White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, January 19, 2013


by Val Koinen
January 19, 2013

Hey there, White people -- think you can be bothered to take the time (and do you have enough racial integrity and guts) to even think about the issues set out below -- just a few of the ways in which our people are being attacked, subverted, and emasculated in today's America?  Maybe even research them, do a little reading, and ramp up your awareness of them?

For example...

While we are constantly being told to revere and bow down to the Negroes, and are rarely allowed to criticize them as individuals and never as a group; they continue to savage our people on a daily basis with their flash mobs, knockout games, various other kinds of assault, robbery, rape, torture, and murder.  And then, the Jewish mainstream media works relentlessly to cover up that ongoing secret, dirty war being waged against White Americans.

While we insist on catering to the Negroes, they drag us down economically with their grossly disproportionate criminality and incarceration, their welfare demands, and the outrageous amounts of money squandered on ill-considered and futile efforts to educate them up to our standards.

While we support the Negro underclass and make excuses for them, they continue to utterly devastate more and more of our once-functional, relatively safe and livable cities that now, overrun by Negroes and Mestizos, are run down with abandoned business and houses, burdened by deteriorating infrastructure, strewn with trash and garbage, crime-ridden (drugs, prostitution, robbery, shootings, murder), and bankrupted by crooked politicians.

While we nod complacently to the Jewish mantras of  "we're all the same under the skin" and "race is just a social construct;" the Negroes, in reality and genetically a different subspecies with a different mental makeup, a different heritage, different intellectual capacity, and different behavioral norms and values; distort and overwhelm our popular culture, degrade the public education of our own children in racially mixed schools, and contaminate our gene pool through miscegenation.

Most of the same things hold for the Mestizo hordes which, along with the Negroes and with all the ever-present Jewish political support and tutelage, are hell-bent on dispossessing White people in this, the country our forebears risked so much to establish and worked so hard and suffered so much to expand and build.

While we grovel before that Mestizo onslaught and foolishly compete for their political favors, they have become a majority and are cementing their hostile "reconquista" in many parts of our country; turning many areas into Spanish-speaking, crime-ridden and gang-dominated, garbage-strewn, south-of-the-border type hellholes.

While we ignore and/or tolerate near-total Jewish control of the news and entertainment media, they work non-stop and overtime to shape and corrupt our public opinion in countless "politically correct" and anti-White directions while, at the same time, they negrify, pervert, and degrade our traditionally more wholesome Eurocentric culture.

While almost nobody talks about Jewish control of our political process and government, they (the Jews) coerce us into war after war on their (nowadays Israel's) behalf while they strive to influence our national agenda in ways detrimental to our people; for example with regard to our foreign policy, our First and Second Amendment Constitutional rights, non-White immigration, fiscal integrity, integrationist and race-mixing laws and policies, and "affirmative action" and colored racial preferences.

While we refuse to even recognize and acknowledge undue Jewish influence over public education, all the way from kindergarten through the universities; they have brainwashed generation after generation of our children regarding such things as racial reality, White vs. Black history, their fraudulent so-called "holocaust" scam, and much, much more.

While we prostrate ourselves in subservience to Jewish perfidy, that vile and nefarious tribe continues its long-time worldwide efforts to genocide the White race out of existence.

"Oh, what the hell.  Hey Joe, are we gonna just sit around and talk politics or are we going to have some fun drinking a bunch of beer and watching negroball on the tube this weekend?  Hell, we'll have the house all to ourselves -- there ain't no soap operas on TV on weekends, so the wives can take the kids to that 'rap' and 'hip-hop' festival down at the mall on Saturday and then to that big gun-control rally they're havin' on Sunday."

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