White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


by Val Koinen
January 23, 2013

We White people are not Negroes of African jungle ancestry and heritage.

We are not Mestizos whose forefathers came from Indian tribes in Mexico or South or Central America and were mixed to varying degree with Negro blood.

We have our history and our heritage, and they are European/Caucasian/Aryan.  We are genetically different from those "others."  We are a distinctly different subspecies of mankind.

And we have the right to our culture and our society so that we might enjoy our existence on this earth, living peacefully amongst our own people without the excessive, intimate, and burdensome presence of alien and invasive subspecies.  The natural right to preserve our kind (our "folk"), and to continue to propagate and develop (evolve) in our ways.

And yes, even though the Negroes were brought to this country as slaves, long ago by a few of our ancestors, that does not mean that we must share every aspect of our society with them for all time.  It does not mean that we must carry them with welfare and do-nothing government jobs and affirmative-action employment.  It does not mean that we should allow them to fornicate with our women and contaminate our gene pool.  It simply does not follow that their presence on the continent should result in the social, political, and genetic dispossession and destruction of White America.

We have enough "diversity" within our own racial subgroup.  We need freedom of non-association.  Any integration, diversity, and multiculturalism involving those other racial groups must be entirely voluntary, not forced upon us by a government gun being held to our heads.  Miscegenation should not be condoned or tolerated; it should certainly not be encouraged or looked upon with approval.  The reason is simple -- the presence of those non-White races inevitably alters, and in most ways that matter degrades, our society and culture and the genetic constitution of our people.

To require that we intermix with those other racial groups socially, politically, and in intimate personal ways is nothing short of unnatural and outrageous.  In order to survive, develop, and prosper as a people, we need and are entitled to a just and amicable racial separation in our housing, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and towns.  As complete and amicable a separation as possible, but separation nevertheless.

To require that we censor, compromise, restrict, and diminish the things we teach our children in our public school classrooms and textbooks, so as to make the children of other races feel better about themselves or so they can better experience the history of their heritage and culture, is just not tolerable.  Nor should we tolerate our public schools "dumbing down" curricula and instruction in misguided efforts to accommodate Negro and Mestizo children.  Nor should we tolerate public school teachers and textbooks lying to our children about our history and achievements while they glorify and falsify the accomplishments of the colored races.  Yet we do tolerate all those things, and that is truly indicative of a sick people who have lost their way.  We must have the right to educate our children in our way, which is different from the ways of the other races.

And remember -- being a White racialist and separatist is not ignorant, evil, bigoted, or hateful.  It is simply natural, good, rational, and in the best interest of our people.  Remember also -- the term "anti-racist" is just code for anti-White.

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