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Friday, February 1, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 1, 2013

I have written many times about the power Israel and the Jewish lobby hold over our U.S. government.  Yesterday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense was a case in point.  An embarassing and disgusting case in point.

You can check out details of the hearing -- questions and comments from Senators and Hagel's responses -- at the following link and by searching for numerous other news reports online:


Note in particular how Hagel was raked over the coals by the traitorous Israeli/Jewish lapdogs Cruz, McCain, Graham, and Inhofe, as well as others.  For example, over Hagels previous positions and statements concerning such things as the following, among others:

Hagel's once being quoted as saying "I'm a United States senator.  I'm not an Israeli senator."

Iranian government being legitimate.  (One could say it is more "legitimate" than ours, considering the way our government is run by the Israelis and home-grown Jews?)

His criticism of the intimidating power of the Jewish lobby over our congresspeople.

His being in favor of "engagement" with Iran (an eminently reasonable position, as opposed to just bombing it to smithereens at the behest of Israel).

So this is what it comes down to in today's America -- the confirmation of a past two-term U.S. Senator and decorated and wounded war veteran as Secretary of Defense depends on whether or not he has been sufficiently pro-Israel; whether he has been truthful and rational about our relationships with Iran;  and if, just maybe, he has been too critical of Jewish power and influence over our own government.

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