redouble our efforts to wake people up with regard to all of these issues, and do much more than we have been doing to address these problems. At the very least, articles such as the ones linked above should wake us all up to the need to spread the word -- to get the message out to our friends and families -- to talk about these matters at every appropriate opportunity.

Do it calmly, even casually and quietly -- but always do your best to enlighten people about these life-or-death issues and the need for White people -- our tribe -- to work with each other for our own good. And always remember, and be quick to point out, that there is nothing hateful or evil about doing that -- it is just the natural, common-sense thing to do.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Top Ten Reasons for Attacking Syria
by Val Koinen
September 8, 2013

Top ten reasons for wanting the U.S. to strike Syria with or without UN backing and with or without any constitutionally required approval on the part of Congress (and in doing so kill thousands of innocent people in the first few hours alone; very likely set the entire Middle East ablaze in a real holocaust; quite possibly spark a shooting war between the United States and Russia and/or China; and even possibly ignite World War III):

(10) Because things have now kind of stabilized in Iraq and we have pretty much withdrawn from that debacle after getting tens of thousands of our young men killed and gravely wounded, wasted untold billions of dollars, and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, all essentially for nothing; and because things are winding down in Afghanistan after we've thrown away countless lives and dollars in that fiasco and have accomplished virtually nothing; we now have to find another country to bomb.

(9) Because crazy John McCain, Jew-tool extraordinaire and anti-White traitor when it comes to both foreign policy (perpetual warmongering/military madness) and immigration legislation (promoting amnesty for illegal mestizo invaders), says it's the thing to do.

(8) Because Israel wants to destroy the existing Syrian government because they think it is in their national interest -- their criminal national interest -- to do so.

(7) Because Israel tells us that if we fail to 'punish' or take down the Syrian government, even though it has not yet been proven that they were the guilty party in the chemical weapons attack at issue, that will just encourage Iran to complete their development of nuclear weapons which they will later use against the sh***y little 'Jewish State' (and even against us here in America, thousands of miles across the globe); even though we know the truth is that Iran has no plans or ongoing efforts to develop such weapons.

(6) Because Israel sees an attack on Syria, and a war to bring about regime change in that country, as a necessary step in their back-door approach to getting the U.S. to attack Iran on their behalf.

(5) Because even though a chemical attack in Syria has nothing whatsoever to do with our national security or even national interest, is none of our damned business no matter which side (the Assad government or the rebels) did it, and attacking the Syrian government without legitimate reason (other than to obey Israel) would be in violation of international law and would make our leaders war criminals; we Americans still need to bomb somebody to show the world who is 'boss' (to show them without leaving any doubt whatsoever that Israel is the boss) (and besides that, it's so much fun being the world's policeman even if it is bankrupting us!).

(4) Because Obama, John Kerry, and the Jewish Neocons tell us to believe them when they say the Syrian government was the culprit in carrying out the most recent chemical weapon attack against their own civilians -- even though most of us know they are lying through their ugly faces.

(3) Because we now know that the main 'evidence' that the gas attack was done by the Assad regime was supposed communications intercepted by Israeli intelligence; in fact by the same people who orchestrated and/or pulled off the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and just a few short years ago told us the lie that we had to attack Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

(2) So our one-time drug-user, probable half-homosexual, Marxist, anti-White racist, anti-American, 'halfrican' Presidential Fakir-in-Chief Barack Obama can 'save face.'

And the number (1) reason we should all support the Obama administration's Israeli/Jew dictated insanity: because Israel and the Jews that essentially run our country want us to, and we are supposed to be Israel's attack dog and we damned well better not forget it.