White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, January 25, 2013


by Val Koinen
January 25, 2013

I guess it's just old age.  I seem to be more and more befuddled these days when it comes to understanding what is going on around me, in my country and my life.  Used to be, when I was a younger man, I knew and understood just about everything there was to know when it came to the really important stuff (yeah, right).  At least I "talked a good line," as though I pretty much had all the answers.  But anymore, when I contemplate matters of great contemporary importance, it seems that all I can do most of the time is scratch my head and ask "how in hell can this be?" (In spite of that bewilderment, you'll note below that I have taken a stab at answering some of my own questions -- can't blame a guy for trying, can you?)  Anyway, here are some of the things I find really hard to understand these days:

(1) When it comes to America's Negro problem, how can so many people possibly believe and say such things as: "race is just a social construct," "there is no such thing as race," and "we are all the same under the skin" when...

- Negroes look so different from us White people -- they are physically so different in so many ways other than skin color?
- their IQ's are significantly lower than ours on average (they aren't as intelligent)?
- they are consistently outperformed by Whites in academic and most job situations, and require racial preferences and anti-White discrimination in the guise of fiat "civil rights" laws, quotas, and "affirmative action" in order to participate even somewhat successfully in our society?
- on average, their children are relatively uneducable (when compared with our White children)?
- they are so much more prone to primitive, instinctual, impulsive, and violent; versus considered, analytical, and rational; reactions, responses, and behavior?
- they are much more prone to savage, brutal, and felonious criminality?
- because of those behavioral and criminal proclivities, they pose such a real and terrible threat to Whites whenever and wherever they congregate in significant numbers (or even individually, for that matter, especially after dark)?
- they are so vastly overrepresented on welfare rolls?
- they are far more likely than Whites to be carriers of AIDS and STDs?
- they cannot so much as maintain or sustain, let alone create, civilized societies -- functioning modern governments, cities, or nations (witness Detroit, Birmingham, E. St. Louis, Haiti, and countless African countries and cities)?
- the Negroes, while they may be like other people in many ways, and it's understandable that sometimes complicates things; are nevertheless a race that apparently never managed to come up with a wheel, a two-story house, or a written language?  (In fact, as a people the Negroes, especially in their native African environment, have a decidedly meager history of human accomplishment and development.  Doesn't that tell us something?)
- in short, they are clearly a different and not all that remarkable subspecies of mankind?

(2) Given the fact that all the above are true, how in the world can any savvy White person want to mix with Negroes to any appreciable extent in an integrated society or by fornicating and bearing children with them?  Why in the world would we think that sharing our society with them could possibly be of any real benefit over the long term, or that mixing with them could possibly enhance our destiny?

(3) How could any normal human being allow their thinking to become so perverted as to not want their own genetic type to survive and prosper; to succeed in geographic, political, and societal competition with other types? How could they possibly prefer that their own kind be overwhelmed, then dispossessed, and eventually destroyed?  By the same token, how can any sensible White American possibly think that the devolution of their own people is a good thing?  It's just not natural -- to my knowledge no other species or subspecies of life on the planet behaves in that way.  (I know, I know -- the answer is that so many of our people have been taught and told to think that way, for generations now, mostly by Jews and their agents in the media, government, and schools.)

(4) How in the name of all that is rational and decent could so many White Americans have allowed themselves become so brainwashed as to honor and revere a man like Michael King Jr. (a.k.a. Martin Luther King Jr.) -- a notorious plagiarist, a  long-time communist sympathizer and associate (tool) of known communists, a Jew-championed anti-White rabble rouser and purveyor of massive civil disorder, and a violent whoremonger among other things?  (Do you suppose the Jewish propaganda machine had anything to do with that?)  And on top of that, we let our schools teach our little kids he was some kind of "saint."  Now that's just sick, wouldn't you say?

(5) With regard to slavery: what do you think the non-Whites were doing all those thousands of years (and are still doing in some places where they run things)?  Haven't you ever stopped to think that it might be significant (and even laudable) that we Whites were the people who civilizationally outgrew that ancient practice and put an end to it in all of our nations?

(6) Why would anyone want to swallow the easily-debunked lies that "diversity is our strength," and "multiculturalism (multiracialism) is a beautiful thing;" when it is so obvious and has been proven so many times in so many places and circumstances that...

- people tend to be happier, more comfortable, more trusting and cooperative, and more productive in racially homogeneous societies?
- so-called "diversity" and "multiculturalism" in our society have historically resulted in concentrations of non-Whites that have effectively ruined cities and areas and made them off-limits to White visitation and habitation?
- under our contemporary, illegitimate one-man-one-vote "democracy" (which has come to replace our Constitutional Republic), our White society and culture have been devastated by huge increases (both absolute and relative) of Negroes, Mestizos, Asiatics, and Muslim peoples?
- forced diversity and multiculturalism are not only the prime factors in America for our becoming politically overpowered by White-hating people of color and for social and political dispossession in general, but also for increasing miscegenation which is one thing that is leading to our racial genocide?
- in fact, homogeneity of race, culture, and heritage is a necessary condition of true nationhood?

(7) How can any rational and caring White American, other than a greedy race-traitor businessman determined to pay substandard wages in order to increase his profits, possibly believe that the huge influx of quasi-legal and illegal Mestizos from Mexico and Central and South America is a good thing?

(8) Similarly, how can so many Whites think that Jewish organizations and some of our own churches bringing hundreds of Negroes into our mostly White American towns each year, from Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries, is beneficial to our communities and our people?

(9) We "White Nationalists" are often accused of being "White supremacists."  But the question is:  how "supreme" can a 21st-century White American man be when he is so stupid and/or so cowardly as to let his own culture, society, and country be taken from him "without firing a shot" as they say?  Or, a people that would just complacently tolerate the deluge of Black- and Mestizo-on-White crime that occurs day in and day out all over the country; and then, on top of that, just meekly accepts the Jewish-controlled mainstream media's failure (refusal) to report the race of the perpetrators?  Or, a people that would allow themselves to be so easily brainwashed into meekly accepting, even demanding, the utter demolishment of their Second Amendment right to bear arms, which Constitutional right is so critical to maintaining their freedom from enslavement by a tyrannical government?  Answer:  "not very;" or, better, "he's not."  Let's face it -- all the peoples of the world are imperfect and have historically had many serious shortcomings.  We Whites are no exception, but we truly have been the exceptional race of humanity for thousands of years when it comes to civilization-building and scientific, technological, and engineering progress.  Yet for all our accomplishments and even greatness, we Whites have, over the past hundred years, become a deeply flawed people indeed.

(10) Now does that mean that Whites are not superior to Blacks in many of the ways that really count (remember -- not only individually in many cases, but on average and as a group)?  Certainly not.  That relative superiority is obvious -- simply true and demonstrable.  That's not being mean or arrogant or self-promotional -- it just is.  To think and act otherwise is just ignorance, dishonesty, and/or lunacy.

(11) How can you call me evil, a hater, a bigot, etc. when I am the one who cares for the future of our own people (of our babies and their babies) -- our survival and prosperity -- while you are the one who would labor to pervert the laws of nature by working to destroy our race and our future?

(12) How can you hate your own people so much when they have been the explorers and discoverers, civilizers and builders, scientific researchers, technology inventors, food producers and feeders of the world, medical discoverers and developers and conquerors of disease, and so much more?   For that matter, how in the world could any decent and rational White American fail to reject the propaganda of White people being so evil and such a scourge upon the other races; when in fact it is our people who have healed and fed the world for so long, and have created and freely shared all the wonderful benefits of our civilization and technology?  (Yes, I know -- the answer is, multi-generational Jewish brainwashing.)

(13) How can so many Whites be so willing, even eager, to commit racial suicide as they seem to be doing today -- and even contribute to the Jewish efforts to genocide our people out of existence?  (This being one of two big flaws in the context of #9 and #10 above; the other being our long and tragic history of religious and fratricidal wars.)

(14) How in the world can it be that our Congressmen and Presidents, past and present, have allowed our nation to be so horribly overrun by south-of-the-border Mestizos and are now on the verge of passing amnesty laws or taking executive action that will accomplish the same thing -- when they know or should know that will be the end of America as our founders envisioned it and as we have known it for the past 237 years?

(15) Why would anyone choose to treat Jews with deference and reverence, to align themselves with Jewish best interests (as opposed to "what's good for Whites"), to believe the Jews' self-promotional biblical nonsense of being the "chosen" people, and to allow themselves to continue being brainwashed by Jewish misinformation, lies, and propaganda; when the internet has provided such an overwhelming and easily accessible abundance of data exposing their multitudinous crimes against humanity and against our people in particular?

(16) As just one example, why would anyone continue to believe all the lies the Jews have concocted and promoted about their image- and sympathy-building so-called "holocaust" extortion scam; and then allow their children to be brainwashed with holocaust lies and allow themselves to be taxed in order to build and maintain holocaust worship temples?

(17) Another example -- why in the world would an intelligent and rational White person accept the Jew-controlled mainstream media's and the excessively Jew-influenced federal government's lies about the "9/11" events; when there is such an overwhelming amount of compelling evidence that that terrible, cowardly attack was at the very least aided and abetted, if not actually perpetrated, by Jews (most likely Israel's Mossad with help from Jews in the United States and possibly even from elements of the U.S. government)?

(18) For that matter, how can any thinking, caring American not join the 9/11 "truthers" in demanding a new, thorough, honest, and factual investigation of: (a) the way it really happened (how it was done) and (b) who did it?  (If done properly, such an investigation would have to address the scientific, architectural, and engineering aspects of those events as well as the criminal-investigation aspects; having as primary suspects the Israelis, Mossad, Silverstein, Bush/Cheney, and others.)

(19) How is it possible that so many White Americans, in what surely must take some kind of prize for delusionment or gullibility, voted for the mulatto Barack Obama -- an anti-Amercan cohort and protege of Marxist terrorists; an anti-White racist, possibly bisexual, probable non-U.S. citizen who has deliberately sealed and hidden his true birth certificate and produced a fraudulent facsimile in its stead (which would make him a treasonous pretender to the office of President); a man of largely unknown background who has reportedly retained lawyers and spent millions to make inaccessible his Social Security records, Selective Service registration records, passport records, college records such as transcripts and theses, records of his extremely meager work in the legal profession; and more?

(20) This one addressed to our possibly illegal-alien presidential pretender B.O.:  When pressed for a true copy of a legitimate long-form birth certificate, most recently by Maricopa County Arizona sheriff Joe Apaio and Donald Trump, why did you post a forgery instead of the real thing?  For that matter -- why don't you just release a true copy/image of your real birth certificate, along with genuine official records of your Social Security, Selective Service, and college records?

What do you think?  Wouldn't it be nice to have full and truthful answers to those questions?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


by Val Koinen
January 23, 2013

We White people are not Negroes of African jungle ancestry and heritage.

We are not Mestizos whose forefathers came from Indian tribes in Mexico or South or Central America and were mixed to varying degree with Negro blood.

We have our history and our heritage, and they are European/Caucasian/Aryan.  We are genetically different from those "others."  We are a distinctly different subspecies of mankind.

And we have the right to our culture and our society so that we might enjoy our existence on this earth, living peacefully amongst our own people without the excessive, intimate, and burdensome presence of alien and invasive subspecies.  The natural right to preserve our kind (our "folk"), and to continue to propagate and develop (evolve) in our ways.

And yes, even though the Negroes were brought to this country as slaves, long ago by a few of our ancestors, that does not mean that we must share every aspect of our society with them for all time.  It does not mean that we must carry them with welfare and do-nothing government jobs and affirmative-action employment.  It does not mean that we should allow them to fornicate with our women and contaminate our gene pool.  It simply does not follow that their presence on the continent should result in the social, political, and genetic dispossession and destruction of White America.

We have enough "diversity" within our own racial subgroup.  We need freedom of non-association.  Any integration, diversity, and multiculturalism involving those other racial groups must be entirely voluntary, not forced upon us by a government gun being held to our heads.  Miscegenation should not be condoned or tolerated; it should certainly not be encouraged or looked upon with approval.  The reason is simple -- the presence of those non-White races inevitably alters, and in most ways that matter degrades, our society and culture and the genetic constitution of our people.

To require that we intermix with those other racial groups socially, politically, and in intimate personal ways is nothing short of unnatural and outrageous.  In order to survive, develop, and prosper as a people, we need and are entitled to a just and amicable racial separation in our housing, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and towns.  As complete and amicable a separation as possible, but separation nevertheless.

To require that we censor, compromise, restrict, and diminish the things we teach our children in our public school classrooms and textbooks, so as to make the children of other races feel better about themselves or so they can better experience the history of their heritage and culture, is just not tolerable.  Nor should we tolerate our public schools "dumbing down" curricula and instruction in misguided efforts to accommodate Negro and Mestizo children.  Nor should we tolerate public school teachers and textbooks lying to our children about our history and achievements while they glorify and falsify the accomplishments of the colored races.  Yet we do tolerate all those things, and that is truly indicative of a sick people who have lost their way.  We must have the right to educate our children in our way, which is different from the ways of the other races.

And remember -- being a White racialist and separatist is not ignorant, evil, bigoted, or hateful.  It is simply natural, good, rational, and in the best interest of our people.  Remember also -- the term "anti-racist" is just code for anti-White.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


by Val Koinen
January 19, 2013

Hey there, White people -- think you can be bothered to take the time (and do you have enough racial integrity and guts) to even think about the issues set out below -- just a few of the ways in which our people are being attacked, subverted, and emasculated in today's America?  Maybe even research them, do a little reading, and ramp up your awareness of them?

For example...

While we are constantly being told to revere and bow down to the Negroes, and are rarely allowed to criticize them as individuals and never as a group; they continue to savage our people on a daily basis with their flash mobs, knockout games, various other kinds of assault, robbery, rape, torture, and murder.  And then, the Jewish mainstream media works relentlessly to cover up that ongoing secret, dirty war being waged against White Americans.

While we insist on catering to the Negroes, they drag us down economically with their grossly disproportionate criminality and incarceration, their welfare demands, and the outrageous amounts of money squandered on ill-considered and futile efforts to educate them up to our standards.

While we support the Negro underclass and make excuses for them, they continue to utterly devastate more and more of our once-functional, relatively safe and livable cities that now, overrun by Negroes and Mestizos, are run down with abandoned business and houses, burdened by deteriorating infrastructure, strewn with trash and garbage, crime-ridden (drugs, prostitution, robbery, shootings, murder), and bankrupted by crooked politicians.

While we nod complacently to the Jewish mantras of  "we're all the same under the skin" and "race is just a social construct;" the Negroes, in reality and genetically a different subspecies with a different mental makeup, a different heritage, different intellectual capacity, and different behavioral norms and values; distort and overwhelm our popular culture, degrade the public education of our own children in racially mixed schools, and contaminate our gene pool through miscegenation.

Most of the same things hold for the Mestizo hordes which, along with the Negroes and with all the ever-present Jewish political support and tutelage, are hell-bent on dispossessing White people in this, the country our forebears risked so much to establish and worked so hard and suffered so much to expand and build.

While we grovel before that Mestizo onslaught and foolishly compete for their political favors, they have become a majority and are cementing their hostile "reconquista" in many parts of our country; turning many areas into Spanish-speaking, crime-ridden and gang-dominated, garbage-strewn, south-of-the-border type hellholes.

While we ignore and/or tolerate near-total Jewish control of the news and entertainment media, they work non-stop and overtime to shape and corrupt our public opinion in countless "politically correct" and anti-White directions while, at the same time, they negrify, pervert, and degrade our traditionally more wholesome Eurocentric culture.

While almost nobody talks about Jewish control of our political process and government, they (the Jews) coerce us into war after war on their (nowadays Israel's) behalf while they strive to influence our national agenda in ways detrimental to our people; for example with regard to our foreign policy, our First and Second Amendment Constitutional rights, non-White immigration, fiscal integrity, integrationist and race-mixing laws and policies, and "affirmative action" and colored racial preferences.

While we refuse to even recognize and acknowledge undue Jewish influence over public education, all the way from kindergarten through the universities; they have brainwashed generation after generation of our children regarding such things as racial reality, White vs. Black history, their fraudulent so-called "holocaust" scam, and much, much more.

While we prostrate ourselves in subservience to Jewish perfidy, that vile and nefarious tribe continues its long-time worldwide efforts to genocide the White race out of existence.

"Oh, what the hell.  Hey Joe, are we gonna just sit around and talk politics or are we going to have some fun drinking a bunch of beer and watching negroball on the tube this weekend?  Hell, we'll have the house all to ourselves -- there ain't no soap operas on TV on weekends, so the wives can take the kids to that 'rap' and 'hip-hop' festival down at the mall on Saturday and then to that big gun-control rally they're havin' on Sunday."